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In a deep dark world, words begin to show up! "You've dreamt of figuring out the latest gossip!" Then a spot light appears in the tiny center stage of the screen, as the voice goes on! "You're always wanted to know how things go weather from good to bad, or bad to good?" At those marks, we start to move closer to the light source, as if wondering what's beyond it! "Yet never in our lives can their be but one person….to make a difference…." Then as we get closer, a solid shadow stands in the spot light, meaning that the voice is talking about this person here! "He's the best at bringing smiles…." The words appear over the new figure's head, as it goes on! "The character to define the impossible…." Next it showed up on his left side on his top shoulders while going on still. "The man that knows no bonds to reality's rules….." The next words appeared on his bottom right side near his waist, as they vanish afterwards…during a close to this introduction! "We introduce to you….." That's when we see the figure's face, as his face was green, like a mask!? More then that, he wore a yellow suit, pants, long sleeves, white shirt with a red tie with black spotted tie, a flat gangster hat!

"I'LLLLLLLLL Take over Boys!" The person was non other then the MASK, and with a grin, he smiled to you people with this too say! "Show time, folks!" "Snaph! Courfhhhh!" The green figure then snapped his fingers as a spotlight shown on him and music started playing.

The Figure: I….Got'cha with my winning smile

The figure brings his smile to display while stretching a gloomy dog's frown into a smile!

I'm a living lesson, fare with style

He spins around, changing the scene and putting a mouthful of cigars in most annoying folks mouths!

just can't help, but stare at myself all day!

As he lean on their shoulders, he jump and sat on a rail that swings down while his cigars blow up in the other cranky folks faces!

I'm a going gecko, woofing draco, of pogoing , breaco,

Now we see the man popping his teeth and eyeballs out, then in another seen is him as a busted robot, then him dressed and riding a carriage in roman times style. Then appears as a little girl only she brings out her big pack of guns from outta nowhere, now he's seen dancing in a knight's suit of armor with a lady, and lastly grooving his normal looking self body while adjusting his hat right!

Vivi, foot flop

He's next seen flip-flopping in mid air before he drops down to face someone!

Somebody Stop Me!

Now we see him as a ninja with twin swords in each hand while his mask is covered…by a ski mask with long white silk hair ponytail!?

Ricky Van-dibah, faces like mine!

Now he's making faces, and pulls an officer's underwear over his face. Then he zooms out, but his hat is left behind…

Don't come on down a dozen, there's a lot to be found

Until his arm stretches, grabs his hat from falling to the ground. In the next scene, he pulls his tie to expand his buttocks to cushion a car about to ram him!

Hay when they made me, yah they broke the mole!

He's in the next scene with robbers in a cowboy's outfit, but pulls his hat down and comes out as a Shakespear person! Then in the next scene, he's grabbed by a rocky-blob creature, but gets a hammer out and smashes the thing to pieces with a stupefied face.

Open the tides, stay in and refine

He appears to trip someone chasing him, then next appears in a scene chowing down in front of a T.V like a Sports-fan watching the game even with a drinker hat on!

Totally Outta my MIND!

He spins into a room by the door, stops spinning and holds his eyes out which would really freak most folks out!


In another scene, an evil man by his shades is seeing something on the paper, which his glass shades reflect off mostly!

Villains in everywhere, it sounds like they decorate prison cells

Three thugs are see…getting captured by a squids tentacle and taken to who knows where? Then a spooky door opens from nowhere, with an evil villain entering the scene!

Green goes with anything, if they ask…SEE!?

Then the green faced figure dressed as a painter is seen as he paints a big silent thug with green paint on his face, and then tosses the brush and paint container away! Just afterwards, he begins to drive his motorcycle up a wall in defining the laws of gravity.

Well their's one last thing I got to sing about!

Now we see the green face man on a smashed piano, pushes one key for though, at that the scene changes again with his mouth dropping from shock!

Open up Wide! And Really Shout!

Then another scene shows the figure in his motorcycle leather jacket in a few stories high off the ground, before he begins to drop…by his bike! Then but his neck and lastly his right eyeball sticks out as he drops!

WOooohhhhh….LOOK OUT!

Suddenly the figure is seen in another scene where his dum-buggy ride smashed front first into the ground, he jumps out in a duck-hair looking cool's man as he looks over his smashed ride!


We see him again spinning around before posing, making himself look good before the others could say anything, he's standing on something to be…of a letter, and more over….words showed in front of him!

(After going behind the scene were the words 'The Mask' in big, green, capital letters Appeared to cover the screen itself. And under them were labeled Talk Show, but in Aqua-Green coloring!) Then he appeared again to cover the introduction scene, with a sly smile as he spoke this out! "Ssssssssmokin!" This was non other then the MASK, a famous character of comedy, a vigilante hero if you would say, out on the run by the law and getting into trouble while saving the day, what a time!

"WaaaaaHOooooowwwwhhhhhhh!" Suddenly the lights begin to shine on a stage while the crowd in the audience cheers! It looks like a normal platform of any normal stage, design to look like the inside of a building, sofa's, love-seats, and couches for only the people coming in to sit down in with a large table for them to either set things on like meals or paperwork, or to set their feet up! But on the right side was a fancy office desk that had a lamp, a coffee mug, telephone, etc. junk stuff, and with a comfy office chair to sit in, this was the host's place to sit! Behind the host's spot was a large-Mini Flat TV screen set, and out in the grand center of the room was a Extra-Large Flat TV set with the show's title on it!

"WoRRUUUummmmmoooooffffffhhhh hh!" Suddenly a yellow tornado spins into the room which everyone's attention on it, as it stops spinning! "Ssssssssmokin'!" The MASK now appears in his usual outfit while taking a blow to the crow. "Thank you, thank you, you are all much, 'MUCH' kind to little old me!" He then jumps in the air and falls right into his sit with his legs up and his hands folded while smiling towards you viewers. "Welcome back once again, it's been a while, hummmm…since you last heard, again of the again-das, so forth & fifths? And I just like saying?" The green faced man waved off in knowing it's one of those days that they've done this so many times, it's old news.

"Haha-hahahahaa….." The crowds were heard laughing at the finny joke the MASK made, especially for it being so true?

"And now, boys and girls, I present tonights guest, it's…" The MASK announced, and waved his hand out to the stage entrance for the new guest, just one problem….no sign of anyone there? "Aaaaahhhh…okay, just a minute?" The MASK slowly responded in finding this very confusing, as he needed a moment to figure this out. "SAM! MAX!" The green faced man shouted out over behind the set near the doors label 'EXIT', as he was awaiting for some helpers by those names to appear, which….

"BAMgeruvhmmm…" Just then, a door was busted open with the famous copper duo kicking it down, guns aimed and badges held out to sparkle in the right light.

"Sam & Max! Freelance Police!" Sam authorized over to the guilty party in who they are seeing before their eyes; some cops.

"Somebody order a Crime-Busting Duo here?" Max remarked off in making a comment that whoever didn't wanted the duo here, is in for a big surprise alright.

"Ahhh, no, I called for a different discussion?" The MASK slowly responded from answering those odd questions to state of important manners. "For you seheheheheeeee here, guaaaaapvhm…." He slowly spoke off with a sheepish smile before taking a deep breath and then…. "WE HAVE NO GUEST PLANNED FOR TONIGHT!" He shouted out that last one out loud and with a panicky expression in seeing that the situation was looking basically dim.

"Great Bill Cosby Shaving Off His Head Going Bald, Crickets Skipping Then Jumping, & Hold The Mayo Sauce!" Sam exclaimed off one of his long surprise reaction performances that are very long and very odd in hearing them out. "Without a Guest appearance, we don't have much a talk show?" The K-9 detective exclaimed out the basic problem that without some guest on the set, how can they even do a talk show?

