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Chapter 11: War and pursuit

In the Outlands, the Outsiders are on the move again, this time, they are invading the Pridelands, they cross a river and made it into the Pridelands, they are heading for Pride Rock, at Pride Rock, there is now a thunder storm as it starts raining, Timon and Pumbaa are now talking to each other as Timon says, " I can't believe we lost her again, this is the eight thousandth time, I thought you were gonna watch her."

Pumbaa says, " Me, you were gonna watch her."

Timon says, " No, you were gonna watch her."

Pumbaa says, " Watch this." as he tackles Timon to the ground.

As Timon and Pumbaa are fighting, Simba walks in as he dry's himself off, then he see's Timon and Pumbaa fight each other, as Timon says, " Take that, you creepy warthog! Say it, Fat! Fatty, fat fat."

Simba asks, " What are you doing?"

That got Timon and Pumbaa by surprise, as Timon says, " Good question. Uh, let me ask you one.

Pumbaa says, " Hippothetically."

Timon says, " Very hypothetically. There is this guy..."

Pumbaa says, " But is not a lion..."

Timon says, " No. No, he's not a lion. Yeesh, definitely not a lion... and uh... uh, his daughter, um, say... vanished?"

Simba says, " Kiara's gone."

Timon adds, " And on top of that, Richard's black truck and Richard himself are not here, we tried talk to Richard's family, including his mate, but they won't talk to us."

Simba knew that Richard's family will not talk, because of what he did earlier, then Zazu came flying in as he says, " Sire, the Outsiders are on the attack, heading this way, it's war."

Simba says, " Zazu, find Kiara and Richard, We'll assemble the lionesses, move now."

The Outsiders are now on the field as Simba and his Pride are now the field with animals that are running away from a fight that will begin, as Marcus and the others are on the highway in their vehicles as Richard, Kiara, and Kovu are in the train heading for the Pridelands, Shenzi looks in the mirror and see's a green pick up truck coming toward them, Shenzi smiles as she says, " I knew this would work."

Max asks, " Is Scar behind us?"

Banzai says, " Yep."

Max see the green pick up truck as he radio's Marcus, " Marcus."

Marcus answers the C.B. Radio and says, " What up?"

Max voice on the C.B. Radio says, " Scar is right behind us, we move to stage three."

Marcus says, " Roger that."

Marcus puts his C.B. Radio down as he says, " Let's do this, Lance."

When Scar drove his pickup truck next to the right side of the Semi and when that happened, Marcus saw some railroad tracks and hit Scar pickup truck into the railroad track, Scar truck went off the road and went on the railroad tracks as the vehicles pass, Scar got mad, then he heard a train whistle, he turned and saw a train coming at him, he got out of the truck and ran for it as the train hit his pickup truck destroying it, the train passed the wreak and crossed the railroad crossing as the train heads for the Pridelands, Scar knew that Richard was driving that train because he saw him, then he gets mad, as he turns back into his lion self, now he was brown fur, a black mane, green eyes, and the scar was still there, he gets mad as he says, " I'll get you, Crews."

As he runs back into the Outlands, to get back at Richard Crews.

Simba and his pride confronted Zira and her pride, the battle is about to begin, then Zira yells out, " It's over Simba, I had dreamed of nothing else for years."

This gave Timon the creeps as he says, " Boy, she need a hobby."

Simba warns Zira one last time, " Last chance Zira, go home."

Zira says, " I am home."

Then Zira yells out her command, " Attack."

Then the two prides attacked, the war had just began, as the battle rages on, Zira yells to her Outsiders, " Go for the eye, brake his jaw, beat him low, get them do what you must."

Richard, Kiara, Kovu are in the train on the other side of the river, Richard's friends have made it across a log bridge, the make there attempt to cross their railroad bridge, the almost lost the train while they crossed it, but thank goodness the bridge held a little longer, meanwhile at the battlefield, Nala was fighting, then she saw a young lionesses that she knows very well, the lioness says, " Wheres your pretty daughter, Nala."

Nala says, " Vitani."

Then Nala and Vitani starting each other, they rolled down a hill as they landed on the highway which was part of the battle, Marcus is driving the Semi, he couldn't see anything, it was raining so bad that it was foggy, he didn't slow down or try to slow down he saw two lionesses on the highway, " WHOA!"

