1. Thalia joined the hunt

2. Thalia isn't in the final battle with kronos

3. Not even a hint of Thalico

4. Not enough romance

5. Nico's lack of awesomeness

6. The movie was completely off the plot

7. Percy fail stirring Typhon

8. Percy not having enough father and son bonding time

9. Zeus's stubbornness

10. Why is Clarisse so mean?

11. Need of an epilogue in TLO

12. Rachael, EW!

13. Why would Annabeth bring her laptop to the Empire state Building?

14. Annabeth's inability to express her feelings to Percy.

15.I personally think Chiron should have died when he was slammed into that wall.

16. Tyson's silliness ( don't get me wrong, Tysons my favorite character)

17. Why oh why did Bianca die?

18. Grover's wimpiness

19. How the gadoodles did Hera make that arrow fly straight?

20. How did Grover get a girlfriend?

21. Nico is a loner.

22. If Athena's hair is black, why is her children's hair blonde?

23. Bekendorf blew up!

24. Hades not going to a therapist to resolve his anger problems

25. Why would Percy charge Atlas, seriously?

26. May is a sociopath (spelling?)

27. Percy trusting Luke.

28. Michael Yews Death.

29. The lame rule "No two people in different cabins shall be together in a cabin" or something like that.

30. Percadite anyone?

31. Dionysus's addiction with pac man.

32. No massive catapults in The Last Olympian.

33. Chris Rodriguez joined the dark side. Dun, dun, dunnnn.

34. Annabeth should have let Rachael die in the helicopter.

35. Lack of Thalia.

36. Percy is oblivious to Annabeth.

37. Did anyone realize Luke was 23?

38. What the heck a big massive storm creature is heading to Manhattan to eat us for dinner?

39. "Mortals shall not witness my hunt. *Weird karate sounds*" BOOOOM! – Artemis

40. The characters not being emotional enough.

41. Titans 'invincibility'.

42. What up with the ram horns.

43. Percy's birthday not revealed until the end of the series

44. How the gadoodles did Annabeth's magic shield work.

45. They didn't die Annabeth's hair in the movie.

46. Can Rick Riordan be anymore vague about Tysons appearance; I thought he was a big hairy ball until I saw the picture.

47. Dr. Boring, really?

48. Being stumpt on writing "100 things I hate about Percy Jackson"

49. A good ending to the series. NOT!

50. Not an 'official' picture of Thalia.

51. Malcolm's fail in "The Battle of the Labyrinth."

52. Thuke

53. Thalico!

54. Don't you wish Luke would die already?

55. "Yee thee thy whom shall thou." – Zoe Nightshade

56. No gangsta Percy?

57. Percy not plowing Thalia with the creek water.

58. Scary Oracle. ( Who has nightmares about her. I do, sometimes.)

59. Percy not having a cell phone.

60. Clarisse not being the spy.

61. Main characters invincibility.

62. I think more people need to die, like in Mockingjay.

63. Haha harpies.

"64. Argus will um keep an eye on things" – Chiron

65. Percy not going on YouTube.

66. Not a lot of couples.

67. Death to Hera! Riot, riot, riot!

68. Annabeth not having a secret diary. =0

69. Annabeth should have slapped Percy across the face.

70. Three words, Athena is over protective. Wait that's four.

71. Crying at the end of the series.

72. Fighting over a magic flying chariot.

73. Nancy Bobofett.

74. Annabeth is silly when she tied herself to the mass to listen to the Sirens.

75. Did anyone know Thalia Grace was the muse of comedy, seriously.

76. Creepy intro to The Lightning Thief.

77. I think the greatest coincidence in the world was when Percy met Rachael at the high school prep or whatever.

78. Did anyone see Percy fall six hundred feet at the arch?

79. How did Percy not realize who the girl was until she said her name was Thalia – Sea of Monsters.

80. Paul.

81. The books don't mention any thing about puberty.

82. Typo daemons Titans Curse. Page 130 something.

83. Not a fat character?

84. A corral filled with Poop.

85. Not a lot of flashbacks of Annabeth, Luke and Thalia.

86. Lack of comic relief.

87. Minotaur.

89. More flirting.

90. Annabeth's mental breakdown in "The Battle of the Labyrinth"

91. "I wanted to comfort her, but I didn't know how." – Percy

92. Zeus's fist not named Poop pile.

93. No Truth or Dare *heart attack*

94. Who's Beckendorf's mom?

95. Is Luke playing MW2 in the movie?

96. Under world.

97. Percy forgetting his 16th birthday.

98. Annabeth fell off a cliff.

99. The Heroes of Olympus

100. The Heroes of Olympus times 2