Kip walked in the living room, hand in hand with Lafawnduh.

He saw Napoleon and Uncle Rico sitting on their beloved fuzzy orange couch.

"How was your guy's honeymoon?'' Napoleon asked in his breathy tone of voice.

''It was awesome Napoleon, your just jealous you couldn't be there and see

Lafawnduh's sandy blonde hair flowing in the wind.'' Kip said in his nerdy voice.

''Why would I be jealous of you?'' Napoleon said angrily.

''Hey guys, let Lafawnduh talk.'' Rico interrupted.

''Fine!'' Napoleon and Kip said simultaneously, they rolled their eyes looking at each other with a weird expression on their face.

''So, how was your honeymoon Lafawnduh?'' Rico asked with a curious look on his face.

''It was fantastic, we had a great time, and Kip is so romantic.'' Lafawnduh said winking at Kip.

''That's awesome Lafawnduh, no need to know that about Kip though.'' Rico answered back.

''Napoleon, come feed Tina the tater tot casserole leftovers.'' Napoleon's Grandma called from the kitchen.

''Ah Grandma, I don't want to feed Tina!'' Napoleon said in an aggravated expression.

''Napoleon, go and feed Tina now!'' She said exasperatedly.

'You know how she gets when she is not fed right away.''

''Gosh Grandma, I know how she gets!'' He told her in a very frustrated matter as she looked at him with a deadly glare.

''Alright, I'll feed her!'' Napoleon said to get his Grandma to stop talking to him.

''Thank you Napoleon, and don't eat the tater tots off my casserole!'' His Grandma assumed.

"Grandma, don't treat me like a freaking idiot!'' Napoleon responded, staring at the tater tots with a yearning passion.

Napoleon sauntered out of the door with the tater tot casserole in his hands, and stood at least a car-length away from the repulsive (at least to him) creature before him.

''Tina you lazy turd, come get your food!'' Napoleon said grabbing one tater tot off the casserole and popped into his mouth. Napoleon then flung the leftovers towards Tina, and attempted to eat it the tiny bits and pieces off the ground.


Napoleon went back into the house to find Kip and his grandma having a slight disposition.

''Kip, did you and Lafawnduh found a place to live at?'' His Grandma asked with interest.

"Because I don't want you living here in your thirties!'' She complained.

''No Grandma, you're embarrassing me in front of Lafawnduh!'' Kip said weakly.

Lafawnduh giggled under her breath.

"We will look for a home, right sweetie?'' A motivated Lafawnduh asked Kip kindly.

''Yes babe, let's go right now!'' Kip said with a nod of determination.

''Good luck in finding a home!'' His Grandma yelled after them as they began to walk towards the door.

''Thanks Grandma, and bye you guys.'' Kip said.

''Come on flower chunks.'' Kip said to Lafawnduh.

''Okay Kip.'' Lafawnduh said following strutting closely behind Kip.

''Bye.'' Everyone simply said at the same time.

Lafawnduh and Kip left in search of their own home where they could be together alone at last.