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Fifteen hours into her working day, Ziva could no longer feign interest in the task at hand. She had been running searches on the known aliases of a cold case suspect for two hours now, but she could not find anything of use. No wonder it was a cold case. The man—and all his known aliases—apparently ceased to exist five years ago, but she didn't know what else she could be doing to find him. McGee had headed down to the lab an hour ago to help Abby with some computer forensics thing that had gone over Ziva's head, and Gibbs had left shortly after McGee without a word on where he was going or when he'd be back. She'd been left with Tony in the bullpen, but he had given up calling around the suspect's old acquaintances a half hour ago when the clock hit 2200. People could be particularly uncooperative at this time of night.

By the sound of it, her partner was now on the phone to one of his friends about sport of some sort. She didn't know why he hadn't just gone home. It was a cold case. Gibbs was probably only making them work on it tonight because McGee had screwed up his lunch order, and then he'd walked in on Tony leaning over Ziva's shoulder at her desk and had assumed they were guilty of something untoward. He was pissed with them, and making them stay back on a Friday night before their weekend off was punishment. That's all. Gibbs had probably gone home when he'd left, and Tony surely knew it. Why hadn't he left?

Come to think of it, why hadn't she left?

She rolled her neck and shoulders to relieve some of the tension in her muscles. She hadn't gone home because she hadn't finished her searches. She just had one more to go, and then she could leave and not feel bad for leaving the task unfinished over the weekend. Just 20 more minutes and she'd be done.

She typed the final name into the search box, hit 'enter' and then leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. While she waited for the 'beep' that would eventually give her a match or give her nothing, she listened to Tony's end of the conversation.

"I'm telling you, man, he's gonna be out for the season," Tony was saying with authority. "He's gonna be sidelined for at least five weeks, and there's no way they're making it to the finals without him."

Ziva smirked to herself. Work, movies, cars or sport, Tony got passionate about everything. There was nothing halfway about him.

"I will bet you $200 right now that as of next week, they'll start choking."

Ziva bet herself a Diet Coke that Tony would be collecting that $200. If she'd learnt nothing in the last five years, she'd learnt not to bet against Tony on sports.

"You want to shake on it, you have to drive out to the Navy Yard," Tony said.

Ziva wouldn't have been completely surprised if his friend did appear, if they took their bets halfway as seriously as Tony did.

"Of course I am," Tony said with a chuckle. "And I'm not alone. Ziva's here."

At the mention of her name, Ziva slowly opened her eyes and looked over at Tony. He was smiling at her, his eyes glinting with amusement in a way that made her think he'd been looking at her for a while. Not wishing to disrupt his conversation with a comment, she instead gave him a wink.

The smile got a little wider, before abruptly dropping at whatever his friend said. "I would tell you, but she's sitting ten feet from me and I can see a stapler within her reach."

Ziva frowned as she wondered what they were talking about.

"And now she's kind of glaring at me," Tony added.

Ziva hadn't actually meant to glare. To prove it, she deliberately changed her expression. She sat up and then leaned a little way over her desk before softening her gaze to something much more sultry and inviting, and very, very slowly dropping her eyes to look him up and down.

Tony's eyes widened a touch. "That's better," he murmured.

Ziva smirked slightly, and then stacked her fists on her desk and rested her chin on top of them. She kept her gaze on him, still sultry, still appraising, and when Tony shifted uncomfortably, she decided that this was a lot more interesting than running searches. She tuned the rest of his conversation out, and instead just watched him.

She watched the way his Adam's apple bobbed when he swallowed. His long fingers as they rubbed his temple and down the side of a stubbled cheek to his chin. The crinkles that formed around his eyes when he smiled. Full lower lip stretching to a Joker smile. The blue/grey of his eyes. A face she knew as well as her own. Every line, every freckle. A face that stirred great affection within her. Loyalty, trust, confidence. Great happiness, and also irritation. Desire.

It was desire that stirred in her now as she continued to watch him. While it was a constant companion through the days and nights she spent in his company, there were times—like now—when the ache became a strong throb. When she was too tired to try to ignore the want, and allowed herself to indulge in fantasy.

What would he do, she wondered, if she got up and walked over there, only to drop to her knees and pull him in for a deep, warm kiss? If she ran her fingers across those stubbled cheeks and into his hair while she slid her tongue against his? What would he do if she let her fingers trail down over his chest and into his lap? Or if she took her lips from his, and then bowed her head to draw his cock into her mouth? Would he stop her? Push her away and tell her no? Or would he cup her head to him in encouragement, and moan her name as he lost himself in her heat?

Would taking control of him make him blush?

