Black Dog 2

Chapter 1; meeting Kiara and Kovu

17 years ago, in the eastern United States, Jack Crews, drove a truck with guns in the back, and later gave the guns to the FBI, and drives the truck to the impound lot in New Jersey, before he lift the dock, red came and try's to kill him and his family, but red ends up losing control of his truck and a train hits red's truck causing it to explode, while Jack and his family escapes unharmed, two mouths later, Melanie Crews, Jack Crew's wife, becomes pregnant, and bared a son named Richard Crews, Jack raised his son to be a truck driver.

Today in Kenya, Africa, Richard Crews, is a single teenage truck driver, he is driving a load to the Capital of Kenya, Nairobi, with his new teenaged friends and their names are Moe, Lance, and John. They were driving on a highway, in a region in Africa called the Pridelands, they heard the local people say that the animals in this region talk, and what they don't know is that they are going to get involved in a problem, and they will fight in it to keep the load from falling to someone very evil.

Just a about two miles away from the Truck are two lion cubs, and their names are Kovu and Kiara , they just got out of the River full of crocodiles, they got out of the River at a different area, they saw something that they have never seen before, Kovu asked, "What is that over the river?"

Kiara looks at it to, but doesn't know what it is, and says, "I don't know, I never seen it before."

When Kovu and Kiara climbed up the hill, what they saw next was really weird, Kiara says, " What is this rocky surface, it's hurting my feet."

Kovu didn't like the rocky surface too, then he at saw it heading for that thing that cross the river and says, "This rock surface, Leads to this thing and crosses the river, but the question is, where?" what they don't know is that they are on a road and are about to have a new adventure, that will change the coarse of history of the Pridelands forever.

Meanwhile Richard Crews and his friends, are on the same road that, Kovu and Kiara, are both on, Richard see's the bridge that he has cross to get to Nairobi, Kenya, Richard was driving until the last second saw two lion cubs in the road, and said, "Whoa!" Richard slams his foot on the Brakes, the truck try's to stop, even the red car behind which Richards other friends have slammed their brakes to, Kiara and Kovu heard a sound from behind them, and when they saw the black truck, trying to stop, they screamed and ducked down, until the truck stopped right in front of them, and the car stopped as well, after the truck stopped, Richard unbuckled his seat belt, and said, "Oh lord, please don't tell me, that I accidentally ran them over."

Richard prayed for hope, while he was getting out of the truck to see, when Richard toke a look, he saw the lion cubs were unharmed, relieved that the lion cubs did not get ran over and says, "Oh thank you, lord." Kovu and Kiara turned around and found a creature standing in front of them and the creature says, "Hello there." the cubs backed away and the creatures said, "Come here, I won't hurt you, I just wont to see if you are okay, that all." Richard reaches his hand to one of the cubs and rub his hand on the female, and Kiara purred when the mysterious creature rub her and Kovu purred when he got rubbed to, the lion cubs comes to the creature and it asked with concern, "What are you two little lion cubs doing out here alone, your pride must be worried sick about you two." Richard looks away, than we heard a young male voice, " Who and what are you?"

Richard turned turned to lion cubs, and thought ' could it be true?' then Richard tested it by saying, " Did you just talked?" he said to the male lion cub, the cub walked to Richard and said, "Yes it was me." Richard eyes widened, when he saw the male lion cub talked, the female lion cub said, " Mr. can you please, tell us who and what you are?"

"My name is Richard Crews, Son of Jack and Melanie Crews, and Younger Brother of Tracy Crews, and I am a Human." Richard said, being very happy to meet two talking lion cubs, Richard than asked, "Who are you two?"

The male lion cub says, "My name is Kovu."

The female lion cub got close to Richard and says, "I'm Kiara."

"Hello Kovu and Kiara, can you tell me why you two are away from your pride?" Richard asked them.

"Me and Kovu come from different prides." Kiara informed Richard.

Richard than said, "Okay, why are you not with your prides right now?"

Kiara and Kovu said, " We ran off."

Richard smiled, he understood, because he was just like them, but in a different form, like them , he used to be young, arrogant, and smart, and he said, " I see, I was just like two once, man I can never forget those old times." than he slap back into realty " Look, Me and my friends will take you home, okay."

Kovu and Kiara said, "Okay." than Kiara added, "Can you do us a favor?"

Richard asked, " Yes?"

Kiara said, "Can you Carry us?" Kovu joined in with Kiara and they say, "Please?"

"Alright you two." Richard Picks them up and says, " Dang, you two are getting heavy, what have you been eating." Richard Laughed as he was making his way to the truck

Kovu see's the Truck and asked, " What is that?'

Richard answers, happily, " This is my truck, This is a Black Peterbilt 379, with a 48 foot Transamerica Leasing Trailer." then Richard was about to open the door of the truck and meets John opening the door for him.

Than John asks, " What toke you so long?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I would tell you." Richard smirked.

John smiles and says, "Try me."

"Kids you got anything to say to my friend, John." Richard still smirked, and also started laughing.

John got confused, than he looked at the cubs and the cubs said, " Hello."

John was surprised, and thought 'So the stories are are true.' than he says, "Hello kids, I John, what are you names." John said.

Kiara says, "I'm Kiara and this is Kovu."

Kovu looked around for Richard's other friend but are not here and asked, "Richard, Where are your other friends?"

"They are in a red Chevrolet Camaro, right behind this truck, they are following us to are destitution, you well meet them later." Richard said, calmly.

Kovu and Kiara said, " Okay."

Richard picks up a CB radio and says, " We are going to move again, be ready, back there, over."

Moe answers, on the CB radio, "Gotcha, Man, over and out."

Richard starts the truck up again and starts moving, heading for the Prideland and the Outland border.

Chapter 2: First hijack attempt and meeting Moe and Lance

After Richard, starts the truck, they head for the bridge, and when they were on the bridge, Kovu asked, " What is this rocky surface we are on and what is this thing that starches from one side of the river and to the other side?"

Richard answered, " This is called a road, but this kind of a road called a highway and this thing that is over the river, this is called a bridge, it helps cars and trucks, cross a river, without the cars and trucks touching the water."

"I am glad, that it is there, because that river is full of crocodiles." Kovu said, with relief.

"I could tell, you were socking wet and cold, that's one of the reasons, why I brought you into my truck, so that you don't freeze, and to warm you both." Richard turns to John and says, "John get the covers for them." Richard tells John to get the covers for them, John give the covers to Kiara and Kovu to get warm, Kovu and Kiara say "Thank you, John." John said, " Your Welcome." the cubs laid down on the bed, in the back of the truck, felling nice, safe and warm, and also started to fall asleep.

As Both Vehicles made it across the bridge, Moe and Lance in the Red Camaro, saw a Black 1976 muscle car, behind them, the black muscle car, was next to the Camaro, the passenger pulls out a Ithaca Model 37 M and P shotgun, and fires the shotgun, that shatters the back window of the Camaro, that sound woke up, Kiara and Kovu, as it got Richard and John's attention, Richard looked back and saw a black muscle car, Richard first thought, robbers, when the Muscle car, hit the Camaro, and making it go off the road, the Muscle was next to the Truck, Richard knock the black muscle car to the side of the road, John said, " Those are Green's boys, what the hell are doing?" Richard didn't answer John, Kiara or Kovu at the moment, the Camaro got back on the road, and caught up to the Truck, and when the Muscle car was moving again, Richard saw a truck blockading the road

Richard asked, " Is that Green's truck?"

John found the answer and says, " He must must be trying, to Hijack the load, he is a greedy man."

