By Isabella 'Izzy'

Full Summary: One-shot moments between Ahsoka Tano and Lux Bontaire. This is kind of a companion to my fic 'Secrets and Lies' including a few OC's rom it and plot points, but can be read independently. (Except for one or two chapters in particular.) However though, this has some spoilers to season 3. If you haven't seen the episode 'Heroes on Both Sides', I might ruin the excitment for the episode for ya if ya haven't seen it. Sorry!

Another Note: I am still a Rexsoka fan. If it happens, I'll be happy because it's cute. But there's always this age difference and yeah...I think you understand my point. Lux and Ahsoka are roughly around 15 to 16 (well now at least because well, you know. She changed.) and perfect for each other. That's at least in my opinion.

Rated: T because I said so. So there.

Pairings: AhsokaxLux a.k.a Luxsoka. Some Anidala, Obitine, and Kaayla

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One: Looks

The first time he ever laid eyes on her, Lux Bontaire swore to himself he was looking at a goddess.

She had flaming orange red skin, and a long, graceful body. Her head-tresses and lekkus were still growing, but they were at an angle now that made her look almost fragile. But from the armor on her body, she looked like a victorious warrior. She was slim for age as well, which he guessed to be around hers, so small, he could've wrapped his arms around her twice. Her lips were full and parted, but silent and not a word came from her the first time they met.

Her eyes, though. Those sharp, piercing gray blue eyes were what made him go weak in his knees. He could've lost himself into a whole new dimension if he were to be allowed to stare into those eyes. He could've looked on for forever, each new emotion came what seemed like a new set of eyes he had to stare at. She slowly, but gracefully walked past him, head lowered down a bit with the shadows playing tricks on him, for he couldn't quite catch much a glance of her face. But from her lips that he could see, the same color of her skin that glowed from the suns, were chizzled into a cold frown.

"Here let me get that." he offered, extending his hand out to reach for the luggage she was carrying.

She lifted her head up, the cloak and shadows dissapearing so he could catch the beauty of her face. She wasn't frowing much now, but she didn't smile either. Her lips curled into a very light, possible smile, and warmly declined his offer.

"Thanks. I got it." she spoke before still walking.

For the rest of his life, Lux Bontaire made a swear and mental note to never, ever forget that face that was Ahsoka Tano's.

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MU ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm evil enough to give you all a tiny one-shot, for NOW. There will definetly be more. Some in order of the episode. Some from my fic. Some random. And some unexpected. I have a plan to get up to 100 one shots for them. Wish me luck and please review!

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