notes - you know how weapons and meisters have a bond? My headcanon thinks that if a pair is close enough, they should be able to exploit said bond and pick up feelings/snippets of what the partner is thinking.

It's In the Cards

"Soul?" Maka called from her room.

"What?" the weapon shouted in reply. He didn't quite have the capability to part with the sofa and the explosions dazzling across the television screen.

"I need your help, I don't know what to wear for the party." The girl came out, brandishing the hangers of three dresses in both her hands.

"You're dressing up for Kid's birthday?" Soul sniffed, scratching his stomach. Maka performed a series of short nods, shedding some embarrassment.

If Soul wanted to be completely honest with his trusted partner, he would have told her that the three selections she picked out were identical to one another. They all had sleeves, they all had skirts, and they were all black, practically triplets. He knew better though, only after many trials of watching her play dress-up, speaking the truth, and subsequently receiving a book to the head.

"The one on the left," he gambled, returning his eyes to the TV when he heard another car smash against a wall and combust with manly testosterone.

"You said that without thinking," Maka frowned.

This just became one of the times Soul had to curse the Soul Resonance they nurtured – it made it too easy for her to throw out a correct guess on what went on in his head. But two could play the game. The boy focused all his attention (well, most of it – the motorcycle was doing a crazyass flip off the ramp there) on his meister. He locked eyes with her and prodded at the bond they shared. He netted a handful of her thoughts, about oh-god-buying-more-pads (ouch, awkward), about remembering how to waltz, about wearing a dress Soul liked so that he'd look at her more–

His face was red the next second, and wait – just why did Maka want to wear the dress he liked? Soul jumped onto his feet and took the one hanging in the middle of the girl's arms, stared blankly at it, before thrusting it back at her. "T-that one, now go and get changed, we have to leave soon," he pieced his words together in a way that was horribly uncool.

The female gave him a contented smile. "I like it best too," she admitted, before hurrying back to her room and locking the door.

Soul dashed to the sink and splashed water onto his face, combed his hair down and slipped on his favourite headband. And no, it wasn't because he wanted to become more presentable for Maka, of course not.

He just wanted to impress… Kid?