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Sonika was dressed in her usual outfit, complete with her black arm warmers, and her hair was in it's usual ponytail thing. The only difference was that she was laying on the ground in an alley, her body completely numb. She didn't even know if she was bleeding or not, only that she was cold and tired. Not only that but alone. She'd just finished a fight with two guys from a rival gang and almost won, but since it was just herself against two muscle headed men in such a limited space,she lost and was beaten down. So for now, Sonika just stayed there on the ground, and started to black out.

Gumi was walking around town in her usual orange outfit, complete with wrist length white gloves. Her light green hair was in it's usual style and topped with her goggles. She passed a bar where Haku and Meiko were happily drunk and talking or yelling about nothing, while Meito watched the two. Walking a little further she spotted Neru, who was texting away on her phone as usual, she also saw Kaito and Miku having a heated discusion about leek flavored ice cream.

She looked in the window of a store to find Len and Rin shopping, together always. Dell came out of another store, followed by Hakuo, and started smoking, just as Ted and Teto bumped into them. Gumi couldn't help but giggle as she watched as they were joined by Luka and Gackupo. It was a normal evening for her. As she continued her walk she passed an alley with someone lying on the ground and instantly stopped. Without a second thought, Gumi ran to the strangers side only to find them bruised and bloodied.

Sonika had almost lost conciousness when she heard a frantic, but sweet, voice calling to her. "Hey! Hey! Can you hear me!" Gumi called nudging the dark green haired girl lightly. Sonika replied with a weak sigh that faltered in the middle when she cringed. Gumi was frantic. Deciding she'd take Sonika to a hospital, she hoisted the gangster onto her back and made her way out of the alley and into the street. After getting a ride from Dell, Gumi trudged into the hospital with an unconcious Sonika on her back.

After a few hours, Sonika woke up to a VERY white room. She tried to sit up and cringed, pain surging through her left side. Then by placing her hand on her side, she found that her entire middle section was bandaged, then apon closer inspection, found that the rest of her body was scattered with bandages. She then remembered the voice she heard, someone had helped her. 'Why?' she thought, 'Normally people ignore a beaten down gangster...' Then a certain light green haired girl made her presence known.

"You're awake!" she said happily, "I was worried!"

Sonika recognized the voice and turned her head to see a very cute greenette smiling sweetly at her. "Who are you?" Sonika asked coldly, "Where am I?"

Gumi's smile didn't falter at Sonika's cold tone. "I'm Gumi. You're in the hospital." she replied, "How'd you get so beat up?"

Sonika fingered the bandages around her waist and realized this girl must've thought she was some innocent victim to some crime. 'Figures.' she thought, 'I knew there had to be some reason for a girl like her to help me.' Gumi watched Sonika think, patiantly waiting for an answer. "I was in a fight." she said at last.

"Why?" Gumi asked curiously, she couldn't see why a girl who looked like Sonika, who Gumi thought was attractive and would be to most people, would get into a fight.

"I'm in a gang." she said bluntly, "It's not unusual."

Gumi's face saddened. "Bad things... happen a lot in gangs, right?" she said staring to worry again, "And you got into a fight with other gang members right?"

Sonika was surprised. This girl was worried about her. "It's not the firsy time." she said trying to get out of bed, "I don't lose that often. So boss will go easy on me."

Gumi didn't seem pleased, which surprised Sonika a little. If she had given any of her gang buddies that response they'd have cheerd up. Gumi's displeasure deepend even more when Sonika tried to get up. "You should lay back down." she said, "You have a few broken ribs, and cuts and bruises everywhere."

Sonika looked at Gumi, slight surprised etched on her face. "That's all?" she said examining her self, "I got lucky."

Sonika looked at Gumi again only to find her face sad. For some reason, that face made her heart fall. "I'm..." she said hesitating, "I'm Sonika." At this, Gumi's face brightened.

"Sonika-chan!" she said testing it out, then she smiled, "I like saying it!" The gangster held back a blush and smiled slightly. She liked the way her name sounded when Gumi said it, with her sweet voice and smile, she really loved it.

Suddenly Sonika felt a wave of drowziness come over her, causing her to fall back onto the bed, leaving a frantic Gumi to wait for her to wake up again.

Sonika woke up the next morning to another unfamiliar cieling over her head. She sat up, her body still hurt but not as much. After quickly examining herself, she looked around and noticed she was in a very nice place. The room seemed happy and bright, then she smelled something from outside the room. Sonika stood and, a little groggily, walked out of the room to find herself in a large apartment.

"Sonika-chan!" a voice rang out through the apartment, "You're awake!"

The greenette turned to find Gumi cooking breakfast. "Are you sure you should be up?" the shorter girl asked. "Remember your ribs."

Sonika brushed the question off and asked one of her own. "Where am I this time?" she asked but already guessed.

