It was just another typical day in Seatle. The sun was out and people were enjoing their summer while over at the usual locale, reapers were eating waffles and getting ready for work. Ruben as usual was the first to arrive and he drank coffee and had eggs over easy with brown toast and his bacon extra crispy. The waitresses didn't mind that he stayed longer than everyone else, because he was by far the best tipper they ever had. He would even toss in an extra bit to make up for the lack of appreciation when he friends couldn't afford their own. In return for that appreciation, Ruben's coffee was never empty, nor was he ever asked to leave to make room for new clients coming in. Things were always pleasent between Ruben and the staff, but that day the waitress coming over to refill his java could tell something was amiss.

"You all right, honey?" she asked as she refilled his mug.

"I'm good." Ruben said with a half smile. "I've just got one of those feelings."

"What feeling is that?" the waitress asked.

"That today isn't going to be a good day." Ruben honestly answered. "Some people are not going to like what happens today."

"That's life, sugar." the waitress replied. "As long as we still have our health, we can handle anything."

"I agree." Ruben said. "Thanks for the refill."

"You're welcome, honey." she said, "Just keep smiling and that day will get better!"

"I will." Ruben said as he watched her leave. Once she was gone, he turned back to his work and stared at the envelope that was before him. Georgia's second Viper. Odds were she wasn't going to like this one anymore than the first. Didn't matter, Rube thought to himself, George was a big girl and he was confident she could handle it.

He watched and drank his coffee silently as they all walked in one at a time. Halfway through breakfast, he finally spoke. "Georgia, I have something for you." he picked up the envelope and handed it over to her.

"Another one?" George said as she took it from him. She knew exactly what it was. Someone very important was going to kick the bucket and she had to be there to reap them.

"Why is she getting all the Vipers?" Mason said with a hint of jealously.

"That's because she's not a fuck up." Rube replied, "And I guess management was fairly impressed with how she handled her first, just like I was."

"Whatever." Mason said as he stuffed his face with bacon.

George took another long look at the enveolope before finally opening it. She looked at the name and it took a moment to register before she finally remembered. "I can't do this."

"You have to." Rube replied.

"I know this person!" Georgia protested.

"You knew her in a past life." Roxy interupted. "She won't recognize you this time around."

"Who is it?" Daisy asked. Geogia passed the card to Daisy, who stared at it shocked for a moment.

"Let me see that." Roxy said as she snapped it away from Daisy. She looked at it for a moment. "Your first politician. A Senator no less. Impressive."

"It's not the President, mind you." Mason said rather bitterly.

"Let it go, Mason." Rube said with a sly grin. "I can't tell you anything about it."

"That's not fair." George said as she began to whine. "Before the whole... toilet from space thing happened, I only took part in one election since turning eighteen."

"So?" Mason asked.

"So now I'm being asked to reap the only person who I ever successfully elected into office." George said as she pointed to the letter. "That's bullshit!"

"If you know this person." Daisy started, "Would you really want anyone else handling it?"

George paused for a moment. She knew Daisy was right, but that still didn't mean she had to like it. "I guess not. Especially not you." she elbowed Mason in the arm, which caused everyone at the table to laugh out loud.

"Where is this happening?" Roxy asked.

"I know this address... it's a grocery store." Georgia said. "What would a Senator being be doing at a grocery store? Doesn't she have staff to do her shopping for her?"

"Wait." Roxy said as something came back to her. "I remember hearing about this at the station. She's holding a meet and greet with the voters. Kind of like a town hall meeting at that store."

"Something tells me this isn't going to be your typical meet and greet." Mason quietly tossed in.

"Probably not." Rube said as he turned to face Georgia. "You might want to get there early and beat the crowd. That way you can meet the Senator early and shake her hand before the town hall starts." he then tossed out his usual post it notes to the rest of the table. "The same goes for the rest of you. Time to get to work people."

They took their notes and left their table almost immediately. Mason as usual left barely enough to cover his tab. Rube looked over at it and took one of the fives that was on the table and replaced it with a ten. He took a deep breath and then opened the newspaper while the waitress came over to clear the table and refill his coffee.

The waitress still had a smile on her face. "Feeling better, sugar?"

"I always feel better after breakfast." Rube said with a smile. "Must be the service..."