Marcus slams the brakes immediately, the others slams there brakes too, Marcus honks the horn, that got both Nala's and Vitani's attention, they saw Richard's truck coming at them out of control, they duck down as the truck stopped above them, Marcus and the others got out of there vehicles, Marcus went to see if the lionesses are alright, he didn't care which side they were, he was worried for both of them, as he says, " Are you okay?"

Nala says, " Were fine."

Marcus says, " Come on your highness, I'll get you out of there."

Marcus helped Nala out from under the truck, Marcus went back under to help the other lioness, but to his surprise, he see's Vitani as Vitani looks surprised to see him, Vitani says, " Marcus, your alive."

Marcus says, " Yes, I'm alive."

Vitani says, " But I thought you died?"

Marcus says, " On that day when we started that fire, I was arrested, then I told Richard that I was undercover, you see Vitani, I work for MI6, I am 006."

Vitani says, " Your a spy?"

Marcus says, " Yes, but I wanted to stop this madness from happening, and this is what I'm doing and I'm part of it."

Marcus helps Vitani out, as Vitani realizes that she fought Richard and wanted to get revenge on him was all for nothing, she also realize for the first time that she made her first big mistake, then she see's Nuka, and asks, " Nuka, is that you?"

Nuka smiles a he says, " Yes Vitani, it me."

Vitani says, " But you died in the gorge, we saw it."

Nuka says, " That what you saw was a genetic form of me, in short, a clone, I was never really there, when it all happened."

Vitani was glad that her real brother was not harmed at all, but there was a war still going, Shenzi radio's Richard, " Richard."

Richard answers the radio, " Yeah."

Shenzi says, " Were in position, it's time."

Richard says in the radio, " Roger that."

Richard puts down the radio as he says, " It finally time for our last stage, stage four, prepare the missiles for launch."

Back on the battlefield, things are getting worse, Timon and Pumbaa are scared, as Pumbaa asks, " What do we do, what do we do?"

Timon says, " There is one we can do, when the going get tough, the tough get going, that's our motto."

Pumbaa asks, " I though our motto was Hakuna Matata."

Timon says, " Pumbaa, stop living in the past, we need a new motto."

Timon and Pumbaa try's to charge the Outsiders, but they got scared after an Outsider threaten them, as Timon says, " Like I said, lets get going."

Timon and Pumbaa are now running for their lives, Marcus, Lance, and the others saw Timon and Pumbaa being chased, Marcus grabbed an RPK machine gun, Lance grabs a M3A1 Grease Gun, and an Uzi for Timon to have, then they followed them, Timon and Pumbaa are now surrounded by Outsiders, then Timon grabs Pumbaa and uses it a weapon as he says, " Nobody move, this things loaded, I'll let you have it."

The Outsiders stalked again toward them, until they saw Marcus holding an RPK and pointing it at them, the Outsiders screamed and ran for their lives to not get shot at by Marcus, while Timon laughs, he says, " Talk about the wins of war."

Marcus surprises them, " That was because I saved your ass."

Timon and Pumbaa get a heart attack when Marcus scared them, Lance then gives Timon an Uzi, as they head to the truck to head to where Simba and Zira could possibly be, meanwhile on the train, Kiara and Kovu have got the missiles ready, Kiara says, " Richard, the missiles are ready."

Richard says, " Okay you two, put your paws on the red buttons, do not push them until after I say one."

Kovu and Kiara put their paws on the two red buttons, then Richard says, " On my count, three, two, one."

Kiara and Kovu push the buttons and the missiles were launched, back on the battlefield, Zira laughs as she says, " Simba, your mine."

Then Zira hears a sound she had never heard before, then explosion, then another explosion, then looked and saw the missiles coming at both her and Simba, then they both ran, to escape the missiles, then they stopped on some railroad tracks, they saw that they were still close to the missiles, but they were far enough to not killed, they are still in the battlefield, then Simba and Zira circle each other, as the fight for the Pridelands is about to begin, back on train, all of the missiles had been launched, Richard see something on the tracks, he gets his binoculars out and see Simba and Zira on the tracks, he smiles as his plan had worked, Richard says, " The plan worked, get ready Kovu and Kiara."

Kovu and Kiara get ready for the stop and to stop the Prideland-Outland feud forever, Richard hits the brakes, since this train is going 100 mph, it will take time for the train to stop, Simba and Zira get ready to fight each other, Richard puts his paw on the whistle as he says to himself, " Here goes nothing."

