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Kid Flash finished laying out his plan for the Teen Titans. He was met with five pairs of stunned eyes (well, four and a half, since Cyborg's red eye technically couldn't portray emotion).

"Wow… but how are you going to get her there?"

"Leave that to me," he said confidently. "Please, you guys?"


Robin stood and answered for all of them. "We're in."

Jinx slowly opened her eyes as sunlight streamed in and coaxed her to awaken. She looked around, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She winced, as she felt something painfully unfamiliar in her… area. Her eyes widened as the events of last night flew back into her mind.

I'm free… See-More is gone. Wally knows everything. And…

She winced again as she stood up, trying to will the soreness to go away. Last night… Wally had apparently waited for her for way too long, according to him. He wanted her too badly. She couldn't help a slight giggle.

No wonder he was so popular back in high school… he really is a god in be- oh, geez, Jinx! Not the time!

She looked around. It had been a while since she had been at his place. He had insisted on her staying with him, after they had left the HIVE Headquarters. The Teen Titans were still there, trying to collect data using the HIVE's mainframe computer in order to check for any other villains that may have slipped away.

Kid Flash, however, stated that he and Jinx had "places to be", and before she could punch him, amidst the knowing looks the Titans gave them, he picked her up and dashed her off to his apartment. Before she could argue, he firmly stated that she would be staying with him ("Come on, Jinx, you owe me…". Well, she couldn't really deny that), and the two of them shared a quiet dinner together.

After the dinner…well, they were emotional, and desperate, and soon, Jinx was discovering why all the girls in high school wanted him so badly.

Jinx swiftly shook her head, suddenly wondering where he was. When she had woken up, his side of the bed was empty. As if to answer her question, she heard a loud "Damn!" coming from the next room. She blinked in confusion and, after throwing on the T-shirt he had lent her, she went to see what the problem was.

"…Wally? What are you doing?"

He turned to look at her guiltily. "Oh… sorry, did I wake you?"

"Er… no, but what is all this?" she looked around at the mess he created, papers strewn all over the floor. He smiled sheepishly.

"I, uh, got a little frustrated."

"About what?"

"Well… one of my classes… isn't exactly easy," he muttered. She giggled.

"Need some tutoring?"

His eyes lit up. "Would you?"

She nodded and made his way over to him. He winced.

"Uh, Jinx?"


"Could you wear something else first?"


"Because…" he enunciated slowly. "I am getting very distracted by my very attractive girlfriend who is currently wearing my shirt and it doesn't help that we made mind-blowingly amazing love last night."

Jinx's face grew as red as Wally's hair.

"Y- You… augh!" she shrieked out of embarrassment more than anything. He couldn't help a teasing grin.

"It's okay… women usually can't hold back."

"Screw you, West!"

"You already did."

She promptly sent out a hex that accidentally made all of the buttons on his shirt fly off.

"Now, Jinx, if you wanted me to take off my shirt, all you had to do was ask."

"I'll kill you!"

She froze as she was interrupted in her, uh, mission, by a loud growl.

"…how about after breakfast?" Wally asked sheepishly.

Jinx shook her head.

"Come on, Wally, the answer is x+5," she said exasperatedly. "This is stuff we learned back in high school!"

"I suck at math!" he retorted. "You do it then, if you know it so well!"

"Fine I will!" she stuck her tongue out at him and did the assignment. He silently looked it over, and then nodded.

"All right… I think I get it now. I'll do the next assignment on my own. Thanks."

He suddenly realized something.

"Oh, yeah… I have something for you."

Jinx waited as he went into his room, and then reemerged with a pile of papers.

"'How Meta-humans Are A Necessity For Our Society'?" she asked skeptically. He nodded.

"I, uh, actually meant to give that to Lena," he admitted. "Since she, you know, told me about writing for someone… so in the end, my essays are always meant for you, I guess."

She stared. "That… was surprisingly romantic, West."

"Well, you know," he said smugly. "I try."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm sure you do."

"So… could you correct it?"

It was like high school all over again.

"Say…" he said suddenly after she finished. "How about a game?"

"Wally, I know you don't want to, but you have to do your homework."

"No, but I mean… let's do an essay game."

She stared at him as if he had grown two heads. "Essay… game?"

"Yeah. Let's each write an essay."

She shook her head. "Why would you want to write an essay?"

"Come on," he wheedled. "It'll be fun."

"Oh, all right," she rolled her eyes. "What's the topic?"

