The Base in the Antarctic seemed strangely undamaged from all the fighting that had occurred. Indeed, with a full inspection it seemed more that it was just unused for centuries than battle scarred. The group was confused by this fact, but since there was a number of working Moon Kingdom devices inside along with spare parts they did not look the gift horse in the mouth. With that in addition to some ancient food packs Shampoo and Ranma were able to survive and begin building.

They started with their inactive bracers and worked up to full outfits which allowed them out into the cold of the Antarctic where they could hunt a few penguins and fish to expand their diets. With their food prospects increased the two began working on a teleportation device with Beryl's assistance.

"I still say there must be more artifacts that survived on the Moon and the other planets. " Beryl said as they were working once again on the teleportation device.

Ranma nodded and said, "Yeah, but we haven't even calibrated this thing to work to Australia let alone the Moon or another planet in the solar system."

Shampoo working next to the red haired girl chuckled and said, "Would like to visit Niuechieju first before we become first to explore other worlds. Besides, I think we would need some better protection than this."

The purple haired girl gestured at her outfit which now consisted of fully integrated magical fibers wrapping around her assets much like very short black spandex. Ranma's eyes wandered over the sight for a moment before she tore her gaze away saying, "You can wear more clothes you know."

Shampoo sniffed and said, "The magic will keep me warm here Ranma but even that wouldn't help on the Moon yes?"

Ranma nodded and made a few more slight adjustments feeling her way using a generic magical probe. "No, we'd need something for air and against the sun glare. Nothing like we have on us here or back home."

Shampoo nodded and said, "Well maybe Beryl can help us make that too. These outfits are quite amazing." She stopped talking about her outfit and tapped the screen on her left bracer. "Oh I think its working my screen is showing telemetry data and targeting."

Ranma nodded and looked at her own bracer, "Mine too. So I guess we should test it out maybe just to the other end of the complex?"

Shampoo nodded and Beryl added her own good luck wish. Moments later Ranma and Shampoo had transported themselves to the opposite end of the room and back, then a few locations around the facility and back. After a number of tests they were back at the device cheering and hugging until Ranma blushed and moved away. In the meantime Beryl said, "So that's one big project finished do you think we can work on the mental connection device?"

Ranma chuckled and replied, "Tired of having me relay to Shampoo huh?"

"It would also serve you well in Battles Ranma."

The red haired girl nodded and then looked to Shampoo and said, "She wants me to work on the mental connection device next, but before that we should really check back in with Grandmother and everyone else. It's been almost four months."

After a quick addition of clothes by Shampoo on Ranma's insistence the two looked on their bracers, made the appropriate indications and were whisked off to Japan and in front of an abandoned building.

The two gasped and Shampoo said, "Aiyah! What happen to Nekohanten? Where is grandmother?"

Ranma was struck for a moment worried that the old woman had died when a voice said, "Ranma there's no sign up. Nothing on the windows to indicate the Nekohanten was even here. There's more to this…"

Ranma's head shot up as she looked closer and relayed information to Shampoo. The purple haired girl immediately went through the front door breaking a number of locks and the door as she did so. Once inside she said, "Beryl is right this is not the same interior at all."

Both looked at their bracers and checked the data. Sure enough they were in the Nerima district and this is where the Nekohanten had once stood. The two stared at the structure and their bracer displays a few more moments before Ranma finally said, "We should go to the Tendo place."

Shampoo nodded and the two set off at a brisk walk to ponder the recent events. They arrived an hour or so later at the Tendo residence and knocked on the door. Kasumi answered and said, "Oh hello if you are Akane's friends she's not here yet."

Ranma looked up at the brown haired girl who seemed not to recognize her at all. "Kasumi? It's me Ranma I know we've been gone for awhile, but surely you remember me right?"

The tall woman shook her head and said, "I'm sorry miss, but I think I'd remember a girl with red hair. Perhaps you could recheck the address?"

Ranma's heart was shredded on the spot. Sure she had been gone, but there had been some sort of bond there and now it was gone. Yet even as her breath hitched a hand touched her shoulder and she knew that she still had someone. That no matter what happened her tribe sister would be there for her. She looked up at Kasumi with a single tear making its way down her face and said, "Sorry you must be right. I do apologize for the intrusion."

Kasumi smiled that bright smile that could light up a room and said, "That's okay miss. It was no trouble at all."

Shampoo was the one who added, "You see Genma Saotome here by any chance?"

