Chapter One

Author's Note:

Even though this is an afterthought because I wanted to see Jake's POV to the original story New Horizon a Jacob and Renesmee Love Story. I think it can stand on its own. You don't have to read Nessie's POV… but it would be nice;) Some people have read both POV's back to back… chapter to chapter to get the full story. But I would be thrilled if you just hung in there for one. (Though you would not see Fred (from Bree Tanner's story) and Nessie's relationship in Jake's POV.) This was my 1 ½ FF and I wrote it over a year ago. I believe that my lemons have gotten better over the year since I've been writing my FF Tempted Fate. (Baw chica wow wow) But I'm still a bit proud of my 1st FF. I hope you enjoy it:)

As you know I own nothing… bla bla bla…lol

I was awake now. I kept my eyes closed trying to enjoy the last few seconds of clarity; when everything in the world is perfectly fine until you start thinking about the complications of the day. The possibilities of chasing vampires, the stubbornness of your father not taking all of his required medicine when he's supposed to, the employees that will mess up an order for a special client at the body shop, the ache in my heart because the woman I love sees me only as an older brother. Ah… That second is over. I rolled over and reached for my remote to turn on my flat screen TV. My father's house looked like a house from Extreme Makeover. That's because Edward and Bella paid to rebuild it and refurnished it as a gift to Billy a few years ago. The entire second floor was designed just for me. I have an awesome master bedroom with a bathroom, a full bathroom down the hall with a large shower and a sunken tub, a guest bedroom, and an office. They gave my father everything from a chair lift to his bed and tub, to designing the kitchen around him so he could easily cook. They also bought him a motorized wheel chair, but he didn't except that. He's very independent and wanted to be capable of moving himself. The Cullen's still have it somewhere in their house just in case he changes his mind. I really appreciate all that they have done for us. Edward even bought me a body shop in Forks. He sometimes comes to help out when it's closed to fix the cars in his vampire speed. I grew pretty close to him over the past years. Well I guess soon after Nessie was born. It's hard to believe that I wanted him dead at one point. Our relationship is weird. I mean we're good friends and all… but he's like a brother and father figure all rolled up in one. He knows that I want to marry his daughter someday. And he's much wiser than I am since he's almost a century in age. I look older than him since he was turned at seventeen. I only look older because I'm 6' 7" and very muscular. I stopped aging when I was sixteen when I first phased into a werewolf. My kind doesn't age as long as they phase. Since I was waiting for Nessie to grow up and want my life span to be as long as hers, I phase frequently. I could be two hundred and still look the same way if I continue to phase. I will have to move away with the Cullen's shortly… in like ten years, because people would get suspicious because they are not aging as well as myself. Even if I don't marry Nessie, I plan to be around her as long as she's alive. I just pray that we will be married someday. She doesn't know about the imprinting. She has no clue how deeply in love with her I am. Edward and Bella have gotten use to the idea of me being their future son-in-law. They give me updates to tell me if they see her showing any signs of a crush on me. I'm just happy to hear that she loves me as family.

She was home schooled all of her life since the Cullen's had to shield her from the public eye. Since she's half vampire and half human… her first few years she grew like a bean stalk. When she was three months old she looked like she was four. She got her period when she was 3 ½. She looked like she was twelve around that time. Her parents promised the Volturi that they would keep her out of the public eye until her growth slowed down. She's stopped growing in the last few years. She's at her full physical maturity now.

I stretched my arms and hopped out of the bed. I had my morning woody as always and went to the bathroom to pee. I took a quick shower and thought of dead puppies to help my erection go down. It works like a charm now. There has been so many incidents that I got hard around her and had to quickly hide it before she noticed. I brushed and flossed my teeth and ran some product through my fingers and styled my hair. I got all of my hair cut off a few weeks ago. I'm trying to get use to it being short again.

I walked back in to the bed room and changed the channel to videos. Beyonce's new video was on. She wears more clothing now after having her three kids back to back. Jay-Z kept her uterus busy. But the weight looks good on her. Mariah Carey on the other hand looks a hot mess. I use to think that she was too cute for Nick Cannon, but now it's the other way around. I put on a pair of underwear and kaki shorts... deodorant and body spray. I looked at my digital calendar. It was August 26th 2014. All of the days and years seemed blurred to me because I'm just waiting for one specific day. The day that Renesmee loves me as a mate and not her best friend.

I looked at the picture of us at Disney Land this summer on my dresser. We both had on the silly looking hat with mouse ears. She looked as cute as a mouse with her dimples. She was smiling ear to ear sitting on my lap. We had a blast that day; even though I couldn't get on most of the rides because I was too tall. We went to the Disney gallery so she could see the art work. She loves to draw. We tormented the actor that played Captain Jack Sparrow by perfectly imitating his voice and making jokes about him. It was interesting going to the Native American story time at the resort hotel we were staying in. My hair was still long then. Everyone was staring at me to give a look of validation after a story was told. I never felt so singled out. Nessie and I thought that was hilarious.

Bella and Edward only came out during the night, so Nessie and I had more time to spend alone with each other. We spent much of the mornings at the water park and stuffing our faces. And at night we went to the House of Blues to see one of her favorite blues artist Jonny Lang. We also went to a club. Her fake id says she's eighteen so she was able to get in. We both don't drink alcohol so we had no need to go to the bar. I showed off a bit on the dance floor break dancing. Little did they know I had supernatural strength and reflexes. Nessie kept a picture of me spinning on my head as her desk top for weeks.

I really would love to go on vacation with Nessie totally alone one day. We've never went anywhere special just the two of us. She might find it creepy since she thinks of me as her brother from another mother. I'm trying to find somewhere we could go where she wouldn't freak out. Maybe take her to Las Vegas so we can see a show and get conjoining rooms? I'll think of something.