"Hmm… how about… the necessity of education for each individual."

She gaped at him. "What's with that serious topic?! Why not something like 'Technology' or 'Your political views' or something!?"

"I want that topic," he said stubbornly. "And… go!"

Before she could argue he bent his head over the paper and began scribbling away. She sighed and started hers as well.

1 hour later…

"And… done!" Wally cried gleefully. Jinx finished dotting her last i.

"Me too."

"Let me see!" Wally grabbed her paper. "Hmm…. Interesting… well, I'll read it later."

Her mouth dropped.

"Okay, West… seriously, what is going on? You're acting really weird. This is just beyond strange."

"You'll see," he said in a singsong voice. "Well, you did well so you get a reward."

"Woof," she said dryly. He chuckled.

"So what do you want?"

She shrugged. "I don't really want any- whoa!"

She let out a small shriek as he swept her up.

"Are you sure?" he said quietly, his husky voice sending chills through Jinx's body. He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her, his eyes sparkling eagerly. She reluctantly pushed him away.

"I'm sorry, Wally," she confessed. "It still kind of… hurts."

His expression changed to one of concern. "Oh… damn, I forgot. I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine," she assured him. "Just give it a day or two and I'll be good."

"One day is a long time," he whined. She rolled her eyes.

"Oh, come on… It's just one-mmph!"

She accepted his passionate kiss, cheeks flushed as he guided her to the couch. He came away from her, grinning.

"There are ways to wait," he said simply and the two of them resumed kissing, Wally's arms tightening around her small body.

I am never letting you go again. Ever.

Jinx flopped into the bed, exhausted. After their making-out session (Jinx still turned pink at the thought of it), Wally had whined incessantly for her help in his other subjects. Although she had put up a fuss, she found herself helping him with almost all of his homework. She shook her head.

Wally was smart, she knew it. Why on earth was he asking for help on topics that could have easily been done?


She shook her head. If there was one thing she knew about him, it was that he worked hard. Surely, he wasn't doing all of this because he simply didn't have the fire to, right?

She sighed and lay down.


She sat up and looked towards the door.

"Going to bed without me?" he teased. She scooted over to make room for him as he dashed into his pajamas and slid into the bed.

"You know…" he murmured, as Jinx's eyelids grew heavier. "My bed always did feel a little too empty before…"

She smiled as he gently took her into his arms, and she soon fell asleep, encompassed in his warmth.

After ensuring she was asleep, he dashed back into his Kid Flash outfit and, giving her one last cautious look, grabbed his backpack and left the building.

The old man Wally went to visit rubbed his eyes.

"It will be tomorrow, I trust?"

"Yeah," Wally nodded. "Here's the stuff you asked for."

The old man nodded. "It seems to be in order."

"Okay… I'll bring her as promised. You have everything ready, right?"

"Of course."

"See you then. And… thanks," he mumbled. The man smiled.

"My pleasure."

Wally casually walked out of the building, and, entering an alley, reemerged as nothing more than a gold and red streak. The old man, who hadn't seen this, was too busy looking through the things Wally had brought him. He couldn't help a chuckle.

He did love surprises.

Jinx awoke slowly to see…green eyes?

She shrieked and sent a hex flying out, which Starfire gracefully avoided.

"Forgive me, friend Jinx!" she said, gently holding out her hands to appease the girl. "I was merely checking to see if you were awake."

"I am now," she gasped, heart pounding. "For crying out loud, Starfire, don't do that!"

"I will not in the future," she assured her. "I apologize. But Kid Flash wishes to meet with you."

"Well… where is he?" she asked. Starfire merely giggled.

"You will have to find him. Ah, here…"

She handed Jinx some new clothes in the sorceress' size. "You will need to go out, so it is best you wear civilian clothing."

Jinx nodded and began to change. "Where can I find him?"

"He said to look in places pertaining to him," Starfire advised before Jinx left. Starfire pulled out her Titans communicator.

"Jinx has left."


Jinx thought meticulously. Wally knew that she wouldn't be able to fly all the way to France, so she sincerely doubted it would be another country. She bit her lip. Was there any clue from yesterday?


Her eyes widened and she ran towards a certain destination, determined.

She approached the streetlamp, where what felt like so long ago, Wally had given her the best kiss of her life (although she would never admit it to anybody). She looked around, disappointed.

"Good guess, but no."

She whirled around to see Beast Boy, smiling sheepishly.