Ziva was sure that she had never seen a blush stain her partner's cheeks. Perhaps that was not so difficult to believe. Tony was not the coy type. He was a man who was comfortable in his skin, with the confidence of someone who knew exactly what he was capable of. He did not get nervous. But it was possible to knock him off guard, and Ziva had the pleasure of doing that dozens of times over the years. She had managed to make him stammer and smile self-consciously. But so far, she had only played with him. Teased until they reached the boundaries they had built on the fly. What would she be able to make him do if she stopped playing, and started preying? Would she be able to make him blush before she made him cry out her name?

Suddenly, Ziva found herself desperate to know.

She blinked slowly, dragging herself out of her daydream, and realized that Tony was still watching her. The amused twinkle in his eye from minutes ago was gone, replaced by something dark and intimate that made her already tingling skin erupt in gooseflesh. Heat flowed through her veins and pooled between her legs, and Ziva squeezed her thighs together as she tried to swallow moisture back into her mouth. He had obviously picked up that something held her attention, and judging by the look on his face, he had a pretty good idea of what it was.

Instead of being embarrassed by being caught fantasizing about him, Ziva found herself excited. It seemed deliciously taboo and sinfully reckless, and she was overcome by the impulse to burn down their boundaries and leave him with no doubt about what she wanted to do.

She could take the direct approach by walking over there and putting her hands on him, or she could stay where she was and make his thoughts drive him crazy. The latter option appealed to her right now, and Ziva wondered if she would be able to turn him on by simply letting him watch her turn herself on.

She was certainly willing to find out.

Pushing herself up, Ziva kept eye contact. She propped one foot up on her desk drawer, and then reclined in her seat and rested her head on the back of her chair. She starting flipping through the bank of fantasies in her head that she'd dreamed up over her years with him. What was she in the mood for? Something rough? Slow? Romantic? Desperate? Dirty? Sweet? Kinky? Intense? She chewed her bottom lip as she thought it over, and then the corner of her mouth curled. She had just the right one.

Tony was still looking at her as he talked to his friend, and his eyes projected his curiosity. With any luck, Ziva would soon be able to turn that curiosity into desire, and then… well, who knew?

She took a slow, deep breath to prepare herself, and then conjured her fantasy into her head.

The team has spent the day hiking through the woods on the trail of a suspect. It's been hot, sweaty work. Although the light has been fading for a while, Gibbs has been pushing them on, determined to find some piece of evidence that will tell them which investigative path to take. His insistence that they keep going is what has them in their current predicament: the sun has gone down, they're miles from the nearest ranger station, and now they have to make camp for the night.

They've been carrying two small tents in preparation for this very situation, and as they come across a clearing Gibbs finally decides that they can call it a night. Although Tony has zero experience in the great outdoors, the others decide that this would be the perfect time to teach the guy who spent his childhood vacationing in five-star hotels how to pitch a tent. Literally, that is. She's knows he's well acquainted with the intricacies of the euphemism.

She's more than happy to sit back and watch her partner work on the task. She watches his arms, his back, his ass as he bends and lifts and hammers, and the more frustrated he gets, the hotter she gets. She loves it when he gets all hot and cranky, especially when she knows she's not to blame. There's something about his angry face, and the way he holds his body. The way he pulls himself to his full height and puts his hands on his hips, making his body appear as big as possible. She thinks it's a cop thing and doubts he's aware of it. It's vaguely intimidating, and most definitely turns her on.

By the time the boys are done and the tents are standing on their own, Tony's in a foul mood and Gibbs wants nothing to do with him. It's the only reason that she gets to share her tent with her partner instead of the sexually safer McGee, and she's certainly not one to complain. As they squeeze into their tent, the heated skin of Tony's arms brush against her and her hair stands on end. She pretends to be irritated by his mood, but she's not sure who the show is for: Gibbs or Tony. Surely Tony knows by now that she likes it when he's riled up?

It's too hot for sleeping bags, and she has stripped down to her underwear and singlet. She's not coy; he's seen her naked before, and she likes showing her body to him. Tony's returned the favor, and is lying behind her in his boxers, breathing on her back and making her skin prickle and nipples harden. She's not sure how close his chest is to her back, but she feels him radiating head like he's on fire. She temps fate by pretending to find a more comfortable resting place. She slides one foot backwards and encounters his shin not too far away, and when she wriggles her hips backwards she feels something touch her back. She can't be sure what part of his body it is, but the fact that he's just an inch or two from her is enough to make her stomach flutter.

She turns onto her back, and then opens her eyes to look at him in the dark. She's surprised to find his eyes already on her, full of heat and desire that stabs her between her legs. Her heart pounds and her skin heats, and she licks her lips before whispering to him.

"Can't sleep." It's a statement about herself, not an assumption about him. But he nods and then stares at her mouth.

"Too wired." His nighttime voice is low and intimate, and it makes her shiver. She knows he's wired. She can feel his restlessness filling the tent. It's what's keeping her awake and in this state of arousal.