The Brown haired girl shook her head and said, "No I'm sorry I don't know who that is either."

"Thank you very much we will be going. You have a nice day okay?" The purple haired girl walked away with her hand on Ranma's shoulder. She had known the other girl felt something for Kasumi and was sad for her tribe sister and yet another part of her wondered if perhaps this was the beginning of something new. She cut that voice off and just consoled Ranma as they walked off to find better food than ancient Moon Kingdom ration packs, arctic chard, or penguin meat.

When they arrived at a place to eat the two of them were finally hit with the exact answer to their current dilemma. The newspaper vending machine was holding a copy of the day's paper with the date July 27, 1998. Beryl was the first to say, "I believe that paper must be out of date. It was March of 1999 when we left for the Antarctic and we've been gone for nearly four months."

Ranma mentally nodded and looked at Shampoo whose violet eyes were staring into his own cerulean depths. He said, "Shampoo uh Beryl thinks the paper might be out of date."

The purple haired girl began to nod as their gazes departed from one another. However the nod turned into a shake of her head as her eyes examined the window of a nearby eatery, "No, look someone inside that café is reading one."

Ranma looked in and saw that exact same thing then said, "Could the teleportation have sent us back in time?"

"Not possible Ranma only the time gates or an artifact capable of interacting with them could do that." Beryl spoke as she ruminated over the question. Then realized they had been at ground zero as an extraordinarily powerful artifact had been used, but the original bracers had somehow protected them from being teleported away. "Wait…what if the Ginzuishou didn't just send everybody home. What if it rewrote everything to its mistress' will?"

"Wait you're telling me that little gem Moon used affected everything in the world?" Ranma said with clear disbelief.

His purple haired companion looked at him as he said that and replied, "That explains what happened to us Ranma. Everyone else was affected, but not us."

It was Beryl who added in a slightly frightened voice, "No I think it might have been more. If the date here is correct then the Ginzuishou did more than change the world Ranma. It changed the entire universe because it changed the time stream."

Ranma pondered it and said, "Wait so if I understand you correctly this crystal somehow destroyed Metallia before she created the threat that we just ended?"

Shampoo heard that and lapsed into pidgin as she said, "Wait that can't be right. We collected many gems which become crystal and it was used to stop the threat we faced. If there no threat then the gems not be collected and there be no crystal."

Ranma nodded and said, "Yeah that I mean it can't be possible can it?"

Beryl mentally shrugged and said, "It makes sense. The base was strangely less damaged than we thought it should be. My hypothesis at the time was that the Ginzuishou fixed it. I was correct up to a point. The crystal did more than fix the base it changed time so that the base was never damaged by our attack."

Ranma turned to Shampoo with an annoyed look on her face, "Beryl says that apparently it is possible."

The purple haired girl looked annoyed as well. She blew on one of her bangs and said, "Fine we eat and discuss our plans seeing as we've apparently arrived before we even left."

Ranma nodded and the two martial Artists stepped over to a vendor's cart and purchased some food.


Meanwhile in the Qinghai province of China Genma Saotome was a rather confused panda. He was trapped in a small Amazon village, but his confusion was not a result of his entrapment. Instead it was due to his son's disappearance.

Indeed he mulled the scene over again in his mind. He and his son had been eating a fabulous feast and watching a martial arts competition. The young purple haired girl had defeated her challenger and walked towards them, eyes blazing with anger. The guide translated her words and Ranma had simply challenged the girl on the spot.

Genma watched as the Red haired girl faced off against her purple haired opponent and the battle began. Ranma dodged two attacks and flipped backwards, and then her foot struck out towards her opponent. When that deadly foot connected with the purple haired girl's jaw both combatants had disappeared.

In the chaos that resulted he slipped away from the village leaving his guide behind. Then he returned later that night and attempted to find his son. Soon however he was met by an Amazon patrol and quickly escorted out of town. Even so he had been returning again and again hoping that his son would be there somewhere.

Indeed he had spent the last few months returning to the village, the Jusenkyo springs, and surrounding area hoping some trace of Ranma could be found. He had not found the boy and apparently had been deemed a nuisance by the local Amazon village and thus imprisoned instead of simply being led out into the wilderness again.

He gave a great Panda sigh and wondered if it was time to escape again, but without any clear view of where to go he just sat back and began to shut his eyes.

His side was suddenly poked by a staff and he jumped up with a growf of annoyance. From the ground cam an old woman's voice speaking Japanese, "Give it a rest sonny."

