In a deep dark world, words begin to show up! "You've dreamt of figuring out the latest gossip!" Then a spot light appears in the tiny center stage of the screen, as the voice goes on! "You're always wanted to know how things go weather from good to bad, or bad to good?" At those marks, we start to move closer to the light source, as if wondering what's beyond it! "Yet never in our lives can their be but one person….to make a difference…." Then as we get closer, a solid shadow stands in the spot light, meaning that the voice is talking about this person here! "He's the best at bringing smiles…." The words appear over the new figure's head, as it goes on! "The character to define the impossible…." Next it showed up on his left side on his top shoulders while going on still. "The man that knows no bonds to reality's rules….." The next words appeared on his bottom right side near his waist, as they vanish afterwards…during a close to this introduction! "We introduce to you….." That's when we see the figure's face, as his face was green, like a mask! More then that, he wore a yellow suit, pants, long sleeves, white shirt with a red tie with black spotted tie, a flat gangster hat!

"I'LLLLLLLLL Take over Boys!" The person was non other then the MASK, and with a grin, he smiled to you people with this too say! "Show time, folks!" "Snaph! Courfhhhh!" The green figure then snapped his fingers as a spotlight shown on him and music started playing.

The Figure: I….Got'cha with my winning smile

The figure brings his smile to display while stretching a gloomy dog's frown into a smile!

I'm a living lesson, fare with style

He spins around, changing the scene and putting a mouthful of cigars in most annoying folks mouths!

just can't help, but stare at myself all day!

As he lean on their shoulders, he jump and sat on a rail that swings down while his cigars blow up in the other cranky folks faces!

I'm a going gecko, woofing draco, of pogoing , breaco,

Now we see the man popping his teeth and eyeballs out, then in another seen is him as a busted robot, then him dressed and riding a carriage in roman times style. Then appears as a little girl only she brings out her big pack of guns from outta nowhere, now he's seen dancing in a knight's suit of armor with a lady, and lastly grooving his normal looking self body while adjusting his hat right!

Vivi, foot flop

He's next seen flip-flopping in mid air before he drops down to face someone!

Somebody Stop Me!

Now we see him as a ninja with twin swords in each hand while his mask is covered…by a ski mask with long white silk hair ponytail!

Ricky Van-dibah, faces like mine!

Now he's making faces, and pulls an officer's underwear over his face. Then he zooms out, but his hat is left behind…

Don't come on down a dozen, there's a lot to be found

Until his arm stretches, grabs his hat from falling to the ground. In the next scene, he pulls his tie to expand his buttocks to cushion a car about to ram him!

Hay when they made me, yah they broke the mole!

He's in the next scene with robbers in a cowboy's outfit, but pulls his hat down and comes out as a Shakespear person! Then in the next scene, he's grabbed by a rocky-blob creature, but gets a hammer out and smashes the thing to pieces with a stupefied face.

Open the tides, stay in and refine

He appears to trip someone chasing him, then next appears in a scene chowing down in front of a T.V like a Sports-fan watching the game even with a drinker hat on!

Totally Outta my MIND!

He spins into a room by the door, stops spinning and holds his eyes out which would really freak most folks out!


In another scene, an evil man by his shades is seeing something on the paper, which his glass shades reflect off mostly!

Villains in everywhere, it sounds like they decorate prison cells

Three thugs are see…getting captured by a squids tentacle and taken to who knows where? Then a spooky door opens from nowhere, with an evil villain entering the scene!

Green goes with anything, if they ask…SEE!

Then the green faced figure dressed as a painter is seen as he paints a big silent thug with green paint on his face, and then tosses the brush and paint container away! Just afterwards, he begins to drive his motorcycle up a wall in defining the laws of gravity.

Well their's one last thing I got to sing about!

Now we see the green face man on a smashed piano, pushes one key for though, at that the scene changes again with his mouth dropping from shock!

Open up Wide! And Really Shout!

Then another scene shows the figure in his motorcycle leather jacket in a few stories high off the ground, before he begins to drop…by his bike! Then but his neck and lastly his right eyeball sticks out as he drops!

WOooohhhhh….LOOK OUT!

Suddenly the figure is seen in another scene where his dum-buggy ride smashed front first into the ground, he jumps out in a duck-hair looking cool's man as he looks over his smashed ride!


We see him again spinning around before posing, making himself look good before the others could say anything, he's standing on something to be…of a letter, and more over….words showed in front of him!

(After going behind the scene were the words 'The Mask' in big, green, capital letters Appeared to cover the screen itself. And under them were labeled Talk Show, but in Aqua-Green coloring!) Then he appeared again to cover the introduction scene, with a sly smile as he spoke this out! "Ssssssssmokin!" This was non other then the MASK, a famous character of comedy, a vigalenty hero if you would say, out on the run by the law and getting into trouble while saving the day, what a time!

"WaaaaaHOooooowwwwhhhhhhh!" Suddenly the lights begin to shine on a stage while the crowd in the audience cheers! It looks like a normal platform of any normal stage, design to look like the inside of a building, sofa's, love-seats, and couches for only the people coming in to sit down in with a large table for them to either set things on like meals or paperwork, or to set their feet up! But on the right side was a fancy office desk that had a lamp, a coffee mug, telephone, etc. junk stuff, and with a comfy office chair to sit in, this was the host's place to sit! Behind the host's spot was a large-Mini Flat TV screen set, and out in the grand center of the room was a Extra-Large Flat TV set with the show's title on it!

"!" Suddenly a yellow tornado spins into the room which everyone's attention on it, as it stops spinning! "Ssssssssmokin'!" The MASK fixes himself while he earns some applies from the audience! Then he spin changes into a long blonde hair woman and spoke in diva of the response. "Why thank you all, I really don''t deserve it…..BUT FIRST!" He spin changes into himself as he sat in his chair and put his legs up, as he waves to the people with his smile. "Welcome to my very own show, The MASK, TALK SHOW….staring muwh-here!" He pointed at himself before exclaiming the meaning a bit more in detail. "That's short for me, by the way!" He lens out to tell you viewers this while earning some laughs. "Anyway, I like to thank a person for seeing MY talents as something that nobody has seen before…." Then he smirks with a wicked smile, as we hear a bell off the corner. "Binghhhh…!" "BUT First…." As he said this, he zoomed out of the stage by smoke. "Pofffffff…"

Next we hear weird sounds of something being stretched across before we hear a snap at the end! "WrrrooooucKAaahhhh! KAaaahhh….Kaahhhhhh…Kaaahhhh!" Which afterwards, came people's voices of complainers, groans, moans, the works of something making them unhappy! "Ahhhhhh!…Oohhhhhh?….EEeeeeekkkkhhh!"

"Brinnzizizizizizizisssuuhhhh!" Then what should come next, but a yellow tornado and it dispels to show the MASK dressed like he's been on vacation with badges, flags, and state name tags all over his body! "Hay crew, just got back from a "little" something to take care off!" He jump up and landed perfectly in his seat chair and rested his feet on his desk, as he was taking a load off, he looked to the audience before speaking.