Richard says, " He isn't going to stop me." Then Richard smiles evilly as he shifts the gears, As the Truck, was going faster, John, Kiara, and Kovu gets confused and John asked, " Richard, what are doing?" as this was going on, Green, the man that gave Richard, his truck and his load, but Green is after a load on the Truck, Green is a man with black hair, a blue eye, and an eye patch covering his other eye, what Richard Crews, and his friends don't know is that they have something on the truck that is illegal , Green saw the truck was coming, from his Green ford pick up truck but saw that Richard's truck was not slowing down, it was getting faster, the men in the truck that is blockading the road, saw the Truck coming at the them, at fast speed, Truck which is a flatbed, moved out of the way, but it was too late, Richard hit the flatbed truck and moved it out of the away, and Green said, " Son of a bitch." the black muscle car stopped,and Green says, " What are you looking at, we must catch that Truck, go!" the muscle car chased after the truck, but scene the Camaro is back, the Camaro must be out of the way first, the driver hit the car, causing the Camaro, to slide to it side but not off the road, the car backs off, for a few seconds and hits the Camaro again.

Richard saw this, and got an idea, he picks up the CB radio and said, "Moe, when he backs off again, you hit your gas paddle."

" Alright, man." Moe's voice said on the CB Radio.

When the Black muscle car backs off again, Moe hits the gas paddle, and got out of the way, and Richard says, " Hang on." Richard slams the Brakes hard, the Driver in the black muscle car, slams his brakes as well, but he did it to soon, as the black muscle car hits, the back of the trailer, and explodes, when Richard moves the Truck again, Kovu says, " You are good, Richard." John agree as he says, " Yeah, you can drive like your, Dad." Richard smiles and said, " Years of training and experience." The truck and the Camaro, lift the scene.

After a while, Richard Crews, pulls the truck, over on the side of the Highway, and Richard gets out with the cubs and John as they walked, to the red Camaro, Moe and Lance came out of the Camaro and saw Richard and John with two lion cubs and Lance says with amusement, " What do we have here, two lion cubs, where did you find them?"

Richard Crews said, " Remember the bridge, that's where I find them, and the legend of talking animals in the Pridelands and Outlands are true."

Moe and Lance laughed after what, Richard just said, and Richard says, " You don't believe me, ask the cubs?"

Moe and Lance turn to the cubs. " Do you talk?" Lance asked, smirking, Until Kiara said, " Yes can we talk." Moe and Lance's eyes widen when they saw the female cub talk, they looked up and saw Richard giving them a look that said, ' I told you.' Moe and Lance said in their thoughts ' I can not believe that it is true.' Moe began the introduction, " Hi three, I am Moe."

Lance said, " Hello, my name is Lance."

Kovu said, " My name is Kovu."

Kiara says, " I'm Kiara."

Moe says, " Nice to meet you Kovu and Kiara." Moe turns to Richard and says, " Richard, why was Green trying to hijack the load from us?"

Richard says, " Lets take a look."

Richard, John, Moe, Lance, Kiara, and Kovu, went to the back of the trailer, Richard unlocks and opens up the doors of the trailer, until a black pit bull dog comes out barking at them, scaring them for a while, and the Dog stops barking, when it recognized them, Richard says, " Man I keep on forgetting that the dog is back here." then a teenage female voice laughed in front of them, they turned to the dog, and the dog said, " Sorry about that, just having fun." Richard, John, Moe, Lance were surprised to hear the dog talk, while Kiara and Kovu were surprised to see a dog for the first time, then Richard says, " I guess that all animals talk when they enter in or near the Pridelands and the Outlands, what is your name Ma'am."

The dog smiles and says, " My name is Debbie."

"Hi Debbie, I am Richard, the current truck driver." Richard says.

John says to Debbie, " My name is John."

" Hi there, I'm Moe." Moe said.

" I'm Lance." Lance said.

Debbie than see the lion cubs, and says to Richard, " I see you have two lion cubs." she turns to the cubs and says, " Hello, there little ones, I'm Debbie, what is your names?"

Kovu replies, " My name is Kovu."

Kiara says, " I'm Kiara."

Debbie says, " Nice to meet you two." than she turns to Richard and says, " So that explains the first rough stop, but What was that gunshot and explosion, I heard outside?"

" Green and his men tried to hijack the load, a black muscle car was chasing us, I slam the brakes, and the car, hit the back of the trailer and exploded, and we drove away, we think there is something else on this truck, did you smell anything weird, back here?" Richard asked, with concern.

Debbie says, " I smelt something, that smell like metal and powder."

Richard got concerned, than asked, " Can you show me, I would like to see."

Debbie says, " Get up here." than Richard climbed up the trailer and walked with Debbie to the front of the trailer, than after a while Richard calls to the gang outside, " Guys, you got to see this." Moe and Lance helped Kiara and Kovu up on the trailer, than Moe, Lance, and John got in the trailer they walked to the front of the trailer and found creates, Richard was looking in them, and Moe asks, " What did you find?" Richard didn't respond, he was to busy looking in the create, when they toke a look, they saw guns, and lots of them, Kovu and Kiara saw the weapons and Kiara asked, " What are they?" Richard responded by saying, " Guns, and lots of them, there's AK-47s, AK-74s, AKS-74s, AKS-74Us, M16 carbines, MP5s, MP5Ks, Beretta Model pistols, Colt .45 pistols, Walter PPK pistols, and Much more." Kovu asked, " What do they do?" Richard got serious and said, " Nothing, but Death and Destruction." Richard Than says, " I got to call my dad." than Richard pulls out his cell phone, Kiara and Kovu were about to ask him, but Richard started talking to his dad on the phone, Richard said, " Hi dad, It me, Richard, we got a problem?" Richard was listening on the phone and than said, " Remember, what you said, about you driving, guns to New Jersey?, Well it happening to me." Richard than said, " Yeah." than said, " What kind of guns do I have?, I have Machine Guns, Shotguns, Pistols, Snipers, Rocket and Missile Launchers, and much more, and we almost got hijacked, I killed two Hijackers, Their car crashed, into the trailer, and exploded." Richard listened and said, " the same way, you did years before, in South Carolina." As Richard was listening, he smiled and said, " Thank you, Dad." Richard hang up and said, " My dad is going to call the C.I.A., all we have to do is wait for my dad to call back."

Debbie says, " At lease we'll get some back up."

" That's the only good thing that we want to come out of it." than Richard turned to the cubs and said, " and we need to get you to your prides and take you two home, what are your parents names?"

Kiara said, " My Mom and Dad names are Simba and Nala."

Kovu said, " My Mom's name is Zira."

Richard said, " let's go."

Everybody got out of the trailer except Debbie, she had to make sure that the load is save with her, Richard closed and locked the doors to the trailer, then the Richard and John with Kiara and Kovu went in the truck, while Moe and Lance went to the Camaro, then they began to move again, after a while, they were looking for Kiara parent's, they were driving until Richard saw a pride of lions on the far side of the highway, Richard called for Kiara, " Kiara?" Kiara came out and said, " Yes?" Richard asked, " Is this your pride and is that your parents, right there?" Kiara looked and saw the Pride she recognized and was happy to see her parents and said, " That my Mom and Dad." Richard pulls the truck over to the side of the Highway, and hoped that it will go well.

Chapter 3: Meeting Simba and Zira

Simba and Nala, were looking for Kiara, all over the Pridelands and did not find her, Simba ordered Zazu to look for her, after a while he found nothing until they decided to look for her some where else, they were about to give up until they saw a weird object they have never seen before and Simba said, " What is that?" Zazu also saw it but had no idea, what it is, and said, " I don't know, Simba, I have never anything like that before." then the object got closer and stopped on their side of the rocky surface, "Lets go see, but be ready to attack, if we have to." Simba and Pride including Zazu, went to object closely, but stayed on high alert.

