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As Peter was unconscious, he dreamed. These dreams seemed almost completely unfamiliar to him at first, and yet they did hold much more familiarity the longer the dream went on.

Peter was flying through the air. Tinkerbell was at his side. There was literally nothing better than this, except, perhaps, when he was leading the Lost Boys into a fight against the pirates.

Neverland was always fun. He could fly anywhere he wanted and wasn't afraid of anything.

But now, it was getting dark, and the Lost Boys would be expecting him at the hideout, so he flew back through the jungle, the warm night air blowing through his hair.

All the Lost Boys were waiting for him. He was met with the same enthusiasm he always was when he returned to the tree house. As it was, he was always greeted with the same question.

This time, it was Tootles who asked, "How about a story, Peter?"

"Okay, what kind of story?" he asked the boys.

"Something we haven't heard before," yelled the twins (in unison, of course).

This put Peter in a bit of a dilemma. Even after Wendy Darling decided to leave Neverland, he still went back to visit her and hear her stories, even if he did stay out of sight. Of course, he used to go in her room to talk to her, but he stopped after she grew up a lot and had her own children. Mostly, he didn't want to talk to Wendy's children because he knew that they would want to go to Neverland. If they went, they would have to leave, and Peter didn't like that, so he contented to staying out of sight.

Somehow, though, it seemed that Wendy always knew that he was there.

Then, one day, he went back, and Wendy wasn't telling stories. In fact, she wasn't there at all. Through the windows, he saw candles lit throughout the house. People were dressed in black, and most were crying. He could see that many were gathered around pictures of Wendy throughout her life.

Peter immediately understood what had happened. Wendy had grown up as long as she could. Now, she was dead.

It was strange to him. He knew what death was. After all, he fought pirates all the time, but before this, he never really thought about death as something that could happen to you without the use of swords or guns.

After that, Earth held no interest for Peter. It would just remind him of Wendy, and he didn't want to go through that again, not after the sadness of Wendy's death left him barely able to fly for weeks.

This was why he wasn't sure what to say to the boys when they asked for a new story. He knew that it had been a long time since Wendy's death (though he was not sure how long it was, as spending so much uninterrupted time in Neverland always made him forget how time went on Earth). He just didn't want to be reminded of her.

Still, the Lost Boys looked like they really wanted a new story, and he knew that he didn't have to return to London.

He couldn't believe himself. He was Peter Pan, after all. He wasn't afraid of anything, so why was he even debating a stupid thing like this. The Lost Boys wanted a new story, didn't they? He should be able to bring them one.

"Okay, Lost Boys," Peter agreed, clapping his hands together. "I'll find you some new stories."

All the boys cheered as Peter left the hideout after having only been inside for a few minutes.

He took off into the night sky towards Earth. This time, however, he didn't head toward London as he so often did. This time, he went farther west, to a place he did not know.

It took him a while, and he searched through many towns. This place was so different from London. However, he was still able to find what he was looking for after a while.

There was a small bedroom with two girls inside. One seemed to be laying on some kind of sack while the other stood in front of her, expressively acting out a story that Peter was sure he had never heard before. That was strange, because it was about pirates, and Peter was sure that he had heard every type of story about pirates there was.

"And as Redbeard was locked in combat with his mortal enemy, his fist mate snuck up behind him, drew his sword, and ran his captain through. Redbeard fell to the ground, and the dread pirate was no more."

The girl lying on the sack sat up and applauded the girl. "Wow, did you make that one up?"

The girl who had acted out the story gave a small bow and nodded. "Yup!" she answered happily.

The two girls looked like they were going to talk more, but at that moment, a woman appeared at the door. "Wendy, I called you and Katy down for dinner ten minutes ago. What have you been doing?"

The name "Wendy" struck Peter. He had no idea which of the girls she was, as neither of them looked like the Wendy he knew. Still, he had an idea.

"Sorry, Mom," apologized the girl who had been telling the story. "I just wanted to finish a story."

At this, Peter saw the woman's face soften. "Okay," she said, "but come down, now. Your dinner is getting cold."

Both girls got up and moved toward to leave the room. "Thanks for letting me sleep over, Mrs. Jackson," said the girl who had been listening to the story.

"It's my pleasure, Katy," the woman said. "I know how much you love Wendy's stories."

The girls and the woman (who was no doubt Wendy's mother) left the room, and Peter had his answer. Wendy was the girl who had been telling the story. He knew that it was a coincidence that her name was Wendy and she was a storyteller, but it was still a thought that exploded happily into his mind.

Peter waited outside the window until the two girls came back. He then listened to the stories Wendy told until the girls went to sleep. He then flew back to Neverland to share the good news and new stories with the Lost Boys.

The boys were excited to have new stories to listen to, and Peter made a regular trip to Wendy's window to hear more stories. Most of the time, this Wendy was alone in her room, as she did not seem to have any siblings like the first Wendy did. However, she did like to write down her stories, and when she wrote them down, she spoke them out loud.

Peter quite enjoyed listening to her stories. It was like when Wendy Darling was a child. He even considered taking her to Neverland, nearly forgetting the first Wendy's decision to leave in the end.

Then, during one of his trips to Wendy's window, a huge storm picked up. He had never flown in such a bad storm before, and he was soon at the mercy of the wind. It pitched him and rolled him. He soon saw that he was headed directly towards a large brick wall. Before he could regain control, he flew head-first into the wall. He fell to the ground, and everything went black.

Peter woke up with a start to find that he was lying on a bed in a tent while Wendy leaned over him, dabbing his forehead with a wet rag.

"Good," she said, smiling.

"Where's Slightly?" he asked with an edge to his voice.

"He's in his tent," she answered. "Why?" Instead of giving her an answer, Peter stood up and headed out of the tent. "Peter, I really don't think you should be walking around just yet. You were knocked out for a long time." Peter, however, paid her no mind and kept walking. Wendy could think of nothing to do but follow him.

She followed him right to Slightly's tent where he burst right in without announcing himself. There, they found Slightly talking to Tinkerbell.

"You knew!" Peter yelled with no preamble whatsoever. "You both knew, and you didn't tell me."

Slightly's expression went from confused, to understanding, and finally to guilty. "Yes, we knew," Slightly admitted. "Tinkerbell knew, actually. She had been following you a while. After you went to sleep that first night, she told me that you didn't remember. She said it would be a good idea for you to remember on your own."

At that, Peter gave a derisive laugh. "Yeah, well you can see how well that turned out."

Finally, Wendy reached her peak annoyance at the fact that everyone was being so cryptic. "Can someone please tell me what's going on here?'

It looked like the three other people in the tent had just noticed that Wendy was there.

"You're never going to believe me," Peter said, "but I'm the real Pan. I was flying to Earth when I got caught up in a storm and hit my head on a wall. That's why I can't remember anything before eight years ago."

Wendy lifted an eyebrow and tried to determine whether or not he was joking. When she realized that he wasn't, she nearly fell over. "Oh, oh my god," were the only words she was able to get out.

"That's why Tink and I wanted him to fight Hook," Slightly said. "He's the only one who can."

"But that didn't work out, did it?" she asked.

"It was a mistake on my part to think that Peter could take on Hook without remembering his past," Slightly admitted. "Because Peter didn't know who he was, he wasn't believable as himself, and Hook wouldn't fight him. Because he remembers now, he can fight and get rid of Hook for good."

"You really think that will work?" Wendy asked skeptically.

"I've defeated Hook loads of times," Peter said. "Why should this time be any different?"

"We're going to hold off for a while, though," Slightly said. "We need the element of surprise."

"Of course we do," Wendy said, sighing.