Hi! This is my first FanFic and I hope you like it! :)

I felt a blanket of pain cover my whole side and I slammed into a wall and fell unceremoniously onto the mattress. I'm not going to lie, it was a crappy way to be woken up. Especially when your waking up from being unconscious. Never again will I complain about my alarm clock.

Who am I kidding, I'll probably never see my family let alone my alarm clock again.

You always hear about stories like this but you'd never think they'd happen to you. In this case, it was kidnapping.

All I remember is walking home then being hit on the head with some thing really hard. Then waking up when I got thrown against this wall. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, it cant always be like in the movies, with balaclavas and guys named Tony.

I rubbed my arm gingerly, trying to rub to pain away. I looked down the the mattress I was laying on and instantly jumped of it. It was covered in all kinds of stains that I didn't want to think about. My improv jumping had left me on the floor, but hey, at least it was carpet.

I stood up and looked around. It was a really small room, maybe use to be a walk-in closet. Next to the mattress was a thin strip of space between an old bookshelf. Much to my disappointment, it didn't contain any books.

As I stood there frowning at the bookshelf - maybe hoping my frowning would make books magically appear - it hit me. I had been kidnapped. KIDNAPPED! How was I standing here complaining about stains and bookshelves when I could die any time now? I started pacing up and down the very short strip of space in the middle of the room. My hand were doing some weird fluttering thing and I started speaking strange gibberish sentences like "oh my, but I can't, how did, why, OH MY GOD, this isn't" over and over.

I finally slid down the wall and sat down. Not on the mattress though, I don't care how freaked out I was, I wasn't sitting on that.

Thats when heard the doorknob turn and saw the door start to open. It was like a horror movie happening right before my eyes.

That's when I heard someone come in and shut the door behind them. I had my eyes firmly focused on the floor.

"You've been crying." the voice stated. It was a deep voice, definitely a man, and it made me jump hearing it.

I simply nodded, not wanting to speak. That's when he lunged at me.

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