I've been on vacation with Nessie and her family numerous of times a year. They always depend on me to make sure she has fun during the day… and of course protect her. I'm her devoted body guard in a sense. I would kill someone in a split second if they ever tried to hurt her; as well as her family. I have killed before to protect her; a few vampires here a few there. This town is a magnet for vampires. Well actually they are everywhere in the world. I'm just pissed that all of them aren't as nice and non- threatening as the Cullen's. They don't kill humans to feed. They only drink animal blood. They're others like them like the clan in Alaska. Her family is even close with vampires that feed on humans, but they never feed on anyone here when they visit. Nessie's grandfather Carlisle is a doctor and orders blood to keep at the house… for guest. Our pack has gotten to know them. They are pretty cool if you can get over the fact that they drink human blood. All of them know that I imprinted on Nessie. They love Nessie so much… I guess they grew to love me as well since they know how much we are a part of each other's lives. We don't have a truce… more of an understanding. It's like when racist parents have a mixed grandchild and all of a sudden their hatred for that race disappears because they can't see color anymore… And finally realize that color is just a color and nothing else. They only see the love they have for the child. Nessie loves them as family, and they adored her since she was born. My heart can't have hatred for someone that Nessie loves so much. My father even grew close to one named Zafrina. She's from South America. She has the ability to make people have illusions. She's pretty if you can bypass her red eyes. Zafrina helps Nessie strengthen her ability to block pain and illusions from other vampires with the same power. It's a new ability she gained a few years ago… along with reading minds. Nessie now has her parent's abilities along with the one she was born with; projecting her thoughts on to someone by touch. I guess her newest abilities were just dormant. She's an amazing creature.

Nessie will be here soon. I told her that I would cook her French toast for brunch. I'm not really a morning person since I stay up at all hours of the night. Nessie may think I am because I can do nothing but smile when I'm around her. No matter how tired I am, it will disappear once I'm in her presence.

I got dressed and headed down stairs. My father was in the living room watching the 65'TV.

"Hey Billy."

"Hey Jacob… You look chipper today."

"Nessie's coming over soon. I'm making her French toast."

"Ahhh... That's nice of you."

My father's lips curled down. He must have been thinking of something.

"So… you guys making any improvement?" he asked.

"No Billy. Things are still the same. I don't wanna rush things. I don't want to scare her off."

"Ok. I understand. But I would like to have grandkids while I'm still alive."

I rolled my eyes and sighed. So this is the pressure some women feel when they're not married with kids by a certain age.

"Billy… when she's ready I will tell her," I said frustrated.

"Well don't wait until she has a dozen boys calling her cell each day asking her out on a date. She's starting high school this year… right?"

Thanks for reminding me that she's going to 11th grade this year. The first time she's attending school at that. Jasper forged some documents making it look like she was always in the school system from a different state.

"Yes, she's planning on enrolling this winter."

"Hey… I'm just trying to keep it real."

Oh God. I hate it when my father uses terminology that's old. It was torture when he was making Snoop Dog phrases for months until I freaked out and told him to stop. I guess he just tries to stay young. He's really good with kids though. Since he's on the chief council, he's very active with activities with our tribe. I guess I shouldn't be too hard on him. He seems to enjoy those phrases.

"I may tell her soon Billy. I'm just trying to find the right opportunity."

"You have to make the opportunity son."


My cell phone rang. It was my cousin Quil. "Billy I'm going to take this outside."

His face lit up. "Oh is it Nessie," he asked smiling. "No… it's Quil." His smile went away and he sighed. I walked out on the porch.

"Hey Quil."

"Hey Jacob. What are you doing today?"

"Nessie's coming over later. I'm hanging with her today."

"What else is new?" he laughed.

"I mean… just by ourselves. We may catch up with you guys later."

"Oh. Well I'm taking Claire to Port Angeles to get some fall clothes with her mother Ann. Then the pack is going cliff diving later."

"That's cool."

"Hey… you're going to be alone with Nessie today?"

"That's what I just said."

"So… are you planning on telling her?"

"No Quil. She's not ready. She doesn't even look at me in that way."

"How do you know if you don't hint to it?"

I subliminally flirt with her every chance I get. It doesn't even faze her. She always thinks I'm playing with her.

"Well I ask her mother and father ever so often if they see any changes of how she looks at me… and nothing."

"Man. That must suck. But be patient my man. At least she doesn't have men chasing after her… well until she goes to high school this year. I think you should tell her soon. Nessie is beautiful… don't kill me for saying that… all in respect. I'm just pointing out a fact."

"Yeah thanks," I said sarcastically.

"Well that's Ann on the other line Jacob."

"Ok, well I'll see ya if I see ya."

"Ok Man."

Jeez… everyone is reminding me that Nessie will be around other guys… most importantly guys who don't know about my imprinting since she hangs around the pack. God don't they know I know that already. Shit it's driving me mad actually. It's like I only have a few months to claim her as my own. Or if not claim her… make her totally confused if she knows I'm in love with her. Quil's at an early stage of imprinting. It's so much easier for him. He doesn't have romantic feelings for her. Claire is only ten years old and he thinks of her as a little sister. He imprinted on her when she was two. He won't have romantic feelings for her until she is of age. He doesn't date anyone else; he doesn't want anyone to fall in love with him. A few women on the reservation have crushes on him and don't understand why he doesn't pay them any attention. They never see him with another woman except for Ann. They think they're related somehow because Claire calls him Uncle Quil. They see him with Claire every other day and think he's the best Uncle in the world not knowing the real connection. That makes the women want him more because they see how good he is with kids. I guess I'm in the same boat… with having admirers. But at least they see me with Renesmee every day since she's stopped growing. They might think that we're dating or something. She certainly doesn't look like a family member. Hopefully one day I can make her a Black.

Nessie has been the same height for a few years now and looks like a teenager other than an eight year old. She will be turning nine in two weeks on September 10th. She's more mature than a human eight year old. I have to wrap my head around the fact that she is not actually a child. In our supernatural world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and shape shifters; she is considered a full adult. Nessie is very sweet. She can be naive at times because she hasn't really experience the real world. She's so trusting and optimistic. I fear that high school is going to eat her alive. But she's extremely book smart. I study her favorite subjects just so that I can keep up with her in conversations. Her brain is like a flash drive. Once she graduates I plan to go to college with her. Hey it won't hurt to learn anything. Hopefully we will be dating or married by then.