"You know folks, as a famous character of breaking the Fourth Walls around here….something seem to be lacking…wanna know what it is?" He had a sly grin on his face, before it turn into a snappy angry face, as he spoke. "On the account that NO ONE, Nobody was including ME in much stories! Can you believe that rubbish! And when you tried to look MY name up, you get nothing on this Fanfiction site, talk about now imagination!" Then he shrugged his shoulders as he was lightly making a statement. "Sure, I got some works from folks that "care and love me", and I'm glad for them….though for those that didn't, or made fun or even 'insulted' my name as the MASK, well….looky here!" He smirk at the last parts of his sentence, as he took a remote control out and turn on the big center screen TV, as it clicks with some fuzz at first!

"Click! Fissssssiiihhhh!" Soon we get an imagine of a man on his computer, but something's off, he's got an underwear pulled over his head! "Ahhhhh, get this underwear off my head! I can't type a story or do a report with this on!"

Then it shifts over to another person, inside their home, and after the man turns his light on, we see him with a wedgified underwear over his head too! "How'd I get a wedgie in two in the morning?"

Then another scene is show, a mansion with security as tight as Fortnox, and inside was a man sitting by his fire, only he too had an underwear over his head, as he got a wedgie! "Who got pass my security in less then a sec!"

"Fuuzzzisisisissihhh….Click….!" Then a bit of fuzz is shown before it's turn off and all eyes are pointing to the host who used the remote to shut off the big screen, with a goofy grin towards you people!

"That answer your questions….folks!" The MASK asked slyly as he gets some applies and bows to them, he changes to his yellow suited outfit while he sits again to speak. "I tell yah, those people that have forgotten, or have made insults of me in more ways then one, deserve them "WEDGIES OF JUSTICE", which I'll give to anyone who MOCKS the GOOD name of…THE MASK, but the others who are trying to post my legend and tales, good luck with that!" He looked at the camera and wink into it, signaling those who are watching this to get the message. "Any-who, I have been interested in stories of myself like the Simpsons finding my Mask and trying it on…..for size!" He swung his arm over his head to wipe out some sweet, like he saw something that really got him in the mix of what he's talking about. "Whooh-boy, mixing my destructive power with their humor was a real SHOW-STOPPER! Gotta give points to the Arthur: Sideshow Bob Roberts on that little number!" Then he swung his sit back and looked bored when looking up at the ceiling, as he started to slum a bit.

"But to many folks have used old Stanley Ikpiss's name, everybody should know my series by heart if they were true fans! The Misc. Movies WON'T CUT it! It just simply can't be done! It's hard to even find my name or either to see someone working to give them a thoughtful memory of me!" But then his spirit was brought back up, as he jump on his desk and make a cheeky grin at you people watching this with this news to say!

"But there was an Arthur I RE-He-HeeeeALLY Liked, , from that Story of his called "The Obscurum Emissary"! Wanna known why!" He showed his grinly-sparkly teeth, before he closed his month and spoke in cheer. "Cause even though I may not be posted in Stories, MY name and appearance can be seen in another story, just depends, like being a character on a Cross-Cartoon for a popular game called Smash Bros. Brawl, that REALLY got ME to star and BE myself! It had everything I was MEANT to be down the letter!" Then his face showed a frown as he slumped in his chair and set his arm on his desk to rest his head on, as he said this next in gloom. "I am sad to say, it never finished it's progress, but at less someone out there cared! Even I think it would been a star potential with more enthusiasm, but sadly, it's not my place to call!"

"Brigururrurugurhhiinngggghh!" Then the MASK's phone rang, as he picked it up and spoke in his cheery casual voice. "Hel…lo!" He hears someone's voice mumbling on the other line which was cheering him up a bit, as he replies to the caller! "Oh really, well you too! Thanks!" He hanged up the phone, and turn to the audience who didn't know what happen, but the MASK was going to explain! "That was just my new Sponsor, telling me to cheer up since I got his attention and….." That's when realization hit him like a ton of bricks, as he stared over with his eyes bugging out to a clock on the top left side of the stage, it was already a bit late! "Whhoooh, look at the time, I got so caught between having my own star set, being my own host, that I let the time slip my mind, silly me! But you people don't mind, do yah!" The MASK asked the audience and they responded with laughs and claps as he dressed himself as a man from an Oscar awards, and he replied with tears while holding a reward trophy in his arms. "Gaahh….you like me…YOU REALLY LIKE ME! Oh I so happy!" Then he changes back, as he was dressed like a news-reporter, and hold a micro-phone in his hands as he talk into it! "News work, I not the only one who's working on the set, as of now, I'll have special helpers, who are non other then….."

"BAAmmmmhhhh!" Suddenly something, or someone busted through the walls which got everyone in a panic, what could have happen! The MASK turn around looking puzzled as to how that happen? And the answer came to him, as he saw some new and familiar characters appearing on his show!

"Hayyyyyy, it's Sam and Max, the Freelance Police!" True, it was a brown fur dog wearing gray detective cloths and a short white fur rabbit, they were Sam and Max, the Freelance Police! And they seem to be struggling with a giant battle suit robot that had them pined down on the ground, and the duo were struggling to escape, mostly Max was since he was hyper-active etc. A good close look inside the robot's crome-dome head, and the MASK spotted a familiar person he knows, it was a head that had a face of a man wearing scientific glasses with red glasses in them, covering his eyes completely. The face had also had red eyebrows over the glasses along with red hair going from the middle of the scalp to the back of his head, and once more, the neck had metallic spider legs piloting the controls of the suit itself! "And the boys aren't alone! There with my Arch-Enemy, Petorious! How's it going!"

The man named Petorious soon spoke in a non-chatterable voice of someone who has emotions. "For the moment, your execution once your bodyguards are through and I use this talk show to send a hypnotic message to all viewers, and to use them in my next, to further study the human's capabilities when going through scientific works that have been dim "too cruel" to ever experiment on!" The way he talks, it's as if he has no respect for anything but the deployment of science…even the darkest works of science that no human would ever perform!

"Yessshhh…ever heard of a social life, pal!" Max remark while shoving a drilling with his lucky feet away from pouching a hole through his chest!

"Now's not a time to insult the villain when he's pinning us down with a giant robot suit, genius!" Sam remark to his partner making there case tougher, as he dodged a saw trying to cut off his cheek sides, lucky they didn't touch him!

"Question?" The MASK interrupted the brawl, as if he was trying to get some questions from the combatants! "How did this happen?"

"Old head with a bodiless freak-show here came in a box!" Max pointed while he insulted the villain that had him pined down!

"Which was address to you as a late Christmas Present!" Sam stated out while trying to struggle his waist out of the robot suit's grip!

"Ohhh, how sweet!" The MASK replied with a smile, someone dose care for him!

"But then it turns out, thanks to Max's curiosity, he ended up taking us by storm and now were wrestling a 10 ton robot!" Sam replied after leaning over just far enough to dodge a laser shot that came out of the shoulder pads!

Petorious heard this and remark in correctly stating that mis-information! "More frantically to the point, a 12 ton robotic suit design to embolism the MASK and build with a hypnotic device after connecting it to the camera, to allow…."

"Yah-Yah, we get it! Mind control!" Max snap in interrupting the mad scientist's rant before he remark this. "Sam and Me already dealt with that stuff already!"

"Only not with a bodiless mad-scientist at our current state, little buddy!" Sam pointed out in correcting his partner's fact on the matter!

