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The cooing of the morning doves broke the silence of the quiet summer morning. School had been out for weeks and none of the kids would wake up before ten at the latest; the kids were all trying desperately to regain the sleep that they lost from the previous school year. No one would be awake and playing joyfully in the carefree sun before noon. That is, unless they absolutely had to.

A small, blonde, ten year old girl dressed in jean shorts and a pink tank top, sat on the front steps of her front porch with tears streaming down her face and into her lap. A small boy with dark brown hair and looked to be the same age as his companion was seated next to her, looking as if he really wanted to comfort her and make her stop crying.

"C'mon Quinnie, it's not like it's gonna be forever." The boy pleaded with the girl, touching her lightly on the arm, trying desperately to stop the tears. His efforts had no effect because as soon as he touched her the tears fell faster. He pulled his hand away quickly as if he was burned.

"How can you say that, Sam? You're moving all the way to London! That's like on the other side of the world!"

Sam frowned at his best friend. Ever since he told her of his family's move, she had acted as if the world was ending like in one of the sci-fi movies that they watched together. Looking down at his black Sketcher sneakers, he sighed and began to think that it was definitely worse than that. Finally lifting his head and discreetly wiping the tears from his eyes before she noticed, Sam scooted closer to her so that their shoulders were touching. "Don't you believe me? I promised that I would come back to you."

Quinn shrugged, wiping away some tears from her eyes. Her older sister, Frannie, always said that when she cried it wasn't a very pretty look. Her eyes puffed up, her whole face got red, and sometimes her nose would run; it wasn't exactly what she wanted her best friend to last see her look like before he left.

Sam smiled his huge smile. Quinn always loved that smile; she found his mouth to be strangely huge and was fascinated that he could stuff twenty grapes in it without choking. Whenever he gave her his genuine smile, he could always make her feel better. "I promised you that I would take you to prom like Frannie and Alan." He gestured over his shoulder to their siblings who were saying their own sad goodbye.

Quinn smiled slightly at the memory of her sister's prom night. Quinn was so sad that she couldn't get dressed up and dance the night away like her sister. Sam, trying to make her feel better, promised that he'd take her to prom when their time came and they'd do the chicken dance together since he didn't know any other dances. She was definitely saddened that his total dorkiness would be taken away from her very shortly.

Seeing her start to soften up a bit, Sam added, "Besides, who else do you expect to take you? Noah Puckerman? He's mean and would probably push you down and make !"

The idea that Noah Puckerman, the only other boy in their neighborhood their age who was their self declared arch nemesis, would take her to prom or even like-like her was laughable. It all started when they were happily playing together in the park nearby. Sam and Quinn were playing their favorite make believe game, house, on the jungle gym. As soon as Quinn gave him a kiss on the cheek as she 'left for work', Noah appeared out of nowhere and loudly shouted that Sam had cooties. Ever since that day, Noah teased them for being best friends with each other and not someone of their own 'species'.

The moms tried to get involved and make peace between the group of kids. Multiple occasions when Sam would come home with sand falling from his brown locks or when Quinn would run home with a scraped knee and a doll with no head, the moms would try to tell them that Noah was just jealous. He saw how great friends they were and he didn't like to be left out. Of course though, the moms didn't really know anything; Noah was mean just because he didn't like them and they didn't like him.

Sam smiled at her tiny laugh and the lack of tears falling. "There, see. That wasn't so hard. Now that you're happy I can give you my gift."

Quinn's eyes widened; she didn't expect any gifts from him. Sure she had gotten him some parting gifts to make his move easier for him; a shirt from his favorite movie Star Wars and also gave him a picture frame with 'Best Friend' etched on it with a picture of the two of them inside. A twin frame was currently resting peacefully on her bedside table with the same picture in it. She honestly never expected him to give her anything.