I walked back into the house. Billy looked like he had nothing more to say. I was prepared for an entire lecture about Nessie and me. He changed the channel to a game and looked in my direction. "Before I die," he said. Then he turned back to the TV. I smirked at him and went into the kitchen to wash my hands. I took out the bacon, milk, and eggs from the fridge and reached for the bread.

"So you want some breakfast?"

"No thanks I ate already. Plus I'm eating an early dinner with Charlie and Sue later on."


Bella's dad and Seth's mom have been spending a lot of time with each other. They're dating from what Seth believes. She spends the night over his house a lot. Seth has his own house since his mother moved to another one. Seth is twenty three but still looks like he's fifteen. He hasn't imprinted on anyone yet, and he's seen mostly every girl in the res. He's patient though. Not as rushed as I was when I had my desperate moments. I remember like it was yesterday when I sped to that beach in California trying to force myself to imprint on someone. I was so stupid then. The Great Spirit had a plan for me… I just didn't see it then. I was so hung up on Bella, not knowing that fate had to push us together so I would imprint on her daughter. Life is funny that way… but it's all good. Bella is with who she's supposed to be with. They really love each other. Plus she doesn't reek that much being a blood sucker. I mean vampire. Bella and Nessie don't like that phrase that much. "I'm going to my room to watch TV to give you two some privacy," Billy said. Billy rolled his wheel chair to his room with a grin on his face. I finished cooking breakfast and heard the door bell. My heart jumped and I got extremely happy. I knew it was her; I could smell her scent.

"Hey, Nessie," I said in my cheerful voice; how I always greet her.

"Hey, Jacob," she mirrored my tone.

"I hope you're hungry."

"I'm starving."

Nessie sanitized her hands with the Purel that was on the kitchen counter and sat down. She had a pretty dark purple sleeveless dress on. It had darker purple velvet woven in and out at the bottom of it. She looked like a cute grape. I just wanted to pop her in my mouth.

"That dress is really cute Nessie."

"Thank you. Grandpa Charlie bought it for me. It's one of my favorites."

"Because it's purple?"

"Well… that's one reason."

Purple is her favorite color. If it's an electronic in purple… she has it; laptop, cell phone, iPod. Her room is even purple. She was thinking about painting her mustang purple, but I helped talked her out of it. It looks much better in its original color black. Black is one of my favorite colors… and it's not just because my last name is Black. My Hummer2 is black. It's a sexy beast. I bought it a few years ago at an auction in California. It was damaged because it was in a car accident, but I fixed everything at my shop. Nessie doesn't like driving it because it makes her feel like a baby in the seats.

I went in the kitchen to fix her a plate. Nessie was already eyeing the French toast. She went in the cabinet and took out the syrup. She basically knows where most things are in the kitchen even though she's never cooked here. She's cooked breakfast for me many of times at her house. I put two pieces of French toast and some eggs and bacon on her plate and handed it to her. "Thank you," she said smiling. I put five pieces of toast on my plate and a heaping of bacon and eggs and sat down across from her. She eyed my plate and smirked.

"Your stomach amazes me. I would like to get an ex-ray of your body so I can see exactly how big it is," she said.

"We just have a healthy appetite; all pack members. I can't really explain it. It has to do with our metabolism."

"And you don't have an ounce of fat on you," she mused.

I looked down at by bare stomach and poked at it. It was hard as a rock.

"I guess I'm lucky that way?"

She was gazing at me in an unusual way. It would be too premature to think she was looking at me sexually.

"I know you have a photographic memory... but do you want a picture?"

She snapped out of it.

"What… oh I'm not looking at your stomach. Get a grip. I was thinking about my grandma Rene how she's so self conscious about her body. She's really tore up about the divorce and she's exercising like a mad woman… and she's not even fat."

"Well, you gotta tell her that she's beautiful so she doesn't get caught up in the madness. Her husband left her for a twenty year old. She has to know that she's just as good and even better. That Paul is a dick," I stated.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see her in two weeks when she comes down for my birthday."

"Yeah Rene is a riot. I hope her old personality comes with her."

"It's going to take some time to get over a lost like that. Plus the woman he left her for was pregnant. That's a low blow," she said.

Nessie face sulked. She looked sad; it was breaking my heart.

"Man… I don't see how a man could disrespect a woman like that," I said.

"You would never do anything like that."

"Of course not. The woman I marry I will be with until the day I die."

Hopefully it would be her. I will have to get moving according to Billy since he wants grandkids before he dies.

"Oh my God you're going to nag someone that long," she joked.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Just kidding. A woman would be lucky to have you."

"You think so?"

"Sure… what about that woman that hangs around Kim all the time? She looks at you like you're a bull's eye."

"I have no interest in her."


I have no interest in any woman unless she's Renesmee Carlie Cullen. It really kills me that she's trying to pawn me off on other women. It will get even worse when she starts high school. I really have to sit her down soon and just tell her that I'm in love with her.

I took a bite of my eggs and she started cutting her french toast. Then she drenched it with a lot of syrup; too much if you ask me. I swear she was an ant in her previous life. Nessie took off the excess syrup from the side of the bottle with her finger. She looked at her napkin then decided to suck it off the tip of her finger. I swear she did it in slow motion, or that's just how my mind saw it. She has no clue of what that just did to me. My dick started getting hard as I imagined her sucking the tip of mine. Dead puppies… Dead puppies I chanted in my head to help take away this growing bulge that was making it uncomfortable to sit. I had to shift myself but that would have been too obvious. I looked down at my plate and took another bite of my eggs.

"Ummm… This French toast is so good Jake."