He looked at the small old crone as she held out a small pot of hot water. "I think I have you figured out. I missed the end of the tournament, but some people did note a Panda there at the time."

Her old blue gray eyes stared up at him as if measuring his worth and then finding him failing in some way. "You could have changed and asked about, but instead you've been a nuisance and annoyance. Even so I'm going to use this," she gestured at the heated water, "and I'll free you after you answer a few questions. Understood?"

He nodded and was suddenly hit by a blast of hot water. He began to sputter in indignation, but that stopped when he was hit in the head by a bunch of clothes. He growled in annoyance again and put the clothes on fishing his glasses from the ground and looking at the old woman. "What do you want old bat?"

The old woman kept her disturbing gaze on him and said, "I am Elder Cologne of the Nuichieju Amazon tribe. I expect respect towards me and my position young man. I want answers to my questions. If I do not receive either of those things you will find that I can make room in my house for a Panda skin rug."

Genma gulped and nodded. She smiled slightly and said, "You were here with a young red haired girl who fought with my great granddaughter Shampoo yes?"

"If she was the purple haired girl I saw, then yes. My son challenged her to a duel for the food that we had eaten."

The old woman stared at him as he finished, "I see, so the red haired girl was your son then…."

She was lost in thought about that and then finally returned to speaking, "The two young women fought on the challenge log and when a blow that would most likely have been decisive against Shampoo landed both young women disappeared."

"Yes. I saw the same thing old woman." He was annoyed now.

The bald man was then poked again increasing his annoyance. "It was not a question and do remember it is either Elder Cologne or just Cologne understood?"

She smacked him with her staff and Genma nodded in understanding of the threat. Then, the old woman added, "So we have a mutual disappearance and two cursed individuals in yourself and your son, but the curses would be a periphery issue in this situation."

"and What situation is that?"

Cologne looked at him and said, "A member of our tribe is gone and is your son. They have been taken away by some mysterious magic. Your idiocy in returning here again and again without attempting to speak to us suggests to me that you are too dimwitted to be responsible for that."

"Hey!" Genma complained

Cologne ignored his protestations and continued, "So the curses are not important. Who may or may not have won that match is not important. What is important is finding my Great Granddaughter and your son and retrieving them."

Genma nodded and hopping to be let out of his cage said, "Maybe we could work together?"

Cologne shook her head and said, "No, but you will be allowed out and be given leave to go and find your son. Once you have left the village do not return again. Is that understood?"

"Ranma his name was Ranma Saotome." Replied the balding martial artist with thoughts of fleeing far away and searching elsewhere now that he knew, for sure that the Amazons did not have his son.

Cologne shrugged; she did not care for this boy or his father. She only cared about her granddaughter, but it seemed as if there was nothing more. Genma had been a clueless idiot and the village shamans could not make any clear determinations. The trail was cold and there were no more clues left…She sadly shook her head softly and watched Genma go. As the fat fool departed at high speed the ancient woman wondered if she would ever see her great granddaughter again.


Ranma and Shampoo were back in their Antarctic base of operations calibrating yet another new device into their now heavily magical bracers. Indeed with the final calibrations Ranma still in her female and Mana capable form said, "Okay let's go through the full set of operating commands and items."

Shampoo nodded and pushed a button that dropped a lens over her eye from a simple barrette in her hair, "Okay Ranma. Youma and Dark Kingdom energy scanner is working and online detecting minor traces here from occupation by Beryl in the Silver Millennium."

Ranma nodded and said, "I'm getting the same. We won't be able to use the threat assessment and power level check until we meet up with something that we can actually measure. But, next up should be the mana switchers and power duplicators."

Shampoo nodded and tossed out some flames, water, ice, and electricity. She hit another button and said, "Well it's mostly working but I still can't seem to get the right frame of mind to copy the love aspects."

Ranma nodded, but didn't seem to have the same problem as she tossed out a chain of hearts then said, "We'll work on that some more. We should also try the healing too."

Shampoo walked closer to Ranma and they each held out an arm which she proceeded to slash with a knife. Moments later both wounds were healed and Ranma said, "Okay mana battery on mine is still at 90% and increasing as the recharger pulls off my power how is yours?"

"The same. I think we should attempt to exhaust the system and use the powers to their maximal threshold."

Ranma looked at the smiling girl and said, "All right you're on!"