In the truck, Richard, saw the Pride coming to them and said, " Let me see, if they are your Pride or not, just to be sure."

Richard unbuckled his seat belt, got armed with his Beretta model pistol and stepped out of truck, when he stepped out and walked around the truck, Simba and Nala saw a creature that came from the other side, got into their defense position, when Richard saw this, Richard pulls out his pistol and being cautious, Richard asked, " Are you the Pride from the Pridelands?" Simba couldn't believe that the creature was talking and answered, " Yes, we are, what do you want?" Richard than asked, " Are you Kiara's parents and Pride?" Simba and Nala were surprised to hear that name and Simba said, " Yes, where is Kiara?" Richard said, " She is with us, she is in truck, let me go get her." Richard walked back to the truck and says, " Kiara, come with me." Kiara walked to him and Richard picked up Kiara and carried her in his arms, when Richard turned around, Simba and Nala were surprised to see their daughter,was okay and unharmed, and she was not scared about the creature, and they see she likes the creature and it said, " Is this your daughter?"

"Yes, this is our daughter." Simba and Nala replied, Richard bents down and puts Kiara on the ground, and she yells out happily, " Mom, Dad." Simba, Nala, and Kiara, were racing to each other, and when they were reunited with each other they nuzzled each other for awhile, then Simba asked, " Where have you been we were looking all over you, Kiara." Kiara says, " I sorry, I ran into the Outlands, meet a cub named, Kovu, than the Crocodiles tried to eat us, then we saw a bridge, that what Richard calls it, the person right behind me, and than when we got up top and that when we meet, Richard, he toke me and Kovu, into his truck, and we meet his friends, their were taking us home, when a what Richard and his friends call a Hijack, they saved us from it, and killed the Hijackers with his truck, and then we found you, and here I am."

Simba and Nala looked at the creature that found, saved, and brought Kiara, home, then Simba, Nala, and Kiara, went to Richard, and Nala said, " Thank you, for founding, saving, and bringing home are daughter." Richard smiles and says, " No problem, Miss, I always help somebody in need." Simba than asked, " What are you, Richard?" Richard said, " I am a Human, and I am also a truck driver." Simba got confused and asked, " a what?" Richard said, " A truck driver, I drive this truck, and I carry loads to the detestation." Simba, Nala, Zazu got curious and Simba asked, " What kind of load do you have?" Richard was about to tell them, until Simba and Nala smelt a scent of lion, but it was not from his pride, than Simba said, " Outsiders, Richard get behind me." Richard listened, and went behind him, and Simba roared, than a lioness came out of her hiding place and roared, Richard pulled out his Beretta model pistol aimed at the lioness, than Simba said, " Zira." Zira saw Simba and said, " Simba." Zira than turns to Richard and asked, " Who and what are you?" Richard said, still pointing his pistol at Zira, " I am Richard Crews, I am a human, and I am also a truck driver." Simba than said, " Get out of the Pridelands, Zira." Zira than said, " I am not leaving, until I find my son." Richard than remembered about Kovu and decided to ask her, " Excuse me, Zira." Zira turns to Richard, and Richard continued to say, " Is your sons name, Kovu, by any chance?" Zira than asked, angrily, " Did you kidnap him from the Outlands?" Richard then gets mad for being accused for something he didn't do and said, " No, I was not in the Outlands during that time, I was driving, until I saw, Kovu and Kiara on the road, and I didn't see them, until the last second, they almost got killed on accident, because a truck does not stop right away, it may take awhile, for a truck to stop, and they were lucky, and I also saved them from a Hijack attempt, and Kovu is safe and sound, he is in the truck with my friends, follow me." Richard than lead Zira to his truck, Richard opened the door and John stepped out of the truck and Richard whispered into his ears, than John pulls out two colt .45 pistols, while Richard entered the truck, than Moe and Lance came from the car, and Moe pointed his desert eagle pistol, while Lance Cooks his Beretta model pistol at Zira, she understood that they were being cautious, than Richard comes back out with Kovu in his arms, and Richard put Kovu down and let Kovu go to his mother, Zira and Kovu meet again, than Zira asked, " where did you find him?" Richard answered, " By the river, nearby a bridge, after finding him, along with Kiara, I was going to take those two home to where they really belong." Than Zira said, " I should, thank you, Richard, for finding, saving, bringing my son home." Richard said, " Your welcome, and one more thing."

Zira asked, " Yes?" Richard said, seriously, " Don't accuse people, if you did not see them do it, and I really don't like to be accused." Zira than apologizes to Richard in a whisper, for accusing him, and than lift, with Kovu in her mouth, without saying another word, after Zira and Kovu lift, Simba, Nala, Kiara came to Richard and Simba said, clearing his throat, " You were about to tell about the load." Richard remembered about that and said, " Come with me, tell your pride come, they need to know this too." Simba called for Pride to come and they followed Simba to the truck, that Richard and his friends were and asked them, " Who are you?" Moe began the introduction, " My name is Moe." than Lance said, " I'm Lance." and John said, " I am John." when they arrived at the back of truck, Simba said, to Richard and his friends, " I am King Simba, and this Queen Nala, Rulers of the Pridelands, and this our majordomo, Zazu." Richard and his friends asked, " King and Queen of the Pridelands?" Richard turned to Kiara and says, " Kiara, you never told us, you are a princess of the Pridelands, why didn't you tell us?" as Richard and his friends bowed to the royal family, Kiara said, " I'm sorry, I forget about when I first meet you, and during that Hijack attempt." Richard and his friends that rise up, Richard said, " That okay, but next time, tell the person who you are, but to some people, you only trust." Richard unlocks the trailer door, and Debbie barked at the lions, but not Kiara, Debbie knows Kiara, from the last time she saw her, Richard says to Debbie, " You can stop Debbie, they're Kiara's parents and her Pride." Debbie stopped barking and said, " Hello there, I'm Debbie, the guard dog of the truck." Simba than introduced himself, " I am King Simba, King of the Pridelands." Nala walked up to Debbie and said, " I am Queen Nala, Queen of the Pridelands." Zazu says, " Hello Miss, I'm Zazu, the king and queens majordomo." Debbie bowed as she said, " Nice to meet you, your Majesties." Richard and his friends were surprised that she was not shocked, Lance asked, " How are you not shocked to know that Kiara parents, King and Queen?" Debbie says, " When Kiara got on the Truck last time, I smelt her scent, and I knew right away, she was a princess." Richard than said, " We need to show the King and Queen and also the majordomo, the load we are carrying, the true load, not this that we are seeing, if that's alright with you?" Debbie than says, " Not a problem.", Richard climbed up, than Simba climbed up, Nala picked up, Kiara with her mouth and climbed up, and Zazu flew in the trailer, than the the royal family were in the trailer, and Richard and Debbie led the royal family and the majordomo to the front of the trailer, and Simba, Nala, and Zazu saw creates and Zazu asked, " What's in that?" Richard gets a crowbar and says, " You'll see." Richard and Moe open the creates with their crowbars, and after they were open the creates, Simba, Nala, and Zazu saw the weapons and Nala asked, " What are those?" Richard answered, " These are guns or firearms, and there are lots of them." Simba asked, " What do they do?" Kiara said, what Richard said earlier " Nothing, but death and destruction." Richard than said, " I just called my dad, hours ago, and asked him what we should do, and Dad says, he would call the C.I.A. and he would call back when..." Richard was interrupted by his cell phone and said, " That must be him, now." Richard answers the phone and said, " What do you got for me?" Richard listened, than said, " How long will they be here?" Richard listened, while Simba, Nala, Zazu were confused, but Kiara already been through this and knew how they communicated some how, than Richard said, " Okay, Thank you, Dad, Bye." Richard hangs up the phone and said, " That was my Dad, he just called the C.I.A. and the . will be here in a few days, so we have to stay here, so that we wont have to deal with the Hijackers, if that is okay with you, your highness." Simba, Nala, and Zazu were not going to let a young truck driver and his friends, at a young age, get killed because of some kind of Hijack, Simba and Nala fell connected to Richard and his friends some how, and Simba said, " You are welcome to stay in the Pridelands, and I reserve my judgment." even if he reserve his judgment, Simba doesn't fully trust him yet, than Richard says, " Thank you , your highness, get your pride on this truck, me and my friends will drive, you and your Pride home, unless you wont to be followed or spied on while walking home." Simba told the pride to get on the truck and they listened, Debbie let the lioness's to be in the back of the truck with her, just in case, if they run into the Hijackers again, but Richard and Simba both hoped that they won't have to deal with the Hijackers, then after the lioness's and Zazu were on the truck, Richard closed and locked the door, Richard and John sat in their seat, while the African royal family of lions, were on the bed, and Simba said, " Head for Priderock, Richard." and Richard said, " Alright." and Richard started the truck again, heading for the Priderock, with Moe and Lance following them in the Camaro.

