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The epilogue is finally finished! I hope you'll enjoy it.

Dear Dad, It's Vivian - Epilogue

By HairoM


Dear Elenna,

You still oh me an ice-cream. It was my Daddy and Dad's wedding! And you said if I danced with you, you'll buy me an ice-cream. So, when am I going to get my ice-cream? It's been three days! If you don't come soon I'll tell your Mommy that you read her books. The ones you aren't allowed to.

Anyway, I have somfing more important to tell you.

Last night...it was dark, and our new house is very very big. And I was in my room but I couldn't sleep so I thought I would go to my Daddies room. So I left my room and when I looked out the windows it was very very dark outside. I wasn't scared of course, but Teddy told me that if you look at the darkness for too long you get dragon pox so I didn't look. I hurried to my Daddies room, and I wanted to get in, but then I stopped.

I heard really strange noises. They were a little scary but then I heard my parents' voices.

I could hear Daddy's voice when he gasped, I think, and then he said: "Draco...!"

Then I heard my Dad say: "You like it Harry?" and his voice was very... strange.

"Yes...! More...!" Daddy sounded very excited about somefing, I don't know what.

"So impatient!" Dad scolded him! And then he said: "I'll have to punish you, won't I?" and it made me gasp. My dad was going to punish my Daddy! I wanted to do somefing but I couldn't understand anything. Why was my Dad being mean to my Daddy? Did my Daddy do somefing bad? I hoped not.

Suddenly Daddy cried: "Oh Draco! Please..." he was begging for mercy I know it! I could hear my Daddy panting, but what's weird, Dad was panting too! Like he just came back from running around the Manor!

"Say it, Harry," my Dad said, "say it..."

"Please..." Daddy said (he was begging!) "please...need you...inside-!"

Ok I don't get it. They were both inside the house! What was Daddy saying? And why did he sound like, really, really weird?

But the scariest part came after that.

It was dark outside... and the wind was blowing hard... I listened very hard, and for some time I could only hear them breathing very loud and panting and gasping and making other scary noises. I thought that I should knock, because maybe they were in trouble and the only one who could hear tham was me. But then Daddy suddenly cried and I jumped like, so high I could almost touch the ceiling.


And Dad cried too: "Harry!" and that was it. I was afraid to go in there, but I had to, because they were in trouble and I had to save them so I opened the door and ran inside.

Daddy and Dad were very surprised to see (so it means my sneaking skills has improved) but they didn't look like they were in danger. They were in their bed. But both of them became red like tomatoes and Daddy cried: "Vivian! what are you doing out of your bed?" and I think he was embarrassed about somefing.

"I couldn't sleep," I said and Dad blinked at me many times. "And when I came here, I heard scary noises." They looked at each other, horrified. Maybe there was somefing scary outside after all!

"Can I sleep here tonight?" I asked.

"Um..." Daddy said, all red in the face and looked up at Dad. But Dad smiled and winked at him and then turned to me. "Of course you can," he said. They made room for me on the bed and we went to sleep.

What do you fink happened? Maybe you should ask your Mom, she knows everyfing.


Vivian Potter-Malfoy


Harry James Potter!




Dear Vivian,

It's 'owe' not 'oh' and 'somthing', not somefing! And don't write 'fink'! 'Think' is the right word.

If you tell my Mommy then I'll tell your Daddy that you ate all the ice-cream he bought.

From what you wrote, I think your parents were doing some exercise, like in my gym class. When you do exercise you pant alot and it's hard to breathe. Maybe your Dad was helping your Daddy. But I'm not so sure, so I showed the letter to Mom.

For some reason she was furious! I think it's because they were doing exercise at night. I did too, once, and she was angry at me and said that nights are meant for sleeping, not for practicing my gymnastic moves.




Dear Weasley,

Jealous that our sex life is more exciting than yours, are you? Don't take your frustration out on us, that's what your husband is for.

Best regards to you all,

D Potter-Malfoy.


Dear Malfoy,

Don't you talk to my wife like that you bloody git!

Ronald Weasley.


Dear Ron and Hermione,

I'm so embarrassed...! I can't believe we forgot the silencing spells! Blimey...

Anyhow, I'm really sorry for Draco's words. He's going to get his pubishment for sure.




Dear Weasleys,

Sincere apologies from my truly regretful heart. Words could never describe my deep remorse for what i've wrote. Please do forgive this poor man who will not be able to go on without your forgiveness.

Yours truly,

Draco Potter-Malfoy.


Dear Weasleys,

Ok! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Now will you please tell Harry that I have apologized? Twice, even?

Thank you very much,


P.S. seriously, I'm sorry. I was only joking. This makes it the third time(!)


Two years later...


Dear Dad and Daddy,

I ate all the ice-cream.

Padfoot drooled on the couch and ate Dad's favorite salty biscuits.

My broom is broken again because Teddy rode on it-again!

Aunt Hermione sends you her love. Uncle Ron too, but he doesn't want me to write it.

Grandma Molly baked muffins! They're awesome! Maybe we can save you some for when you get back. When are you coming back?

Aiden misses you. I told him that big boys don't cry but he wouldn't listen to me, so I gave him Dragon and he chewed his tail! So I told him I miss you too so that he won't feel alone, but only because I didn't want him to cry again.

Hurry and come home soon!


Vivian and Aiden.


To our dear, dear Vivian Scorpius and Aiden Caelum!

We've only been gone for one day. We'll be back home by tomorrow, really. Be good kids and behave. Don't give Ron and Hermione too much trouble, ok?




Dear Dads,


Vivian and Aiden.

P.S. Aiden drew a picture for you. It really sucks but I added it anyway.


A/N: Now it's truly the end! So sad... I wanted the epilogue to be light and humurous. I hope it at least amde you smile :)