It really didn't help me to hear her moan… even if it was just for food. My underwear was pinching me in a way that was really uncomfortable. I couldn't stand up to walk somewhere to adjust myself because she would see it. I should have worn jean shorts today instead of baggy kaki's. Maybe I should start wearing those devices that cross dressers wear to hide their junk. Recently I haven't been able to control me urges for her. Maybe it's because I know she's at her most mature peak of development and my brain told me it's ok to lust after her? I wouldn't even call it lust… because lust doesn't have anything to do with love. I love her. I want her. Since imprinting has to do with finding your soul mate and the person who would most likely help carry on the shape shifter gene... maybe I'm subconsciously trying to reproduce? Or maybe she's just sexy and I can't wait to have her? Whatever the case is… in the last few weeks it's been hard not to not get hard when I'm around her. Maybe she has some pheromone that just started attacking me? I need a cold shower.

We finished eating breakfast and sat on the sofa to watch TV. I had to let my food digest a little before we ran off. Someone from work texted me that the fabric for Nessie's custom seats just came in. I bought her a 2014 black Jeep Grand Cherokee that I'm going to give to her on her birthday. I keep it at my shop. It's getting pimped out before I give it to her. I'm getting it painted dark purple and giving it new rims. Her mustang gets trashed from the dirt roads in La Push. She really needs an off road vehicle.

"Oh God I'm so stuffed. I could take a nap," she said.

"Well… go ahead I don't mind."

"Wake me up in an hour... ok"


Nessie cuddled up on a pillow on the opposite side of the couch. It would be nice if she fell asleep in my arms, but she hasn't done that since she was the physical age of seven. I turned the volume on the TV down so that it wouldn't bother her. Then I just put it on mute and put in Grand Turismo to kill the time. After a few minutes Billy came out of his room because he thought we left. He rolled out into the living room and saw Nessie sleep. He gently smiled then looked at me and mouthed, "Before I die." Nessie woke up from the squeak of the wheels.

"I'm sorry dear for waking you," Billy said.

"Oh… no that's ok Billy."

Nessie glanced at me. I crashed my car into the barriers because her look took me off guard.

"I'm a little chilly, can I lay on you?" she asked innocently.

"Uuh… Sure, sure," I said nervously.

Billy was grinning ear to ear. Now I really had to think of dead puppies. Nessie moved closer to me and wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my chest. I needed something to help take my mind off her being so close to me. She was pressed up against me and it made her cleavage more pronounced in her dress. They looked like they were begging for me to kiss them. I changed the level on expert because I needed full concentration on what was in front of me. What was beside me would have made my dick swell and couldn't afford that.

After I finished the race in first place I turned the game off and rested my eyes. Sue Clearwater picked up Billy around a half hour ago. The noise didn't awake her. Billy left grinning ear to ear looking at Nessie in my arms. I know he means well. I just don't need the added pressure. I had my arm around her side as she was snuggled up against me. I didn't see her dreams. I guess she learned how to block her projections when she sleeps. I use to see her dreams all of the time when she slept in my arms as a child. They were always happy and colorful. I was always in her dreams a lot; more than some of her family members which is ironic? Maybe not… because I spent almost every other day with her.

Nessie sighed. I looked at her because I thought she was waking up but she kept her eyes closed. She squeezed me tighter and I heard her moan. What was she dreaming of? I would simply die if she was dreaming of me. I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the moment of her sleeping on me. I felt her heartbeat vibrating on my bare chest, the heat of her breath flowing over my stomach, her soft skin of her shoulders touching my bicep as I held her. She was perfect for me. The future Mrs. Black if she would have me. I know she loves me. It's just not the right kinda love. I'll be patient in my pursuit for her love. I can see myself telling her within the next few weeks… maybe the night of her birthday? No, I won't confuse her on her birthday. Soon after her birthday... I would just lay it out. Either she likes the idea of her best friend being madly in love with her or hates it. If she hates it… I would just apologize and hope that we can still remain the best of friends. A few of her future boyfriends may wind up missing… but I will be there for the rest of her life regardless.


We walked outside on to my porch and sat down on the wheel chair rail. The sun was peeking through the clouds. It was forecasted to be a clear day today and even tonight. It rains so much here in Washington, that you have to take notice to the sun. You don't know when you'll get a chance to see it again. That's one of the reasons why Nessie's family moved here. It's one of the rainiest locations in America. Vampire's skin reacts differently than humans. It sparkles in the sunlight. The constant cloud cover allows them to travel outside during the day without being noticed as a freak of nature. Main stream would flip if they knew that vampires really existed. In that case… witches, shape shifters, and werewolves too. Nessie had her eyes closed with her head back. I guess she was soaking up the sun. She liked being in the sun. Her skin was different from her vampire family because she's half human too. It doesn't sparkle like theirs but in the right sunlight it looks like she has the slightest amount of shimmer make up on. Women put that stuff in their face and arms all of the time, so it's never that noticeable.

Nessie use to down herself in conversations making it known that she was the slowest and weakest out of her family. It was becoming a complex with her. I had to tell her to stop and that she was special and beautiful. I haven't heard her talk negatively about herself recently. I think she's accepting her half-breed capabilities. I guess it could be hard being the only one that's different in a house full of vampires. She even has to go over Leah's house when her cycle is on to not offend her family. She just has to know that her being different is not negative… she's special. And to me… she's the most special thing in the world.

Since Nessie has gained the ability to read minds, I let her read my mind freely when I'm a werewolf. It makes her feel like she's one of the pack being able to read my mind when I'm in that form. She doesn't read anyone else's mind unless she gets permission. We both enjoy our privacy and we know how hard it is to have it since her family can hear miles away. I got use to the whole pack mind... or just accepted it. I can't do anything about it. Other than hearing my packs thoughts… I will see a flash of what they're thinking. It's hard when they think of their spouses. Well not just think of them... but think of the sex that they had with them. Especially Paul, since he's married to my sister. I think I may be damaged.

"Ahh… The sun feels good," Nessie said.


"I feel like running," she mused. She slid off of the rail and took off her shoes. "I'll race ya to the bolder."