Than in 30 minutes, Richard made it to Priderock on a new dirt road, and stopped, Richard, John, and the Royal family got out and went to the trailer, and Richard unlocked and open the trailer, so the lioness's and Zazu could get down from the truck, and after the lioness got off the truck, Simba said, " Richard, I got to teach my daughter a lesson, I will see you later." Richard said, " See you later, your Highness." Simba picked up his daughter and walked up, Richard and his friends turn to the sun that is starting to set and said, " What a beautiful day in paradise." when Richard entered the trailer and turn is back toward the sun for a minute, than two old Lioness's came to Richard and one of them asked, " Excuse me, are you Richard Crews?" Richard turned around and saw the Lioness's and says, " Yeah, who are you two?" the oldest one said, " My name is Sarabi, I'm Simba's Mother." the other said, " I'm Sarafina, I'm Nala's mother." Richard smiles and said, " Nice to meet you both." Sarabi says, " Thank you for founding, saving, and bringing home, our granddaughter, we are really thankful of you." Richard says, " Don't motion it, and you are very welcome." then Lioness lift, than after a while Kiara came to Richard and was watching the sun setting with him and said, " Richard?" Richard answered, " Yeah?" Kiara nuzzled Richard and said, " Thank you, for founding, saving, and bringing me home, and giving me a good day, of my life." Richard said, " Your welcome, Kiara." Kiara and Richard, than they turned there attention on the sun, as Richard thought, ' I will not let nobody harm you, not even those, Hijackers, I will keep you save, Kiara' as Richard still stared at the sun. Zazu then flew next to Richard and started to enjoy the view with them.

Chapter 4: Kovu and Zira's talk

In the Outlands, it was different story, the place is anything, but paradise, Nuka was walking and was talking to himself and was saying with annoyance, " Kovu, Kovu, Kovu, Scar wasn't even his father, he just toke him in." as he was walking, he saw Vitani and said, " Oh hey Tani, where is little termite Kovu? the chosen one." he cut the vine that Vitani has in her mouth, Nuka laughs as Vitani rolls and land on the ground, as she got up and said, " Nuka, where's Kovu, did you leave him out there on his own again?"

" Hey, its very lion for himself out here, that little termites got to learn to be on his own." Nuka says, as he scratches his back, Vitani said, " Mother's going to mad, she told you to watch him." Nuka than says, " Who cares, I should have been the chosen one, I'm oldest, I'm strongest, I'm smartest... Oh these termites." Nuka get irritated from the termites, while Vitani smiles at Nuka's irritating Nuka says, " I... could be... a leader... if she'd... just give me... a chance." Vitani than says, " Yeah right, why don't you tell that to her." Nuka says, " Yeah, don't think I won't." Vitani says, " Oh yeah? here is your chance." Nuka was caught off-guard and asked, " Huh?" and turned saw his Mom coming and she was happy, and Nuka said, " Oh, Mother. Mother I caught some field mice for you. I left them by the... by the ..." and she passed by him and ignored him and Nuka says, " … Okay." Zira puts Kovu down and Vitani approached and said, " Hey Kovu. Want to fight?" they began playing, than Zira turned to Nuka, and said with Venom in her voice, " You...were supposed to be watching him!" Nuka prepared for the worse, when Kovu said, " It not his fault. I went off on my own." Zira turns to him and says, " What were you doing?" Kovu says, " Nothing." Zira said, " Who has made us outsiders?" Kovu said, " Simba." Zira than said, " Who... killed... Scar?" Kovu says, " Simba." as he falls on his back, Zira than says, " What have I told you about them?" Kovu says, " I'm sorry, Mother. But Kiara, Richard and his friends didn't seem so bad, I-I-I thought we could be..."

" Friends!" Kovu shrieked back in fear, as Zira paced back and forth, " You thought, you could get to the daughter, and those humans, and Simba would welcome you with open arms. What an idea." than Zira stops, as she realized what she just said, and says, but in a more happy tone, " What an idea, your brilliant, child, tell me, what do you know, about Richard Crews." Kovu than started thinking back, and said, " Richard and his friends, are brave, kind, and have good hearts, and when somebody needs help, they will help anyone in need." Zira asked, " What is in that thing, that they call a truck?" Kovu than says, " Richard calls it a 1994 black Peterbilt 379 truck with a 48 long trailer, the load, that's what Richard and his friends call it, are weapons, what they call guns, in the truck, I asked, Richard what they do, but he said that they do nothing but death and destruction." Zira smiled even more and asked, " Do you know, where there going?" Kovu says, " They're heading for a place called Nairobi, that is where they are heading, but Richard called his Dad back at his home, his dad might of already called, what Richard and his friends call the C.I.A., and they probably be staying in the Pridelands, but they do not stay at one place for very long." Zira, now has a plan to get back at Simba for killing Scar, and a truck that has weapons on it that could help them take back the Pridelands, than Zira says, " You have the same mind that made, Scar so powerful." Zira than pick up Kovu and toke him into the Den, as Nuka muttered, " Chosen one." when Zira entered the den and put Kovu in his sleeping place, and Zira said, " I now see the path, to are glorious, return to power."

Two mouths later, In Rafiki's tree, Rafiki is panting a picture of two cubs and Rafiki says, " Oh Mafasa, everyday Kiara, grows more beautiful, into a Queen that will someday make us all very proud, but this cub Kovu, grows stronger, Zira fills his heart with hate, I'm very worried, Mafasa, thing are not going well, I am worried about that those Humans, they are in even more danger than this one and I thing, Zira will harm them." than a wind blows and Rafiki look up at his fruit's and says, " You have a plan." one fruit's fell and broke into half's as Rafiki said with confusion, " What?" than Rafiki pick up two half's look at them, and than looks at the painting as he says, " Kovu, Kiara, Together." two closed and Rafiki than says, " Are You crazy, this will never work, oh Mafasa, you been up there to long, your head is in the clouds." then Wind blow again but heavy and Rafiki said, " Okay, okay, alright alright, okay, I don't thing this is going to work, but I trust you." Rafiki than asked, " But what about the Humans?" the wind blow as Rafiki see a picture that shows four male teenaged dogs, one male teenaged lion, and a male teenaged meerkat, as Rafiki says, " Are you saying that the Humans will be turned into animals?" the blew again, but genital this time, and Rafiki says, " Okay Mafasa, I just hope, you know what you are doing." as the leaves blew around and into the air.