"Unless you get me to speak nonstop gibberish by giving me coffee?" Max spoke off in suggesting an idea that he had in mind to keep everyone occupied for quote some time.

"That would make things even worst? Besides, you're on the decaf duty, little buddy." Sam shook his head off to sternly explain to his partner of a little something the rabbit should never come in contact with.

"Curses, foiled again!" Max held up his hands in gripping them that he lost his shot now.

"Okay, don't panic, nobody panic?" The MASK spoke in trying to hold a happy grin, but then he sweated from being so nervous, he broke out in sheer panic? "I SAID NOT TO PANIC HERE!" He yelled out all over the studio to those around, as tried to pull out some checkerboard list. "Let's go over, um, um…." The MASK was skipping a few pages to try and find something to help their situation of no guest? "How's about the Angry Beavers? Norbert & Daggett?" The green face man asked with a smile in thinking they can have the famous duo brother beavers guest star today?

"Did them on that time you were almost arrested that time, but not us." Sam shrug off his shoulders in stating that they already had Norbert & Daggett star on the set.

"Yeah, on that second month state where your pals came to see you?" Max spoke off in reminding the MASK of two of his own buddies came that day, which was to almost arrest him, since it being him.

"Right, of course? Um…." The MAASK responded in now realizing that foolish attept to do that, as he skipped more pages to look for someone else? "Then how's about Inspector Gadget?" He asked with a smile on his face, thinking they can have the famous inspector guest star here?

"Nope, did that on the third month." Sam shook his head in stating about how they had the inspector that day?

"Plus his enemies tried to get him?….And how it was that we ever managed to round up those MAD Agents before an explosion?" Max pointed out something before suddenly, pausing to think of an answer to an unsolved riddle within that question?

"Yes, yes, um…." The MASK nods before skipping more pages to try and find another guest they could have? "What about Chanticleer? From Cock-A-Doodle." The man with the green face smiled to exclaim about having that famous movie star from a film be on their talk show?

"The month after that, I'm afraid?" Sam shrug off his shoulders to sadly exclaim how such an event already took place.

"Plus experience in us also with him in his story, only made different of other cast." Max pointed out another fact about the detective duo also being apart of the cast in that story with the guest star.

"Drat! Okay, lets see, um…" The MASK cursed under his breath before throwing a few papers away to search for another possible candidate to have? "Maybe….Optimus Primal?" The MASK stated in looking over another possible guest star on their show, but...

"Had him appear already that other time." Sam shrug off again in stating how they even had a Transformer appear on the show.

"Remember, he crashed through the roof and then transformed to fly off afterwards?" Max exclaimed in reminding the others about the bot in question they have that came and then left afterwards.

"Right-right, I knew that boys? Um, see here…" The MASK nods off before trying to toss a few more papers out to search for anyone they didn't get around too? "Wait! The Furlings from Once Upon A Forest!" The MASK proclaimed with a smile, surely they could appear, and….

"They already appeared that one time, MASK." Sam stated off once again, in stating how they had those little animals appear.

"And it was the time we lived through hell in being inside, gihihieeebh…" Max was trying to state something out about what happened, but shook from the thought. "Lorne's head with that dance routine?" The rabbit sringed, and so did the K-9 detective, that was an experience they really wanna just forget about.

"Alright fellas, I get that one had some bad memories, moving along?" The MASK dryly expressed in hearing such formalities, but they have to check for someone else to appear, as he searched the checkerboard. "Um, how's about Tom Spender from that Time Kid film? As in the Animated Time Machine plot idea?" He exclaimed in seeing that was a very rare character to ever actually be seen on the net or talk shows?

"I think there was that time he came to us from the past?" Sam scratched his noggin in trying to remember such an event that took place?

"Or did he come from the future, time travel is always confusing?" Max stated out from rubbing his forehead in feeling tired, this thinking about time stuff is starting to get to him.

"Okay, wait! I GOT IT!" The MASK suddenly stopped everything, as he held up a paper with one guest in mind. "Coop from Mega XLR series!" The MASK declared out in feeling they have found a winner here, however….

"Did him!" Both Freelance Police members responded in union with a dry tone of their voices, which really brought down the thunder.

"Seriously?" The MASK slump his arms down with a whacked out look in not believing this news either?

"Yeap, he had a major impact on the studio that day." Sam nods while recalling how that guest star made his appearance, both the human and co-piloting his giant robot; Megas.

"I'm amazed we managed to get this place fixed up after he brought it all down with a giant robot?" Max remotely remarked off in recalling how they had such a big impact around here from an 80 foot tall robot?

"I believe I can explain all that." Spoke out a voice was heard from the back side on the right part of the stage, for someone's image appear to come out.

"WAAAUUUAAaaaaghhhhh!" The audience crowd cheers loudly, as the screen monitor on the right stage side turned on to reveal out non other then the author: The VISION-KING himself.

"Greetings everyone out there, good to see you all again." The man on the monitor gave his most friendliest of greetings. "I see that you are having some minor setbacks, MASK?" The VISION-KING spoke towards the host, the MASK, in how the situation was going on around here?

"Oh, VISION-KING? I'm usually the one to call you out?" The MASK spoke with a sheepish grin, but still pleased to see this guy here, and for a change that the green face man didn't call him out like he usual does.

"Must be getting sloppy lately?" Max remarked off to state how the MASK was getting sloppy in his work, especially when they haven't found a guest to appear?

"Shut it, Banana-Head!" Sam hushed his partner up from mentioning any of that which could spell trouble for them, the MASK, and the show here.

"Hahahah, even in the events of chaos, you three can make any frown turn upside down?" The VISION-KING smiled from an escape chuckle at seeing these three make themselves as funny characters to him. "If it's a special guest you are seeking, perhaps I can offer some aid?" The man on the monitor offered something that soon became the bright light under the studio's dark cloud of trouble.

"REALLY!" The MASK spoke out with a brighten grin on his face before scooting on his chair up near the man on the monitor. "You have a guest that can keep our show running? Who is it? WHO-WHO-WHO?" The green face man was asking out and coming up too close to the monitor, it was hard to see the King of VISION's face even?

"Easy MASK, I'm getting there." The man on the monitor waved his hands up to calm the MASK who slipped down back into his chair to wait patiently. "Gruhaughm…." He cleared his throat, as he now had the center attention of the audience. "Tell me now, how many of you know of a man by the name of…Jim Henson?" The man on the monitor asked off a strange and puzzling question, concerning of a name?

"Oh-oh, I know this one!" Max raised his hand like a school boy in school wanting to answer a question he knows. "He's that famous guy that was popular with his creating them Muppets, that kids all over the world love!" The rabbit pointed out in knowing all to well of who that name person is well famous for.

"Evidentially, I'm amazed that Max knows this, but considering his brain IS like a child, that's no surprise?" Sam shook his head off in being surprised that Max knew such an answer, but with the brain of a child, that's not really all that surprising.

"Yeah, that guy made many films from Sesame Street, to the Muppet Show, plus them fellas in the Movie Business!" The MASK nods while smiling in knowing what this Jim Henson fella managed to create in his time that became major hit stars. "Not to mention, them others like Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, & the Labyrinth?" The green faced man proclaimed out in recalling a few more made subjects about Muppets with them series work.

"All good answers, for he was the most widely known of puppeteers ever." The VISION-KING smiled to nod in hearing all of those claims and saying they are all true. "He had created many muppets that inspired off to others to this very day." The man on the monitor explained off how such an important man helped create so many things with puppets. "But right now, I'm here to discuss something of another work of his that was also…a catch, and a rare type to find it, is also very hard to locate." The man on the monitor tapped his fingers together in declaring that what he has to say next is something of interest.

"Ohhhh, I'm curious, who is it?" The MASK responded slowly and his eyes swirl a bit in wondering what the answer could even be?