"He thought you might come here, but it's not here."

"Well, then where is he?" she demanded. He grinned.


He held out a small knapsack. "You might need it."

It was empty. Jinx frowned as she looked up in confusion.

"You might be carrying a lot of stuff later," he explained. "So it's best you carry it."

She shrugged and took it… then paused. She suddenly had an idea as to where the next location was.


Jinx whirled around to see the two birds of the Teen Titans. Robin and Raven stood before her, both quiet and mysterious in their own ways.

"He thought you might come here, but it's not here either."

She flopped down in frustration, sitting on the grass with a huff. She had been so sure it would be the place they had confessed their feelings to one another!

Raven looked around the large field of dandelions.

"I don't even want to know," she muttered. "Anyways, here."

Robin and Raven both reached down and each took the end of a long piece of silky, black cloth that had been nestled within the dandelions. Jinx tilted her head… and then her mouth dropped. She suddenly realized there were holes in the cloth. It was something to be worn.

It looks more like something one would see in a fashion boutique run by Raven…


"You have to take it," Raven said in a voice that said Jinx was leaving with the, uh, gown, whether she liked it or not.

"What is this…?" she muttered. Although black was her favorite color, the gown had no form to her shape. She gritted her teeth, but allowed the two heroes to put the gown in her backpack. She blinked.


She suddenly realized another possible place Wally could be, and after thanking the two (rather reluctantly), she ran off, trying to remember the times for the next bus to Steel City.


She sighed, slumping as Cyborg stood outside of her teahouse.

"He thought you'd be here, but definite no."

Through the glass, Jinx could see Eddie and, to her slight surprise, Rose in an apron, wiping a table. She couldn't help a smile.

Looks like they're doing well…

"Good try, Jinx," Cyborg grinned. "But I think you're forgetting an important place."

"What is he planning?" she demanded, but he just shook his head.

"Once you find him you'll know," the metallic man said amusedly. "Oh, by the way… here."

He held out a small jewelry box and Jinx's breath caught.


She opened it to see a small simple ring, a sapphire in the middle.

Like his eyes…

"Go," Cyborg said softly. "Keep guessing."

Finally, Jinx ran back to the bus stop. She had one last place. It was worth a shot…

She paused as she saw something that made her blink.

Isn't that… Wally's jacket?

She went to pick it up… and shook her head as she saw his shoe a few meters away, on the other side of a gate she wouldn't dare cross otherwise.

Wally had better have a good reason for this… she took a deep breath, and walked in to the school grounds of Jump City High School.

Little by little, other things that belonged to him began to guide her all the way up to the school roof. What she saw there was completely unexpected.

There was a single row of chairs, and split between the ten chairs, was a long aisle, which led up to the podium, where an old man was waiting. And he looked familiar… Jinx swallowed. Could it really be…?

"You made it."

She swallowed again and turned.


The past few events flew by in her mind, and finally, she blurted out, "What's going on?"

He grinned and indicated toward her ring. "Isn't it obvious?"

She shook her head. "I don't get it."

"Put on the gown."

"That's not a gown, it's a-"


"All right, all right."

With some difficulty, she forced it over her head, where it hung on her like some sort of overgrown, black robe. Next to her, Wally was throwing the same robe over his head.


Jinx's mouth dropped as Wally smiled, reaching for her hand. He pressed the small jewel, and Jinx felt the familiar feeling of a holograph coming over her.

"We're graduating."

She turned to look at the old man, and suddenly realized why he looked familiar. It was the principal of Jump City High. Looking down at herself, she suddenly realized that she had transformed to an older version of Jeni Vhix.

"H- How…?"

"Cyborg," he said simply, and she suddenly realized that it was no coincidence that the robotic man had been the one to give her the holograph ring.

"But… how… I mean… I didn't finish finals and pass the-"

"Yes, you did."

She stared in confusion, until it finally dawned on her.

"Wait a minute… so that homework yesterday… was the finals?!" she shrieked. "You could have let me study for it, Wally West!"

She firmly punched his arm.

"Ow!" he ruefully rubbed the hurt area. "Okay, sorry, but I knew you'd be able to do it! Come on, you were the smartest girl in our grade! And you apparently passed with flying colors!"

"But… But you already…"

"I didn't graduate," he shrugged. Jeni's eyes could not have gotten any rounder.

"What?!" she shrieked. He winced.

"Uh… I kind of asked the school to hold on to my diploma until I found you again… hehe?" he smiled awkwardly as she stared at him.