A voice now in both of their heads said, "What about me. Aren't you going to test the newest neural transceiver?"

"Seems to be working fine to me" Ranma thought

Shampoo smiled and added, "I agree it is working fine" then, with that final thought still up she pushed mana and chi together to shoot herself across the room, but even so Ranma had dodged the blow and was attempting to counter attack. She shot a pillar of ice up from the floor in the path of the red haired girl's attack.

Ranma's fist smashed through the pillar, but the slowing of the blow allowed Shampoo to dodge out of the way and directly into a ball of electricity that had been placed there before Ranma had begun the attack. Her body spasmed with the jolt and she was unable to dodge the next blow, but she recovered soon enough and put a small fireball right into Ranma's chest.

Ranma dodged at the last second hitting the ground with her palms outstretched, flipping into a handstand and then back onto her feet in an offensive. Smashing the ice shards Shampoo was sending at her with high speed accurate strikes and moving back in to close quarters combat.

Shampoo was now blocking and dodging the other girl's blows and trying to regain the offensive by flash heating a bit of water and sending the steam into the Red haired girl's face. With the onslaught of the steam the girl changed into a boy, but he did not cease his attack. Instead, his leg had shot out and took her down. As she tried to get up he was already on her his arm locking one of her own and a finger pointing at her carotid.

She frowned slightly, but said, "You win this time Ranma."

He let go and said, "You tried that trick on me before you should have known it wouldn't work a second time."

Shampoo looked at the black haired youth next to her and allowed him to give her a hand up. Their fingers intertwined and she blushed slightly saying, "Yes Ranma cannot be beaten the same way twice. I should know this."

He looked at her and in another universe or time he might have bragged about being the best, but he was past that now saying instead, "Well we have to be better than our last match each time right?"

She nodded and said, "Yes, perhaps I will get you next time or use the hot water at a distance. You are somewhat less able to fight at full potential in your male form."

He shook his head and said, "Only if my mana battery is drained out and with these batteries it should take more than a full on sparring session to do that."

She shook her head and said, "That was my mistake then. I forgot that the new mana batteries hold a greater charge than the old ones. Without the advantage of you losing magic I estimate that my wins in our sparring sessions will lessen."

Ranma shrugged, "Now you're just trying to get me to let my guard down in our next session."

Shampoo smirked at him and said, "Did it work?"

"Not in the slightest" he replied with a chuckle.

She smiled and said, "Well we tested the bracers and our combat outfits again. Beryl were you able to track my thoughts during the entire sparring session?"

The ephermal voice replied, "Yes Shampoo I was able to hear your surface thoughts and could have relayed information to Ranma or yourself at need. However I felt that actually doing so would have negated your sparring session's goal."

Ranma proceeded to pull up a bit of cold water and splashed himself in the face reverting to a girl. The redhead then spoke through their connection saying, "So I guess we should go see the tribe now."

Shampoo felt the apprehension in Ranma and said, "You don't have to go Ranma."

She shook her head and said, "No I want to go. I want to know exactly what we left behind."

The purple haired girl took Ranma's hand in her own and said, "Okay we'll find out together."

"I have access to the teleportation commands. Are we ready to go?"

The two girls were still holding hands as they replied in the affirmative. Moments later the machine, working in concert with their bracers, teleported them to China not far from a place that they had both called home for a time.


Genma frowned and decided himself on the exact lie he would tell in just a few moments. He knew that there was still work to do and that if his son was alive it would be very useful to gain Tendo's assistance in the disappearance matter. With that in mind, as well as perhaps spending a short amount of lazy time living off his friend, he knocked on the door glad that he had not done so the day before in the rain.

A tall brown haired girl opened the door and with a soft pleasing voice said, "Hello how can I help you?"

He smiled at her and said, "I'm Genma Saotome I sent a letter to Soun Tendo. He'll want to see me I'm sure."

She nodded and said, "Oh we thought you might be here yesterday, but do come in and make yourself at home."

With that she walked off to get her father while Genma came into the house. Not long after that he was met by his best friend Soun and the two began discussing the future once young Ranma was saved from whoever had kidnapped him. There was much alcohol consumption and a general festive atmosphere.


Meanwhile in China two girls appeared not too far from the village and walked to the gates. The two women on guard examined them closely and then one spoke in Chinese saying, "Shampoo have you returned? Did this sorceress take you away?"

Shampoo replied, "No Chellu she did not take me. She is Ranma and I declare her to be my Shield Sister."