"It's none other then the character that was first, a muppet, then became a popular cartoon character to which, both sides co-work with the other." The VISION-KING explained with deep meaning of his words to seek in for the audience to become…entranced. "I'm talking about the TV series known as…Jim Henson's Dog City series." The man on the monitor waved out his hands in identifying the work he has plans for.

"Oooohh…Aaaahhhh…." The audience made a surprising and 'awing' response in hearing such news that came into their little ears.

"Wait, I heard of that series? It was at first, going to be a pilot live-action film?" Sam spoke off in rethinking for a moment of that question, as he's heard of it before.

"And boy, that film is just as hard to find as that cartoon series?" Max groaned off in mentioning how hard finding such a series is these days?

"Then you see, the TV series that was made, Dog City, was a work mixing both live-action to that of cartoons, it was something not many of us old fans could forget." The VISION-KING clapped his hands together in bringing two things that were separate together, as something…magical. "So, in honoring such a series, we have for today's show's guest…Ace Hart,...Private Dog!" The man on the monitor held out his hand in announcing…today's guest star from Dog City itself.

"WAAAAAHHH-WOoooooooohhhhh…../Ruff-ruuf, Woooo….." A lot of crowds were in a mix of cheering, and some that were dogs were actually barking for joy in hearing this?

"Heel doggies, sit, stay!" The MASK was issuing out in dressed like a dog's coach, training to train the dogs in the audience to obey.

Soon without any warning, a large paintbrush was mixing it up on the set, and then without warning, a character was…drawn? It was a brown fur dog wearing a casual detective's coat while looking cartoonish. He was definitely different from what Sam of the Freelance Police looked to be, the two were different from cartoon & 3-D appearances (depending on how one sees them) with one having beaded eyes and the other one, not so much of plain oval eye colors.

"So, any doggy care to throw a bone my way?" Ace Hart smiled off while taking out a lollipop from his mouth in asking a general question on his timely appearance.

"Well what do you know, another private eye joining the club." Sam exclaimed with a surprise face in seeing they got another detective on their side, and this one being a K-9 dog too.

"And he looks almost like you dress up Sam, minus the extra weight." Max quoted off to rhetorically say how Sam & Ace almost look alike, except for the difference in gain weight.

"Keep that weight stuff joke around and you'll be seeing the end of this fist, knucklehead." Sam made a sternly upset face while showing his knuckles to his partner, telling him to clam it up about such a remark about him being fat.

"Right-o-silver!" Max saluted off in getting that threat as quick as a flash, surprisingly?

"Boy, is this neighborhood strange or what?" Ace Hart spoke with a puzzled face in looking around, even seeing how the Freelance Police acted, even when they are buds?

"Welcome aboard our show, Mr. Hart." VISION-KING smiled from his monitor to gladly welcome the new guest on this talk show.

"So you're the guy my sources say they call you, the King of VISIONS, am I right?" Ace Hart exclaimed off from tossing his finished lollipop in a nearby waste disposal while looking athlete man on the monitor, solving the riddle of who he really is by his looks and character.

"Ooooohhh, he's good, your majesty?" The MASK spoke from leaning close to the audience in pointing to this K-9 detective being very sharp indeed.

"That is why he's appearing on today's talk show, because he's a legend in his own way." The VISION-KING smiled in declaring how much of a rare treat it is to have such a star be sen on this show.

"Ah stop it now, you're making me blush here?" Ace waved off his paw while looking away, as he looks ready to blush from such comments.

"Have a sit, Mr. Hart, we have much to talk about?" The man on the monitor waved a hand in showing the new guest some arranged seats for him to take, as they have a lot of things to chat about.

"Don't mind if I do?" Ace Hart nods in looking at the love seat, as he took it and soon set his feet up on a table stand before him. "Aaaaah, nice cushion setup for a TV Talk Show?" The dog detective exclaimed out with a smile in relaxing himself, this was all a nice feeling he's getting.

"Only the best when broadcasting this show for the local viewers." Sam stated out in how they have things here to work for such cases.

"And some the best stuff to swipe under folks noises!" Max pointed out to adding another key fact in how they got all this, but that just sounded weird.

"Riiiiight?" Ace slowly responded to Max's weirdness, as he turned over to the MASK who was the host. "So, what do we do first around here, talk, question, clips, come on, throw a bone here?" Ace asked off all these questions, even held out a paw in wanting something to come his way as a question he could answer? "Bump…." To bad what he got was someone that thrown an actual bone and that whacked him on his noggin. "Oowww, I didn't mean literally?" The detective rubbed his aching head while rephrasing such a comment claim that the audience mistook.

"Oops, guess my funny bone slip out? Haaah!" The MASK sheepishly covered his mouth while making a funny gag pun at that time in who threw a bone at the dog. "But in any case, what do we have for todays showing, Kingy-baby?" The green face man looked behind him in wondering what the main man on the monitor has got that they can show on their show?

"Well, how's about a small sneak peek at the next new story to come into play?" The man on the monitor stated with a sly smile in knowing that he's got something extra special up to the task to show off. "In honoring the Dog City series made by Jim Henson, I present for all….'The Great Hound Detective' story! In short, the Great Mouse Detective Movie Re-told!" The VISION-KING held out his arms to proudly announce the newest story to hit his site never before done.

"WAAAAAauuughhhhhh-Aaahhhhhhhh!" And boy, was there a really big uproar on audience applying out like crazy, knowing this was a rare treat, especially if you're a dog.

"Yikes! That's a lot of yelling?" Max yelped out from holding his rabbit ears from the painful loud screaming.

"Especially for those with big ears like yours, genius?" Sam quoted off from trying to keep the noise out of his own ears while noticing, how much in pain Max is feeling with his own ears.

"Boy, and I thought hearing crowds cheering for me was fine, but this might be a bit….much? For my taste?" Ace Hart held his ears in almost being unable to bear with such loud noises, no doubt about it, the folks love him, maybe….a bit too much? "But, I suppose you can never have 'too' much love in one room?" The cartoon detective exclaimed in feeling that there would always be enough room for more love.

"Well in any case, lets get ready for the showing, shall we fellas?" The MASK smiled while cracking his knuckles to wiggle them in preparing some magic act. "The VISION-KING has gone to great expense to create something these old folks to see, and bringing all our favorite characters into this picture, so please…." The green faced man held up a familiar remote in his hands while smiling at the audience. "Enjoy this sneak little preview, okay?" The man was about to aim at the center big screen monitor to start when…he cut himself with something to say? "Oh, and since this is only the preview, we decided that for this 'song' version part, we put in under the sing-along category. In short, we cut a 'certain' scene out so we don't spoil too much, don't hate us, just be curious all the more?" The MASK slyly explained that 'some' parts won't be seen, that's for the actual story fanlike to be seen when viewed. "Hahahaha, haaaugh…ROLL IT!" The green face man yelled out after he made a tiny chuckle, then he pressed the play button. "Brzizizivhmm…" Some static was coming in from the center monitor before the title of today's special clip sneak peak.

~Sneak SCENE FROM: The Great Hound Detective (The Great Mouse Detective Movie Re-told) (Villain's Sing-Along Sequence)~

After calming down a bit, Rottweiler puts his collar back to normal as well as fix his hair. As he goes down his carpet isle, his minions get out of his way, as a spotlight suddenly is now on him while he seems to move and groove across the floor, like he was dancing to a beat. A song begins to play, as dog named Puppy-Face Felson who looks like a puppy with a diaper and a cute little hat, is more of an adult with a puppy out look disguise, but that's another story, as he gave the hat to Rottweiler. The German hound rolls it down his arms before he puts it on his head. "HaHaHaHa-HaHa!" As he spin, turns around with his hands opening up his cape on his back while he laughs evilly, and now with a cane in his hands, he begins to sing.