Richard blows the train whistle, Simba and Zira stop to hear a whistle, then they turn to see a train coming at them, Simba and Zira stare at the train that is still blowing it's whistle, when the train got close enough to force both Simba and Zira off the track on to ground, the Outsiders and the Pridelanders circled Zira and Simba, train stops blowing it's whistle, as the train comes to a stop, then the black Semi and the cars came and made a sudden stop, Then Marcus and the other ran in the middle of the circle, Marcus pointed his RPK at Zira and Lance points his Grease Gun at Simba, Then Richard, Kiara, and Kovu jumped out from the train and landed in the middle with the others as Simba says, " Kiara, Richard."

Zira says, " Kovu." then she growls as she says, " Move."

Simba says, " Stand aside."

Kiara says, " Daddy this has to stop."

Richard adds, " Dad you have to drop the war, now."

Simba was surprised as Zira says to Kovu, " You are even weaker then I thought, get out of the way."

Kovu says, " You'll never hurt Kiara, Richard, or Simba, not while I'm here."

Richard says, " And your not gonna get the weapons, while I'm around these lands."

Zira growls as Simba says, " Stay out of this."

Richard says, " Hell no."

Kiara says, " I wise king once told me, ' We are one.' I didn't understand him then, now I do."

Simba was surprised he told his daughter this, then he says nervously, " But... they..."

Kiara says, " Them, us, look at them, they are us, what difference do you see?"

Then for the first time, since the Outsiders were banished into the Outlands, the Pridelanders and the Outsiders realize that they are no different from each other, the rain stopped, Simba smiled at his daughter and his adopted son, Simba realizes for the first time, that Kiara and Richard did this to stop a mistake from ever happening again, Simba nuzzles Kiara and Richard, Lance lowers his weapons from Simba, Zira now see's a chance, " Vitani, now."

Lance points his weapon at Vitani as he says, " Don't you dare."

Vitani says, " No mother."

Vitani looks at Richard, Richard is now smiling at her, Vitani turns to her mother and says, " Kiara and Richard are right."

Vitani walks over to Kovu and Richard as she says, " Enough."

The Outsiders were surprised as Zira threatens, " If you will not fight, then you will die as well."

Lance says with no fear, " Go ahead, kill us all, you and your army." then the Outsiders start joining the Pridelanders, Lance then says, " Or should I say, you and what army." Lance starts laughing, as Zira looks and see her Outsiders have switched sides, Zira says, " Where are you going, get back here."

Simba says, " Let it go Zira, it's time to put the past behind us."

Marcus adds, " Your under arrest for Fraud, Attempt Murder, Attempt to steal weapons, and Local Terrorism."

Zira says, " I'll never let it go."

Simba is surprised that she will not surrender, then she was about to get her paws on those weapons, as she says, " The weapons are mine."

Richard says, " Oh no you don't."

Richard gets in front of her and says, " If you want the weapons you are gonna have get through me, first."

Zira says, " Fine, I did promise you that one day, that you would get a chance to fight me."

Richard says, " Good, it's about time, that I teach you a lesson, for messing with me, my friends, my family, and even my blood family."

Then Zira and Richard started fighting each other, she did all of her tricks in her attacks, and Richard did some tricks that Zira didn't know in his attacks, When Richard pinned her down, Zira did a real dirty low trick on him, then without warning, she swiped Richard with her claws out and gave Richard a scar on his left eye, Zira, Simba, Kovu, Kiara, and everybody else was shocked, Everybody now see's the scar on his left eye, Zira has just scared another person, yesterday Richard was shot by Scar, that wound is a scar now, Zira gave Kovu a scar over his left eye, now she gave Richard a scar, just like what happened to Kovu, Richard gets mad, Zira now see this and decides to crack down Richard, " You look like my mate, but only in dog form."

Richard says, " Shut up, don't want to hear it!"

Zira then says, " Oh, but Richard, you did something like he did, you have the same scar like him, you have the same dark past like him, you have the same blackness in your heart like him, and you even killed someone like him."

Richard says, " No, I did not kill anybody, that was accident back then, but was I still arrested for no reason, you can not mess with my emotion."

Zira smiles as she says, " But you Richard Crews, are his adopted grandnephew, you should be a leader, in the name of Scar."