Nessie always enjoys running. She knows that she can't beat me in wolf form… but I let her win most of the time. "Aw come on… your foods digested by now," she said pleading for me to race with her. I smirked my lips. "I guess I'll get a head start. Don't need to see you undress to phase. I have to protect my virgin eyes." She smiled then blurred off into the trees. I looked around and didn't smell anyone else for miles. I took off my shorts and underwear and tucked them in my Velcro pouch and exploded into a werewolf. I started running after her. She was ahead of me for some miles, but I easily caught up to her and remained only a few feet away from her. I gave her some space to make her feel like she was winning as I usually do.

Nessie giggled and swerved around trees. She was so much smaller than me and it was easy for her to maneuver effortlessly. Even though I was much larger in my wolf form, I was still able to weave my body through the forest without touching a tree. Nessie wasn't as fast as her full vampire family, but if a human eye caught her running, they would only see a blur of color. She wasn't even running at her full speed. I guess she wanted to impress me near the end of the race. I can run just as fast as a vampire; even faster than some.

Nessie sped up her pace. It brought me back from my day dreaming. Her purple dress was waving in the wind. Her dress was kinda short for running. My eyes zoned in on her thighs. They looked so soft and creamy. I didn't want to get an erection in my wolf form. I don't know if that's possible… it never happened before. But I was starting to feel tingly down there. She reached the clearing and ran to the bolder; our finish line. She clung to it crumbling off some of the large rock. I was still on awe from watching her thighs that it didn't dawn on me to slow down some. I skidded to a stop bringing up the ground below me. Dirt and grass flew in her direction. She leaped in the air to dodge it. Her dress flew up on her way down and I saw her panties. They were black, my favorite color.

"Ha!" she said grinning and she fell back to the earth.

"You know I let you win that one," I thought. "I'm going to phase and put my shorts on," I said winking my eye. "I don't want to make you faint with my nudeness."

"Oh please Jacob!" she scoffed.

I walked behind some trees and phased back. I like toying with her in that way. I just want to see her reactions. From her expression, she didn't seem to hear me think about her thighs. That was a stupid move… but they were right there. I unfixed my velcro contraption and retrieved my kaki shorts and underwear from my leg and put them on. I use to go commando, but I started packing underwear recently to help hide if I get excited. Sometimes when I look at Nessie and she smiles… I can't help it. I love her so much.

I walked back out into the clearing with a smile on my face. "Nessie… you have skills, I'll admit that," I said while walking towards her. She knows that let her win as she smiled at me. The only way she can beat me if I'm in human form.

"So what do you feel like doing today?" I asked.

"We could go to the beach later in the evening."

She sounded like she wasn't so thrilled about going to the beach. "Ok… but would you rather do something else? You don't sound so enthusiastic about going to the beach." She gave me a big smile. She was so beautiful. Her eyes were always bright. Her curly hair was windswept but still looked amazing. And her lips were so sexy. Her bottom lip was much fuller than the top and I wanted to gently bite it. I had to concentrate on not getting hard. "I want to show you something first at home," she said beaming. What was she so excited about? Whatever it was she looked like she couldn't wait much longer.

"Oh?" I said inquisitively.

"I made you something; I hope you like it," she blurred out.

"Well, now I can't wait to see it."

We headed back to her family's house. I ran my fastest pace as a human while she slowed down to meet mine. "Aw… My dad is playing my song," she gushed.

I frowned. I didn't hear a thing. Her hearing is so much better than mine when I'm not a wolf.

"I can't hear a thing but birds and the restlessness of the forest. Man I wish I could have senses as keen as yours. I'm jealous," I said.

"Finally… something I can do better than you."

I tossed her hair around to mess it up.

"Stop it Jacob."

"Do you hear it now?" she asked as we got closer.


We ran few more yards. I heard something in the distance but couldn't confirm what I was hearing. Then I heard the notes. "Oh wait a minute. I think I hear music now?" We passed her parents cottage. It was empty. Bella went to Alaska to visit the Denali coven. She should be back in a few days. Nessie doesn't live there anymore. She moved to the main house because she wanted a bigger room a few years ago. I was glad because I would constantly bump my head on their ceiling every time I visited.

We reached her house in a few minutes and both cleaned our feet of on the deck so we wouldn't track any dirt. They use to have white carpets. I never heard of anyone having white carpets until I meet the Cullen's. It's not practical... well for humans. Since Seth and I visit so much, they decided to get hard wood flooring. I've slid across their floor many of times reenacting Risky Business.

We entered the living room. Her father was playing the piano. He looked sad; probably because Bella wasn't there. He really loves her. I'm glad that we both have the ones that we love in our lives. Mine just doesn't know how connected I am to her yet. Esme was sitting on the white sofa. She looked like she was sleeping but she was just enjoying the music. Vampires don't sleep. She really loved classical music, especially when it was her son playing. Esme is so nice. She looks at me like I was one of her own. She's like a mother to me. I guess I count on her emotionally as a mother figure since my mother died when I was eight. Esme smiled. "Renesmee, did you have fun?" she asked while opening her eyes. Her eyes looked freaky… Really bright gold. She must have drained a dear or something today. When you really think about it… it's weird what I have gotten use to being a part of the Cullen's inner circle.

"Yes Grandma," she answered.

"Hi Jacob," she said as she stood up to greet me.

"Hi Mrs. Cullen." I walked towards her and gave her a hug. "Oh I'm sorry, excuse my ignorance. I was running around all morning." She smiled at me as if to say don't worry about it.

"I'm waiting for my kiss," Edward said to Nessie. She ran to his side and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Thanks darling." He looked at me. "How are you Jacob?" Edward asked.

"Just fine Edward," I answered.

"Ew… Who let in the dog?" Rosalie called from upstairs.

Ahh... Rosalie. My day is perfect now… not. She is the only Cullen that I don't get along with. I tried to be nice to her for Nessie's sake… now I just tolerate her. She doesn't like me. She needs to get over it. I'm a shape shifter and love her niece... What the hell. I thought of the perfect thing to say to bring her down from her high horse. Edward looked like he heard me and looked like he found it funny also.

"Hey Rosalie," Edward called out. He started to chuckle. Nessie smiled as if she too read his mind.