Baron Von Rottweiler: From the brain that brought you the Big Ben Caper

He walks up to speak this line out, just before he dances to a groove-ment.

The head that made headlines in every newspaper

He waves himself left and right just before he walks over to another spot.

And wondrous things like, the Tower Bridge Job

He climbs up his stack off jewelry treasures, and the light shines for him pointing at the loot he's claimed.

That cunning display that made Toondoners sob

He slides down his treasures before stopping to admire his reflection from a big gem place in front of himself.

Now comes the real tour-de-force

Now the villain twirls his cane around near his fountain which gets it tangle in a rope before he pulls it down. Which started to make a big wine bottle pour into the fountain itself.

Tricky and wicked, of course

As the fountain was filled with the wine stuff, Screwy Louie smiles like a drunken fool when seeing that display of the good stuff.

My earlier crimes were fine for their times

The screwy dog ditches his empty mug and runs over to the fountain to start drinking up from one of the spouts like mad.

But now that I'm at it again

Rottweiler spins himself around near the fountain, as he sang before he kicks Screwy Louie into the fountain. The screwy dog did not mind, as he continues to drink the wine.

An even grimmer, plot has been simmering

The villain turns around to give an evil, wicked stare, as he marches with his cape covering his face to spook his minions to backing up in fear.

In my great criminal brain

Then Rottweiler lighten himself up, as he made a gentleman's bow which he took his hat off to do so, and his minions followed his example.

It was around here, that the minions smile to their boss, as they also sing along.

Minions: Even meaner? You mean it?

One group lean from Rottweiler's left side against him, before the next side on the right followed along with the same routine.

Worse than the widows and orphans you drowned?

As the minions sang, Screwy Louie got out of the fountain in a drunk like state with bubbles of wine floating around him. "Heh-heh, Hiccup!" With a goofy smile, then a giggle, one loose hiccup escape from him.

You're the best of the worst around

Soon the remaining dog thugs lifted Rottweiler up on their shoulders while the villain relax, as they spins him around when they sang this repeating phrase.

Oh, Rottweiler

They spin their boss around one side first since they were lifting him up.

Oh, Rottweiler

Then they spin him around back to where they were again.

The rest fall behind

Now the thugs let Rottweiler lay himself on them like he was a star figure in a swimming team with his minions making a following pattern for him.

To Rottweiler

At that moment, Screwy Louie was about to get up from the fountain he fell into.

To Rottweiler

"SPLookhh!" Then afterwards, Screwy Louie tried to take another step out, only to fall right on the ground with no worries at all, and wet too?

The world's greatest criminal mind.

Rottweiler's minions put their boss down and back away from their gathering, as they watch Rottweiler plays a harp beautifully by a bunch of set mirrors surrounding him. The scenery changed to a blue color while the German hound plays the harp.

"Thank you, thank you all, huaghh?" Rottweiler replied kindly to his minions and their kind thoughts before he signs, something is one his mind. "But it hasn't all been champagne and caviar?" He looks up to state that something's been going on that not everything's been all smooth going, as he claims it to be. "I've had my share of adversity." He stated in a whisper, before he cringes down while playing the harp still, as he soon snaps off to something…or someone! "Thanks to that miserable, second rate private eye dog detective…." The German dog motions to a dog detective toy that is supposed to look like Ace Hart, only with needles in it, as he hissed at the thing. "Ace Hart of Baker Street!" It's without a doubt, this guy has a hateful thing for that private detective.

"Booowwwooohhhh!" The minions boo and jeer at it, all hating the private eye dog toy.

Now Rottweiler soon makes a pose of someone feeling sad, and depression, as he waved his left arm over his head while he spoke. "For years, that insufferable K-9…." He sulks down in his set, still going on while being depress in the matter with Ace Hart getting in his way. "Has interfered with my plans….Gaaauphm…" He stops to sob before lying his back up to stare into the space on the wall, as he was continuing to sadly speak. "And I haven't had a moments peace of mind from so much of his nose sticking into my business?" From the sounds of it, this villain has never been able to get over that private eye hero foiling his plans to the point, he can't sleep or think much from such loses.

"Awwwwhhh" The minions made 'aww' noises at feeling sad for their boss at hearing this.

"Sniff…Gaauhhahohhowhowhooowhh?" Screwy Louie sat on the fountain's edge, sniffs his stuff nose before tears were escaping him, crying to the poor dog's pain.

But then the villain himself smirks evilly, as he said this while the scenery was turning red all around while getting himself up again. "But… that's all in the past!" As Rottweiler stood up, he turns to his minions as making a clear statement on what's going to happen now. "This time, nothing…." He waves his right hand off in saying "no" while making his evil rant on the subject. "Not even Ace Hart, can stand in my way!" He pounded his left paw fist into his right open paw to make that choice of his clear. Then he waves off to his minions with this to say while the scenery changes back to a normal coloring pattern. "All will 'Bow'….before me!" At that claim, he pointed his index paw finger to the ground, and his minions then bows in response, as they continue to sing.

Oh, Rottweiler

Some of the dogs went over to the fountain pouring wine with glasses, as they were filling theirs up to the brim.

Oh, Rottweiler

Then others made a toast with their filled glasses of sparkling' wine, as they were to celebrate.

You're tops and that's that

Screwy Louise was leaning his mouth over the fountain again to drink the stuff before he fell in backwards into the fountain…again.

To Rottweiler

Now all the dog minions circle around Rottweiler with all of them holding their glass filled whines, even the German hound had his glass while they sang.

To Rottweiler.

They stop to make a toast to their boss, as he waves to accept the credits of his men before he took a sip of his glass.

This was all going well until….Screwy Louie pop from the fountain with this solo song of his to sing while still drunk.

Screwy Louie: To Rottweiler, the world's greatest Were-Hound. (Hic)

The last singer covered his mouth from the hiccup, but that's not important right now?

"SPOoouuhhh….." Suddenly from what was said, Rottweiler spits his wine out alarmed and his eye shot wide open. "Breakisishsihhsiihh!" There was a crashing noise from his glass breaking upon contact with the ground afterwards from when he let go of it!

"Haaaughh..oowwhhh?" The minions turn to gasp in horror. The screwy dog has made the most fatal mistake ever!

~(This Scene Is Cut, Will Only Show Up In Actual Story! But For Now, The Rest Of The Song Scene, Shall Continue.)~

But soon that was fix when Rottweiler held his bell out in front of the dog thugs, as to signal them of the alternative if they don't continue. "GAaauughhh!" The dog minions gasped in fear at this warning note, as they changed their minds quickly and continue to sing the song.

Minions: Even louder

The first three huddle together to sing this with smiles on their faces.

We'll shout it!

Then two others came up and pushed the three down to sing this part louder with nervous grins on their faces.

No one can doubt what we know you can do.

The minions now grab a robe, as they bring it over to Rottweiler, as he took it and place it around his back. Then two others brought Rottweiler's scepter, they played a game of who can get to the top. "Nahahaha!" But Rottweiler cheated by claiming the top and laughs it off with the others not arguing about it, but keep a steady smile.

You're more evil than even you

Then lastly comes one dog running with a crown in hand, runs up the other two who form a human-form ladder to place the crown on the awaiting German hound. "Boo!" Then Rottweiler exclaimed this out, as he knock those that help dress him off their balance when he moved around them.

Oh, Rottweiler

"Haha!" We see some of the other minions riding on top of the big wine bottle with glass wines in hand to cheer, as the villain crack out a laugh at this amusement.

Oh, Rottweiler

The K-9s on the wine bottle made another cheery call out while making a toast to their boss. "Ahhh!" Rottweiler sat on his throne chair, like some evil king feeling pleased to be amused by his subjects with a relief sign and wave off his paw in a general direction.

