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Five: Lisa Simpson

Father: Homer J. Simpson (American National)
Mother: Marge Bouvier (American National)

Eight-year-old elementary student with limited social skills and a tendency towards activism. Has had no long-term relationships, despite interest shown by one Milhouse van Houten. Unusual hair style.

I think I hit my head when the lamp landed because I can't remember anything until my next master rubbed the lamp. When I finally wake up and feel the sucking (not like that), I have a throbbing headache and a bad temper.

Yep. The next master is gonna get it.

The 'lucky' gal is eight years old, and wearing a pearl necklace and orange dress. Her hair looks like you could puncture a tyre with one of the spikes. She has yellow skin. At this point, I'm not gonna bother asking.

"What in the…" she begins to explain.

I groan.

"Yeah, genie," I reply, "Genie with a migraine. Let's just get this over with…"

I explain the rules while rubbing my head. I feel like I've got the mother of all hangovers – maybe it's a concussion.

"Incredible!" she (her name's Lisa, apparently) exclaims, "With all your power, think of all the good we could do for the world!"

"Uh-huh…" I groan, "Can't you do small wishes first? My head feels like the morning after one of Alexander's nights out…"

"Alexander the Great?" she questions.

"Uh-huh," I moan, "Look, maybe you could…"

I don't finish the sentence. I'm too busy groaning at the sun as it emerges from behind a cloud.

"Let's see," muses Lisa, "How do I decrease my carbon footprint…"

That statement alone nearly pulls me out of the migraine. What kind of kid gets infinite power and uses it to eliminate their carbon footprint?

Eh, not the first weirdo I've had.

"I've got it!" she exclaims, clicking her fingers, "I wish I was photosynthetic!"

So that's how it is, huh? Of all the things you could wish for, it's photosynthesis. Way to go, kid.

I'm tempted to turn her into a flower and go lie down in my lamp, but sadly, that's not how it works. You see, magical creatures can heal minor injuries just by using magic – and three wishes would be more then enough to get rid of a concussion.

So I do the gong thing.

Lisa's skin turns green (it's the amazing technicolour skin) and her blood veins turn into…whatchamacallits, the things plants have instead of veins. Her hair turns into leaves and vines. Judging from her grin, she's happy.

Yep, that's right. No twist. Not while I've got a two hundred pound jackhammer in my skull.

Not yet, anyway.

Lisa breathes in and out, full of energy (from the sun. Duh.)

"This feels incredible!" she grins.

"That's great," I sigh, some of the ache in my head dissipating, "What next?"

Lisa begins to think again, rubbing her new plant skin.

"I got it!" she grins again, "I wish we could go into space!"

Did she mean humanity could go into space? Because all I heard was 'we'. Getting my groove back, I see.

I did the gong, and there we were, in zero-grav, above the Earth.

Lisa stumbles for a bit, and holds her throat. She eventually realises she isn't dying, because the sun's still giving her energy. Or something.

"Hey!" she snaps, "I meant humans could go into space, not us."

"Well, you should've phrased it better, spike-head," I reply, grinning as my headache recedes some more, "Well, your last wish is coming up, so…"

I think she still trusts me, too. After all, I granted her first wish right when she phrased it properly. Little cheesehead probably doesn't suspect a thing.

"Alright," nods Lisa, thinking once again.

She thinks for a long time. That's alright – not like I have anything better to do then hang out in space – except everything else, of course.

"I got it!" exclaims Lisa, "Genie, I wish I could help the world!"

Game. Set. Match.

My headache fully disappears as I prepare to gong, and I look to Lisa one last time.

"…hook, line and sinker, 'girlfriend.'"


The Anti-Crime Integrated Network was the pride and joy of the police force – officers, agents of law enforcement and even AIs could access the network to pass information on a truly secure network.

At 3.00, the ACIN received a message from one of its investors, Madame Foster, warning of a genie loose within the city. Most cities would take such news with a grain of salt, but this one was different – this had happened before, in the Desiree Incident.

Valerie and Star received the news direct from the Mayor's office, and were ordered to consult ACIN immediately for further information.

"This is Red Huntress and S.T.A.R., requesting update on the genie, out," radioed Valerie.

"Got it," said the digitized voice of the Local Integrated Safety Assistant, "Last user is unknown, but we think it's somewhere to the south of town."

"Saving the data, Lis," replied Star, "We're on it."

"Good luck, guys," wished L.I.S.A.

The AI closed the link, and turned within her digital realm to activate the interface for the Mayor.

She couldn't shake a feeling of familiarity to this case…

Creators: Axion Labs (funded by V. Masters – personality data contributed by H. and M. Simpson)

Attempts to – heck, you know what? Read the Star file again, except add the inner computer network of a city. No charges can be pressed on this. Jorgen's breathing down my neck here, people – get me some charges!

The investigator isn't too happy, is he?