Jinx steadily kept her eyes down as she easily heard her schoolmates hissing about her. She continued her steady walking pace, never faltering. If there was one thing she learned from her past 17 years, it was that if one let the others get the impression that she was weakening, they would pounce, like ravenous wolves, to her slight faulty.

She kept her eyes lowered.

These people judged her, because her skin wasn't a bronze tan, because she didn't have sparkling blue eyes and glittering blond hair. She almost wanted to laugh.

People were fools.

"It's Wally!"

There was a split reaction; half of the girls erupted in enormously loud giggles, covering their mouths with their perfectly manicured hands, whereas the other half allowed sighs of longing to pass from their lips. Half of the male population greeted him with friendly slaps on the back and knowing grins, the other half gazing at him jealously, tension crackling among them.

The "wisecracking, cocky, know-it-all pretty boy", as he was known as by most of his teachers, casually sat back in his seat, grinning as he winked at some of the hopeful fan girls. He was surrounded by adoring classmates and the like, all desperate to catch a little of his popularity.

Jinx quietly snorted as she saw him. Wally West, star running back? More like Wally West, star running backwards.

She kept her eyes averted, hands clenching. People like him didn't realize how lucky he was. At school people loved, worshiped, revered and adored him. At school, people spat on, hissed at, bullied and ostracized her. She kept her head down as she continued to read the book she had recently borrowed from Gizmo.

Although it was really the small genius who dealt with the technology, Jinx felt compelled to understand as much as he did. After all, they had an enemy who apparently knew his technology as well.

She gritted her teeth. She knew he was coming tonight. He always did. It was almost as if he considered the Hive Five headquarters his second home.

Well she wouldn't take it! She wasn't just a member of the Hive Five, she was the leader; she was going to make sure that tonight was his last night of humiliating them all.

You say that every night she taunted herself. But you always let him get away.

"Watch out, freak!"

Jinx let out a small squeak as something sloppy, wet, and white, smelling very strongly of paint, hit her in the back of the head. The girls in the class erupted in squeals and 'Ewwwww!'s while the guys who threw it slapped high fives.

"Let's clean off this filthy piece of grime!"

Jinx let out a loud gasp as someone dumped water over her head, thoroughly soaking her. In the real world, in the outside world, she was the cunning, deft, agile, catty sorceress Jinx of the Hive Five. But in school, she was just pathetic, hopeless, foolish, clumsy Jeni Vhix. Here, she was just their plaything.

She fought to control her anger. Let them steal her pride.

But she wouldn't let them near her dignity.

And besides…later tonight, she would be stealing from their parents.

"Hive Five, attack pattern alpha!"

The villains laughed as they began to unleash their awesome powers to the shocked and scared bank employees.

The bank tellers ran, shouting in fright as Jinx unleashed a simple breaking hex that tore off the chain locks.

"Come on, let's hurry and go," Jinx muttered as she watched a Billy Numerous greedily grab a sack of money and hug it like a pillow.

"What's up with you, Jinx?" See-More asked curiously as she moodily stayed to the side. She opened her mouth, closed it cautiously, then reopened it.

"Just… Just um-"

"Girl problems," See-More nodded. "Got it."

Jinx was grateful for this distraction, but couldn't help but to feel slightly annoyed that he assumed right away it was something pertaining to the fact that she was a female.

"We got the dough! Let's crash!" Gizmo said frantically as, bags stuffed in their hands, they headed for the front door.

The police idiots were guarding the back, as if expecting the six criminals to calmly walk out of the exit of the safe, and hand back the money. Jinx narrowed her eyes.

That was easy… TOO easy… where is he? He's taunting us, I know it!

"Ha!" Gizmo laughed smarmily. "That snot-munching hero Kid Flash isn't here! That'll teach him to mess with us, that pit-sniffing- whoa!"

"You know, you really ought to choose better cuss words," Kid Flash shook his head. "I don't like a young boy like you learning the wrong points of English language."

"Get him!"

"Attack pattern, gamma!"

He easily dodged out of the way, refusing to allow himself to be trapped within the Hive Five members, which they tried desperately to do.

"Sorry I'm late," he said casually, as if being a few minutes late meeting with a friend. "There was a fire, a burglary, a drowning kid, and a taco stand on the way here. You know, the usual."

Jinx gritted her teeth. "Today is the last day, Kid Flash!"

"Of what?" he grinned cockily. "You refusing to go out on a date with me?"

Jinx nearly tore her hair out, but kept calm. "You wish! Now!"

"Hehehehe! See ya, sucker!" Gizmo towered over him on his gigantic mechanical spider legs, and pressed the button.

"Huh? Whoa!" Kid Flash yelled in surprise when a blinding light erupted on the floor beneath him.

"Finally! We've got him!" See-More called excitedly as he looked down at the unconscious hero before him.

"Don't get so excited yet," Jinx scowled. "We always manage to get him back to the Hive Five Headquarters somehow, but he always somehow manages to escape in the end."

"Okay, so far, what have we done with him?"

Jinx lightly tapped her pencil against the pad of paper.

"We tried giving him to Madam Rouge."

"Yeah, and she ended up beating up Jinx," Mammoth snickered. Jinx's eyes momentarily flashed, and the sandwich he was about to bite into burst everywhere.

"Hey! That took me twenty minutes to make!"

"We tried brainwashing him into stealing stuff for us…"

"But he wasn't actually brainwashed, and just used the opportunity to escape."

"We tried putting him up for ransom…"

"Yeah, but the cruddy Teen sniffin' Titans came, and while we were fighting, he escaped, kicked our butts, and they left."

"We tried to take him apart to see what makes him tick."

"Yeah, and he managed to take apart the building from it."

Jinx sighed in exasperation. "Then what do we do?"

Her eyes trailed over to the unconscious boy, and frowned. Before, everything always seemed to be easy and said and done.

But now…

After the list of what they had tried, just trying to touch him seemed hard.


Jinx dropped her pad and paper.

"His identity," she breathed. See-More gazed at her quizzically.


"Let's take off his mask," she said, starting to breathe more quickly. "If we can find out who he is, maybe we can find out where he lives and attack him in civilian form."

"Dang, that's- that's…. actually a pretty darn swell idea," Billy Numerous said, looking impressed. Jinx smirked, and stepped over to the unconscious boy draped unceremoniously on their dining table.

"Here goes," she let out a deep breath and reached for his mask.

DUN DUN DUUUUUUN! What will happen to our favorite hero?

Find out in the next chapter! I'll try to update if enough people are interested... I don't really know if this is good yet or not though...