"Point taken!" Max reply as he was keeping an arm from gripping his neck!

"Hmm, looks like until my crew's got things settle down, maybe it's time we move ahead,….BUT First!" The MASK was stating before a bell sound was heard, as he made his familiar sentence, as he stated this. "Take this down, will you fello's!" The MASK stated while moving his hand behind his back with his thumb pointing behind him!

"Yah mean….take him….Downtown, and serve some Freelance Police Style Justice?" Sam spoke in thinking that was the request the mask host was asking of the copper duo?

"Nope, I mean down stairs and out of the camera's view, I can't start another talk show with a villain blocking our view!" The MASK replied with a shrug while earning some laughs from the audience, they shoulda seen that one coming!

"How's about this switch here?" Max asked as he reached for a lever while holding a pinching claw, the lever read "Sub-basement level", and his curious mind soon pull the lever back which then….

"Creakhhhh!" Open a hidden set door beneath the Freelance Police and Petorious, but that wasn't the problem, the problem was that they would soon be falling into the thing!

"Smooth Max, real smooth!" Sam remark with his stern eyes at his partner for ending up in messing things up for them more then usual when getting outta a crisis!

"Shoulda seen this one coming a mile away?" Max remark with a simply shrug from his smile, he shoulda know better, but where's the fun in that!

"AHhhhhh!" Then the Freelance Police scream as they and their opponent fall down into the dark trapdoor. The MASK stood over to look down in curiosity until he filched at the sound of something hitting ground level! "CRashhhishhh!" He open one eye and look down to see what happen, which thanks to a hidden camera in that room, we see Petoriuos's suit is damage and the Freelance Police are lying on top of it's chest!

"We're okay, we landed on the soft robot!" Max's voice called out from below the floor of darkness!

"Which is accurate, considering it wasn't very soft to begin with!" Sam voice also called out to state a comment!

The MASK shrugs as the audience laughs and claps with cheers, as the green man changes to his yellow suit and sits down in his chair! "And now, on my personal talk-screen, my new sponsor for new series to come, may I introduce to you all…..Drum roll please!" Then a drum roll is heard, as it was making a long pause for suspension! "Brugugurugurgurgurgurgurhh….roooouummooummphhhh! Disssssiihhhhh!" Then after the symbol noise, the MASK turn on his Mini Screen T.V. besides him and announces the man of the hour! "The VISION-KING!"

"WAAAAhhhhAAAAAHHHHH!" The crowd made a very loud cheer, as the manager and new sponsor is about to come out for all to see! The screen turns on, and we see a throne with the words label letters "V" & "K", basically standing for the name himself! As the chair turns around automatically, and in the seat was a young man in his near twenty-fifth year, wore aqua-blue lighting cloths, with some shiny armor that protects him from any physical or magical attacks, armored boots, gauntlets, chest armor, even an armored crown on his head like a king, each piece had jewelry from big emeralds to small rubies in design. He had long silk brown hair, blue eyes that can stare deep into a person, even see the world from his view! He was the newest Arthur to come into town or even this world of Arthurs, The VISION-KING! At the moment, the King of Vision was using some magic of waving his hands

"Hay-hay-hay, king-micester, how's it going, first time on the show, I know how yah feel, this is my first time too!" The MASK was getting all friendly with his new sponsor, knowing he's the one who got him this sweet deal!

"Because I got you this job!" VISION-KING stated out to the green face man!

"No,…well there is that, but because here I can give wedgies and go through that dimensional portal thing across the room and be back, lickity slip!" The MASK replied out and pointed across the room which…in truth…was a portal devise their that would explain how he went so fast to other peoples homes to give them wedgies!

"Hahahahahaah!" The audience laughed at that joke while calming down!

"You never stop to make me laugh, MASK!" VISION-KING replied with a little giggle escaping his throat.

"Why would I ever stop, I have the punch lines ready! See!" The MASK stated and surprisingly showed a rope line…with ties boxing gloves tie around the wrist!

"Hahahahahaahah!" The audience laughs at this joke, as they clap while the MASK puts his rope of boxers away.

"But enough about my comedy routine, let's here about you, the newest Arthur to join the ranks of others making stories, how's it feel!" The MASK asked, getting already to talk about the new Arthur on the set of his start of his line of work!

"Surprisingly, a bit nervous!" The VISION-KING replied a bit sheepish while rubbing the back of his neck, feeling unease at the moment. "I am still new at this, yet I wish to share my own stories with everyone who likes to find stories of different types." The man spoke out in stating what he would like to do for those watching or viewing this!

"Like how some make-up there own stories, kinda like what this is?" The MASK stated out while he tapped his desk to point to their spot where they are right now!

The man on the mini-view screen nodded his head before explaining. "Indeed, I am a King of Vision, I see a site that can be noted to be….worth a kingdom's view of the vision!"

The MASK, scratching his chin was interested in this, and then asked this out suddenly with curiosity! "Hmmm….and what can you say about those that make Cartoon-Crossovers or X-Overs, or even those Game-Crossovers!"

"Indeed, I've vision a few good ideas, they have taken time, but I have made them to be ready!" The VISION-KING nodded in response as he wave his magic hand to call a book over to him, as he looks through it in interest!

Hearing this even made the MASK bug-eye his eyes at what he heard, as his jaw drop, he fixed it before he spoke! "Wait! Stop the presses!" "Brugurugurgsiiihhh!" He soon changes into a scooper-reporter with a pen and paper-notebook out to write down any details on a story! "We need the scoop, just what do you mean….made them all ready? Care to share!"

"Not at all, my vision…is of that of a King!" The man on the screen disclaim out in a royal way of speaking.

"Hmmm..muhmm!" The MASK nodded as he was writing down all this juicy stuff that he was hearing.

The VISION-KING soon closed his book and waved it away, as he stared at the MASK to respond to the question. "As such, I have a thing of writing a story, but at the cost of being a little slow on the work, I am not as fast as others who can do it in one day!" The man spoke in honesty which many we're 'Ahhh' at the man's claim of trying to make a story with such slow work.

"You can't?" The MASK asked, not sure if this person was telling the truth or not?

"Well…I can make a chapter in a day's worth, but I have decided to post only two chapters of any story for those to view in a week!" The man on the screen shrugged off to replied before explaining his terms in the matter of his posting of work.

"Really?" The MASK asked with interest, now things were getting good now!

"Because of my "other" work, we shall say that I'm busy at times! As much as anyone else would in their lives." The VISION-KING went out to exclaim, as life is hard work and not many have much time to make their stories on schedule dates!

"Understanding?" The MASK nodded as he wrote this down in his notebook, he flip a page, and leaned out closer to the screen to ask this next question? "So what made you start this business to this path, may I ask?"

"It started when I read a Kingdom Hearts Story!" VISION-KING spoke with an honest stare from his eyes, as if remembering a day of his past makes him feel so….pleasant at peace.

"Which one, there so popular, anyone would love to write up there own!" The MASK stated out, knowing the title was bound to be of the popular copy fanfiction for many Arthurs out there!

"Yes, but there are some…who loss the vision to continue, and leave them behind for others to read, but never know what happens!" The man on the screen exclaim in deep sadness, feeling that some stories left undone just seem to break his heart, a-mound to others hearts too!

