An Angel in the Land of the Demons chapter 2

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I have reached what is called the Nexus. The strange stones located in the castle courtyard simply required a bit of magic to be applied and I was called to a place foreign to all known architecture and design. It was a grand location, tended to by a lone candle maiden. She did not have a name and was only referred to as "the Maiden in Black". A fitting name considering she was clad in nothing but black, and all she could see was black. The wax covering her eyes would never allow for her to view the colossal venue she tended too. Yet for such a simple and plain looking woman, a presence even greater than the Demon I encountered before was easily evident within her. So great it was a wonder what she was, her power was so immense yet controlled and calm. Some would call her a harbinger of destruction due to her overwhelming amount of power. Calling her an Arch-demon would've been a better description, but she felt like something even greater than that.

The one described only as the Slayer of Demons, comes and goes from the nexus. Sometimes in a whole form, sometimes as merely a soul given corporeal form from the power of the nexus. The thirst for demons souls is incredibly evident in the slayer, as despite numerous times of evidently being slain during the fights they go through, they go back with even more foolhardy greed than before. Is this what happened to bring Boletaria to such ruin? Could greed itself have been the main downfall instead of the weakness and insufficient knowledge of the common foe we now face?

Recently, the slayer has been approaching me. I could sense that the slayer knew a few things of the arcane having seen them talking with Sage Freke. The least I can do for the one who saved me is to teach and assist with the practicing of new spells. I've received so much it is only fair that I give what I can back to the slayer.

Even after warning the slayer of the dangers of using such a dark art and the public ridicule they will endure from using it. They still insisted that I teach them what I knew. It's truly humbling to see the raw potential of the dark arts that I thought I had mastered to be taken to a level I could never have attained myself. After all, channeling a demons soul is no easy task. It requires a will to bend it to your command, and the mental fortitude to not let the demons soul influence you for its own purpose opposed to you using it for yours. It's also fearful but also very encouraging to know that such powerful humans walk in this land. It truly is a land of Demons of all kinds.

A/N: And that's all that is written for the second chapter of Yuria's possible thoughts on the lands of Boletaria and the obscure cast that dwells within it. More chapters might be coming if I think of people to try and characterize. None the less thanks for reading and the reviews.