Richard get even more mad as he says, " No, I do not want to be his next in line, no one can make me, not even you."

Zira says, " But you at lease got some of Scar in you."

Richard realizes that she is playing mind games on him, then he smiles as he faces Zira while he says, " You know what, I think that your right, as a matter of fact, I do."

Zira did not expect that to happen, Richard for the first time have won against her mind game, Richard then pounced on Zira, then they fought against each other, Zira then tried to bite on Richard's neck, but Richard was faster then her, then Richard grabbed her head, and hit her head on the front of his Semi, he kepted on hitting her head until see couldn't take it anymore, she dropped to the ground, Richard was out of breath as he says, " Whoa, man."

Richard looks at the readers, reading this story as he says, " Bad guys these days, they just don't know when to give up."

Richard laughs as he walks back to the others, Zira got up and pounced on Richard, as Kiara pounced on Zira, as they all three went down to the side of a high peak, Simba gets worried as he says, " Kiara."

Richard friends also are worried for Richard, as Moe says, " Richard."

Simba climbs down to rescue his daughter and his adopted son, " Kiara, Richard."

Richard, Kiara, and Zira kepted on falling, then Kiara and Richard use their claws as they are safe, but for Zira she is not lucky, she is now hanging on the side, Nala calls out to her daughter and her adopted son, " Hold on Kiara and Richard."

Nala hears a sound, she turns to it and see the dam, keeping the water back, brake as the River is now following free and fast, Nala gets worried, then she calls to her mate, " Simba, the river."

Simba see's the river as he try's to get his daughter and his adopted son, Zira is now hanging on for her life, Kiara and Richard try's to help Zira, as Kiara says, " Zira, give me your paw."

Zira swipes her paw away, as she slips, Kiara try's again, " Zira, come on."

Zira is now desperate to be saved, as Kiara says, " We'll help you."

Richard says, " It's now or never, Zira, come on, come on."

Zira looks into Richard's eyes and see that there is kindness and peace in them, she realizes that Richard would give up his live to safe her, Zira try's again one last time, but it was too late, she slipped and fell in the river and disappeared, to never be seen again.

Kiara and Richard are relieved that the war is over, as Simba calls to them, " Kiara, Richard."

Kiara says, " Daddy."

Richard says, " We tried."

Then Kiara and Richard grabbed Simba's paw, then in about a few minutes, they are back with everybody, Nala nuzzles Kiara, then Richard heard sirens coming then he saw police cars, SWAT trucks, and cars with red lights on them, then two humans, along with a German Shepherd with body armor on him that says C.I.A. on it, Richard knows that these people must be the C.I.A. and MI6, Richard meets with them, " Hello there gentlemen and lady, I'm Richard Crews."

The C.I.A. leader says, " Hello there, I am Alan Paul, the director of the C.I.A. and this my friend Mack, the director of the animal division of the C.I.A."

The MI6 leader says, " I'm M, the director of MI6."

Richard says, " Thanks for coming, I have been waiting for you guys."

Mack says, " You are one tough dog Richard, you have what we are here for?"

Richard says, " Indeed, They are inside the truck, in the trailer."

The C.I.A. and MI6 got two Semi's ready, they emptied half of the trailer, the first half was put on the Semi heading for a MI6 base in Nairobi, as the truck for the C.I.A. hooked up the trailer to it, Paul, M, and Mack thanked Richard, and his friends and family that protected the load from falling into enemy hands or paws for that matter, for Richard's first reward, he got his CDL back, is Commercial Drivers License, then the C.I.A. and MI6 left, then everybody hears a dog barking from Pride rock, as John says, " The pups are born."

Richard says, " Oh no, I got to get back to Debbie."

Kiara says, " Can we ride with you?"

Richard says, " Sure, Vitani, your gonna ride with me, I want to talk to you."

Vitani says, " Okay."

Marcus got everybody on the train, as Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kovu, and Vitani, got inside Richard's truck, they all head to Pride rock, but Richard was in no hurry, he wants to talk to Vitani, he see's that Vitani looks ashamed of herself, Richard cheers her up, " You okay, Vitani?"

Vitani says, " Yes I'm okay, Richard?"

Richard says, " Yes?"

Vitani says, " I'm sorry, for trying to kill you, I just didn't know, what was going on with my mind."

Richard says, " That's okay Vitani, I forgive you."

