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Summary: From Curly-tailed Blue-faces to humans, Koh steals faces. All it takes is a single sign of emotion, and they are his. But even spirits can meet their match.


He had stolen thousands of faces over the course of time.

Many had thought that they could face him, that all they needed to do was stay calm. But he was a master of words, knowing exactly what to say to make them show emotion. A single smile, a tiny frown, a hint of confusion, and their faces were his.

Spirits, humans, animals, it never mattered. They showed emotion, and they were lost. There were none who could defeat Koh the Face Stealer. None who could hope to match him.

Until now.

Her face was calm and still.

He whispered sly, provoking words into her ear as he twisted around her, drawing on every sorrow and insecurity she had.

Her face did not change.

This was all wrong! It went against the fundamental laws of the universe! Koh would not give up. He changed tactics, mentioning her family, her friends and loved ones.

Still no emotion.

Perhaps she did not know him by sight. His name never failed to invoke terror in those he faced. "I am Koh. The slightest show of feeling, and your face will be mine. Eventually you will slip, and I will win."

No, she wouldn't. Mai met his eyes, as serene as a lake on a windless day. "Bring it on."





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