You're one of a kind

Soon the other minions were stacking themselves near the treasury stack, as another dog came to allow himself to be launched up into the air and land…on a K-9 made acrobatic form with them holding jewels in their possessions. "Hahahahah!" Rottweiler laughed at this too, he was truly enjoying himself now and this show the dog thugs were performing.

To Rottweiler

Then some of the dogs were swinging off the chandelier with one making a swing off to the other, like they were circus artist off the high wire. "Haha!" Rottweiler laughs off again, but not before one minion missed his catch and falls from the air.

To Rottweiler

Rottweiler makes himself appear like he was going to save the falling K-9? "Uaahhhh!" But only for Rottweiler to pull it back and let this dog hit the ground with a sly and cheeky response sound off.

"Wiiphhh!" That much said, the dog was alive, but very much hurt by his boss' evil act to save him.

The world's greatest criminal

As all the minions were singing with them around the place from forming a jewel pyramid, others swinging on the chandelier, those riding on the big wine bottle, and many just fooling around on the ground juggling or dancing by the fountain all having fun until…Rottweiler pulls a rope by him, which did something?


That said, the rope pull caused those on the wine to slip and fall into the wine fountain. "Spplaasshh!" One K-9 minion can't keep his balance on a pearl, causing him and the rest of the jewel pyramid to come falling off. "Woooph…brinininghhh!" Then those on the chandelier crashed into each other, breaking them and falling down from the ceiling. "BReakiisshshh!" Now Rottweiler makes a toast which the others follow with their glasses held up to the villain mastermind himself. "Tresisisihhhm..." Of course, they toasted to hard and broke their glasses while Rottweiler's was fine after he finished his glass. Baron Von Rottweiler smirks evilly, as all is going according to plan and just as the song comes to an end.


"WHOooaah-WOoooohhhh….." Now we return with the audience applying out loud from watching such a magnificent clip. And still on the stage was the host, the MASK, the TV crew, the Freelance Police, the special video Author, VISION-KING, and the guest on the set, Ace Hart. From the positive energy in the atmosphere, it can be said without a doubt, that everyone was enjoying themselves from what they were just given now.

"Sssssssmokinnnnn…..!" The MASK spoke out his signature key phrase with a smile to the viewers at home. "That there, was some finely posted singing and dance number you just can't say 'no' to?" The green face man exclaimed in finding that clip scene to be so good, you be a fool not to have loved it.

"No, I mean yes, I mean….what do I mean?" Max was trying to respond, but then he got most of his answers mixed up with the other?

"That's like asking about the meaning of life, little buddy? No one knows?" Sam shrug off his shoulders in simply saying that even he can't answer such a confessing response?

"Yeah, that clip was nice, but why show Rottweiler instead, well…yours truly?" Ace nods in liking the clip, but kinda wished that he had more of a hand to be seen at least?

"Now, now, Mr. Hart, you're the hero in this work, and every story has to have 'some' surprises in the beginning." The VISION-KING held up his left hand to calm his friend on the set in stating his reason of being. "Otherwise, that would spill out too much info, especially since as much as anyone will know, all the cast are members from the Dog City series." The man shrug off in stating he can't give out too much, but the main factor is that in that story, many characters will be from the same series.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that?" Ace Hart rubbed his head in now realizing that mistake, good thing that got cleared up.

"So tell us, what's the latest scoop so far?" The MASK smiled towards the King of VISIONS in wondering, what's the newest scoop he wants to share?

"Glad you ask, for you see, I have some major news to report." The man on the monitor smiles to state that he has some important news to tell.

"Major news, sounds majority important?" Max repeated out in hearing this right, and was curious about it too?

"That be the case when the words 'major' are added?" Sam pointed out in knowing that when such words are spoken, then it most likely is.

"As many of you are going to be well aware, my longest story that I started out with…." The VISION-KING spoke in getting many eyes and ears listening, watching what he says. "Is about to come to it's conclusion?" The man on the monitor closed his eyes when stating something shall reach it's end soon? "Yes, I do truly mean….my Kingdom Hearts: Woody Woodpecker Version." He looked with open eyes in pronouncing the time where his longest story from a popular game, shall be at an end.

"Awwww….." The audience was starting to get depressed, as this news sadden them, since they really loved that story.

"Now, now, don't be too sad, it's had a long great run." The VISION-KING held up his hands to calmly have the audience settle down and not to lose hope here. "And on the bright side, it will soon be COMPLETE, which means, once it's on the finished work page, even more fans of the Kingdom Hearts series will see something finished before their eyes." To the man on the monitor, a complete work this big will get more attention, and that will really be a big influence then.

"Oooohhhhh, HOORAAAAAAY!" The audience suddenly had a change of tune when hearing this and soon cheered for the wonderful news at hand.

"Boy, I sure am gonna miss that work? The fun, the mayhem, and more?" Max stated out with a small smile, recalling the good old days in being apart of Kingdom Hearts?

"Right, we were inspired in that story by the King of VISIONS himself." Sam nods in stating how the Freelance Police were put in this work that not many others have done so in the past.

"Yeah….I remember the first time this Author posted it? Sniff…." The MASK signs with a smile while twirling a little water in his glass, recalling the memories. "It was just starting out, and then it worked up towards MY…Appearance?" The green faced man then went off to talk about himself out of nowhere. "Haaaah, it was a work that truly was something none have ever seen?" He signs again, seeing that such a freshly popular story like this one, was going to be done, words cannot be expressed enough.

"You mean, for the fact that this Author brought in Summons that somehow got the roles by some weird chances of being pure?" Ace Hart pointed out in knowing that unlike the original Kingdom Hearts, the Summons of lost worlds were pure, and the cast in this author's story…got in by some unimaginable event that was easy to pull that some haven't come to terms with?

"Well….there's that, but he's a guy that thinks outside the box to find ways you never imagine?" The MASK smiled in agreeing with Ace Hart, their author can do somethings that none never imagined until recent events lead to it?

"Say, didn't this guy say after his Kingdom Hearts work was done, he start a new story?" Max asked off in suddenly remembering a certain promise this king person told them long ago?

"Not just any little buddy, if memory's right, it should be…?" Sam was rubbing his noggin in trying to remember such a thing that was told to them, which was….

"AHHHH!" The MASK squealed out while dressed like blonde haired girl in a bright pink dress, don't ask? "THE SUBSPACE EMISSARY STORY!" The green faced mask man proclaimed out in realizing, what story is up next? "You're going to post that? Right…" He changed to normal and was asking the man on the monitor if that was the next big story.

"Well….." The man on the monitor was slow and then, as everything paid attention, it was… "No…" He spoke so quickly and so unexpected, that left a mark?

"CLAspfruvhmmm….." Then you can imagine a lot of cartoon folks doing face-fault acts from hearing this?

"No! Why Not?" Max exclaimed out in finding this news to be more shocking then even Max could handle?

"Frankly, I'm surprised to hear this first hand?" Sam shook his head with his hands on his waist line, this news was indeed, shocking to hear?

"Um, Mr. King, looks like you have some explaining to do?" Ace Hart spoke from seeing, that with all the puzzled faces, the man on the monitor has some explaining to do?

"And a reason I have, and it's this." The VISION-KING spoke off in calmly stating that he has an answer for this. "You see, I have just completed a new story that's screaming to be seen by the publics eyes. A work that's never been done before." He declared out in an honest truth that what he's got is something never before seen.

"Ooooohh…." The crowds made noises in being intrigued in hearing about this?

"Okay…hearing this one has got me interested, so tell…What is….the new story?" The MASK spoke off with a smile and then leans over to wanna hear the juicy parts.

"The one to fill in the slot spot from where my Kingdom Hearts filled in, it shall be…." The VISION-KING was announcing off, he gave it a pause for effect before… "None other then a Wizard of Oz story." Yep, he said it and boy did this send a strong message out to the folks here.

"Oh-YEEEAAAaahhhhh!" There were some cheering crowds in the audience that was going wild for that news.