It doesn't take much thought to hit upon the answer to what would help in this situation. He's had her throbbing and wet for an hour now, and she's sure that if she makes a move, he wont stop her. She spares a thought for their colleagues lying in a tent ten feet away, but the thought of being caught by them turns her on more than it should. She decides to go for it.

She lifts her hand from her stomach and reaches out to him, not stopping until her palm is cupping his semi-hard cock over his boxers. His eyes widen and his lips part at her bold move, but he makes no move to stop her as she starts rubbing his length. She holds his gaze as she scrapes her fingernails over the material of his boxers and gives him a squeeze. He lets out a sigh she doesn't think he meant to, but it's the encouragement she needs to slip her hand under the waistband of his boxers and grip him in her hand. Skin on skin. He sucks in a breath and thrusts into her hand, and she feels herself smile at him as her fingers span his thickness.

"Let me help," she whispers.

Tony nods at her, and then his eyelids get heavy as she runs her fingers up and down his length. She works him until he's fully hard, and then works his tip with her thumb, drawing little circles on the sensitive spot right under his head. He takes a moment to turn his face into her shoulder and moan, and she changes her grip to hold him firmly in her fist.

Finally he reaches for her. As she works his cock, his hand finds her belly and then slides down, under the elastic of her underwear until his fingers slide between her folds. She moans and lifts one leg to the side, opening herself up to his ministrations and allowing him as much room as he needs. Two fingers slide inside her without hesitation, and she welcomes the intrusion. He bends his fingers as his thumb brushes her clit, and she squeezes her muscles around him, wanting a tighter fit.

"More," she whispers to him, and another finger pushes into her. A smile breaks over her face as she rolls her hips into the touch.

Over the sound of their breathing, she hears someone moving outside the tent. Her eyes flick to the opening of the tent as she gets nervous that Gibbs or McGee is about to find them out, but she doesn't take her hand off Tony's cock. Instead, her hand speeds up, and Tony presses his thumb into the bundle of nerves that makes her gasp out loud. She looks back to him to find him smirking at her. He's clearly not concerned about getting caught. Or else it excites him as much as it does her.

They spend a few minutes getting each other off, sighing and moaning into each other's faces. The sight of him so hard in her fist is almost as hot as the sight of his hand disappearing inside her pants. But then he props himself up on his elbow, and his hungry eyes leave her face to look down her body. His fingers leave her to pull down her pants, and then he takes her hand from his cock and presses it against her own wetness. She finds the rhythm she loves and he watches with the focus of a sniper as her fingers plunge and rub. She realizes that he's stroking himself, and it turns her on even more.

She feels the telltale pressure start to build in her pelvis. As she gets closer and closer, she uses her free hand to pull him to her. She buries her face in the crook of his neck and inhales a lungful of his scent.

"I love your smell," she pants against his ear.

He licks her neck and nips her ear, and she knows she's almost there. But it's not enough. She lifts her hand, sticky and hot, and reaches blindly for his wrist.

"Help me," she begs as she pulls his hand back to her. He pushes his fingers inside her again as she rubs her clit, and she feels a flood of pre-orgasmic endorphins flow through every vein in her body. Her hips shudder, and she can't stifle the moans that escape her lips with every shallow breath she takes.

God, he smells so good.

She clenches around his fingers in the moments before she finally reaches her peak, and when she comes, she comes hard. Her hips roll off the ground and she pushes her face into the meat of his shoulder as she rides the high.

She's still moaning and her legs are still weak when he rises above her. His body is heavy and hot on top of her, and she sees his eyes turn black with lust before he brings his mouth down on hers, and then pushes himself inside her. Her back arches as she cries out with the bliss of it, and she knows this is why he's kissing her so hard—to muffle both their cries so that their colleagues sleeping just a couple of feet away don't hear.

She wraps her legs around his hips and squeezes his cock as hard as she can as he moves. He's pushing inside her deeply, filling her, overfilling her, but still she wants more. She wants him to fuck her.

"Harder," she begs. His hips pick up speed as he drives himself deeper, and she has to bite her lip to keep from screaming.

He's growling in her ear now, harsh, animal noises that tell her he's losing himself. Her body is on fire, with waves of pleasure rolling through her and making her dizzy. Tony's body feels heavy and huge as he looms over her, and she loves how he's taking control of her. Normally it's her who takes charge, but she trusts him completely. She wants him to lead.

Reading her thoughts, he pulls out of her and flips her over. She braces herself on her hands and knees, and arches her back to push out her ass as he grips her hips hard. She looks over her shoulder at his tight jaw and dark, hungry eyes, and in the next moment the thick head of his cock is pushing into her again. She can't help pushing back, getting his whole length inside her as fast as possible. It's even deeper than before, and her head drops between her arms as she bites her lip and moans. One of Tony's huge hands grips her hip as he starts pounding into her, and his other hand makes delicious, firm strokes up and down her spine.

