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Basic Character information: Thorin Aeducan is an Orzimmar noble, through and through. He does however, have a very strong sense of honor. If he gives his word to do something, he'll do it. He is not above underhanded tactics, nor is he adverse to honorable discourse and diplomacy. He does whatever works and what he perceives as necessary. He is a rogue, practicing (overtime) being a duelist, an assassin, and Legionnaire Scout.

This story will loosely cover the events in Origins, but I'm challenging myself by doing something somewhat different. Each chapter will be him writing in his journal as he chronicles his journeys. He may skim over certain details, or even greatly exaggerate things to make him look better to whoever may read it in the future. I will put in interruptions with him talking to other characters/party members for either dramatic or humorous dialogue relating to his chronicles. I'm writing this story to exercise my writing abilities and expand the Dwarven Noble personality, give him more depth. I urge you to read, review, and enjoy.

The Memories of Thorin Aeducan.

This is surely the start of a long and glorious career as a commander of Orzimmar. I had no time to write this last night as I had been occupied. With luck our house will have two new sword arms in the coming months. Mardi and Tali, hardly Paragons of Beauty, but should sons be born, I can live with the sacrifice.

Moving onto the business at hand, as Gorim would put it, I was elected by the Assembly to be a Commander of Orzammar's armies and the whole city celebrated yesterday. There were provings held in my honor, so naturally I couldn't resist joining in. As the new leader of many of these warriors, it was necessary to test their skills. If I'm to fight the darkspawn, I want to know what everyone who serves under me is capable of. Ser Blackstone will be captain, no doubts about that. He's confidant, skilled, and already won great honor in battle already. His experience speaks for itself. Frandlin Ivo will likely be at my left hand, just under Gorim. He has a good and honorable reputation, he's courageous and treated me as his commander should be treated-enough courtesy to mind his place, and enough honor to fight me at his best despite my station. The Ivo's will go far with him.

As for Adal Helmi, a tenacious fighter with a great deal of speed. I don't know if she'll serve under me or continue under Piotan, but I certainly hope she is transferred to me. The Helmi's and Aeducan's bonds are strong after all. And I may be marrying her sister. Might be a good idea to figure out what I'm getting into.

Gorim heard rumors of a Casteless last week who had snuck into the Proving Grounds and fought as another warrior. Must investigate after the battle today. May be sign of the Ancestor's favor.

On my way back to the palace I felt it prudent to view the merchants wares. What better way to annoy Trian than to find more ways to delay attending the feast. All joking aside, Trian is a good man who means well. But he and I both know when father returns to the Stone, it will be either me or him to rule. He is the heir, I am the favorite. He was trained to rule, I talked to other houses and warriors so I can learn to lead. He practiced with the warhammer and battle tactics, I took to scouting and finesse. The differences are endless.

On the subject of Trian, Bhelen approached me and informed me that Trian plans to kill me. Can't say I'm surprised. What did surprise me was Bhelen's mentioning his own danger. He has never stood out. His training has never been anything more than average in combat, he has never lead men in the deeproads. The decisions he has made hasn't cost anyone lives because of his mistakes or sacrifices. Yet there he was, showing planning and foresight. I can't believe that of him. Something is going on. You don't become a scout if you can't read situations and something here is pulling my beard.

He wants me to kill Trian and Gorim agrees. But despite our differences, Trian is still my brother, and I cannot kill him. Not unless I'm attacked first.

It's almost time for Gorim and I to ready ourselves for the battle. Glory and honor awaits my first day as commander. The warriors transferring to me probably won't happen for a couple days, but I'm told I'll have enough men to accomplish my objective today.

"Lord Aeducan! That was wonderful." Thorin rolled his eyes, they had to interrupt now.

Looking from his desk towards the bed, there lay the two casteless noble hunters he picked up the day before. They were smiling at him warmly, obviously hoping they now bore his sons. "Perhaps, if my lord wishes it, we may try and double our chances?" Thorin smiled.

"Of course Mardi. Gorim won't be here for another hour at least. We will need to be fast, the battle awaits and I must be ready. You understand."