Ten things you never knew about the girls of camp rock:

Tess Tyler

1. She'd never admit it to anyone, but she was always secretly jealous of Mitchie. She hated that Mitchie had a mom that cared, while the only thing her own mom ever cared about was her fame and herself. She would imagine herself with a mom like Connie, someone who would actually care. Then she would realize that could never happen and tell herself it's no use wondering, while subconsciously comparing her mother to Mitchie.

2. When she was younger, before her mom was famous, she was bullied. People at school teased her about her hair, her clothes, her face, and grades, everything. She never understood why. It stopped when her mom became famous. When that happened, she was grateful for the bullying. It told her who her true friends were, and who was just using her for her money.

3. She never wanted Shane. She could only ever see Jason. That's just how she was. He made her feel… special. Like he didn't care who her mom was, that he only cared about who she was. He made her feel something she hasn't felt in years. Loved.

4. She hates her hair color. People always assume that blondes are dumb and easy. Two things Tess Tyler could never be. Because, you can't destroy a person if you're dumb, and what's the fun in letting every guy you see have a go at you? The chase is her favorite part of a relationship- it always has been.

5. When people call her a bitch, she laughs it off and comes up with a sarcastic come back, pretending it doesn't hurt. But, it really does. It hurts so bad. She hates that people think of her that way, and really wishes she could change herself, but she just feels like she's to far gone.

6. She feels really bad for what she did to Caitlyn all those years ago. She knows Caitlyn has forgiven her, and even though that should make her feel better, it only makes her feel worse. She knows, that in she were in Caitlyn's position, she'd have never even considered forgiving Tess.

7. She's not as confident as she pretends to be. She worries about her weight and zits, her hair just loves to be difficult, and it seems like she can never find the perfect outfit in the morning. But, she knows deep down, no matter how much she complains, she wouldn't have it any other way.

8. The day Jason asked her to marry him, she considered saying no. He deserved better. So much better than her. And she was shocked that he wanted to spend his life with her. Her, out of all people, her. In the end, she couldn't help herself from saying yes.

9. She never truly knew who she was suppose to be. When she was younger, she was always trying to figure it out, but never succeeded. It wasn't until she had her first kid, did she realize who she was meant to be all along. The person her mother never was- a mom.

10. Though Tess looks back on many things and winces, she never regrets a thing. She knows now, that everything she's ever done or gone through, everybody that stepped foot in her life, it's all made her the woman she is today. And that's something to be proud of.

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