"You're in my apartment!" Gumi said happily, "I brought you here last night. I'm glad you're feeling better."

Sonika nearly blushed again at Gumi's bright smile. "I'll be going now." she said heading for the door, only to be stopped by the sound of metal hitting the floor and someone latching onto her arm.

"N-No! Don't leave yet!" Gumi pleaded, clinging to the older and taller greenette, "You... You shouldn't leave yet, you're still hurt! And, and I... I-I want you to stay! Please?"

Sonika didn't know how to react. Something like this had never happened to her before. "Sonika-chan..." the girl in orange said while starting to cry, "Don't go...hic."

Sonika sighed and, deciding she didn't like Gumi crying, told the girl she'd stay. Gumi's face brightened, even though there were still tears on her face. "Thank you!" she said hugging Sonika's arm tighter, then she noticed she'd dropped everything at the stove, and, reluctantly, let go.

"Ah! I'm sorry! I'll just clean up and start over!" she said starting to pick up the frying pan, but the gangster shook her head and pointed to the door.

"Let's go out instead, okay?" she said pulling on her shoes. Gumi happily nodded and deposited the dishes in the sink.

"Where to, Sonika-chan?" she asked also pulling on her shoes and gloves.

"Anywhere. There's lot's of places." she replied while waiting in the hall outside the door.

"Okay!" Gumi cheered, smile on full and her face free of tears, "Let's go!"

Sonika allowed herself to be dragged out of the building and into the street. It was only 8:15 a.m. but the sidewalks were already busy with people. Sonika had to fight the urge to hang onto Gumi, for fear the shorter girl woul be swept away by busy crowd. But she was surprised when Gumi grabbed her hand.

'This feels... nice...' she thought, gripping Gumi's slightly smaller hand, 'I wonder what made her do this.'

Gumi was bursting with happiness, she was out with Sonika, her new friend, and the girl she'd recently developed a crush on, and couldn't keep herself from grabbing her hand. She was even happier when Sonika didn't reject it.

When she saw Mikuo talking with Akaito and texting, probably Neru, she had to resist running over and introducing them to the older beauty. "Sonika-chan!" Gumi sang, getting said girls attention, "I know a cafe we could go to."

Sonika thought for a minute, then nodded. She had enough money on her to buy a few things, so it shouldn't be a problem... and the look on Gumi's face made it hard to say no. After walking for a few minutes, Sonika noticed they looked a little strange together. Gumi with her smile beaming like the sun, her light green hair falling lightly just at her shoulders, and giving off a very pleasant aura, was almost the opposite of Sonika, with her solemn face, her dark green hair moving when she turned her head, and seeming dangerous despite her desirable looks.

Her ears picked up murmers about them from a few people they passed. She didn't mind the comments about her, but she barely resisted the urge to hit them when they said things about Gumi. How could they even think someone like her would ever be involved in anything 'bad'? Gumi either didn't notice, or just wasn't bothered by it.

When they arrived at the cafe, the two greenettes ran into Miku and Luka, who instantly greeted Gumi and bombarded her with questions about her new friend. "This is Sonika-chan!" she happily as Luki, Luka's brother, walked up to them.

Sonika simply nodded as a greeting to the three as they introduced themselves. "I'm Miku." said the twin tailed tealette as she then gestured to the pink headed boy and girl, "And this is Luki and his older sister Luka." Luki nodded as Luka smiled and extended her hand to the gangster.

"It's... It's nice to meet you." Sonika said while hesitantly shaking Luka's hand. Gumi seemed happy as her new friend seemed to adjust to the three. Maybe she'd get along with the others too?

That night when they arrived back at Gumi's apartment, Sonika thought about leaving again. But her thoughts were quickly interupted by Gumi. "Sonika-chan... would... would you like to stay here?" she asked timidly, "I-I want you to stay. It gets lonely here by myself." Sonika was, to say the least, speachless. And suddenly all her previous thoughts of leaving were gone, and replaced with an unfamiliar feeling as she nodded and smiled slightly. "I'll stay." she said as she was tackled by the overly happy Gumi, who smiled brightly at her.

Once the two seperated Sonika headed to her room and flopped on her bed. "Night... Gumi." she called hesitantly, her mind starting to have a war with itself over wether she made the 'right' choice or not.

Gumi however, was blushing profusely in the living room. "Ah! Good night, Sonika-chan!" she called back, then ran to her room before a squeal escaped her. Slowly but obviously, Gumi's crush on Sonika was growing. Soon it would turn into love and Gumi would fear she would become another victim of unrequited love and try to surpress her feelings.

And as nearly all fairy tale romances end, both will fall happily inlove, because people deserve a story book ending every now and then. But this won't happen for months, maybe even years. But rest assured it will happen, because no matter what world or demenssion you're in, the one you love is still that.


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