"You did that… for me?"

"Yes, now let's get moving," he grinned, ushering her towards the front as the music began to blare. "I've been waiting for this diploma for who knows how long."

She dazedly followed him to the front, and sat down in one of the empty chairs, and for the first time, noticed that next to the principal, stood…

"Mrs. Raleigh? Mr. Harper!? Mrs. Koffenbaum?" she said in disbelief. Her teachers were all standing there, smiling at her (although she noticed Mrs. Raleigh was definitely getting teary-eyed).

"Shhh… they know now…" he soothed her. "They still wanted to come when they heard about it from Principal Walters."

Jeni felt tears coming into her own eyes. Her teachers forgave her! Even though she had blown up the school and admitted she was a criminal, they came to her graduation!

She sniffed quietly as the music died and the principal took the podium. He began a long, winded speech of how each student was entitled to a proper education, so on, so on… Jeni felt the nervousness roiling in her stomach… until…


She turned to stare at Wally, who had suddenly put something on her head. She blinked as she felt the heavy graduation cap on her.


"You'll be fine," he assured her as the principal called Jeni's name. She slowly stood, and made her way to the front.

"Congratulations," the principal smiled, handing her the one thing she had dreamed of since she had ever started going to high school.

She stared at the diploma, 'Jeni Vhix' written in fancy script in the center, and had to bite her lip to not cry. She shook the principal's hand, and then moved to the right where she shook hands with the other teachers. Each of them smiled at her.

"We're proud of you, Jeni."

"You be good now, okay?"

"You're meant for great things."

She felt tears collect in her eyes again, and nodded, clearing her throat.

"I will do my best," she said quietly. "Thank you."

She moved over to allow Wally room to shake hands with the teachers as well.

"Mr. West, I just have one question for you," Mrs. Raleigh stopped him before he moved away. "…do you regret getting tutored now?"

He grinned at her. "Mrs. Raleigh, I'll be honest… even when I said I regretted it, I don't think I regretted it once in my life. Thanks."

She smiled and released his hand.

"You have officially graduated. Congratulations."

"Finally!" Wally cheered, throwing his cap in the air. Jeni stared.

"High school tradition," he explained. She smiled and followed suit. The two caps flew in the air, and fell back to the earth next to a happily embracing couple.

"Thank you!" Jeni called out to the teachers. They smiled and one by one, each of them filed down back to the school, followed by the principal. Before they left, however, they paused, looking at each other.

"Well… Wally West…"

"The wisecracking, cocky, know-it-all pretty boy…"

The three teachers automatically turned to see said person, hugging Jeni Vhix, laughing happily.

"Who would have thought?" Mrs. Koffenbaum mused, and they nodded in agreement before going back down to the school.

"Well, now that the ceremony's over, let's celebrate!" He ripped off the gown and his clothes in one go to reveal his Kid Flash costume beneath.

Jeni's eyes widened at the déjà vu. "West, don't you-!"

And the world swirled in color again.

"-dare," she said weakly. He grinned.

"Come on… Brandy misses you."

She looked up… and smiled as she caught sight of the familiar diner.

"Welcome to Randy's!"

"Who are you?"

Jinx looked up in surprise. After the long day's events, the two of them had come back to Wally's apartment, and were currently cuddling on the couch.

She laughed. "What's with the random question?"

"I want to know… who you think you are," he insisted. "I think you're Jinx, and you're Jeni, and you're Lena, but… who do you identify as?"

She smiled.

"For now…"

She leaned up and kissed his cheek.

"I'm just Kid Flash's partner-in-crime, Wally West's tutor, and conveniently enough, both of those boys' girlfriend."

He grinned. "Good enough for me."

She leaned back on him, but jumped as she felt her Titans communicator ringing.

"I'm going to have to get used to this thing," she muttered as she flipped it open.

"Who is it?"

"Dr. Light," Jinx tilted her head. "Hmm… I guess he didn't come to the Brotherhood's side."

"Well, let's go!"

Jinx relaxed her body and allowed Kid Flash to carry her all the way to the crime scene.

The two came in time just to hear Cyborg saying, rather smugly, "Maybe we oughta show him who he's up against…"

"He's totally gonna freak this time," Raven said, the smug tone in her voice as well. Jinx took her position, smiling. It didn't matter who she was.

She was a Titan now. She belonged to someone.

And with that thought, she threw herself in the fight against evil.

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