Vitani says, " You do?"

Richard says, " Yes, I will let you know, that for now on, we are friends for good."

Vitani smiles as she thanks Richard, then Kiara says, " I can't wait to my niece and nephew, Richard."

Richard says, " Don't worry, when we get to Pride rock, you will see them."

Then a truck horn was heard, as a Green 36T Semi hits Richards truck, as Richard says, " What the hell."

Inside the green Semi, is Scar, he is driving a Semi, as he says, " I got you right where I want you."

Richard now is trying to drive away, as Vitani asks, " What was that?"

Richard says, " It's Scar."

Richard and Scar both drive into a river harbor, which is part of the human world, Vitani asks, " What are you gonna do?"

Richard says, " I'm gonna try to lose him."

Scar still follows them as he says, " You can't escape from me."

Richard ran over some traffic cones, Scar still followed them as he says, " Come on."

Scar gets closer as he laughs, then gets a serious face as he saw the truck was speeding up, then he drove to the left side of Richard's truck as he yells to Richard, " I got you now Richard Crews, your mine."

Richard says, " Not until I get you first, asshole."

Then Scar bumped Richard's Semi, then Richard bumped Scar's Semi two times, Kiara says, " Lose him, Richard."

Richard says, " Hang on, guys, this is going to get bumpy."

Richard and Scar now drove out into the open of the harbor, which looks like a train yard, Scar see's Richard scar on his left eye, Scar picks up his C.B. Radio as he says, " What is that I see on your left eye, Richard."

Richard picks up his C.B. Radio and says, " Your mate did this to me, but she payed the price for it."

Scar says in the C.B. Radio, " Richard, have you ever wandered what really happen on the day of your accident in the United States."

Richard says, " I saw animal running at me, but I never got a good look at it, then I accidentally hit a man on the side of road."

Scar says, " And here is my secret to you... It... was... me."

Richard's eyes widen, as he starts to remember the accident in the United States.

Flashback- four years ago

It is four years ago, in the United States, Richard is a fifteen year old human, driving a load to Washington D.C., he is on the highway, he was driving his very first Semi, a black Frightliner, Richard see's an animal coming at him, it is running to him, it is so dark he can't what is coming to him, then when it got close enough he was a lion with a black mane, brown fur, green eyes and a scar on his left eye, was about to jump on to the wind-shield, but Richard turned the steering wheel, then he saw a man standing outside of his pick up truck, Richard slams the brakes as the man screams, as the Richard's truck ran over the man.

End of Flashback

Richard is now staring at the one, caused this to happen to him from the very beginning, Richard gets mad as he picks up the C.B. Radio and says, " So you are the one who caused my accident back in the United States and toke everything that I had and also toke my humanity away from me, you are going to pay the price, you son of bitch."

Scar bumps into Richard's truck again, as he says in his C.B. Radio, " Yes Richard, I did it, and I will kill you, Richard Crews."

Scar laughs, then get frustrated as Richard bumps him back, then Richard and Vitani see's the Soviet missile train, Vitani use the C.B. Radio to talk to Marcus, " Marcus, do you see, a Black Peterbilt being chased by a Green 36T Semi."

Marcus turns to the two trucks, as he says, " Yeah, I see you."

Vitani says in the radio, " I want you to hit that green truck, and send Scar out of the world for good."

Marcus says in the radio, " Okay, just drive to the other side of the warehouse, and I will take him out."

Vitani puts the C.B. radio down as Vitani says to Richard, " We must get to the other side of that warehouse."

Richard says, " Okay, let's go through, the warehouse."

Richard and Scar both drive inside the warehouse, as Scar says, " You can't escape me, I will get you, Crews."

Then Richard and Scar hit a lot of broils filled with water, as Scar laughs, then Scar hit some pile of sand, he could barely see out of his wind-shield, then he saw that he was about to hit a window, as he says, " No, no, no, no, nooooo."

Scar then lost control of his Semi, he crashed into the window then into some cars, he spined a few times, then the Soviet armed missile train blew it's whistle, as Scar's Semi slide out to the tracks on it's side, then the train hit Scar's Semi even though it was slow, causing an explosion, killing Scar inside, the train slowed down as Richard stopped the truck, Simba, Nala, Kovu, Kiara, and Vitani look at the Semi that is now on fire, then Richard says, " It's over, it's finally over."