"Sniff….so true!" The Mask was sniffing his tears, feeling so sad to hear this piece of news "Buuwwwffff!" The MASK got a tissue and blew his nose.

VISION-KING brighten up, as he wave his hand to show imagines of those he was going on to talk about! "One of my favorite types made by an Arthur…Cartoonfan4072…..his story was called "Kingdom Hearts: Cartoon Adventures", a retold story if Sora had ever meant with Looney Tune characters like DAffy Duck, as the wizard, and Porky Pig, as the shielded warrior!" Then his smile faded, as he wave the imagines of the spoken names away, as he sulk in his throne. "I had hope whenever their was a time, that the Arthur would finish…but I'm afraid it maybe possible…that he's retired and now….his work is left for others to read…."

"GAaaaaHhohohhohoohh….That's so….SAaaaaad!" The MASK was crying out in tears, this was too much, even was even using his own notepad book as tissues for his tears!

However, the man on the screen started to perk up a bit, as he was about to make a statement. "Yes, but….it cannot be a true lost….if one's vision were to foreseen new possibilities to be made for it!"

"Gaahhh..hahha…ugh! Say what?" The MASK suddenly stop and peek his eye out from his covered face of his last notepad!

"I decided from "that" story, to create my OWN vision of Kingdom Hearts…in making it an Honor Story made for the Arthur!" VISION-KING exclaimed in his cheery mood, feeling new life running through him as he went on! "Oh course, I have my own 'Vision' to fit for it, but I will honor the story left untold for the Arthur: Cartoonfan4072, make it be as a new shiny story to be made in a way he ever though it could be!" He rested his chin on his right hand as he went into details on how he'll make this story interesting to other's viewing! "I shall make this story into something never before seen, a 'TRUE' Vision of Kings if you might!"

"Ohh, just hearing this is making me excited, go on!" The MASK asked in wanting to know more of the story itself!

"Well that's the thing, I can't reveal all of it!" The man on the screen simply said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Owwww….." The audience became depress from hearing this, they thought they would know all about it!

Yet the king of visions smiles as he spoke this next part out. "But I can tell you somethings about it!"

"Yaahhhh!" That made the audience cheer in joy, hearing somethings of this new story will be just as nice!

VISION-KING smiled as he lend his head closer and waved his hand to create Looney Tune characters, as he explain. "For starters, it will be telling the story with the Looney Tunes, all the comedy, the adventures, and silliness that makes them so….well Looney!" He wave his hand off after his statement, declaring what he'll do next.

"Kinda like me!" The MASK proclaimed while he smirked at the idea of him being looney.

"Funny thing, you're in the story as well!" The man on the screen slyly replied to which it caught the green face man's attention!

"GOnnnghhhhh!" The MASK's jaw smack on the table before it turn into a window shade! "Flipipiipiphihhihi!" After it was fix on his month, he soon spoke in doubt of what he heard right? "Ahhh, could you repeat that?"

"You're in it to, MASK! As the First Summon!" VISION-KING stated out in his sincere expression, he wasn't lying!

"MEEEEE!" The MASK screamed out before spin changing into a man wearing Las Vegas clothing and a cowboy hat, pulled a lever and watch the numbers on a machine show his face three times before ringing sounds are heard! "YEeeeeeHAaah!ALRIGHT! WAH-HOO! I'VE HIT THE JACKPOT!" He screamed in cheer, he was happy to hear this news big time!

The King of Vision smiled at seeing this before going into more detail. "Well, the summons will be like how the popular Arthur I very much Respect his works has done in telling his story version, JusSonic!"

"Really! How so is that?" The MASK asked after changing himself into his normal yellow outfit suit.

The man on the screen spoke in telling his reason while explaining of the other Arthur he spoke of. "He had a Kingdom Hearts Story as well, called "Kingdom Nicktoons", he finished the story and completed the middle parts story of the Chain of Memories and Riku's Quest!" Then he wave his arms out while going into more detail on the work itself. "In each of them, the summons were summoned…without the other disappearing after calling them!" He rested his hands on his throne, as he soon stated this next part to the audience listening in. "It's a lot of work, I admit, but that's what makes the thrill so….thrilling!"

"Hmmmm….so your saying I'll be in this and….NOBODY will miss seeing me in action!" The MASK asked in more about knowing he'll star in a popular story like Kingdom Hearts of his very own!

"Precisely!" VISION-KING replied with a nod, then he sat back easily in his throne while continuing. "I've favored JusSonic's work, but not only his, others I have become interested! Such as Babylon Sky Hawk's Kingdom Hearts staring 'Sonic' & his friends in those adventures series, DarkPaladinmon's "Animation Heart" series staring evening around Code Lyoko characters! I even fancy the works of KingdomKey23's working on his own called "Kingdom Hearts: The Nintendo Version" with Sora meeting Lugi and Yoshi which he's still working on finishing it to this day!"

"Sounds like you got some inspiration!" The MASK said with a smirky smile as he gave a fake elbow rub against the screen's picture!

VISION-KING continue after nodding, as he was going on still. "Yes, there are still many others out there of which who's stories I like, I even discovered that in my version, certain relation is involving from DragonMaster77's work on his working "Kingdom Hearts: Emerl Version", but it's something entirely different, but if he wants to use any of the ideas I've put into the story, he can." He paused to think for a moment, before exclaiming what he wanted to say next. "That's what I like to do, inspire new stories to be born, if my works can help them along the way, knowing that, can make even myself smile at seeing I've help in making new works show up on this Fanfiction site!"

"You sound like a helpful guy, but what else can you tell us about the story!" The MASK replied in seeing this new Arthur as a helper, and not much of stressed in having any problems working with others etc., but wanted to get back to the topic they were on before.

"Only that it took me a year and two months to complete!" VISION-KING explain on the course time it took him which shocked everyone to hear it!

"WAAAhhhhh!" The MASK drop and slipped out of his sit, and then climb up by pressing his hands agains the desk's edge, as he asked this question in disbelief! "A YEAR…And TWO MONTHS!"

"Yes…but after it was finished, I realized something…." The man replied as he lowered his head down with his eyes shut, as if something happen after he finished that story of his, but what!

"What's that?" The MASK asked after fixing himself back in his seat again.

"That I had arthur potential…I am an artist….but not only in artwork as I have talent there, but imagination…enough to create a story of my own!" The King of Vision exclaimed, feeling that this new feeling was the birth of something new! "It was from that moment, that I decided to join and spread my stories around for others to read, review, and enjoy the works that have never been told!" He place his hands together and lowered his head on them, as he explain his plan out to the rest. "I knew that if I was to do this, I needed to first be prepared for doing some "free" moments of writing my works…and doing my "other" works!" He released his grip and sat up again, as he said this next part out. "So I decided to create more stories in advance before I started my VISION-KING! Production Company!"

"So if this is the opening, how many stores have you made then?" The MASK asked in wanting the juicy stuff since they've come to this part now.

"Counting the my own made Kingdom Hearts…..about 12 is the amount I've made!" The man on the screen said in answering the question which again surprised everyone in the audience to hear!

"WOOoohhh…12 Stories already pack and made!" The MASK asked stumped to believe this, as everyone else watching could even believe this as well!