"This story, is something interesting, for it will work in where the Freelance Police end up in that time area in the Time Machine through another time, space, reality event." The VISION-KING exclaimed off in stating the points of where this new story of his will be taking place.

"Oh boy! We'll get to star in a story here, Sam!" Max gripped his fist together in smiling joy at this piece of news.

"Hard to believe it, but it's true, Max?" Sam nods in understanding how exciting this must be for the duo coppers.

"Boy, somebody's getting all excited for this treat?" Ace Hart smiled in seeing how much the Freelance Police are going gaga over such news.

"But that's not all, how many have seen the Tom & Jerry's film relating to their own adventure in Oz?" The VISION-KING asked off a question that sudden got some minds thinking this over.

"Why shot, everybody has probably seen that one already." The MASK shrug off with a cheeky smile in knowing that answer already.

"They say folks remember seeing such films from seeing something newly made?" Sam stated off in recalling how some new films make others wanna see the old films that were made off them?

"Heck, I would see the old to compare the new before pointing the finger?" Max shrug off in admitting what he do if he tried to compare the two, it sounded good, but it was sneaky in what this rabbit had in mind.

"Oh…it gets better?" The man on the monitor exclaimed out with a sly smirk in having more then that to tell.

"Better? Wooh-boy, I can feel this Author's got something extra sneaky up his sleeves?" Ace Hart responded in hearing this, and felt that the Author had something up his sleeve?

"It's not just crossing the old live-action black & white mix with color adoptions with the latest one, but it also…." VISION-KING held up his hands in comparing the two and two together. "Comes with events from an Animated TV series from Japan to America that told more of how the adventures in such story books went off." The man on the monitor explained out another part of his explanation, as the story was getting deeper. "Yes, it's not a TWO CROSSOVERS, but actually THREE CROSSOVER scenes and ideas rolled into a brandy new and original concept work of honoring the Wizard of Oz tales!" Yes, the man announced how he'll be putting in more works in this story then ever before that's been made.

"WAAAAAAAUUGHHHH-AAAaahhh…." The crowds were literally screaming in a bigger uproar that had those on the set cover their ears from the sheer painful noises. After the audience calm down, those on the stage set released their hold on protecting their ears.

"Well I can say one thing, you know how to wild up a crowd, Kingy-baby?" The MASK smiled in seeing how much folks are eating up this info outta the guys hands. "So tell us, who's staring in this story besides the Freelance Police boys?" The green face host asked a curious question in bring up who stars in the story for those that may or may not know?

"The story will be called, M.B.C.'s Case: The Wizard Of Oz, in crossing it over with those of the Monster Buster Club series." The man on the monitor announced in who shall be seen in such a story to be done.

"Cool, we'll get to beat some alien monsters!" Max grip his fist in declaring in excitement on what they'll do here next.

"Something tells me it won't be aliens this time around, Max?" Sam stated with a serious face in thinking, that's not where this might be heading for them?

"There will be many new twist and turns to really get this story on a popular role?" VISION-KING declared out in having a lot of plans processing here to get this work in being one of the best. "Especially the added extras that will be along for the ride?" He stated in having some extras be apart of this newly created work.

"Oooooh, and these extras are…what, pre-tell?" The MASK responded in liking this, and narrowed his eyes to the man in wanting to know what-what here?

"From within the land of Munchland, the cast of them shall be played by…" The VISION-KING proclaimed out in who shall be seen in such a work he has, and… "the cast from the My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic." He announced out without delay, as this news sunk in for many that heard him right.

"Wait-wait, hold the phone!" Ace Hart suddenly waved up his paw to have everything here stop for a brief moment. "You're actually putting pony characters in this work?" He asked with a bit of disbelief, why would someone do something like that?

"Oh course, why…..I'm even making it exciting that way on many accounts." The VISION-KING nods in proudly declaring what he's got plans for this story. "Many old fans like seeing the ponies of long ago, and it doesn't matter if others know, cause there are just so many of us that has that heart from childhood." The man announced off that just putting in such characters would not be harmful, in fact, it's the opposite.

"Wooh, and I thought Eliot had some imaginations?" Ace Hart responded a bit taken back, the way this king thinks, he's got a lot more ideas then his artist does.

"Best of all, is that in making such a story, I'll be throwing in the cast of the well known heroes; the Mane Six, into the pot of this play." The VISION-KING held out his right hand to tighten it's grip in who else shall star in this work to be seen.

"YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAaaahhhhh…." The crowds cheered louder in knowing some favorite cast are gonna be in this story, those seen on the new My Little Ponly series.

"Hugh, us working with ponies?" Max scratched his head in finding this to be a new subject in the Freelance Police chapter?

"Truly, an idea never foreseen by many till now?" Sam shrug off his shoulders in thinking this was something truly never done before.

"And just think of it, this will be them ponies first appearance in the King of VISIONS work in a CROSSOVER story." The MASK smiled off in stating the idea of what's to make a new history mark for the VISION-KING himself and his stories.

"True indeed." The man on the monitor nods in agreement on what will make a mark in history. "That's why we'll see a clip of such an action…" He announced in having a clip be seen in showing all of them of what to expect in this story. "However, the ponies won't come in this?" VISION-KING had to break the bubble moment on what to expect and what not to expect at this time.

"Awwww…." The crowds were starting to pout a bit in finding this news a bit saddening.

"Aw nuts! Now I feel gloomy." Max complained out in feeling that this was something that would ruin his day.

"When are you ever not gloomy other then not shooting something?" Sam stern;y remarked to his partner about his emotional disgrace life.

"Okay, I think you better do something before a riot comes up, Mr. King?" Ace Hart spoke in starting to sense tension in the air.

"Have no fear Mr. Hart, I am…on the case, in a matter of speaking especially to a private eye like you?" The man on the monitor proclaimed out in having everything all under control, no need for the worrying.

"Yeah, I get that a lot from folks saying they'll handle this, we private eyes have gotten use to it?" Ace shrug off his shoulders behind his head to relax after hearing that statement.

"Another note to take it, is that this story will be much longer, so it won't be just ten to twelve, I can fully declare on that." The VISION-KING smiles in saying that this new Wizard of Oz work will not be something of short coming, it'll be much more.

"Hmmm, most other Wizard of Oz stories were always around short of normal movies?" Soon after the MASK rubbed his chin in thinking over such a thought, he spin changes into an old gray-bearded farmer. "Whelp, gaaaugh, this here might be a rare treat ain't nobody gonna live without? Pituee!" Then he made a spit off from his mouth that landed in the soup can that was just hanging around.

"But, in the meantime, MASK…..?" The man on the monitor turned towards the green faced host, showing a sign for some hidden wink in what's to happen next.

"Waaaaay -Ahead ya!" The MASK waved out to point at the King of VISIONS with his sly smile in knowing what to do here. "Prepare ladies & gentlemen, for pleasure views of a quick peek of the next story to rock…your world? The viewing of VISION-KING's own Wizard of Oz…now?" The green faced man announced while dressed in a well suited look and spoke with a deep hindering tone of his voice, as he smiled for what shall be seen here. "Click/Trissivhmm…" Then with a wave of his remote in hand, he activated the main monitor that was changing now. Soon the title of what was about to appear was seen, as everyone on the set was quiet to see this new work ahead.

~VISION-KING'S New Trio-Cross Work~ M.B.C's Case: The Wizard Of Oz~ ~(Middle Of The Tornado Scene)~

Soon the scene changes to Cathy and the Freelance Police coming outside, where the storm cellar was. "BRUSSsvhhmmm….." Of course, thew strong twister storm was blowing lots of wind that made Cathy and the Freelance Police held their arms over their eye sight. Cathy tried to open the cellar's storm doors, but they wouldn't budge, even by her kicking it was no use?