Chapter 5: Transform into the Black Dog

Four mouths later, after Richard, John, Moe, and Lance, found, saved, and brought home, Kiara, Simba and his Pride, including Zazu, now fully trust them and even Debbie in the back of the truck, they also meet Timon and Pumbaa and the gang found Timon and Pumbaa to be hilarious, a few days after Simba and his Pride, Welcomed Richard and his friends into the Pride, two C.I.A. agents came, and told Richard that they help protect the load, and they even said that they made a promise to Richard's Dad that is back in the United States, and told him that they'll protect Richard and his friends, but today something was going to happen, and it will change the humans lives forever, When the sun rose in the Pridelands, Richard woke up, from his bed in the truck, Richard puts his feet down on the floor when suddenly, " Ah." a teenage female voice said, Richard looked down and saw a teenaged Kiara, and says, " I'm sorry, Kiara, I didn't know you were in here, are you okay." Kiara said, " Yeah." than Richard looked down and said, " sleep well, in my truck last night?" Richard laughed, Kiara repeated, " Yeah." Than Kiara asked, " What are you going to do today, Richard?" Richard thought and decide to go drive around the Pridelands and said, " I am going to be driving around the Pridelands in the C.I.A. agents car, do you want to come with me?" Kiara smiled and said, " Yeah." Than with permission from Simba, and the C.I.A. agents, they head for the car before they got in Zazu calls to Richard, " Good Morning, Richard." Richard looks up at the sky and see's Zazu, Richard says back, " Good morning, Zazu, are out doing your morning report for Simba?" Zazu says, " Yes, and I must be going, see around." Richard says, " See you around." after Zazu lift, they drove in the Aston Martin DB5, around the Pridelands, than they drove on the main roads, after that they drove around, they came back, than Richard went for a walk by himself, when Richard was walking, he heard an evil chuckle, than two lioness's came, a full grown adult and a teenager, Richard recognized one of them as Zira, and Zira said, " Hello Richard, what are you doing out and so alone?" Richard says, " Hi Zira, nice morning isn't it, I am just out for a walk and who is this right here?" Zira says, " Richard, this is my daughter, Vitani." Vitani says, " Hello, Richard." Richard says, " Hi there, do you have just her and Kovu, Zira?" than Zira says, " I have another son, his name is Nuka, but he never does anything right, now I came to find you and talk to you." Richard asked, " What's it about?" Vitani says, " Four mouths ago, Kovu said something about that you have weapons in your truck, and we want to know is that true, do you have weapons on your truck?" Richard said, " Yeah, it's true, I have weapons on my truck, but only I can access the code to unlock the doors of the trailer, and I can't tell you what it is, it's is for the weapons and for me and my friends safety, and on top of that we have the C.I.A. agents that are here to protect us, and now if you excess me, I got to head back, see you later, Zira and Vitani." Zira says, " See you later, Richard." Richard leaves than Vitani says, " Now we know that, he does have the weapons, but the question is, how are we going to get them and Richard without the Pridelanders seeing us?" Zira says, " Lets follow, Richard and learn more about him." Zira and Vitani begin to follow Richard, while Richard is walking he gets a filling that he is being followed, and calls his friend with his cell phone, and Richard says, " Moe, it's me Richard, I'm heading back to the Pridelands, but I have a filling that someone is following me." Richard listened and than Richard nodded and than said, " Okay, I will lose them, bye." than Richard started running, Zira and Vitani saw Richard starting to run and Vitani says, " he running, he running." Zira said, " I figured, Richard would run, lets get him." than they start running after Richard, Richard than say two lioness's chasing after him, he figured that it was Zira and Vitani and calls Moe again, when Moe answered, Richard says, " Zira is following me, and I am running, tell Simba that Zira is after me." than after two minutes, Moe tells Richard to find some place to hide until they arrive, Richard said, " Good idea, Bye." Richard hung up the phone and continued to run, until he saw a abandoned laboratory, that was about three miles from the Pridelands, he went inside and hid in a tank tube, Zira and Vitani see's the laboratory and went inside to find Richard, and they turned on all the switches and they found Richard in a tank, they tried to get in but they found that it is locked, they realized that they have Richard trapped, and they were about to ask questions until, they heard five males voices and they realized that it is Richard's friends and the agents coming to the rescue, they set their ambush for them and when Richard's friends and the C.I.A. agents saw Richard trapped in a tank, they tried to get Richard out, until Richard says, " Look out, it's an ambush." just when Richard said that they were attacked by Zira and Vitani, they knocked Richard's friend's unconscious, then after they knocked them unconscious, they put Richard's friends inside the tank with Richard and Richard asked, " Why are you doing this, Zira?" Zira says, " We want your weapons, give us the code, and we won't bother you and your friends again." Richard asked, " And if we don't?" Vitani says, " Than we will turn you into animals." Richard says, " No." Zira than turns on a switch and the transformation began, and they lift them in the tank, than after the transformation was done, Richard Crews looks at himself and says, " I'm a teenaged male Black Pit Bull." after a while Richard's friends and the C.I.A. agents woke up, they found themselves inside the tank, with a teenaged male Black Pit Bull, with red eyes and black fur, that was black as night, they got scarred and Richard said, " Guys don't be afraid, it's me, Richard Crews." than the gang said, " Richard, what happened to you?" Richard said, " I got transformed into a dog, and you guys have been transformed into animals." After Richard said that, they looked at themselves, than they looked at each other, John is now a teenaged male Golden Retriever, with blue eyes and golden fur, Moe is now a teenaged male Lion, with a brown growing mane, green eyes, and tan fur, Lance is now a teenaged male meerkat, that looks like Timon, but is more mature and smart, and the two C.I.A. agents are now full grown up, male German Shepherd's, with black fur on their back and their mouths, while the rest of their bodies has tan fur, one got blue eyes, while the other one got brown eyes, one of the C.I.A. agents said, " I can't believe we are German Shepherd's, Max." then Max the other C.I.A. agent says, " I can't believe it either, Laurence." then Richard said, " Come on guys, we need to get out of here or yell, bark, or roar, so Simba and his pride can rescue us." they yelled, barked, and roared for an hour, until they saw a teenaged female Black Pit Bull, a teenaged female Lioness and male Horn-bill, that they knew as Debbie, Kiara and Zazu, Richard said, " Debbie, Kiara, Zazu, over here." Debbie, Kiara, and Zazu looked at the direction and saw six animals trapped inside the tank tube, and saw the ripped clothing on them, they realized that it Richard and his friends and also the C.I.A. agents, than Kiara says, " Zazu, get help." Zazu says, " Yes Kiara , I will be right back." than after while Zazu arrived with Simba and Nala, and the Pride, along with Timon and Pumbaa, when they explained to Simba and Nala that it is Richard and the gang inside the tank, they then tried to get them out, in about 30 minutes they got them out by braking the glass of the tank, and Simba asked, " What happened to you, guys." Richard explained to them that he was talking to Zira and Vitani while he was walking, then he explained to them that they trapped them and turned them into animals, and lift them there after refusing to give them the access code to trailer, so they could get the weapons, than Simba said to Richard, " I told you, she was evil. I told you, she would come after you and now I am worried about all of you guys." Richard says, " Don't worry about it, Me and the guys will just have to adjust are live a bit, and start are new lives, here in the Pridelands, that's all." Debbie says, " I will train You, John, and the C.I.A. agents, how to be dogs." Max said, " Thank you Debbie, and we no longer work for the C.I.A. anymore, just call us Max and Laurence." Debbie says, " Okay." Kiara says, " Me, Mom, Dad, and the Pride will train You Moe, on how to be Lion." Moe says, " Thank you, Kiara." Kiara nodded, than Timon said, " Me and Pumbaa, will teach Lance, on how to be a Meerkat." Lance said, " Thank you, Timon and Pumbaa." Simba said, " let's head back to Priderock." then everybody headed back to Priderock with Zazu flying up ahead, now Simba is now going to protect not only Kiara, but also Richard, because Simba fells connected to Richard, even if they are not related, Simba thinks of Richard as his second son, but in Dog form, then when they arrived at Priderock, they went to sleep.