VISION-KING nodded in stating a 'yes' before responding. "Yes, but those others are Cartoon-Crossovers…some of them took at less a month or so to complete, and a lot of time and inspiration is hard at those times!" He kept his smile, as he went ahead to say this next part while it may disappoint most new fans to hear. "But I won't post them all…I want my viewers to expect the stories I've made to come out, rather then they wait aimlessly, wondering if it's finished yet!" With that said, he looked out to the audience, and soon said this in reassuring them of his stories to come. "After all, I want them to Vision the possibilities, and will soon see each new addition along the way…and as the King of Vision, I will use this to create more stories, to keep them happy for when I am at the last one of the 12th prepared modal stories, there will be others prepared and waiting!"

"But…what about the reviews….what about those that add their suggestions?" The MASK question in wondering how others would say in the matter?

"That's true…I will do something like that, but for the stories I've made and have completed, I can't, it's how I Vision it and they will stay! BUT…." As the man on the screen was explaining, he stop himself with a sly smirk as he continued. "My new stories, if they want, they can tell me of any stories they like to have and I will try and see to…En-Vision it's potential! After all, it's never easy to Vision the Best Works you can give and have others see your hard work, now is it!"

"I can imagine it's very hard, you made over the same amount as an entire YEAR! Right for the waiting!" The MASK replied while at the last part was wiggling his hand to point at the person on the screen to the viewing audience. Then he spin changed into a pirate costume, and spoke in a pirate accent while waving his sword and hook in the air. "Aye…but what's to say if people want yah to only be making only crossovers!"

"Well, I thought of something that they themselves can assuringly do to help build their own stories…for me to view!" VISION-KING responded slyly like, as if he made a plan for this already!

"You to view?" The MASK repeated what the king of vision said, wondering what that meant while changing back into his old self?

"Yes…a new story that's not a Crossover, but an original work idea of mine, like this show is!" VISION-KING exclaimed out, a work not crossing over another story, a made up story is something different! He then suddenly closed his eyes before opening them art this response he declared. "A Wrestlers Show!"

"A Wrestler show, how will that work?" The MASK asked puzzled and interested to hear more about this?

The man of Vision smiled and put his hands together to rest his chin on, as he example this plan of his. "Simple….I've discovered a way to bring in the eye-viewers…by making a Wrestlers story entirely to be the sponsors of…the Freelance Police, Sam and Max!"

"BAangnhhhishh!" Suddenly from out of nowhere, one side of the stage is blown away, and something of a boxed present wrapped is sent flying out into the sky! Then coming out of the corners of the smoke…where the Freelance Police themselves, speak of the devils!

"Sorry about two things, one for we're late and the other of shooting a cannon while we're live, folks!" Sam apologies while dusting off the rumble from his cloths.

"But finding the door outta the sub-basement was a little tricky with so many doors to check while in the dark!" Max exclaimed as he was shaky his fury body around as if he was a dog waggling out wet drops.

"Not to mention…shaking away from that Petoriuos clown!" Sam remark with his thumb pointing behind him, as stating they were being followed!

"But we manage to box him in a gift box, stuffed into a cannon and sent him out to the nearest prison home!" Max exclaimed out what happen, sounds like they had themselves a ball while this show was still going on. Then Max made a wicked smirk as he said this next part that send chills down a persons back, or so forth! "With a tag on it saying…"Do Not Open Till NEXT Christmas, Love Santa" on it!"

"Max's catchy remarks are improving, now we won't see that criminal till the next holiday!" Sam shook off his shoulders to state, his little pal is getting clever, interesting, yet creepy to tell!

"Oh, Sam and Max, have a sit, everybody, meet the Freelance Police, Sam and Max!" The MASK went ahead to introduce the Freelance Police now that they aren't being taken down or anything!

"Waaahhoooohhhhh!" The audience cheered as the copper duo soon sat in two seats, as the MASK spoke to them!

"So tell me, first time being on a live show!" The MASK asked the two policemen this question?

"Ehhh….Not really, we've done this before in our career!" Max waved off to reply his answer!

"Right little buddy, we were once on the Myra Show during a case of hypnotic control in keeping her audience from ever leaving and giving away free presents." Sam stated out from experiencing a familiar event like this, only less of a crime!

"Ouch! As much as I like free stuff, let's cut to the chase, boys…meet your new sponsor for his company, The VISION-KING!" The MASK replied from getting these facts about the copper duo's past cases, and went ahead to bring the light on the next new Arthur to take the stage…or T.V. Screen Stage!

"WAAAHHHhhhhhh!" The crowd cheered loudly again as the man on the screen wave to them, still being around of course.

"Yesh, the guy's popularity is already skyrocketing enough to make my ears bleed!" Max replied in fixing his ears from the loud roaring of the crowds cheers!

"Not as much when you tried to stuff a mega-phone in that thug's left ear-drum last week during our patrol in the alleyway's of Petersburg!" Sam remark to say out after he clean some earwax from his ears.

"And I learn to be-careful when doing so, in a splitting case!" Max replied with his hand raise to point out something.

"That you can damage a person's membrane, skull fracture, or even possibility make their head explode if the volume is too loud!" Sam stated out the low chances of things that can effect most folks with a mega-phone jammed to close inside their ear, what could it be that his partner have to say!

"Nope, that he was Deaf to begin with!" Max simply shrugged off to state which earned some laughs from the audience.

"As usual Max, you crack me up!" Sam replied with a waving of his head, as the audience clapped for the two's comedy.

"Sam and Max! Good to see you both, I have exciting news, you're become Spokesmen of your own Wrestlers Series of my Company's Work!" VISION-KING soon took control to speak to the two coppers in telling them of his newest idea!

"Goody, I've always wanted to wrestler against Pete Jackson, or the Dukes of Mayham!" Max exclaimed in excitement, wondering of the chances he ever get to wrestle wrestlers!

"Hold it, it's true you might be fighting, but it's more of a series for Freelance Police relation!" The King of Vision hold his hands up to stop Max from getting the wrong idea, as he hasn't finished explaining the details yet!

"Mind saying that in the downer level, sir! My partner Max hear doesn't understand that?" Sam pointed out to Max, since the rabbit wasn't the smartest bunny in the batch!

The man on the screen nodded before he explain under a more understanding tone for the two. "Of course, in short, you two will bring in other Freelance Police members of their own series, of which other Arthurs have made or even those of a team up like never before and do what you did in your T.V. Series, where only the Freelance Police…can beat the Freelance Police!" At what he said, that got everybody's attention, he smiled as he soon explain his meaning of his idea of a new series! "But that's the catch! Who's to say which person under the title of Freelance Police is better! And that's were you two shall gather up the recruits to entire this competition!"

"Whooh, an area filled with our Freelance Police Fan-natics, it's like a dream of mine!" Max exclaimed in surprise and excitement, this is like making a new history for them all!

"The one were you pop Mr. Sunshine down the Road Block with a meteorite cannon device from space!" Sam stated out the last dream his partner had that he told him.

"Naahhh, that was my other dream!" Max shrugged off with less interest, that was an old dream, this new one is something WAY bigger!