"Of no, the doors are locked shut?" Cathy exclaimed with worry that they can't get inside if the doors to the cellar is locked from inside out?

"Come on Max, let's get this thing open!" Sam stated out to his partner in what they gotta do to get inside?

"Busting into things is my favorite pass time!" Max cracked his knuckles and wiggled his fingers in preparing for this.

"Bang-bang-bang-bang!" Sam and Max tried banging the cellar door with their fist, but were getting zero response.

"Hey! OPEN THIS UP!" Sam shouted out to whoever was inside and listening to have this storm cellar be open.

"We're a dog and rabbit looking to join you?" Max exclaimed out what the copper duo were trying to do here.

When that didn't work, Sam brought out a gong bell and had Max bang the thing? "GONG-GONG-GONG-GONG-GONGhhmmm….." From those loud ringings, they should have gotten some attention, but got nothing?

"Better try the old Mega-phone act, Max?" Sam suggested another alternative force to get the people in the cellar to open up.

"Right!" Max nodded of in understanding that, as he took out a white mega-phone and was shouting out against the storm cellar doors. "THIS IS THE PLOICE! WE HAVE YOU ALL SURROUNDED! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" Max was shouting these issues out like this was a policemen's hold up against some crooks trying to hide away from the law.

"Was that really necessary, genius?" Sam asked puzzled about Max really trying to scare people by saying they've come to arrest them?

"Eh, worth a shot? But how could they NOT Hear that?" Max shrug off in his response, but was puzzled to see no one was coming out still, why?

"I forgot to mention this, but not only can that storm cellar grandpa got protect against unnatural alien weather disasters, but it's hard to hear anything with the wind blowing out here?" Cathy nearly forgot to mention this to the Freelance Police, as the girl's grandfather made sure this storm cellar was strong enough for insurance, but thanks to the strong twister breeze, no one inside can hear their voices?

"Just great, a real piece of work?" Sam frowned to shake his head in seeing they're back to square one again.

"I'll say, my title as NOSIE MAKER is at state here?" Max added off to complain about how he's known for making noises, and this storm cellar is harming his good title name.

"FRUSRsuvhhmm….." Of courts, the groups petty discussion was broken by the strong forces of the twister from their eyes spying….how close and dangerous it's getting to them.

"Aunt Freeda! Grandpa! Guys! It's me and Toto!" Cathy tried to call out to those in the storm celler, but the loud wind noise was blocking the hearing?

"WRUSSSVHmm..wRUSSVvhmm…." Just then, a stronger breeze was pushing Cathy and Toto while it made Sam and Max's faces a bit stretched out in a funny way?

"Somomommoe…Brerererereeze?" Max's voice was trying to speak over the rushing wind in his mouth?

"Yououououuo Saiaiaiaiaiad it?" Sam's voice also resounded in the same manner as Max's mouth?

"Oh, we have to check inside again?" Cathy regrettably stated from seeing how close the twister was getting, it seemed far at first, but it's getting awful close now, as she ran over to her farm home with Toto in her arms.

"Sam, are we gonna just call it quits just cause of a strong breeze?" Max questioned to his partner if they were gonna pack it in just cause of a little weather problem?

"Try telling that to a sky-towering tornado twister that's knocking over a neighbors fine china collection?" Sam remarked off to point at where the action is that's happening this very moment.

"CRAsshvhvmm…." That was the sound of fine china breaking that fell out of the twister, and the mess seem to signal the Freelance Police on what they gotta do?

"I say we go back inside?" Max quickly stated what the copper duo should do in cases like this where the going gets tough and the tough get going about now.

"I second to that degree?" Sam easily and quickly accepted Max's plan for the two to get out of this storm before worst shows up?

"Thrusclupvhmm…." Soon as Cathy was by the door, another box fell off near her, just as she, Toto and the Freelance Police went inside the house to try and get out of the storm?

"Frsusufrsuvhmm….." The strong breezy winds were heard even inside while Cathy held Toto with protective worry? The girl looked out the window, saw the twister's storm hitting them, and she turned away from being nervous of this whole thing? Even with Sam and Max trying to stay by her to help the girl, she wanted to be with her family and friends, but how?

"Aruvhmm…?" Even Toto was making little cry from being afraid of what's happening around them?

"The little dog is sounding scared Sam, how do we get out of a tornado situation?" Max pointed out the situation, how can anybody get out from surviving a tornado twister in this little farm home?

"I'm thinking, but I'm coming up with nothing without some 'quiet' concentration?" Sam stated in trying to come up with an answer, but the noise outside is ruining the K-9's thinking process?

"Aunt Freeda? Grandpa? Anyone?" Cathy tried calling out for anyone she knows to hear her, she was lost and scared and wanted to know where they were?

"CLrsufruvhmm…." Then suddenly without warning, the window behind Cathy broke and flew off behind her!

"AAauugh?" Cathy screamed and yelped her arms up from the broken window that bashed against her back and her head while protecting Toto?

"Cathy!" The Freelance Police cried out from what they saw happened to Cathy?

Soon Cathy fell on her bed with Toto in her arms, but rolled her back up in apparently being knocked out?

"What happened Sam?" Max asked what just happened here just now?

"The force of the wind broke that window and clunked her on the noggin? She'll be out for a while?" Sam stated from a quick inspection of a simple lost of conscious state?

"FRususvhhmm….." Suddenly, more wind was heard outside the window, and the force was forcing the struggling Freelance Police back a bit towards a closet?

"Max, we best think fast before something hits us through that open window?" Sam spoke out to his partner that they better do something before anything else happens like what ended up on poor Cathy?

"Like what, a brick wall is gonna fly in here and bash our noggins in the same state?" Max remarked off to claim of such a foolish idea to happen?

"FRoupvhmm…CLASvhmm…." And as ironic as it may seem, a brick wall was shot into the room and collided against the Freelance Police? "BReaiaskvhhmm…." The bricks broke into a thousand pieces while leaving Sam and Max looking almost ready to fall unconscious?

"Swell idea, chowder-head?" Sam remarked off to his partner with a swirled eyed expression?

"I meant for that to be rhetorical?" Max exclaimed out on what he said earlier from whirling stars around his head?

"Clupvhm…." Soon the closet door shut from the wind force, shutting the Freelance Police inside and some how, falling into a knockout state like Cathy?


"WOoohhh-Hooooooooh!" The crowds cheering voices were heard while we once again, return to the main stage set. The folks that saw that action were eating it out of their hands, it was intensively interesting, and would wanna see more of it.

"Now there's an act, that you boys got a real knock out for?" The MASK smiled in pointing to the big center monitor in seeing how the Freelance Police performed in that.

"Sure, says you while we got our noggins clobbered?" Max remarked off in stating in what they saw was kinda painful looking to the copper duo?

"Let that be a lesson, be careful in what you say, it may come true?" Sam held up his paw's index finger in stating the important message to take account for.

"So ugh, tell me fellas? How does the rest of that story go?" Ace asked in being curious how the rest of that sneak peak of a new story goes out?

"More things of that special story will be presented later Mr. Hart?" The VISION-KING nods with a smile in saying he'll have more things to come far later on. "For now, the most interesting stories I plan to release, is the one staring you, and this special three works story on the Wizard of Oz tale." The man on the monitor declared out in having two great works in the ready to present to the public.

"Boy, that's more doggy biscuits then even I ever dream?" Ace Hart smiled off in liking the sounds of all of that, it was plenty to get excited about. "But what else do you got planned? Maybe something you wanna share?" The private eye asked in wondering what else this author has got that he wants to tell about?

"Hey, getting the king to spill the juicy stuff is my forte!" The MASK spoke off between the two in what is his job to be asking the questions. "Gaugh, but seriously, what else ya got?" Which the green grace man took a breath before looking to VISION-KING in wondering, what else does he have p?