"Yes Edward," she answered frustrated.

"Oh never mind," he said.

"What did Jacob say?" she demanded. We all started cracking up except for Esme who didn't know what was going on.

"Jacob do you want something to eat?" Esme asked.

"Oh, no thanks I'm fine," I answered.

"I hope you're not trying to be reserved are you?" she replied. "There's fried chicken, corn, and mash potatoes in the fridge. I just have to heat it up for you." She smiled at me. I looked at Nessie. I didn't want to put her grandmother through any trouble… but since the food was cooked already…

"Go ahead," Nessie whispered.

"Well I'm a little hungry," I admitted.

"Liar," she mumbled under her breath.

I followed Esme into the kitchen. They had the biggest kitchen I've ever seen in person. Kinda ironic when only one person that lives here actually eats food. Nessie also drinks animal blood too. She craves blood, but like sweets much better. She's going to turn into a big mound of sugar one day.

"I have to change my clothes before we go to the beach," she called out.

"Sure, sure," I replied.

"Have a seat dear," Esme said.

I sat down at the table and watched her take out the food. Their fridge looked like it could be an apartment. It was huge.

"That's a lot of food you cooked."

"Well Charlie was here yesterday and we had a lot of left overs."


I heard Nessie ask her father what was wrong. Once I knew it was about what I originally thought… I blocked out their conversation.

"How is your father doing?" she asked.

"He's fine. Keeping his self active with tribal events."

"That's nice."

She looked like she wanted to ask me something in private… but changed her mind. She placed the food in the microwave.

"What would you like to drink?"

"I'm not picky… whatever you have. As long as it's not laced with wolfsbain. Rosalie might be trying to take me out."

She chuckled. It was nice to hear her laugh. She's more reserved than the others.

"Would you like some apple juice?"

"Sure… I love apple juice."

She took the bottle out and poured some in a large plastic cup.


"You're welcome Dear."

She took the food out from the microwave and placed the plate in front of me along with a fork and knife.

"How's Carlisle. I hardly ever see him," I asked.

"That's because he's always doing double shifts. I think he wants to save the world."

She looked a bit sad as if she missed her husband.

"You miss him?" I questioned.


"Well tell him."

She gently smiled.

Nessie's voice caught my attention when I heard her speak my name.

"That Jacob," she said.

"What do you mean?" Edward said.

"Oh nothing. This must have happened when we were racing."

Oh they're talking about our little race. I heard Edward sigh. Nessie told him that she was going to change her clothes and get ready for the beach. Then I heard a flutter as she sped up the steps at a vampire speed.

I took a bite of the fried chicken. It was delicious.

"Oh this is good!"

"Thanks… I'll make some for you again especially for your house."

"Wow… thanks."

"Or you could ask Nessie to show you how to make it?"

"But I want it to taste like this."

I've never tasted anything other than cheese eggs and instant pancakes from Nessie. She doesn't have to cook really since Esme cooks most of the time in the house.

"Nessie can cook Jacob. I've taught her everything I know."

"Really…. Nessie can cook this?"

"Of course."

Hmmm. I guess I won't starve if we got married. Something caught my attention from upstairs. I heard Nessie say my name and beautiful in the same sentence.

"… well he's great you know." She said that I was beautiful. In what way was she talking about? My personality or my looks. Then I heard Rosalie. Why would she talk about me knowing I was down stairs and could possibly hear? She thinks that my hearing is the same as a human's anyway. She doesn't ask that many questions about my abilities. "I don't know how to say this? Has he ever… made you feel uncomfortable or emotionally pushy to you?" Rosalie asked.

What the hell is she talking about? I don't need her to interfere with Nessie and me.

"Has your relationship changed from friends to… anything more?"

"Oh, you mean like a boyfriend? No."

Nessie laughed when she referred to me as a boyfriend. Man she's not even close to wanting me that way.

"I just want you to know that you always have a choice of who you want to be with when you are ready for a relationship. You may meet someone one day like Aunt Alice met Uncle Jasper," Rosalie said.

"Yeaahh ok," Nessie said skeptically.

The piano music abruptly stopped playing. "Renesmee, Jacob is about to eat all of the food in the house," Edward said. What is he talking about… I' haven't even had a second plate yet. He must have interrupted her from saying something he doesn't want her to hear. I heard Nessie flutter up another level of stairs.

Esme looked at me. I tried to play it off like I didn't hear the conversation. She knew too that Rosalie was trying to tell her something. I know Rosalie is totally against me imprinting on Nessie. She told her that she could meet someone someday. That is my worst nightmare. Edward came flying down the stairs. He blurred in the kitchen and stopped dead in front of Esme. "I have to do something. Tell Renesmee to have fun tonight," he said. He turned to look at me. He had an odd expression. He probably suspected that I heard the conversation. I couldn't hide it in my mind. He must have read it. "Rosalie is against the whole imprinting I assume," I thought. "She's trying to make my chances harder… huh." Edward smirked awkwardly. "I'll see you later Jacob… take care," he said before he disappeared out of the kitchen. I felt a gust of wind for his departure.

Nessie came down the steps a few minutes later when I was finished my second plate. I was finishing the cup of apple juice when she walked in the kitchen. I couldn't help but burp. Esme was shaking her head at me. I guess she didn't realize that I could finish two plates so easily.

"Excuse me," I said embarrassed.

"You're excused," Esme and Nessie said at the same time.

"I think Jacob forgot that he was not really hungry," Esme said.

"Oh, it was so good Mrs. Cullen. Thank you so much!"

"Oh you're welcome Dear. And don't ever feel awkward to eat here. You're always invited, even if no one verbally invited you. I want you to feel at home when you are here. We consider you a part of our family. You can consider this your second home."

"Aw thank you," I said smiling.

I looked at Nessie. Her top was really fancy. It looked like something Alice would wear.

"Ahh… I like that top. It's really pretty," I told her.