"Not just that, anyone who could be noted as Freelance duo team material!" VISION-KING declared out for all to know, anybody who's been noted as an interesting Freelance Police characters can join this series of fights! "That's why I shall say that if our viewers want to have a Vision of such a battle, then we'll have a vote off, and then a match off against who they like to see up against, and where it would be, plus the villains of any series can become the next opponents to face in the rounds….either by partaking….or cheating!" He replied with a sarcastic remark on the last parts, knowing fully well of the chances of that happening are very close indeed!

"Sounds like fun, to me!" The MASK exclaimed in liking this idea more, it sounds like an idea of the century!

"By the way sir, isn't this gonna be like that other Wrestling show that was with puppets? I believe they were called "Celebrity Deathmatch", if I recall correctly?" Sam stop to ask of the matter of a related note by chances?

"And the blood shed, say they'll be blood shed and guts splitting scenes!" Max shouted out like a crazed rabbit that had too much sugar!

The King of Vision shook his head "no" before he stated out the matter. "Sorry, no blood shed or any kind that you would see from that series!"

"Awwww…." Max groaned in disappointment, so much for that wishful idea!

That's when the man on the screen smiled suddenly, as he soon spoke of this news that will cheer up most fans of the idea. "But for extreme pain measure, that'll make up for it! Just like how we all like to see done in the Season Games of you two!"

"Yaahhhh!" Max cheered at this news, at less something will be with wild for him!

The King of Vision continues to smile, as he brought out more good news for the group. "And more news, you two we also be apart of the Summoning crew in my Kingdom Hearts Story!"

"Jumping Mouse Trap, Stuck on a Road Bus to Hawaii!" Sam exclaimed in surprise, he and Max will be staring in the made story too, what a surprise! But of course, the dog detective had to first find out the reason why they, of all characters are being included? "What makes you say that if only one summon can be from the stone?"

"Yah, how can Sam and Me be summons if that whole "Pure Heart" stuff said it was the only way we can survive?" Max asked puzzled too, the rules said only one sole surviving person could survive their world come to darkness from the story, so how can they do that?

"Hmmp-hmmp, a good question, and I have the answer!" VISION-KING laugh out at the two's replies, they are confused, but he'll explain the answer real simply. "Besides those who will join from the other worlds, I planned out who even those who have not been the most…."pure" will trigger something or base on their own world and rules, the effects will take more then one person!" After giving everyone time to take in this news, he spoke again in saying this other part. "In other words, from different effects from that person's world, will change them into those of "pure heart" and the logic of that will be bended without breaking it!"

"Hmmph, sounds good to me!" The MASK said as he was thinking this over to himself, that would make sense if strange stuff happen to give others the "so called" pure effect to become summons even if they're not completely so!

The man on the screen smiled, as he soon announced this big news to the host, guest crew and the rest of the viewing audience! "That's not all, I have some plans of having you three be the trio team in most of my stories! The most crazy adventure to be told, the Freelance Police and the MASK…working together! A New Page of Senseless, Historical Humor in the making!"

"Really now, well isn't that shocking?" Sam exclaimed in surprise to hear this piece of news?

"Having our own crazed, whacko, destructive creature as our buddy…I can see the start of a beautiful friendship!" Max said with a smirky smile while thinking of some wicked thoughts in his head!

"Ahhh, thanks little guy!" The MASK replied, then he changed himself into a mother's figure with an apron, as he spoke with a mother like voice. "Who's mommy's little boy…you are…yes you are…." He was pitching Max's cheeks which made the audience "Ahh" at this little seen while a certain rabbit was getting tick off!

"Either can the cutesy routine or I'll shot!" Max remark as he held his shot gun in a threatening manner!

"Probably miss then Max, you forget who were dealing with someone with cartoon like abilities." Sam pointed out the facts of this case, much to his partner's disappointment!

"Anyway…." The MASK spoke in trying to change the subject before there's trouble. "Care to tell us who the star of the Kingdom Hearts Series of ours is?"

"Interestingly enough before I do…." The man on the screen said to responding to the question. "I like to say that as I said before, it'll Honor Cartoonfan4072's work in my own Vision!" He took a moment to pause before he relax in his throne and stared out to the people watching him with this to say. "And I like to mix in story's of JusSonic's, Babylon Sky Hawk's, DarkPaladinmon's, and even KingdomKey23's version into my own!" After saying this, he closed his eyes and wave his hands to make imagines appear, as he see's the start of new work in the working! "I have seen a Vision of mixing the two's stories to create something of a Golden Age Story, and possibly the longest one ever!"

"Wooh, how long is it?" The MASK asked from hearing this, how long will this Kingdom Hearts Story be?

"Can't tell, it'll ruin the surprise and suspension!" The VISION-KING replied with a sly remark, much to those that wanted to know so much! "But there's lots of action, lots of music, even more fighters then what ANYONE has done before!" Everyone got excited to hear that, but the king of vision had to change the subject from remembering something to correct before folks got to antsy! "Well skip that, most Arthurs have done that before, but mine will be just a little bit different." Then he took a breath before he turn to the MASK and Freelance Police to state this piece of information. "And plus, there will be some heroes that will be apart of the story that I would thank Babylon Sky Hawk's help in inspiring me to create the very thought!"

"The suspension is killing…JUST TELL US WHO'S THE HERO!" Max asked in annoyance and impatience, as he shouted that last part, he can't wait anymore!

"Ease up Max, working in this gig is never an easy time when the Commissioner's on a long EXTENDED vacation!" Sam tried to keep his buddy from losing it, good luck on that part!

"Hahah, forgive me Freelance Police, I got off topic." The VISION-KING sheepishly replied while rubbing the back of his head, as he clears his throat before speaking to the audience. "I've chosen characters to my understanding of entertainment, the one for Sora will be….." He stop to make a humor moment. "Drum roll please!" At his command and a wave of his hands, a drum imagine appear and rolled off, as he announced his character of choice! "Woody Woodpecker!"

"Say wah?" Max replied confused of the big news?

"Care to explain that, sir?" Sam asked in the same boot, he doesn't know why the King of Vision chose that character, but he'll soon finds out why?

"I've notice how he's never had an adventure of his own, most Fanfiction writers just say it's base of his show…not very much detail! And only that few stories of his details are mention, but not much…." VISION-KING explained his reason with a sad face, disappointed to seeing where this is going. But then he cheered up as he stated out this next part to the rest of the viewers out there! "However…I plan to bring in the characters of his series to make this a fun story of him mixing in with Looney Tune characters!"

"So am I seeing that for the Karin….will be…?" The MASK was about to say, in possibly knowing where this will go!

"Yes…Winnie Woodpecker!" VISION-KING replied with a nod, so the characters will be of the same woodpecker love birds! "But remember that I said I would bring out extras…well….I recall P A P - R W B's work called "Jurassic Park", of which the birds would be involving, and so the hero will be of the woodpecker, and he won't be the only one!" At that recall, he became silent, obviously planning on something big for his story for the world to see!

"I don't know why, but tell us…who else is in it!" The MASK asked in excitement, he and everyone here must know, NOW!

"I can't tell yet, but two more characters from Woody Woodpecker's 2000 show series will make a big entrance to the story's plot…especially for another side of the story which I said involves extra summons…but of a different type!" The VISION-KING exclaimed out only the small details, not much, but enough to keep people guessing and wanting more of the story that's getting them hopping like crazy!