"Well, I have managed to work around other works?" VISION-KING rubs his chin with his left hand before going into details. "I'm already about 10 to 15 Percent in my Jet's Reverse/Rebirth story from the Kingdom Hearts ReChain of Memories, it's slow but steady?" The man announced about his starting progress on the next Kingdom Hearts story sequel. "Also, there is a first chapter of an original work of my own My Little Ponies: Friendship Is Magic, entitled MLP: Pirates Adventure." The man stated in having a small little work started off in having an original work for the My Little Pony series of his very own?

"Ponies hanging with pirates, now I've seen it all?" Max proclaimed out in hearing this right here, it's news to surely shake the nation.

"Not as much as what we'll see when this guy tells more, Max?" Sam stated out to Max that this author surely has more then that to talk about.

"Well…in short, the only new ideas I got are just small inspirations?" VISION-KING rubbed the back of his head to admit that he only has the rarest of small new ideas to share. "First is a 'Hugo' Movie, staring with only some extras I got to fit the Paris Theme, Sly Cooper Gang?" The man exclaimed out in having a fair idea in what to involve in such a next story.

"Oooohhh…." The crowd became intrigue in hearing this, as many of them know the famous Sly Cooper.

"Hey, now there's an idea?" Ace rubbed his chin in liking the sounds of that little idea off the bat.

"The other, is one for the 'Real Steel' Movie of robot boxers, but in more closer to the future & the robots, as Reploids?" VISION-KING stated out his next idea to use, would be about robots and wrestling. "I'm thinking of a title like, Real Steel Mavericks, staring Megaman X cast, what do you think?" The man on the monitor stated out while looking to those that he wants their advise of such a title?

"Catchy, at least folks will know what it stands for?" The MASK smiled in grinning in finding that idea has lots of merits in it?

"The other, kinda a spark of an idea from a Ren & Stimpy CD track?" VISION-KING shrug off his shoulders in stating that the next idea was something from a song track. "But instead, it stars the Angry Beavers, Norbert & Dagget, called The Angry Beavers' Radio Daze?" The man explained in who would beastly star the roles of such a story to be seen. "As I've said, they are small timer ideas? And frankly, I'm still trying to work up with others I haven't even gotten close to being prepared?" He shrug off his shoulders to shake his head in still having the hardest to get around his other works in progress and in waiting?

"Chill sire, you'll get them puppies when you can? Just gotta take things, nice and slow?" Ace Hart held up his left paw to calm this guy down with his easy going attitude.

"In truth, after helping JusSonic in creating his next big story, Lorcan's Wrath, he's posted it. The work he, Billy Arratoons, me, and even Nero Urameshi worked in trying to complete is up to be viewed." VISION-KING exclaimed out in knowing that from another task, he's been helping other authors out with a major story of original taking. "With that done, I can try to focus on finishing my next big story works for the future." The man nods his head in hoping to get around some parts where he'll get around to completing some others to keep his viewers pleased.

"There, ya see, nothing to worry about. All you need is to be cool, any time, all the time, like me." Ace Hart relaxed his arms behind him to about to take a nap after stating this, only to gloms at his wrist watch for the time. "Wooh! Speaking of the time, I gotta get moving?" The private eye dog nearly yelped in not realizing how late in the time has gone by.

"Awwww, do you have to leave us?" The MASK pouts in feeling kinda sad in hearing that their private eye guest has to now leave all of a sudden?

"Yeah, I was starting to come up with ideas in how you and Sam could pull off a dog commercial, like that McGruff guy!" Max exclaimed out his own reason of why Ace Hart shouldn't go, so he and Sam would make commercials like another famous K-9?

"Only problem is, we're both different, and second, mention me being like him & even call me that, and you'll be a fine mess of trouble, Max." Sam was sternly expelling these things to his partner, especially the part where he get mad if he was even to be called 'McGruff' by the rabbit as a taunt.

"It was good to have you aboard here Mr. Hart, see you soon?" VISION-KING smiled to nod in thanking Ace Hart for appearing on their show, it was nice having him around.

"In my way of saying goodbye, I say this." Ace Hart spoke off before getting up, and pocket his paws in his coat before walking off towards the edge of the set. "Here's looking at you, SHAMUS!" Ace Hart looked back to tip his hat towards the stage set crew before turning around in saying his farewell…with class.

Then in a quicker then a flash motion, another large paintbrush came out and painted over Ace Hart to suddenly…vanish?

"Wooh, talk about your quick leave by the brush stroke?" Sam exclaimed off surprise to see how someone managed to have a leave of scenery by that kinda exit?

"Wonder how we can do that same act, appearing and disappearing by the paintbrush?" Max stated off in being curious to how they too, could perform such fetes.

"Well, it's about time I too, took my leave?" The VISION-KING nods off his head in seeing that all is ending very well, and that he too, we'll be taking a leave. "Until the next time we meet, my dear host and TV crew….look forward to my next stories." The man on the monitor stated out in letting those here to check out his future stories to come. "Cause I assure you, they'll be the next stunning motion to take our breaths away. Chew…." He exclaimed off before giving a farewell wave from his left hand after he gave that last message. "TRsiisvruvhmm…." Then the monitor with the VISION-KING went off, and the man along with it left just like that.

"Well the king of the hour has left?" The MASK shrug off his shoulders to casually state on what has just happen around here.

"So…what should we do now?" Max slowly spoke off in asking what they should probably do about now with the show nearly ending?

"Beats me, there was still time to spare, I think?" Sam shrug off his shoulders, the show is almost ending, but they still have a little time left?

"Wanna go in the Desoto and drive around in a donut pattern while shooting off fireworks for my President's Next Campaign Re-Election!" Max spoke out in suggesting something he and Sam can be doing that's both highly dangerous, reckless, and just plain foolish behavior.

"Can't seem to think of any good reason why we can't try something that ridiculous or silly?" Sam shrug off his shoulders in stating that he sees no harm in trying to do something that outrageous.

"Then can I…" Max was about to ask for something, but was cut off.

"No!" Sam sternly stated out before his partner even finished.

"But I didn't say what I wanted to say?" Max whined off in complaining that he never got to say what he wanted first?

"I know, and it's the same as always, you're driving is not something to scare off your next voters." Sam stern;t stated in knowing his partner wanted to be behind the wheel, and like that, the rabbit is even more then likely getting the voters too scared to vote for him.

"So I got band from 43 states for my reckless action of driving?" Max shrug off his shoulders in stating that such a small matter couldn't possibly be that bad.

"More like 48, genius?" Sam correctly stated the real number of how many states in the U.S. Max has been band from.

"Oh, just four more and it'll be a personal best!" Max smiled in thinking with a child-like brain in realizing how close he's finally getting.

"As usual, you crack me up, little buddy?" Sam smiled to shake his head off while quoting how much his partner makes him almost laugh at that silly behavior.

With that done, the Freelance Police were now leaving the stage set of the show. And at this time, the only one remaining for the usual sign offs was the green faced man host himself, the MASK, if you hadn't guess already?

"Ahhhhh? The Freelance Police with their discussions never get old, as usual? Haaach!" The MASK chuckled a bit from seeing this humorist scene, but put on a good face, as he wave to you people goodbye while having to say this to all of you. "Whelp, that seems to be all the time here, hoping to see you all again real soon, cause remember, the King of Vision is out there, En-Visioning his Newest ideas, new Excitement, etc., etc., it's the same preparations, so stay tune, cause things are shooting for the stars!…Oh-yes of course…and Remember…." He jumped on his desk, made a running start pose, as he slowly lit out his words like a serpent talk kinda way, as he said this to you all. "Sssssssssomebody…Ssssssssstop Meeehh….AAAAahahahahahaAAAHHhhh!" That's were he dashed out of the room in smoke with his picture imagine laughing before it faded away.