Rummaging through his small, red carry-on bag, he finally pulled out a small, white box. Quinn's heart skipped a beat and leaped up into her throat. Quinn recognized the jewelry box from last Christmas when her Uncle Stanley proposed to his girlfriend Jessica. It was a ring box. Was he seriously trying to propose to her? They were only ten years old! That stuff was meant for people who were older and who weren't scared of the dark and needed a Yoda shaped nightlight like she knew he secretly did.

Before opening it gently, Sam didn't miss the look of shock that was all over Quinn's face. "Sam…" she softly started to protest, but he just silently cut her off with the opening of the small box. Quinn's protest stuck in her throat like her father's attempts at cooking, and she gave a small gasp of pure shock.

"It was my grandmother's." he quietly told her as she gazed upon the beautiful gold cross with petite diamonds encrusted in the smooth metal lying on a dark velvet pillow. It was the most beautiful and touching thing that she had ever seen in her life.

"Sam, "she whispered after she found her voice again after the initial shock wore off. She couldn't believe that he was trying to give this to her. "Sam, I don't know what to say."

He gave a shy smile and started to push the small white box into her hands, "Just say thank you. It's good enough for me."

Even though his kindness radiated from him and his present, Quinn couldn't accept it. She touched his hand, stopping him from giving it to her, "Sam I can't accept this. Your grandmother only just died. Wouldn't your mom get really mad at you if she found out that you gave it away?"

Sam shrugged, "She knows that I have it and she even said to give to someone special. When Grandma left it to me before she died, she said that I would get it so I could give it to a special girl. I don't know anyone more special than my best friend, Quinn." She blushed at his honest and straightforward statement, "Anyway, if she's really still bothered by it then as soon as I come back like I promised, you can give it back."

Before she could stop him again, he slid around her and removed the necklace from its navy blue velvet pillow. He gently brushed her wavy blonde hair away from her neck and carefully slipped it around her neck. As he clipped the thin gold chain together, memories of their time together came rushing towards him as if suddenly released by a fire hose. He thought of all their birthday parties they've had together since they were both two, camping out in both of their living rooms and backyards, unwillingly playing house with her while being laughed at by his two older brothers. "Now you know that my promise is for real."

Settling back in his original seat next to her, he was shocked to find new tears running down her cheeks, "What's the matter?"

She gave him a watery smile and shook her head, "Nothing," she insisted as a few more tears fell. Sam, always the gentleman, reached over and wiped them away with the sleeve of his sweatshirt. "I'm really gonna miss you, Sam." She finally admitted, raising her eyes to meet his.

As soon as her tear filled eyes connected with his, Sam had no control over any part of him. Before he could stop himself, he leaned towards his best friend and gently touched her lips with his.

Pulling away, Quinn quickly covered her mouth in surprise, tears no longer falling anymore; she was too stunned by Sam's action to continue crying. Sam had just kissed her. Sam, her best friend, had just stolen her first kiss!

Sam averted his eyes from her after she stayed silent and blankly stared at him with her hand frozen to her lips. He instantly regretted his action even though he's been waiting to do that since they were six; she obviously didn't feel the same way that he did. Thankfully he was saved from the awkward silence by the sound of the van's horn honking as if his mom were trying frantically to send morse code.

"C'mon Romeo. Time to travel across the pond." his oldest brother, Alan effortlessly picked him up and flung him over his shoulders. With a wink goodbye to Quinn, Alan made his way to the car with Sam pounding on his back and yelling to be put down.

As soon as Sam was out of sight and in the car, she numbly came to her senses and stood up to join the rest of her family in waving goodbye.

"Quinnie and Sammy sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G…" Frannie started to sing in a teasing tone as the van drove out of sight.

Not even listening to her older sister, Quinn slid her hand to her neck and to the cross resting peacefully below the hollow of her neck. Grasping the cool metal, she closed her eyes and prayed to God for the strength to get her through the years without her best friend. She also prayed that the boy she secretly loved would be safe until he kept his promise to her.

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