"Pain's not bad, it's good. It teaches you things. I understand that"


That's how it all starts.

Red hot flaming fire, seeping through each and every one of your veins. The pain is… unimaginable. The most overwhelming emotion you will ever know in either lifetime.

It creeps slowly from the wound into your bloodstream. Soon enough you start to scream and you can't seem to stop. Your blood is boiling. You skin is crawling. Your eyes water to the point where you feel you couldn't possibly have any more in you. You thrash around, hoping it would diminish the pain, hoping that someone – anyone – is around to take it away. There isn't. Once it hits the blood, there is no going back.

But fire isn't everything. There is much more than pain to understand and experience. After those three long days, the world comes to you at a different pace. You move the same and talk the same – though you can never be completely sure of this for those memories are in too much of a daze – but a mere second has gone by. You find this odd. You aren't sure you like it.

But you soon forget to feel like a freak. For another emotion runs through you. It faintly reminds you of a well known burning but it's not the same. The first fire was in your legs, arms and mind. This burning is restricted to one area.

For a few moments, you are baffled by the overpowering feeling. But in less than one fifth of a second, that feeling is gone. Then you smell it. It smells better than anything you could ever dream of. Before you're aware, your legs start to move. Your mind is not your own anymore.

Despite what some might want you to believe, the first taste isn't the sweetest. It's the best you've tasted… so far. It gets better, more powerful. You know you'll never be able to get enough. You'll never be completely satiated. You don't want to be. You like the feel, the rush. The adrenaline is almost as good as the taste.

It's been four centuries and I can still remember – as clear as I saw yesterday – my first day. But that's us; we don't forget… ever. Every word, every breath, every taste and every touch is categorized and filed away for possible future knowledge.

The world, as with its inhabitants, change with every passing day. We, however, remain in perfect diamond condition. That – believe it or not – was the easiest information to absorb. The constant and undeniable thirst, on the other hand, that was far more tedious. But today, after years – decades – I have taught myself the importance and need of self-control.

The thirst grows the strongest after three weeks. After two, it can get a bit uncomfortable but nothing I cannot manage. But after three weeks, if any human were to step too closely, I will admit I don't think I would be able to stop myself. But after those two weeks, I try to stay clear. Of course, I try to do that most times.

I used to look at existing as a curse. Going through time without flaws seemed like cheating. But once you evolve past silly lingering human thoughts, this life can be quite fulfilling.

It's like a drug but a thousand times more addictive. Walk and you have to jog. Jog and you have to run. As fast as you can. And you will never get tired. Always challenging yourself, always trying to beat your last score. What else is there to do but exploit you gifts when you have all of eternity? There is no point in fighting what's already happened to you. Why not just accept the inevitable and have some fun along the way?

I've been writing this story for a shitload of time. Must be a few months now. However; I wanted to finish Scarred before I started publishing. I don't think I've ever been this prepared before. I know this is barely a summary of what to expect but some time tomorrow, the first chapter will be up and hopefully, it will be more eye-opening.