"Who are there!" Max asked in suspense, anymore of this and he'll kill over….figuratively speaking!

"Please sir, you got us on the edges of our seats! Max's especially as well!" Sam asked in a plead, this much was a killer on both party's backs!

"Just be patience, though I will have another side story adventure that not any other Kingdom Hearts Story has ever done, and it will be somewhat similar towards JusSonic's, yet different! I'll use his idea, yet mix it from another Arthur's comedy work, SailorCardKnight's "Ranger Daggett Sez: No Sailor Scouts!" story." The man on the screen replied with his smile never fading, he's got some interesting ideas all cooked up and he's planning on surprising everyone! "But I've left out the important character to play Riku….and the one who shall play him… non other then…." A long pause, as everyone was now focus on the next new character role, and he soon told them who it was going to be! "The Speed demon Himself, the Master Thief, Leader of his own Band of Rogues!….Jet the Hawk, Leader of the Babylon Rogues!"

"Wooh, I didn't see that one coming?" The MASK replied while waving his thumb back to you people watching this!

"And if you think that's something, just wait…he won't be going alone…as other Riku characters have done before!" The VISION-KING exclaimed out something that surprise everyone once more, did that mean he would put in more or something else, what could he mean?

"Sam, what's he mean?" Max asked in wanting an answer to this puzzling mystery?

"I couldn't tell yah even if we were begging for the answer, little buddy!" Sam shook off to reply to his partner's question.

"How's about we shake him up for the answer!" Max added up to say without a second thought of that idea!

"How's about you shut it and just look cute, buckethead!" Sam shushed his partner to be quiet before he gets them in trouble, as usual.

The man on the screen wave his hand out as he spoke to moving this conversation along. "I've spoken enough details on my work on my longest story, now I shall tell you all my other story titles that'll be my completed upcoming works!" This news got there attention, what stories does he have made that people can look forward to in the future already! "I have an Aladdin Trilogy story already in set called "Code - Aladdin" which is a basic Code Lyoko story only in a more futuristic telling, and stars you three as genies!" He pointed out to the Freelance Police and the MASK, meaning they star in this story!

"Ohhh…I wish to be rich!" Max asked in feeling like he can grant his own wishes now!

"The wishing thing works when it's the person who's asking you to grant their wish, Max!" Sam replied to breaking his partner's happiness with reality.

"Darn!" Max cursed out with his fist gripping on nothing, he though he had it made!

"And what else?" The MASK asked in wanting to know of any other stories to be brought out to the public?

The man on the screen smiled again as he spoke of his next work. "I've made at less two different Mulan stories, one will be a Looney Tune's telling of it, lots of slap-stick comedy called "Lolalan", staring Lola Bunny as the star!" As he stated this, he plan to move on to the second part while staring and pointing at the Freelance Police duo! "And the other will star Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi which you Freelance Police will guest star in!"

"Alright…we're going to WAR!" Max cheered in feeling like celebrating!

"You always were excited when it comes to fights and mayhems, little buddy!" Sam remark in seeing how his little pal got excited now.

VISION-KING nodded with a little laugh, then return to explaining his next few stories to be brought out to the world. "Another favorite is a Coraline made story that thanks to JusSonic, I've made it to honor his work on the story subject I call "Jade-O-Line" which I'll have you two Freelance Detective guest star in later on!"

"Ehh, I hate arriving late!" Max shook off to say in a not very glad mood about hearing this.

"You hate arriving earlier even more, Max!" Sam remark in knowing the rabbit hates either earlier or late arriving at the scenes!

"Tell me, am I in anymore of your stories, VISION-KING, sir, your highness! Mr. King with a Vision, sir of sirs!" The MASK pleaded in wanting to know disparately, so far, nothing on him yet!

The man on the screen thought over, and smiled as he came up with something he remembered about, as he spoke in response. "Well yes, you and the Freelance Police will star in my own Sleeping Beauty, filled with action from a famous action hero being the prince, and special guest crew…of Jake Long, the American Dragon!" This news brought a lot of fans of the series into wonderment of the idea of this stories adventures?

"Figures….we're adding more people into this gig!" Max remark in hearing they have more people then usual to deal with.

"Shut it Max, he's still going on!" Sam hushed his partner before he caused trouble.

"Another story I'll bring out soon…is a film that JusSonic made of WALL-E, and the bonus story BURN-E!" VISION-KING exclaimed, as everything was silent at the moment…then he explain his reasonings. "But mine will be more of robotic..or should I say…with Medabots! That's right, my story for this one is called "Metabee E", and for the bonus with the story…will be a "Kantaroth E", to which the names themselves will state who is playing who!"

"Darn…we're not in that story!" Max cursed, he thought for sure they star in that story!

"If you let me finish, my young hyper-active friend, I would say that you and Sam will guest star in that story too!" The King of Vision slyly spoke with an expression saying, "you shoulda let me finished" kinda remark!

"Well what do you know, that's quite a number?" Sam replied in surprise while scratching his head.

"Ashamed I'm not in anymore?" The MASK moped at the thought, now he's out of anymore planned stories.

"Oh don't be sad, MASK, I'll add you in my future stories that I have foreseen in a Vision!" The VISION-KING exclaimed that in his future plans, he'll add the MASK in his works for sure! Then he placed his chin in his hand resting on his chair, as he spoke this out while staring up into space. "Right now I've complete other stories just around near December's 2010, such as a Cinderella story and a Peter Pan story!"

"Ohhh…what are they gonna be made into?" Max asked with interest in hearing these two last stories?

"I be prepared incase you burst Max's hopes if he doesn't hear we're in them!" Sam made noted to the man on the screen to be careful what he says with Max's temper!

"No…you two won't be, I'm afraid!" The King of Vision sadly exclaimed, much to their heart breaks.

"Grrr….!" Max was growling in not liking to hear that until...!

"However, I will see what plans to do…you never know….the problem is finding squeals to movies like them!" The man on the screen waved off his shoulders, he'll try to make a plan, but it might not be easy. Then he got his focus on finishing his explanation, as he continued. "But on to the main fact, the Cinderella story is one I'm honoring a story my mother has loved since childhood, and will be called "Aelitella, Operation - Dream Come True!", a special film I've made by adding in funny characters to star as the animal friends she has!"

"Really, who would they be?" The MASK asked curious, as not even he knows?

The man on the screen wave his index finger in the response before he stop to give his answer. "Non other then the 'Penguins of Madagascar', my friends! You can imagine how much fun that would be if they stared in a movie like this!"

"My brains just exploding to picture it!" Max exclaimed from hearing this, he's trying to imagine it…not good!

"Then you better stop, otherwise I'll have another mess to clean up!" Sam remark in stating his partner imagining things like that, not a good combo on his line of work!

The King of Vision soon spoke out on his last work he finished to the audience, as they listen close to what he says next. "And lastly, this Peter Pan will have extras of it's own, funny scenes, plus…I'm declaring it to a Series that many fans of 'One Piece' will surely love!"

"Fans of One Piece! Like the Bikini Modals…Awwwoohohhhhh!" The MASK asked in which he spins around and turns his head into a wolf's head. Then changes back to his old self reply these words. "Ssssssssmokin'!"