Simba says, " You did it Richard, you saved us from Scar."

Richard looks at the Scar's now on fire Semi, as he says, " Yeah I did, let's go home, all of us."

Richard hits the gas paddle and leaves the harbor as the Police department moves in on the train and the Semi that is on fire, while a song begins.

My Greatest Fear- Randy Travis

Randy Travis: Sometime many miles may lay between us, but only for the job I chose to do, What part helps me through my darkest hour, each mile bring me closer to you.

Chorus: Please believe your all I ever wanted, if you should leave I don't what I do, I be like a child afraid of darkness, the Greatest Fear I'll have, is losing you.

Richard, Simba, Nala, Kovu, Kiara, Vitani, and the Pride walk inside Pride rock, to see the Crews family around Debbie, Richard see's Debbie nursing there new puppies, Richard was happy to see them, and was proud to have them, as he nuzzle his mate.

Randy Travis: Haven knows I've always had these demons watching for place to take control, whispering you'll never be there for me, waiting at the end of my road.

Chorus: Please believe your all I ever wanted, if you should leave I don't know what I do, I be like a child of afraid of darkness, the Greatest Fear I'll have, is losing you.

The pitch changes from sad to happy, at Pride rock, C.I.A. and MI6 came at the ceremony of Kovu, Kiara, Richard and his friends that saved the Pridelands from it's doom, C.I.A. and MI6 gave Richard and his friends medals for keeping the load of weapons out of enemy hands and paws, Simba and Nala, let Shenzi, Banzai and Ed stay in the Pridelands, because they changed there way of life, then Simba and Nala, appointed another leader of the Pridelands, they anointed that they now have a Duke in their place, Simba and Nala made Richard as they're new Duke of the Pridelands, which now makes Debbie as his Duchess, Kovu and Kiara have been made as they're next heir to the Throne, Simba and Nala said that the duke has equal rights ans wrongs and also had the same amount of power as the king does, Richard made a bow to them, as he joined his Adopted Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother-in-law, as they roared first along with Moe and the pride, then Richard and his friends and his biological family barked, then the C.I.A. and MI6 fired there weapons into the air as the animals cerebrated, then Simba looks into the sky as Mufasa says from the sky, " Will done, my son."

The wind blows in Simba mane, then Richard fells the wind blowing around him, as he see leafs gather around right in front of him, and made an image of Mufasa smiling at him, as Mufasa says to Richard, " I'm proud of you, Richard, my grandson."

Richard tears as he says, " Thank you, grandfather."

Then Mufasa goes back into the sky as he says, " We are one."

As the song is still on.

Randy Travis: Alone I wander through this world no meaning in my life, then I found you and finally saw the light.

Chorus: So please believe your I ever wanted, if you should leave I don't know what I do, I be like a child afraid of darkness, the Greatest Fear I'll have is losing you, the Greatest Fear I'll have is losing you.

The song ends as another song begins, as the ending credits are on.

Driving my life away- Rhett Akins

Rhett Akins: Well the midnight headlights, find you on a rainy night, steep grade up ahead slow me down making no time, But I gotta keep a rollin', cause the wind-shield wipers slapping out a tempo keeping perfect rhythm with the song on a radio, yeah gotta keep a rollin'.

Chorus: Oh I'm Driving My Life Away, looking for a better way, for me, Oh I'm Driving My Life Away, I'm looking for a sunny day.

Rhett Akins: Well the truck stop cutie, coming on to me, try to me in to a ride, said I wouldn't be sorry, oh she was just a baby, hey waitress pour me another cup of coffee, pop me down, jack me up, shoot me out, flying down the highway, I'm looking for morning.

Chorus: Oh I'm Driving My Life Away, looking for a better way, for me, Oh I'm Driving My Life Away, I'm looking for a sunny day.

Rhett Akins: Well the midnight headlights, find you on a rainy night, steep grade up ahead slow me down making no time, Yeah gotta keep a rollin', cause the wind-shield wipers slapping out a tempo keeping perfect rhythm with the song on a radio, lord gotta keep a rollin'.

Chorus: Oh I'm Driving My Life Away, looking for a better way, for me, Oh I'm Driving My Life Away, just looking for a sunny day, Oh I'm Driving My Life Away, I'm looking for a sunny day.

The End.

This the last chapter of Black Dog, I hope you liked it, I will say good bye, everybody.