A/N: ok, I admit that I have read this manga the last like four months ago, but I wished to write this little poem mostly after making a few own researches on the Borgia family…

P.S.: This program doesn't wish cooperating with me in regards of seperating the poem pharses so gomen, who wishes to see this in a normal format should PM me ant I will send it to them...

„Warm is the night air surrounding me,

but I still feel the cold biting in to my skin.

Then for the worst tragedy has befallen me,

Mea culpa.

Oh how much of a fool can one be,

your heart was mine and I have torn it apart.

How often did you call my name in the dark nights,

only for me to let it fall on death ears.

I was your light, the one to protect,

I was the one you have opened your heart.

All your life, all of whom you have known

have betrayed you,

only one light shone to you back then,

an Angel of Mercy and Kindness.

But that Angel was called back to her Lord,

entrusting you to me and I failed.

Mea culpa.

All around were you surrounded by betray,

a father selling you through greed to the Devil.

An Angel whom needed to leave you,

a brother filled with hatred in heart,

and a sister whom took me from you.

Oh, Lord forgive this damned fool,

why did I fall for those innocent eyes.

Why did those soft rose lips let me forget my promise.

Mea culpa.

Sometimes I wonder why I have pushed you away,

why did I think of your kisses as a game.

Mea culpa.

What would I give to be able to turn back time.

To be able to return those kisses shared in secret,

to be in your arms.

But now, you slowly sink in to the dark,

I can't reach you, they won't let me.

I want to reach you, to smooth away the pain.

Please Lord have mercy on him.

Kind Lord, please give me strength.

I don't want to give him up to the dark,

then it was I whom damned him.

Mea culpa.

Oh, Lord, who art in Heaven,

hear the prayer of this guilty Heart,

give me strength to take his hand.

Even if I should loose my life,

even if Hell rips me from this world.

I will not give upon the one whom I truly love…

…Caesar, please, wait for me,

I won't be a fool to loose you again through my own foolish fault.

Mea maxima culpa…
…Domine, miserere nobis..."