The guard gasped at Shampoo's audacity in claiming some outsider and yet the purple haired girl had been village champion. It would not be for Chellu to make such a decision. Instead it would be for the village elders and so she said, "I hear your words Shampoo and you may enter, but seek out the Village elders as is custom for such declarations."

Shampoo nodded Ranma stared at Chellu for a moment hoping for some hint or spark of recognition, but knowing it wouldn't happen. She had been here for such a short time and yet it had been her family and now she returned, but not as she was. These people saw her as a stranger in their midst and it hurt. She turned away from the guard and quickly caught up to Shampoo wishing that the Ginzuishou had never been created.

Beryl mentally assessed Ranma's condition and realized that the young girl/boy was definitely not well. She had lost her potential love interest with Kasumi and now she was losing what had once been her home even if it had caused her some additional gender dysphoria the Amazon village had been a piece of stability and it was no longer the same place. The only problem with recognizing all of this was that she had no idea how to help her friend in this situation.

As Beryl thought about Ranma the two girls ended up in the hall of elders. There they met up with a very surprised Cologne and the elder Shaman Silk and her friend/lover Satin the healer. The three elders had obviously been in a discussion when the two girls arrived. Shampoo and Ranma bowed their heads in a gesture of respect and Shampoo said, "I have returned to the village with a lost village sister and a tale of danger surpassed."

Silk stared at the two and said, "They radiate powerful magic."

Cologne nodded and said, "Shampoo's chi is greatly enhanced since we have seen her last as well."

Both of them turned to Satin who nodded and said, "I will have to examine you both before you begin this tale Shampoo."

Shampoo slowly shook her head and said, "I will not leave until the elders acknowledge Ranma as part of this tribe."

The red haired girl looked at Shampoo and a tear slid down her cheek. The purple haired girl was risking her own standing to vouch for her. She was risking punishment and dishonor simply because Ranma was her friend and it was a powerful feeling of love and devotion that rushed through Ranma. A feeling that she began to hope the other girl held for her as well.

Cologne stepped forward with a cup in hand. She threw the contents onto Ranma and she transformed into a black haired boy. Cologne stared at him a moment and then turned her frowning gaze on Shampoo and said, "Did you know about this transformation great granddaughter?"

Shampoo met that gaze and said, "I did. I knew of it and brought her here as a female because that is how she originally entered this village and how she originally became a member of our tribe."

Silk stepped forward and said, "We would remember allowing this to happen and yet we do not. What you say cannot be true and yet….."

Satin nodded her own aged head and said, "Yes I sense it too she is not lying or at least she thinks she is not. What do you think Cologne should we separate them and interrogate the red haired one? Perhaps she used this powerful magic to manipulate your grand daughter's memories?"

"No! I would never do that! Grandmother please," Ranma was holding Colognes hand and staring into her eyes now, "Please you have to know who I am. You…have to...please…"

Without wanting to Ranma broke into tears as the emotional strain finally became too much for him. He had lost a possible love in Kasumi, but in Cologne he had lost one of the first mother figures he had ever truly known and it was tearing him apart.

Even as he cried Shampoo gathered him in her arms and hugged him whispering that everything would be all right and that the elders would see the truth. Cologne looked at the pair and then said, "No Satin, this young man did not manipulate anything. I think we should grant my granddaughter's request and then we should let them rest. After we will examine them further and hear their tale."

The two were sent off with the agreement that Ranma would indeed be granted status as a lost tribe sister in the village. The ceremony would be completed after the two youngsters had rested and given their report to the elders of the tribe.

As they were walking off Ranma said, "I'm sorry Shampoo I don't know what came over me. Guys ain't supposed to cry like that."

The purple haired girl smiled lightly and hugged him again saying, "It's okay Ranma. You have lost more than I in this situation. You can cry and I will understand, but know that I am here for you as your shield sister and friend."

With her soft curves pressed against him yet again Ranma was not feeling as if Shampoo was his sister, but he returned the hug and said, "Thank you Shampoo. That means a lot to me." Then without thinking his face came closer to hers and his lips captured hers in a brief spark.

She didn't pull away and through her link with the two Beryl could feel that they were both feeling the same thing. The queen smiled to herself and said, "I approve. You two deserve each other and love each other very much."

The two blushed and broke the kiss after that. Then they departed to their separate beds and dreams of their kiss washed over them.


