This challenge is for anyone and everyone. Create a story on this aspect. Or if you wish me to do it review.

The Challenge is .

What If Harry Potter met Draco Malfoy in Oliveanders instead of the robe shop?

What if he came in just in time to here Oliveander say Harry's name.

I'd really like to see what people could do with this kind of story.

Things I'd personally like to see:

1Harry in Slytherin his views changed because of Malfoy. (Malfoy has views on Muggles Harry hates the Dursleys)

Snape's hatred of Harry. How would he be able to do this if Harry is in Slytherin. (I think the man would go mad having Harry in his house unable to do anything)

Harry's opinion of Voldermort. This would be an intresting aspect. Would harry be able to turn his own house agaisnt him. Or would Harry be pulled in and become a Death Eater? (Both aspects leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.I need help.)

2Harry still in Gryfifindor. But is still somehow friends with Malfoy. Not sure how Ron and Hermione would come into play there.

Things you can do with it:

I dont care what you do with it. I just want to see it. I've tried writting it I can't get it right for some reason.

Make it a slash if you want to don't really care. I just want to see this story come to life. I have a very odd way of looking at things.


Reivew to sent me the name of the story. I'll be contiuning with Moonlight heist soon enough. Just getting rid of this plot bunny that formed when I was reading Harry Potter on ideas how to potray Akako since she is The Scarlet Witch. I wanted to see which spells I could make darker for her use. Thanks for reading. I hope to see something posted soon.

Kaitou Kid San