Dear Readers,

I am posting this response as a chapter for several reasons, none of which were to disappoint you when you discover that this isn't an update.

I didn't forget about the story.

No, it's not up for adoption.

I do plan on continuing it until the end.

I am getting my masters degree, and it is very time-consuming and muse-zapping as far as anything outside of what I am writing for my thesis goes.

I hate to leave all of you hanging, because I have gotten a lot of positive response for this fic, but don't think that I'm not going to finish it, because I am. It's just taking me an unfortunate amount of time to have time to do so.

I also decided to post this as a chapter update, because a lot of you are posting as Guests, and either my computer or this site will not let me respond to you if you aren't logged in. So this was my only way to update all of you at once. Forgive me if I got your hopes up, but take solace in the fact that I really am going to finish this fic, I promise.

So please, bear with me, and if you want updates, follow me on Twitter. My username is the exact same. You can also ask me questions on there and such.

Anyway, thank you all for reading so far, and I hope when I do get to update again that you will be happy that you waited.