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Chapter 27

"Its exactly the same as we planned." Cordilia assured Dawn. The two of them sat in one of London's numerous cemeteries. The ritual they found called for a righteous mans grave, they found an old English priest who had been buried a hundred years earlier.

"I know." Dawn replied, "The Powers that Be are going to use a mix of the magic of the ritual plus your general awesomeness to do something funky with my vision. Right?"

Dawn tried to play it off as something simple but in truth she was scared. The attacks sense the night the girls went out to now had easily doubled. It was getting more and more dangerous, something was coming soon and they needed any weapon they could have. Maybe this true sight thing the Powers told Cordy about could help.

Dawn knew all of this. She told herself that again and again. They needed anything they could use against Lokar, she could help. But at the same time she was so damn afraid. She had no idea what this ritual would do for her. She already lost her sight, she learned how to live blind, what would she be forced to learn now? She wanted to shout for Cordy to stop setting up the tools they needed, she just wanted to run back to where her sister and her friends and the Scoobies gathered. But she couldn't. Even if she wanted to she couldn't even find her way back. She was good at finding her way around but not that good yet. Maybe she wouldn't have to be. Whatever this ritual did it was about to change even more than things already had.

"Ready?" Cordilia asked. Willow had come in with the two young women to draw the symbols on the ground of the catacomb, the intricate symbols weaved in and out of each other in a complex circle. Once finished Willow left the two young women alone.

"Yes I'm ready." Dawn replied.

Cordilia took Dawns hand and led her to the center of the circle. Dawn kneeled carefully on the cold hard floor. Cordilia gathered the last bit of the supplies they needed, three clay pots, one filled with dirt, one with water and the third empty, a long silver knife and an ancient looking parchment.

"Ready?" Cordilia asked again.

"Yes Cordy I'm ready. Just do it!" Dawn said holding out her arm. She tried to force her body to relax while waiting for the tip of the knife to enter her skin. Blood rituals were a tricky thing. Easily used for evil they could be used in healing spells and strong summoning spells. This ritual was healing but anything done wrong could easily turn it into something evil. Something none of them wanted. Even though Willow had long ago reined in "Dark Willow" she refused to touch blood rituals. Luckily for the group this had to be done by a seer.

The sharp knife tip drove into her skin cutting a thin line into her flesh. Blood slowly seeped out to fill the bowl on the cold stone floor.

"Ok, time to start." Cordy said. She grasped both of Dawns hands in her own and began to chant. The foreign language rolled off of her tongue as if she'd been born speaking it. A small wind began to gather swirling around the kneeling pair. Cordy carefully reached into the first bowl, the dirt, she poured it into the water and drew symbols with the mud up and down Dawn's arms. She continued chanting while using the blood to mark Dawns face. The wind sped up creating a whirlwind around them. The candles flared above their heads, the light blinding them.

Cordy had to yell to have her words heard above the howling wind. When she finished the wind died down and the candles burned normally. Dawn lay crumbled on the floor in a trance. Cordilia sighed, for her this would be the hardest part. Waiting for Dawn to wake up. She settled as comfortably as she could within the circle and began her vigil.

When Dawn awoke she was no longer in the catacomb. She slowly tried to calm her breathing and gain her bearings. They knew this would happen she reminded herself. The Powers that Be would speak to her. Give her one final chance to refuse. In the original use of the spell the trance she was now in would have been a time for the gods to decide if one was worthy and for them to work their magic. Now for her the Powers would work theirs.

The first thing Dawn noticed was that she could see. Not that there was much to see. She wasn't outside, nor was she in any room. If she didn't know better she'd say she was on a cloud. Of course she didn't know better and that could easily have been the case. The whiteness of the area was offset only by a foggy type substance that added texture to the otherwise flat landscape. Out of the fog two figures immerged. A man and a woman.

"I thought you guys were killed." The sentence popped out of Dawns mouth before she had time to think it through.

The female figure turned to look her in the eye, "we were." She stated, "but like all things we were reborn and the cycle continues. But we're not here to talk about that are we?"

"No we're not." Dawn replied, doing her best to stand strong. She looked around again. The fog had solidified in some areas, forming a floor, an arch and a pedestal with a bowl on the top.

"Why can I see here?" Dawn asked.

"Because you're not using your eyes." The male answered.

"What does that mean?" Dawn demanded.

"The human eyes are so failable. They don't see much at all do they?"

"No I guess they don't." Dawn evenly replied. Angel and Cordy got one thing right. Talking to the Powers was never straight forward, each answer came in a pack of riddles.

"That is why you're here isn't it? Because the eyes lie to us?" The male asked again.

"Yes, that's why I'm here. What can you do? How can you help?" Dawn asked.

"We will give you true sight." The male saidl

"You will be able to see what someone is," The female said.

"No matter what they do to hide it." The male finished.

"Human, demon, vampire, you will know what they are." The female continued.

"And when they lie." The male finished for her once again.

"Will I be able to see?" Dawn asked.

"You will see what is important. If you accept." The female said.

"Will it help us? Will it help us defeat Locar?" Dawn couldn't help the pleading note that crept into her voice.

The powers turned to look at each other. Dawn could feel something bigger than what she could understand pass between the two of them.

"It may help." The female said slowly.

"Might?" Dawn wasn't sure if it was a question or a demand for a bigger answer.

"The wheels of time are complex things. They hold no significance to us. Whether you win against Locar or not matters little to the great scheme. There will always be another evil, another battle. The First was one such battle. One that was written about long before it happened. This is another such battle. You may win, you may loose. Either way the scales of good and evil will eventually find balance. What we give you may help. It may not." The female explained.

"Then why give it to me at all?" Dawn asked.

"Sister she dares question us." The male demanded his voice annoyed.

"Of course she does." The woman answered, "She's human. They always question. But now it is time to decide. Do you want our gift?" She turned back to Dawn.

"Yes. I accept." Dawn replied.

"Good." Said the male.

The Powers reached over to Dawn the male touching her right eye, the female touching her left.

Cordila Chase hated waiting. She was many things but patient was not one of them. Hell she barely managed to wait for Angel to pull his head out of his ass, the only reason she did had been the whole loose your soul thing. Waiting made her feel powerless, helpless. She didn't know what Dawn as going through right now and there was nothing she could do about it. That feeling was the worst in the world. And she could do nothing about it.

Cordila also wasn't sure if she believed in a god either. She knew of the powers that be enjoyed meddling. She'd seen it often enough to understand that. Hell she'd seen demons and hell itself. She knew those existed but a god? If there was a god he was a cruel bastard in her mind. All this about the enternal balance was poetic and all but she wanted her happy ending. She wanted all of them to have their happy endings. She was good at playing tough, good and buckling down getting shit done. She had to be. She used to be high bitch in charge and she still could be. Just this waiting almost killed her.

So not knowing if she believed in a higher power or not but not knowing what else to do Cordila Chase started to pray. Pray and wait.