A blaring klaxon woke her from her sleep. She rubbed her face and felt its smoothness and knew that the regeneration cycle was complete. Then she stepped from the chamber and felt the slight ache in her knee. The cycle wasn't complete. She quickly looked in a mirror and examined her face and hair. A small streak of grey washed down her viridian locks and she estimated her current age to be around 45 standard Terran years.

Still the klaxon blared and she knew it must be an emergency indeed, so she grabbed a robe and went to the computer control station. There on her monitor was the horrifying news. She read it again aloud, "Warning New Silver Millennium likelihood has decreased to less than 10 percent."

"No!" She screamed and looked at the screen again, then began typing furiously. The data came on the screen and she noted the beginning of the disturbance. As she did so she calmed down and activated the voice interface even as the data displayed a few facts. The Ginzuishou had been used recently and it had linked with the time gate to change the past.

She nodded and said, "Display date and temporal coordinates."

The screen complied showing that a year of time had been backtracked and then the crystal had destroyed a powerful entity. She quickly focused on the image and said, "Play surrounding ten minutes of temporal coordinates where the Ginzuishou interacted with the gates."

On the screen she saw the Demon Entity that was Metallia washed away and then an empty facility that had once belonged to Queen Beryl. She played the footage again and saw the same thing. She frowned and then said, "Expand display of the facility and increase time range to thirty minutes."

She saw sailor moon enter the room and confront queen Beryl and then another Queen Beryl came in and assisted in the fight against what seemed to be herself and Metallia. At the end of the fight Sailor Moon used the Ginzuishou and destroyed Metallia and the Ginzuishou backtracked time so that the demon entity was destroyed almost year before the actual date that Sailor Moon used the Ginzuishou.

The green haired woman frowned and said, "Locate Sailor moon"

"No data"

She sighed and said, "Locate Sailor mars"

"No Data"

She tried it again for all the inner scouts and received the same response. Then she cursed and said, "She must have accidentally used the Ginzuishou to erase her awakening. I'll need to wake her again. Computer locate advisor Luna."

"No Data"

"Hells!" The interjected and then said, "Locate Advisor Artemis!"

"No Data"

A hand nearly smashed the screen in front of her to bits as she seethed in anger and frowned. Slowly she gathered her patience and pondered the situation and then smiled and said, "Pluto outer scout protocols begin authorization Serenity Lambda Lambda Zeta Pluto Five Seven Seven Niner"

The computer processed and said, "Activation of outer scouts beginning and memory refresh cycle initiated starting with Uranus."

A cycle bar began showing the timing for the scout wakeup and Pluto held her hands tokether and stared at the screen hoping the next part would work, "Okay now, initiate Saturn skip matrix."

The computer processed and said, "Initiating skip Matrix….error…dark energy corruption"

She looked at the screen and frowned. The idly wrung her hands and then sighed as she made the decision, "Initiate Serenity Final Solution authorization Pluto five seven omega delta niner."

The gate opened a rift in space and time an immense wave of tachyon power built up and a small girl with dark hair playing in the yard in front of her house knew nothing at all about her potential demise. Energy powered up from within the time gates and a blast shot from the device and through the continuum and directly at the young child. Somehow through random chance or possible Senshi design the little girl tripped and fell to the ground. The blast of energy passed by her and struck the house behind. There was a brief flash of light and Hotaru Tomoe's parents died. Even as the grass and lawn burned, even as sirens rang out and a little girl cried a computerized voice spoke in its dull monotone, "Serenity Final Solution complete."

Pluto nodded and said, "Notify me when Sailor Uranus and Jupiter are online. We need to find Princess Serenity and restore the time lines."

With that she stood up and stalked off. The Rejuvenation chamber wouldn't be available for use for another fifty years which meant this time she'd have to deal with being ninety five before she could rejuvenate again. She frowned at that then decided that it wouldn't matter as long as Serenity's orders were fulfilled. The Silver Moon kingdom would rise again no matter what and she was determined to ensure it.


Author's Notes: I know Ranma had a crying jag here, but I feel it was rather in character after loosing Kasumi and potentially Cologne. Whether or not he will ever get something back is still up in the air and as for the scouts and their former allies well Moon very clearly wanted to go back to their normal lives and the world as well. Perhaps handing a teenage girl the world's biggest wishing item just wasn't a great idea...

Also, a minor note this is not Setsuna as necessarily full on evil. It was simply doing her job...then again lots of bad things have happened because people were just following orders...