As she feels her second orgasm build, Tony drapes himself over her back and sucks at the juncture of her neck and shoulder.

"Lie down," he orders her, and because her arms are already shaking she's happy to comply. She buries her face in her pillow to cry and moan, and Tony lies on her back. His hand snakes around her hip to press against her clit. The head of his cock is stroking her g-spot and his mouth as nibbling on her neck, and when he starts growling in her ear, she starts to fall apart.

"So tight," he grunts. "So wet."

It's all it takes. He slams into her and sucks her neck, and she sees stars as her body explodes under him. She's aware of him grunting in her ear as she rides wave after wave, and when he jerks and bites into her shoulder, she knows he's spilling inside her.

He stays there, lying on top of her with his softening cock still inside her as they calm. She loves his weight and his lips moving across her shoulder. She loves—

Back in the real world, Ziva's computer beeped, signaling the end of her computer search. She slowly dragged herself out of the fuzz of her intense, explicit fantasy and blinked, bringing the bullpen back into focus.

Her body was hot and thrumming with pleasure, and she realized that she was breathing hard. She hadn't changed her position, save for pressing her right hand against her belly atop her shirt, but her thighs were squeezing together as she tried to put some pressure where she desperately wanted it

She licked her dry lips and then looked over at Tony. He was still sitting at his desk, gripping his phone in a death grip as he stared at her like he was about to vault over the table and fuck her against her desk. His expression alone made Ziva shudder as another roll of intense pleasure went through her. She wondered what clues she'd given while she was imagining him pounding into her. Had she moaned? Had she said his name? Had she panted and writhed and touched herself? Something she'd done sure had his attention, and Ziva was more than a little pleased about the fact.

She licked her lips again and slowly turned her head to look at her computer screen. "No match," she said. The coarseness of her voice sounded alien to her ears, and downright sexy.

She looked over to Tony as he slowly blinked, and she wondered if he'd been indulging in a fantasy of his own. She lowered her foot from her desk drawer and sat up straighter in her chair, and then stretched her arms out in front of her. She let go of a breathy sigh.

"Are you still talking to your friend?" she asked.

Tony's eyes narrowed in confusion for just a moment before he pulled the phone from his ear and looked at it with something akin to surprise. She supposed that meant he'd forgotten all about it. He put the receiver back in the cradle on his desk, and then looked back at her with dark eyes that left her with no doubt that he was as turned on as she was.

It was oh-so-tempting to ignore the fact that they were still at work (albeit in the middle of the night) and go over there and pull out his cock like she'd been thinking of doing earlier. But Ziva had enough presence of mind to know that it wasn't the best way to handle this.

The thing was, Ziva wasn't sure how she wanted to handle this. Yes, it had been an extremely enjoyable way to pass the time while her computer did actual work. But that didn't mean anything had to happen now. They hadn't actually had sex. It had all been in Ziva's imagination. Just like every other time she'd fantasized about him. The only difference with tonight's indulgence was that he's watched her while she'd thought about it. Oh, and that she hadn't gotten off on it. She was still painfully aroused.

On the other hand, if she were ever going to indulge in the countless epic fantasies she had about this man, now would be the perfect time to do it. He had to know she'd been thinking of him. Just like she knew he was now thinking about doing all manner of x-rated things to her. The sexual attraction between them was obvious—it had been since day one—and honestly, Ziva thought that she deserved a mind-blowing screw every now and again. Didn't everyone?

She wasn't sure how to go about suggesting it to him, though. She supposed it was her style to just come out and ask him to go home with her, but deep down, she was nervous about him declining her offer. Tony could be a stickler for rules, and although technically sex didn't equate to dating, it was close enough to make a special agent nervous. Of course, one could argue that she'd already made her move. It had to be obvious what she was thinking, right? So perhaps she should just leave the ball in his court. Let him decide what they did from here. And if he didn't decide to follow her home? Well, there was a vibrator in the cabinet beside her bed that would be more than willing to help her out.

Her mind made up, Ziva closed down the search program before turning off her computer. "I suppose that means I can go home," she said, sending him a look that she hoped he would read as an invitation. She stood up, and then waited a moment for the feeling of light-headedness to pass. Blood re-circulated through her body, and when she was sure she wasn't going to faint, Ziva picked up her bag and then swung her hips as she walked to the other side of her desk. Tony's eyes tracked her as she walked past his desk, and it sent another thrill through her. She couldn't deny it: she loved it when he watched her.

"See you later," she called over her shoulder. Not a goodbye. She wasn't closing any doors.

She felt his eyes on her back all the way to the elevator, but by the time she stepped into the car, Tony still hadn't said a word. What his silence meant, only time would tell.

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