Chapter 6: Fire

For about eight mouths, Richard and his friends, were teached and trained on how to live there live, Debbie trained Richard, John, Max, and Laurence, on how to bark, growl, snarl, howl, and fight like a Dog. Kiara, Simba, Nala, and the Pride taught Moe, how to growl, snarl, and roar, they also teached him how to fight like a Lion, Nala teached him her famous flip to pin someone. While Lance was being taught to be like Meerkat, Timon taught him, how to look for bugs. While they were training on how to live their new lives, Richard and his friends also invented new inventions that will help them out and their new weapons that fire by Voice and Mind command, than Richard trained himself and his friends on how drive their vehicles in their new forms, and also how to fire their own new weapons in their forms and they accomplished their training.

While in the Outlands, Zira was teaching Kovu, How to kill Simba, and how to steal the weapons and kidnap Richard in the process, Vitani was also being trained to help Kovu, steal the weapons and kidnap Richard. While Kovu and Vitani were training, Zira found and meet Green, the bad guy that is trying to steal the load from Richard, when Green told Zira about his plans, Zira told him that they are doing the same thing, but are planning to use the weapons to retake the Pridelands, Green got Zira interested when he made a deal with her and now, Zira has new allies and they get half of the load and Green's men get the other half, Green than taught the Outsiders, how to drive vehicles and to use the weapons that Green and his men, do have and Today, the training is over, and it was time to put the practice to the test, as Zira smiles and says, " You are ready." Zira than walks over to Kovu that is now fully grown, Zira says, " Nice, very nice." Zira chuckles evilly and says, " You have the same blackness in your soul that Scar had." than she asked, " What is your destiny?" Kovu says, " I will avenge Scar, take his place in the Pridelands." Zira says, " Yes, what have I told you?" Kovu says, " Simba and now Richard are the enemy." than Zira said, " And what most you do?" Kovu says, " I must kill Simba and kidnap Richard." after that Green ordered his close men along with Vitani and Nuka, to get a fire started, they have a gasoline tanker, but they need a fire to start it, Vitani and Nuka, went with Marcus, one of Green's men, to find a place to burn their sticks.

In the Pridelands, Richard, John, Moe, Lance, and Kiara all grew up into full adult animals, Richard even asked Debbie that is now an adult, to be his mate and she excepted, one mouth ago, while this was going on, two mouths ago, Simba asked Richard to be a member of the his family, Richard accepted the offer, and Richard is now Simba's adopted son, but Richard still has his real father and family in the United States, but knows that he will never see them again, Simba cheered Richard help and told him that he love with all his life, Simba is now his foster Dad, Nala is now his foster Mom, and Kiara is now his foster sister, to Richard it felt great to have a family again, and just like Kiara, Richard is now also being overprotected by Simba, Richard tells him not to worry, even when Richard says that, Simba is still worried about him, being kidnapped by the Hijackers, every now and then, Simba tells Timon and Pumbaa to follow him, when he is out on a walk, and Richard some of the time does not mind, but if Richard drives the truck, Simba follows Richard himself, but today, is Kiara's first solo hunt, and Richard is going to drive on the road with his friends, Richard, John, Moe, Lance, Max, and Laurence walked out of the den with Nala, Simba was worried for Kiara, than Kiara came out, and Nala nuzzled her and said, " you'll do just fine." Kiara then walked over to Richard and nuzzled her foster brother as he said, " Just believe in yourself sister and like mom said, you'll do just fine, believe us, we know ." Kiara says, " Thank you, brother." Kiara turned to Simba and said, " Daddy, you promise to let me do it on my own, promise?" Kiara waited than Simba said, " Alright, I promise." than Kiara nuzzled Simba, and then felt excited, then Richard and Lance waved their white flags in the air, and then at Simba signal, they swigged the flags down to the ground, giving her the all clear, then she toke out in the Pridelands, and Richard and his friends including Max and Laurence got in their vehicles, and lift driving on the roads around the Pridelands, while Kiara tried to sneak on one her pray, but stepped on some patch of grass and the animals heard it and ran away, as Kiara started to chase them.

In the old abandoned elephant graveyard, Marcus, Vitani and Nuka arrived in the Gasoline tanker, they got out of truck, with Marcus, as Nuka says, " This place is even creeper, scene the hyena's ran off."

Vitani was getting annoyed, as she says, " Oh, sheesh." as Marcus said, " What the matter Nuka, you scared, boy." than Nuka says, in a coolly fashion, " I'm not scared, okay." than some hot fire blew out and he got scared, as Vitani and Marcus laid the sticks down.

Vitani look at Marcus's shirt that had weird symbol's on it and asked, " What are those?" Marcus looked down at his shirt and says, " They're letters." than Vitani asks, " What does it say?" then Marcus read, " I'm with stupid." than Vitani asked, " Who would you be talking about?" Marcus turned to Nuka and said, " Nuka." then Vitani chuckled, she also thought it was funny, then Nuka says, " I just don't know why we have to be here that's all, if Kovu was so special, I don't see why he need us." than a hiss of steam was heard and Nuka turned to the sound, than said, " I never had a chance." the fire blew out again, he got scared and covered his head like a little cub, as Vitani rolls her eyes in annoyance and Marcus chuckled at Nuka, and shakes his head for Nuka's annoyance, then the fire hit the sticks and they were on fire as Vitani says, " That's it." Vitani picks up her stick then says to Nuka, " Come on, Kiara has started her hunt we have to move quickly." Nuka then threw a small stick at the tanker, Marcus saw this, went to Nuka, smacked him in the face and said, " That's Gasoline, it will explode, you idiot!" then Marcus put it out, then told Nuka, " Get your stick, hurry up!" when Nuka picked up his stick, the glacier shot fire on the stick, then Nuka said, " I on fire." then they lift on the Gasoline tanker heading for the border.