"Thanks… Aunt Alice got this for me from Paris a few months ago." She looked down at herself and pulled the top away from her body. "She's trying to make me dress like her. But I really do like this top too," she said.

She turned to Esme and asked where were her father and Rosalie.

"Your father stepped out for awhile. He said to tell you to have a good time tonight. And I'm not sure where Rosalie went." Esme walked over and opened the stainless steel refrigerator door. "When Carlisle gets home from the hospital, I'll go to the market and stock up on some more food," Esme said.

I looked down on the floor. I probably helped eat Nessie's food for this week.

"Is there anything in particular you want me to get for you?" she asked Nessie.

"Donuts! I love donuts with icing," she blurted out.

"And you Jacob?"

"Wha… What?" I said stunned.

"Anything you want in the house for you to eat?"

"Seriously?" I asked surprised.

"Yes," she said.

"Oh… Um… Well chicken... Salmon… and do you know how to make corn bread?"

Esme sighed, "Yes. I may not eat food anymore, but I pretty much know how to make most dishes. The Food Network stays on a lot around here. Plus I also cook for Renesmee... when she wants to eat food and cook for her Grandfather Charlie.

You know Renesmee is a great cook too."

"Really?" I said with my voice raising an octave to tease her. Esme already told me that she could cook. She hit me in the arm. "Ouch!" I started rubbing my arm. She actually hit me kinda hard. Damn her half breed muscles.

"Who do you think watches the Food Network with me?" Esme asked.

"Well I'll have to judge for myself," I said folding my arms.

Esme chuckled as she started to rinse the dish off.

"Come Jacob! I have to show you something before we leave," she said. I followed her to the studio. She loved to draw and had a room to create whatever she wanted. She also shared it with Alice. Alice loved fashion and started sewing clothes a few years ago. Nessie designs prom dresses and has Alice sew them. They give them away each year to the local high school students. Nessie has also painted a few murals for the schools and hospitals. She's like a well known artist around here since she entered the public eye two years ago as Carlisle niece.

Nessie was actually born in this room. It took me some time to look at this room as an art studio.

There was an art isle covered with a white tarp. Her eyes were alive with excitement. She led me to it and uncovered it. My jaw dropped.

"Wow Nessie… this is awesome! It looks like a photo," I said amazed. She drew a picture of me from my head to my torso in the forest with me as a wolf in the background howling.

"I love it," I said with my voice cracking.

"Thanks… it's yours. You're not gonna cry on me are ya?" she said jokingly.


I was about to tear up but tried my best not to. I looked up for a second to quickly blink to dry my eyes.

"Oh my God… You are!" Ness shouted.

"Noooo. Ahem ahem." I cleared my throat.

"I won't think of you any less if you are. I'm touched that you like it so much."

"It's great Nessie. Thank you so much."

I opened my arms to hug her and squeezed her close to me. She inhaled. She felt so good presses up against me. I wanted to tell her that I loved her… but it didn't seem like the right moment. I put my arms down to end the hug but she stayed clung to me. Ok… she wants the hug to last longer. Why is she torturing me? I hugged her gain. Her face was pressed against my bare chest. I kissed her on the top of her head and we pulled away from each other.

"I'll pick it up after we come back from the beach," I said proudly.

"Ok," she said with her voice breaking.

We arrived at First beach. The majority of the wolf pack was there. It almost looked like Nessie frowned when she saw everybody. I assumed she wasn't so happy to see Paul. They don't get along that well. For the last few years, Paul has been acting like a dick towards her. He has a certain underlined prejudice against vampires and he's not so thrilled that I imprinted on Nessie. He's made her cry a few times by saying sarcastic shit to her. He doesn't torment her now. I had to fuck him up a few times to let him know that I was serious. I also gave an Alfa command to him to not hurt her… physically and emotionally. He still gives her looks sometimes. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to taste my fist again. My sister Rachel doesn't like to see us fight… so I'm cool unless he crosses the line.

Seth spotted us from far away and whistled for us to join them. Paul and Embry were wrestling in the sand only a few yards away from the bon fire. It looked like Embry was getting his ass handed to him.

"Hey you guys, you're walking like you have led feet," Seth called out.

I didn't mind that we were walking slowly. It only meant I had more time alone with her. We continued to walk at a normal pace even though we saw Seth getting impatient that we were not walking faster. He reminded me of Crash Bandicoot when he gets impatient because you haven't moved him. I still have a copy of that game... but nothing to play it on. I gave my PlayStation and PS2 away a long time ago. I may just get the console from Amazon just to have it for nostalgia purposes.

"Is Leah ok? I haven't seen her in a while," Nessie asked.

"Yeah she's fine. She's just going through something now. She hasn't phased in a while, so no one really knows what's going on with her."

She frowned.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah… I'm just worried about her that's all."

"I'm sure she's fine."

"I'll stop by since she's dodging my calls."

Why would Leah dodge her calls? They have been the best of friends for years. Maybe Leah is just extremely busy right now?

We reached the camp fire. Paul had Embry in a death grip and pined on the ground. Paul looked smug like he was trying to prove a point. The expression on Jared's face made me think that his money was on Paul. Embry was laughing and gasping for air at the same time. That boy has issues.

"Hey Nessie," Seth said smiling.

"Hi Seth," she said.

"I give up… I give up!" Embry yelled.

Paul got off of Embry with an arrogant look on his face. Embry leaped off of the ground and started brushing off the sand. "Whatever," he mumbled as he walked over to sit on a log. Jared yelled, "Pay up guys!"

"Hey guys," I said.

Everyone said hey or what's up at the same time. Nessie waved Hi to everyone showing her bright smile. Seth reached his arm out to show Nessie an empty spot on the log.

"Have a seat Madam," Seth said playfully with a British accent.

"Thanks," she replied.

I sat beside Nessie forcing Quil to scoot over. Quil almost lost his balance on the log as I pushed him off playfully.

"Hey… I guess you were busy today when we all went cliff diving," Paul said sarcastically.

"Sorry, I had other plans," I answered. I gave Paul a look as if to say cut it out.