"No, no, MASK, I mean the Animated T.V. series of Japan! A Series of Pirates life adventures on the high Seas with modern technology and magical fruit abilities!" VISION-KING explain the difference, much to the MASK's disappointment, as he smiled a chuckled a bit before continuing. "That's why I'm calling it "Ace Pan", the name is to show great honor for the character Portgas D. Ace! And his brother, Monkey D. Luffy will also star as his partner!"

"Sounds like you're all set, to me!" The MASK replied in his happy mood while staring at the man on the mini screen!

"Yah, hurry up and start the site and get those stories out so people can start loving you enough to ask MORE of ME!" Max stated out in his demanding order for all to hear and obey!

"As loyal and never thinking of yourself as ever, little pal of mine!" Sam sarcastically remark on what Max was doing now.

"I will, trust me, but here are other stories that I'm still in the development of making!" He stated out before looking to people watching him, as he started. "Another of the Aladdin Trilogy ideas, Probably a Digimon Data Squad, but another story I've gotten far enough with all cast is the third one called "The King Of The Forty Demon Thieves!" which stars characters of the group from Inuyasha, not the king himself I assure you! Another is making the Great Mouse Detective story, but I'll call it the "Great Hound Detective", characters from Jim Henson's Dog City plus it'll star only characters of that series…and some special surprise. Got one for a Snow White Story called "Snowy White-Brown Bunny", a basically Looney Tunes story with the characters themselves! Got another idea for Shriek stories, I call "Savage Dragon" which the title suggest the animated series character playing Shriek, but still needs time to gather characters? Got an idea for a Pinochio Story I like to call "Astro-nochio" staring Astro-boy as the star! Already the finished cast story I can work on next is my own Lion King version called "Monkey King", staring characters from the Monkey Magic Animated Series, and with the Freelance Police along with the MASK staring as characters." Next I have a Princess And The Frog story, but I haven't found the title, but it stars two characters I believe perfect to fit the roles from the Emperor's New School series, and I'll add Sam and Max in as a bonus for the prince as his bodyguards, won't that be exciting!" After he was done telling the titles of his next working stories, he spoke again to those watching and listening to him. "I'll be looking forward to getting some good reviews…."

"If people should even send any bad replies, just let me and Sam at them!" Max remark with an angry face that could scare a puppy!

"Or better yet, ME! I can give them a little "Wedgie" present for finding out who they are, should they badmouth or insult you!" The MASK stated out in a similar fury expression on his face.

"Suddenly I fear that most of you folks to keep their comments to themselves with you two around!" Sam remark to stating on the MASK and Max working together on the same thing might be a bad idea for the future!

The VISION-KING smiled at these characters, feeling that with them in his work, he'll be very happy, funny for laughs, and good times to be included. Now it's time to end his chat with them with this to say. "I do hope to become friends with other Arthurs out there, even add there stories to my Favorites! Plus I wouldn't mind giving some idea of new story ideas for them, they may even be some stories that I could possible use from what they made for my own works someday if they ever want to use them at all." The man spoke, he wants to become friends with others and work well with them in anyway possible. "One of the good things I've worked hard in my stories, is synchronizing the music melodies to match the detail pictures of whatever happens in the stories themselves. I'm hopping that'll make a lot of viewers happy to know what happens during each scene rather then see the words and not picture the events like that, that could be helpful for others that wish to make other stories of there own like this if they wish." Now he turns to the group on the set, as he waves them goodbye while saying this. "Well it's been nice discussing with you, MASK, Freelance Police: Sam and Max! I hope to work with you more in the future, till then!"

"Brinnckkhh!" The mini-screen T.V. motor turn off, as it was now just the MASK and the Freelance Police in the stage set room.

"Ohhhh, I miss him already!" Max moped down in sadness, he misses the new Arthur already.

"So do I Max, but we better get ready, we don't get pay by this hour unless we end up breaking something important!" Sam patted his partner on the back while making a remark, a bad choice as he'll soon see!

"Goody, let's start throwing chairs and beat up folks for no reason!" Max exclaimed out in a cheer, as he stood on the table and picked up a chair, as he growled at the audience. "Raaarrrghhh!"

"GGgaahhhh…WArrrhhhhh!" Some people cried out in fear, as Max through the chair, and started to fight against mostly the rugged thug folks, but were just fashion modals for a new Thug outlook this year!

"Ouch….I didn't mean it like that?" Sam filched at seeing his partner at work, as he jumps down off the set to help settle the panicking crowd control!

The MASK, seeing the trouble, tries to wrap up this show with some announcements to say, as he acts causal. "Well, hope you enjoyed our first talk show, it's been something, but hopefully…will have many things to add, such as clips of scenes, random videos, specially made ideas from VISION-KING himself of any particular ideas!" He spin changes into Mexican one man band, as he spoke. "Could be a music number of any show!" Then spin changes into a Mexican dancer girl with maracas, as he spoke in woman voice like! "Could be of any dancing scenes to dance to, Aaaahhhh-RIBAH!" He next changes into a scientist figure of Albert Einstein, as he spoke kinda like him. "Or possibly post on interesting facts of things we never knew about unless he found it during his time, and posts them here!" Then he spins changes back to his normal yellow suited self, as he exclaimed this. "Heck, he could even try posting ideas of what some arthur's stories he likes that are still in the works, with one of his own! Imagine that…."

"CRashhishhhh!" Suddenly he flinched when suddenly people started to wrestle Max, and he knocked over a stage light, and Sam had trouble getting his partner out!

"YOU WANNA PIECE OF MY FURRY BEHIND NEXT, MACK!" Max tainted as he stares in the face of a grizzly wrestler who lives in the forest, and never baths, and he growls in the rabbit's face!

"I tried to tell you not to pour Cram-berry Sauce down that Tough Wrestlers pants Max, but as usual, you never cease to amaze me!" Sam replied to state as he manage to simply fire a tear-gas grenade launcher to make the other folks Max got mad into crying wimps…only now he was out and couldn't get this big lug off his rabbit pal.

"That's my best commitment, Sam!" Max replied with a wave, as he then turn around to the scary man…and flicked his nose in amusement…BAD mistake!

The wrestler roars before it plans a crucial blow to the small rabbit that dare insult him! "RrrrrrAAAAUUUghhH! Crash….Brashhhishhh!" Suddenly the wrestler tries to throw a fist, but the copper duo gets outta the way, and the man crashed against the wall, and breaks through the other side, knock out!

The MASK chuckled a bit, but put on a good face, as he wave to you people goodbye while having to say this to all of you. "Whelp, be hoping to see you all real soon, cause remember, the King of Vision is out there, En-Visioning New ideas, new Excitement, so stay tune, cause things are about to rock this place!…Ta-tah…and Remember…." He jumped on his desk, made a running start pose, as he slowly lit out his words like a serpent talk kinda way, as he said this to you all. "Sssssssssomebody…Ssssssssstop Meeehh….AAAAahahahahahaAAAHHhhh!" That's were he dashed out of the room in smoke with his picture imagine laughing before it faded away. With that said, the lights go off, stating the shows over…until the next live talk show which will be another good one if the first one of todays really got everybody excited of the news!