So this is my first story, please don't kill me if it kinda sucks...and I'm sorry to report that I am not Stephenie Meyer so I don't own Twilight.



"Now Bella you stay outta trouble now." Charlie said for the 100th time.

"Honestly dad, how much trouble could I get in, I'm in Forks." Tons. I thought to myself. But this was not what Charlie would want to hear before he and Billy left for their weekend fishing trip.

However, Jacob and I had planned our own little weekend getaway where there would be plenty of trouble.

"Bella maybe we should stay, I mean-"

"No!" I shouted. Charlie looked at me like I was crazy. "I mean, you've worked so hard, and Jacob and I will be fine. It's only a week and you totally deserve it." I said as we pulled in to the Black's yard.

"You're right, everything will be fine."Charlie said getting out of my truck. Charlie and Billy were taking a car they had rented in Port Angeles.

"Hey Charlie, you ready to get this thing on the road?" Billy said looking very excited.

"Yup, where's Jake?

"Inside planning some April Fools joke on some friends."

"Alright. Well I guess we should be heading out now. Bye Bells, I'll call ya soon." he said kissing me on the head.

Finally. "Kay see ya dad." I said, hugging him as Jake walked outside.

"Bye Dad, see ya Charlie." he said as they settled into the car.

"Bye Jake," Charlie said. "Take care of my girl."

"Will do." Jake replied as I rolled my eyes.

"Goodbye Dad." Isaid, focusing on the goodbye.

He just chuckled as he started the car.

We waved as they pulled off. When they turned the corner Jacob took a step closer to me pulling me in his arms for a kiss. I pulled away from him and ran to the porch. He followed and when we got up there he pulled me in for another kiss. I didn't pull away this time. His breathing got heavier and I pulled myself closer to him running my hand through his short hair when he backed me against the door.

I removed my hand from his hair just long enough to search for the door knob. I found it and turned pulling Jake inside with me. We stumbled over the step to get inside, giggling.

"Jake their gone!" I squealed.

"I know." he laughed at my enthusiasm, still kissing my collarbone. One of his hands moved up under the back of my shirt. I pulled his lips back to mine. As we continued to back into the house.

He got my bra off and his hands moved toward the bottom of my shirt. I got my hands to the button of his jeans as his were pulling my shirt over my head. I got the button undone while he pulled his shirt off. We were now on the staircase inching up the stairs toward his bedroom. My clothes and his shirt were scattered about the living room.

We pushed through the door of his room. He pulled his pants down as I got my jeans off. He started kissing me again and I could feel him getting hard as I crushed myself against him. The only sounds were our kissing and heavy breathing.

I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him.

He leaned against the head board and I pushed myself closer to him until he was positioned right underneath me. His hands gripped my hips as he slowly pulled me down onto his length.

I couldn't control the moan that escaped from lips at the overwhelming feeling of him, and my body started moving before my mind had a chance to catch a grip.

I put my hands on the headboard behind Jake so that I could move better. His grip tightened controlling my movements, and one of his hands reached up to cup my breast.

I closed my eyes and whispered his name moving my hands from the headboard to weave them into his hair. He kissed my collarbone and moaned against my skin. I buried my head into his neck and he started pulling me down faster. The closer I got the less my name sounded like a whisper leaving his lips. I was on the verge of screaming in ecstasy when a was a huge shock of ice water hit my body and all I could register was someone yelling "APRIL FOOLS"


Hope you enjoyed that little doozy! :)