Nessie turned to Seth, "Seth, my dad said that you started learning how to play the keyboard. I didn't know that."

"Yeah… I got a DVD -Rom for beginners. Your Dad said that he would help me learn my keys."

"That's cool," she replied.

"Maybe you will play for us one day soon?" she asked Seth.

"Ah… I don't know how soon that will be. I have to make sure I no longer sound like I'm tone deaf… Unless you wanna hear chop sticks?" Seth said with a funny expression on his face. Nessie and I started to laugh. After we finished laughing,

I gazed in her eyes. They had a soft glow from the moon light. She looked so sexy without even trying. I noticed that I was staring at her for too long for it not to be comfortable. My mind traveled thinking of how soft her body is. Then all of a sudden she shivered and her heart started beating fast. "Are you ok?" I asked.

I looked at her face. She was looking really weird. Then she started breathing quickly.

"I… I have to go… I'm sorry," she blurted out.

"Wha? Nessie what's wrong!"

Quil leaned over on the log to get a better look of what was going on. Everyone stopped their personal conversations and looked in our direction. Nessie face was red… she looked scared. She glanced at Seth and Quil. I put both of my hands on her shoulders. "Nessie… Nessie!" She sprung up from the log. My hand ripped her top as she darted away from the beach. I phased and started chasing her to find out what was wrong.

I was trying to keep a small distance from her. I didn't want to accidently knock her down. We were nearing her family's house. The light from the three story window cast a glow on the grass. Edward quickly appeared at the back yard. He was crouched looking like he was going to attack someone. He looked pass Nessie and saw me. His eye twitched. He looked at Nessie then looked at me again flaring his nostrils. Oh shit… he thinks I did something to Nessie. Edward leaped over Nessie and tackled me to the ground.

"Wait!" I thought.

"No!" She yelled. "He didn't do anything… Stop!"

I twisted from Edward's grip and tried to get away. I wasn't going to bite or swap him, so I had to get away so he wouldn't hurt me. He caught me by my hair on my back and pulled me back to the ground. I yelped in pain. I heard Quil in my head. "We're on our way!" Then all of the others phased. "No… stay back!" I ordered. I felt Seth's confliction because he didn't understand why Edward was attacking me. They are like brothers and hang with each other every other day.

"Uncle Emmett… please stop him! Jacob didn't do anything. Please!" Nessie yelled.

Esme suddenly appeared and gripped Edward's arms restraining him. She looked at Uncle Emmett as if to say a little help here. Edward didn't struggle. Emmett dashed in between us with his arms extended. I was glad that someone stopped Edward. I wasn't going to fight him back. "Perhaps someone can explain why Jacob is chasing you with your clothes torn?" Edward said in a controlled voice. He continued, "I'm reluctant to ask but require explanation or else I will have to graciously apologize to my mother for tossing her to kill him." Rosalie started clapping with excitement. What is this chick's problem? Yes, please explain somebody. I didn't hurt Nessie. I would die before I would hurt her.

"Dad I'm sorry. I was having a panic attack and I ran home. My top only got torn when I ran away. Jacob was only following me to see what was wrong. I swear, Jacob didn't do anything wrong."

Edward must have read her mind. He sighed. "Renesmee… I… I'm sorry." I glanced at Rosalie. She looked excited. I guess she was hoping that her brother would hurt me or something. Emmett lowered his arms and Esme let Edward go. I stood still. I was breathing hard because I was angry about not knowing what was going on. Also my back was killing me. Edward slammed me to the ground pretty hard. Rensemee ran to her father and hugged him. She started to cry.

"Emmett… go get Jacob something to wear please," Esme said softly.

Edward kissed the top of Renesmee's head.

"I'm genuinely sorry Jacob. I hope that I did not harm you," Edward said painfully.

"I'm ok," I thought.

"That's it?" Rosalie whispered disappointed.

I wanted to swap my paw at her. I guess that would have started a fight.

Emmett came back with a pair of faded maroon sweat pants from his high school days. He placed them in my mouth and I nodded my head to him to say thank you. I ran past the corner of the house to phase back to put the pants on. I heard Rosalie huff, "I'm going to finish reading my new books." Then she went inside.

"Maybe Jaspers' rubbing off on me? You see how Edward just stopped when I got in the middle," Emmett said.

"I'm pretty sure it was Esme Honey," Rosalie said.

I came from around the corner with Emmett's pants on. They were only a few inches too short. I walked slowly. I didn't know what to expect. I love her so much. I need to know that she's ok. She was hugging Edward and she looked up at him. "Mom sure picked a good time to go away… huh?" she said.

I finally reached them. Edward must have been in my head. He gave me a meaningful look as if to say that she also needed me. I slightly nodded my head letting him know that I understood.

"Are you ok?" Edward asked her.

"Yes… I'm fine. I'm sorry for all of this," she mumbled.

"Shhhh, you have nothing to be sorry for," he said as he cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

"Not entirely, I could have called you not like I was running for my life," she said. She and Edward both smiled at each other.

"I'll talk to you when you get in," Edward said in a loving tone.


"I love you too," he said.

Edward dashed into the house. I stepped closer to her as she looked up at me. She took a deep breath and gazed at me not saying a word. I had no clue of what she was thinking. I wanted her to touch me and project what exactly was going on in her head. Why did she run away? She took a deep breath.

"Nessie," I said softly.

"Shhh… I want to talk to you in private," she explained.

"Oh yeah… that's right."

"Give me one moment and meet me by the side of the house."

I ran around the corner of the house. I didn't know what was going on with her. She looked so confused and scared. I took off Emmett's sweat pants and phased. I picked up the pants in my mouth and walked towards Nessie. She looked so worried. "Get on my back," I thought. She climbed up on my back and we ran off into the forest. We stopped near the banks of Lake Pleasant. No one would hear us from here. She leaped off of my back and I went behind a tree to phase back. Nessie was gazing at the lake when I walked up to her. Her heart was beating quickly. I wanted to desperately know what she was thinking. Nessie turned around to face me and took a deep breath.