Timon and Pumbaa were following Kiara, but hid from her, they toke cover behind a log as Timon says, acting like he is talking on a walkie talkie," Tango-Charlie-Alpha, what's your position?" Pumbaa says, " Uh, upright. Head turned slightly to the left. Tail erect." Timon rolled eyes as he said, " Why do I bother?" Timon than put hand together to make a pair of binoculars, he saw Kiara and said, " Aha." than Timon pulls out a radio that Lance gave to him,then said, " Lance, we have Kiara in sight, over." While Richard was driving, Lance picks up the CB radio and says, " Just don't get caught, if Kiara, sees you she will run off, so be careful, and don't blow it." after Lance said that he and Richard laughed, as Timon voice said on the radio, " Don't worry, we never get caught." Richard knew that it was a lie and they always get caught, Kiara started to hunt again, she saw a rock, missed it with her front paw, but her hind paw failed her as she hit a rock, that got her pray to start running, as she began to start chasing after them, Timon and Pumbaa saw the antelope coming at them they take cover, but unfortunately, Kiara she Timon and Pumbaa and asked seriously, " What are you doing here?" than Timon said, " We are just shopping, getting things here and there..." Kiara than said, " He sent you didn't he, after he promised to let me do this on my own, he lied." Timon says, " No he just doesn't want you get hurt or worse, like what happened to Richard." Kiara than said, " I knew he would never give me a real chance." than Kiara ran as she said, " I'll do this on my own, away from the Pridelands." than Timon and Pumbaa chased after Kiara, but she was to fast for them, as Timon says, " She gone again, somebody's got to get a beeper for this kid." then Timon graphed the radio and said, " We blew it Lance, Kiara saw us and she has ran off." Lance pick up the CB radio and said, " We'll get her, were close by." Richard than heads to where Kiara was heading, Kiara was breathing heavy after getting away from Timon and Pumbaa, she continued to look for her pray, as she was searching, Marcus, Vitani, and Nuka arrived with the Gasoline tanker, Nuka and Vitani jumped off the gasoline tanker and opened the values to the tank and flammable Gasoline came out and Marcus drove the truck around the area, pouring Gasoline everywhere, than after Marcus closed the values to the tank, Nuka says, " Let's, fight, fire." as they run down the hill, Vitani starts a fire on some blades of grass, while Richard and his friends including Max and Laurence, saw a Gasoline tanker with Gasoline coming out of it, Richard finds it very suspicious, until after the Gasoline tanker stopped on the other side of the road and also saw a lioness and a unhealthy lion, with sticks on fire than they saw the lions putting some blades of grass on fire and they pulled the truck over as Lance got armed with a Beretta Model Pistol and lift the truck, Lance contracted on the unhealthy lion, Nuka sets his blade of grass on fire as he says, " A roasty tasty princess, roasty tasty princess." he was jumping up and down than stopped as he said, " Hey is it hot in here or is it just me?" than Nuka realizes that he is inside the circle of fire, than he jumped very high into the air as he said, " FIRE!" Nuka landed on the ground on his stomach, than he got up and laughed than Vitani says, " Come on." than when Lance saw his chance he fired his Beretta Model Pistol at Vitani and Nuka, as Vitani was dragging her brother to follow her, now Vitani and Nuka ran to the Gasoline tanker, while Lance was running toward the Peterbilt, then a pursuit was on, when the Peterbilt got close enough to the Gasoline tanker, Lance hang out of the side window and started shooting at the tanker, Marcus than picks up his CB radio and says, " Hey stop that, your going blow up the Gasoline Tanker." John in the Camaro, picks up the CB radio and says, " Surrender, and we will." Marcus voice on the CB radio says, " Never." than Moe says on the CB radio, " Bad idea, man." than Lance gives Richard the radio and Richard says, " Max, Drive your car next the Gasoline tanker, Laurence shot the gas tank." Max says, " Were on it, Richard." than Max drives the Aston Martin DB5, next to the Gasoline tanker, than Laurence pulls out a Franchi SPAS Model 12 shotgun and aim it at the Gasoline tanker, Marcus see's this, he shuffed Vitani and Nuka out the of Gasoline tanker, than Marcus jumped out of the tanker and then Laurence fired the shotgun, after that the Gasoline tanker exploded into a huge fire ball, the Aston Martin DB5 stopped, the Peterbilt came to the now on fire Gasoline tanker and stopped as everybody got out of their vehicles, they looked around and saw that the Outsiders are gone, but see the driver on the ground then Lance got out of the truck and says, " Yeah, that what I'm talking about." then Lance and Laurence danced around like crazy, then they jointed the others, than the gang surrounding the driver, Lance pointed his pistol at the driver, Max got the badge out as Laurence did all of the talking, than John says, " Hey, guess what man, I forgot got to tell you." then Laurence toke over and said, " Were C.I.A. and your under arrest." Marcus see animals talking to him and he signed in defeat for being arrested for the first time, after Vitani and Nuka lift the scene, Vitani started to crying for losing Marcus, Vitani and Nuka things they had lost Marcus, they didn't stay around to see if he is dead, to Vitani, Marcus was one of two people, who help her learn how to drive a vehicle for the time in her history and was close friend of hers, Nuka also felt bad for Marcus too, to Nuka, Marcus was the person who would listen to him, agree with him, but most importantly, Marcus would pay all his attention to him and he saw also his close friend, Vitani and Nuka report back to Zira, to tell a Mission complete, but suffered a severe casualty.

Before the pursuit, Kiara was hunting, she was about to strike again, until an antelope heard several rounds of gunfire, which Kiara heard it to, she figured it was Richard and his friends, doing target practice with their weapons, the antelope started running again, Kiara than chased after them again, she was chasing them until after she stopped and looked up the hill and saw fire, after Kiara saw the fire and she ran away with other animals running away from the fire, about 50 feet away, Zira and Kovu were a hill nearby as Zira says, " The plan is in motion."

Zira than turns to Kovu and says, " Go." then Kovu ran down the hill, after a while, Zira was about to leave until she heard an a gun shot followed by an explosion, and saw a huge fire ball erupted into the air and hope that Vitani had complete her part of the plan and went back to the Outlands where Green is waiting.

Back at Priderock, Simba was pacing Back and forth, being worried for Richard, but mostly being worried for Kiara, Zazu try's to calm him down, " Don't worry Simba, she'll be fine, what could happen?" Simba and Zazu then heard gun fire, Zazu says, " It's just Richard and his friends doing target practice, don't worry." than something catches Simba's eye, he than see's smoke where Kiara is hunting, Simba says, " No, Kiara!" then he starts running, Zazu gasps after seeing the smoke, and follows Simba , than Simba says, " Zazu fly ahead, find her." then the Lioness's followed Simba, Simba was running to where Kiara was until he heard a shotgun fire, followed by a sound of an explosion, Simba then looks at the direction of the explosion, and see's a huge fire ball erupt in the air, Simba then make a decision, to either help Kiara or Richard, he chose Kiara and he figured that Richard will be okay and ran to find Kiara.

After the explosion of the Gasoline tanker, Kiara was still running for her life, she have ran many direction, but they were blocked by fire, than she ran the other way, until she saw a rocky overhang and ran over to it, when she made it, she jumped to it, than after a while she managed to climb to the top, but the smoke was too much for her and she pass out, Kovu came found Kiara, he picked her up by her neck with his mouth, put her on his back and carried her, to get away from the fire, a small branch that was on fire fell to the ground, as Kovu jumped into the river with Kiara still on his back, then when they were in the river, Kovu than swam across the river with Kiara by the mouth on the neck, Zazu was flying around looking for Kiara, he gaps as he see's Kiara in the river being dragged to shore by a Lion,

Zazu says, " I must tell Simba."

Kovu than dragged Kiara to shore, and when they reach land, Kiara then coughed water out of her mouth as she regain consciousness and says, " Where am I?"

Kovu says, " Your safe in the Pridelands." Kiara than says, " The Pridelands, no." Kiara got up and says, " Why you bring me here? Who do you think you are?" Kovu then says, " I think I'm the one who just saved your life."

Kiara says, " Look I have everything under control." Kovu says, " Not from where I'm standing." Kiara says, " Than move down wind." Kiara started walking, but Kovu blocked her path and kept doing so with every step she took, she than got into her defense stance in front of him, Kovu says, " What are you doing?" Kiara remembered someone said that to her, a year ago, before she meet Richard and his friends when they were in human form, she realized who it was and says with a smile, " Kovu?" Kovu grinned back.

Simba says, " Kiara!" Simba, Nala and Lioness came running in, Simba growled at Kovu, as Nala came over and Nuzzled her daughter as she said, " Oh, Kiara. I'm glad you're safe."

Kiara then says to Simba, " Father, how could you break your promise?"

