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A weak spot

There are days when I want to tell him everything,

tell him how much I hate him sometimes,

tell him he drives me crazy with his stupid lectures.

There are days when I want to forget he's my brother,

forget he exist,

forget everything about him!

There are days when I want to forget

we are just training

so I could hit him so hard… without mercy.

I hate his perfection,

I hate his excessive concern for us,

his overprotection,

his extreme focus on whatever he's doing.

I hate when I fail where he succeed,

when I lose where he wins.

I've wished he wasn't my brother,

I've wished he wasn't here anymore.

In fact, I've wished him dead sometimes.

He know all those things already:

My hate and despise,

my anger and frustration towards him.

He knows that already,

I've told them to him so many times.

But he still loves me,

cares about me;

He still calls me brother and friend.


Because he knows I never mean what I say.

Because he knows I still love him, though he drives me crazy with his mothering thing.

Because I know I'll be lost without him.

I don't really hate him,

I would never really ask him to go away,

I could never wish him really dead.

He's my brother, the Fearless Leader;

he's my best friend,

the only one who truly understands me.

There are days when that little part of my stone heart,

that weak spot,

my weak spot,

makes me tell him I love him…

and that's good.