Chapter 4

Shinichi placed the piece of white cloth on her forehead before sealing it with the tape. "There you go."



Shinichi put the medicine kit back in the cabinet. They were on the hotel's clinic but since the nurse was nowhere in sight, he took care of Ran's wounds.

"What were you doing a while ago? Not looking where you're going. The post was so big but you walked right to it."

She looked sharply at him. "I wasn't paying attention."

Shinichi gave him a weird look. "You weren't paying attention? What kind of excuse is that? Anyway, be careful next time."

"I know."

She was annoyed with him. But she wasn't mad, she can't be. Not when she still... It doesn't matter.

Knock! Knock!

They both looked at each other. "Who will come here? They can just call us up to go down," Shinichi muttered. She just shrugged her shoulders. Shinichi went to get the door while she looked at her forehead in the mirror of the medicine cabinet. She looked weird. But it's better than having serious wounds in the future when the blood clots. She heard the door open and then the sound of a woman came after. She looked to see who it was and was shocked to see that it was Reiko, Shinichi's girlfriend.

Reiko and Shinichi were embracing at the front door. They seemed happy to see each other since Reiko, as she heard, was on a vacation in New York last week. And now it seems she was back.

"Shinichi, I miss you!"

"Yeah. Me too."

She felt a pang of jealousy in her heart, but she must be a masochist because she didn't tear her eyes from the two. And the ultimate shock of her life came when she saw Reiko tiptoed and kissed Shinichi on the lips. That was when she turned away. She thought she was strong. She thought she moved on. But she was still vulnerable as before. And she was still clinging to him, hoping he would be back. But it's too late. It's too late even a long time ago. She just doesn't learn her lesson.

But why do they have to kiss in front of her? Don't they see her there? Reiko must have not seen her. But Shinichi... Can't he be a little modest and not kiss his girlfriend in front of his ex?

"C-Chotto, Reiko..."

"Huh? Doushite?" Reiko seemed disappointed. They were quiet for a while. And instantly Ran knew they were looking at her. It seemed Shinichi was trying to be modest. But she wished she hadn't wished for it. She wished he just let Reiko kiss him in front of her. Because she just looks stupid now playing with the medicine kit in her hands pretending she wasn't listening, or didn't see anything.

Baka, Ran. He's a detective. He can see through you. He can even see you're in pain. How embarrassing. Her pride is the only thing that's left of her.

"Ah, Ran-chan! Konnichiwa!"

She looked up and saw Reiko approaching her with a smile. She smiled and stood up. Reiko hugged her. Reiko had been a good friend to her even though she knows she's Shinichi's former girlfriend. She is kind, sweet, and caring. She loves mysteries too. And she's very understanding. She understands Shinichi's work and is not demanding of his time. Unlike her. Although it's all in the past now. She knew Reiko genuinely likes her, but she just can't make herself comfortable around her. Not that she doesn't like her. She just gets intimidated being with the girlfriend of the man she loves. And it hurts her especially whenever she's with Shinichi and Reiko's with them. She feels a total outcast. But she can do nothing about it.

"Konnichiwa, Reiko-san. How's your vacation?" She asked trying to look and feel cheerful.

Reiko beamed with happiness. "It was great! Ran-chan, you must have come! I went to a lot of shopping malls and they're a lot different from our malls here in Japan!"

"Ha-ha. Sou ka? Demo, I'm busy and can't go around roaming the world."

"Eh? You must take some time off your work. Say, let's go on a vacation now! My treat. Leave the detective work to that detective freak." Reiko accompanied it with a laugh.

Detective freak? Detective maniac? She smiled. So she's not alone on calling Shinichi such names. Reiko is against him being involved in too many cases after all. She looked at Shinichi's direction and saw him staring at their direction. But it seems to her he was only looking at her. She stared at him, but he didn't take his eyes off her. They just stayed there for a few seconds until Reiko's voice brought her back to reality.

"So what do you say, Ran-chan?"

"E-Eh? Eto.. Gomen ne. I can't leave this case. Besides, even if I don't involve myself with this, I still have a lot of cases waiting for me in court." She smiled sheepishly.

"Hehhh? You're that busy? Anyway, maybe next time. And you can't say no."

"U-Uh, yeah."

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