Simba says to Kiara as he keeps his eyes on Kovu, " It's a good thing I did, I almost lost you, no more hunts for you not ever."

Kiara then says, " But I was doing fine, even before Kovu..."

Simba says, " Kovu!" He roared at Kovu, then Kovu then roared back.

Nala says, " Simba."

Than Rafiki, the pride's shaman says, " Hey! You!" as he points his walking stick at Kovu, he says, " How dare you save the king's daughter?"

After Simba heard this he asked Kovu without letting his guard down, " You saved her? Why?" He crouched low, waiting for Kovu's answer.

Kovu says, " I humbly ask to join your pride."

" No," Simba answered sharply, getting in his face. " You were banished with the other Outsiders."

Kovu says, " I have lift the Outsiders, I am a rogue." Kovu lowered himself and says, " Judge me now, for who I am... or am I to be blamed for a crime I didn't commit?"

Simba growled and paced back and forth, pondering on what he should do with Kovu, Nala gives her insight on the situation as she said, " Simba, You owe him your daughter's life."

Zazu then fly's next to Simba and says, " Yes Sire, clearly we are in his debt." Zazu lands on the ground as he says, " And Royal protocols demands that all debts must be paid, though in this case, you might wont to make an exception."

Simba thought some more then he says, " My father law shall prevail... for now, I reserve judgment, we'll see who you really are."

Kovu then looks at Kiara, who was smiling at him, Zazu muttered to himself as he took off into the sky, Kovu than followed the Pride back to Pride rock, they were about to cross a dirt Road, until they saw a black truck and two cars coming there way, Simba knew that it was Richard and his friends and when the truck and the cars stopped on the other side of the road, Simba, Nala, Kiara, and the Pride ran to truck, hoping that they were alright.

After Richard and his friends is friends, arrested the truck driver of Gasoline tanker and put him in the back of the truck, they started to look for Kiara, when they saw Simba and the Pride with a Lion they have never seen, Richard and his friends, pull their vehicles to the side of the road, Richard and his friends got out and meet Simba and the Pride, as Simba says, " Richard, your okay." Simba then nuzzles him.

Richard says, " Me and my friends are fine, where is Kiara? Is she okay?"

Nala says, " She is fine, Richard."

Kiara see Richard, she was worried about him to, she heard and saw the explosion, but she had to worry about herself, while trying to get out of the fire from earlier, now she went to Richard and says, " Richard."

Richard then see Kiara unharmed and says, " Kiara, oh thank god." then he ran to Kiara, they nuzzled each other, then Richard says, " Don't you know that running around the Pridelands while there is a fire is dangerous?" Richard and Kiara laughed for a short while then she says, " At least I made it out didn't I and Dad broke our promise?"

Richard then asked Kiara, " What promise?"

Kiara says, " He sent Timon and Pumbaa to watch me again."

Richard was mad about the Outsiders getting away, now he was pissed, he turned to Simba and asked, " Why did you that for, Dad?"

Then Moe said, " She is suppose to do the hunt by herself, to prove to the pride that can hunt like the other Lioness's and you know this, man."

Simba says, " I will not let my daughter suffer, from what happened to me and that goes to you too Richard, even if you are not royal blood, I will let you get harmed because of what happened to me years ago and what happened to you, eight mouths ago."

Richard then says, " I would care less about what happened to me, this is Kiara were talking about not us, let her do stuff on her on, look I know that I'm your foster son and I don't know anything about what happened here before I arrived here, but sometimes we must let go of the past, I did when I done something that will still mess up my life forever."

Richard learned about Scar and his rule and did not like what he did, but he did not know him, so it didn't matter to him, Simba also learned about Richard's accident in the United States when Richard was 15 years old, after he toke someone's life by accident, but was arrested for Vehicular Manslaughter and lost his Commercial driver's license for a year, that is why Simba asked Richard to be his foster son, because they both have had hard times when they were young, Richard than turns to see a lion in fornt of him and asked, " Who is the lion?"

Kiara says, " Richard, do you member Kovu?"

Richard realized who it was and asked, " Kovu is that really you?"

Kovu says, " Yes, what happened to you Richard? What are you?"

Richard says, " I had a run in with your mother, eight mouths ago, she and your sister turned me and my friends into animals, I am now a Black pit bull dog, like Debbie, John is now a Golden retriever, Moe is now a lion, Lance is now a meerkat, and the C.I.A. agents, Max and Laurence are now German Shepherd's, we now are ten times more powerful then ever and I like my new life here

Kovu then says, " Mom and Vitani, never even told me about what happened you."

Richard says, " Well now you know, oh man, I got to get back to Debbie."

Kovu asks, " Where's Debbie?"

Richard says with surprise, " She is pregnant, she about to give birth to our pups in a few days."

About a mouth ago, after Richard and Debbie became mates, she became pregnant, when she told Richard, he got very excited about this, while Richard and Debbie got thing ready for their puppies to come, Timon and Pumbaa lead Lance to the Meerkats home, there Lance meet Timon's mother Ma and Timon's Uncle named Max, Lance got extremely lucky by meeting a female meerkat named Ajali, which means Destiny in Swahili, now Ajali and Lance are Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Moe on the other hand is not so lucky, there no other Lioness that are right for him, John has the same story different, he will never find a female Golden Retriever, to fall in love with and live with, John now felt lonely like Moe, but his was a lot worse, and Max and Laurence were the same.

Richard then says, " I need to check on Debbie, everybody inside the truck." then the Pride got inside the back of the truck, Simba, Nala and Kiara got in the Cab of the truck, Kovu was about to enter, until Richard stopped him and said, " Your riding with the C.I.A. agents in their car, even if I haven't seen you for a year, I somehow don't trust you right now to be in the truck with me and the royal family, I'm sorry, but it's best to be safe than sorry."

Max says, " Kovu, come with us."

Kovu followed Max and Laurence to their car, then the three Vehicles moved and headed for Pride rock.

When the Vehicles made it to Pride rock, it was already night time, the Pride went into the Den, Kovu was about go inside, but Simba saw this, he growled at him and Kovu then decided to sleep next to a rock near by the cave, Kiara then saw Kovu sleeping next a rock, she walks to him and says, " Hey." she chuckles a little then she says, " Thanks for saving me."

Kovu gets up and says, " What kind of hunter are you anyway, Princess? You almost got yourself killed out there?"

Kiara says with surprise, " What?"

Kovu says, " You wouldn't last three days on your own."

Kiara says, " Oh, and I suppose you can teach me?"

Kovu gives a small laugh as he says, " Yeah."

Kiara heard Simba call for her, " Kiara!"

Kiara turns to the den and says, " Coming." Kiara got in front of Kovu and smirked as she said, " Alright, impress me. We start at dawn."

Kovu also smirked as he said, " I look forward to it."

While Kovu was talking to Kiara, Zira and Nuka was watching them, Nuka says with disbelief and anger as he said, " Did you see that? He let her go! If that were me- !"

Zira than says, " Hush! The fire rescue worked perfectly and Simba and Richard fell for it. Even if we lost Marcus." then she changed her subject back to the plan. " Now the closer Kovu gets to the daughter, the closer he gets to Simba and Richard Crews." then she says, " And once he has Simba and Richard alone..." She growled and slashed at a weak branch, as if Simba and Richard were standing there themselves, as they were talking and walking back to the Outlands, Richard was spying on Zira , but most importantly Nuka with his computer and his special spy video camera, Richard has a plan of his own to get Nuka to change side for good and to offer and help Nuka out of this nasty mess, as he decides to go to bed with a Pregnant Debbie next to him.

I hope you like it see you later, RichardTerminator signing out.