You never looked so good

As you did last night

Underneath those city lights

I sat in the restaurant as I tried to patiently wait for Callie to arrive. I knew that she was nervous about all that was happening, but so was I. This was just as new to me as it was to her.

I took a long sip of my wine. My eyes glued to the door, wishing for to just come through it already to ease my nervous. I felt my face light up as she seemed to read my mind. My smile fades as she sits down next to me and fiddles with her fingers, her eyes not meeting mine.

I try to speak, but Callie's words cut me off.

"We need to have rules," she begins. What the hell is she talking about?

"What?" I ask, trying to get her to elaborate.

"Rules. We need rules about how we're going to deal with the motherland. Because it's undiscovered country and maybe it will be the best vacation either of us has ever had, but it's mysterious, and dark , and there should be rules. Oh, and an embassy, and a safe word," she says as she reaches for her glass and takes a sip.

To say that she has royally confused me would be an understatement.

"I'm sorry, but what the hell are you talking about?" I ask, trying to grasp at whatever she said.

"Below the," she starts, dropping her voice as a waitress passes by the table. "Below the Mason-Dixon line...of your pants."

I'm pretty sure the expression on my face is just as unreadable as the look on hers. I honestly have no idea what she is talking about. We were just having dinner, not planning a vacation. At least not that I was aware of.

Callie looks defeated before she starts speaking again.

"I'm not sure if I can go there," Callie says, the defeat evident in her voice. It hits me all at once what she was talking about. I smile at her, hoping to ease her nerves a little.

"Me neither," I try to reassure her. "There's a lot of undiscovered territory above the belt. We can take it slow. Maybe just first base?"

Callie let out a big sigh of relief as a smile brightened up her face.

"Whoa, okay, thank you, sorry."

"Finish my wine," I smile as I hand her my glass. "I'm going to look at the menu for a minute while your blood pressure drops back down to normal."

It's quiet for a moment while we are left alone with our thoughts.


I look up at the sound of my name to see Callie smiling.

"Maybe second base too."

Dinner went by without another hitch. It was much smoother since we cleared the air between us and we were much more comfortable with each other.

As we leave the restaurant, I lightly grab her hand as she starts towards her car.

"I was hoping that you'd take a walk with me," I say, my voice softer than it normally is.

"I'd love to," she says smiling. We walk along the waterfront, our fingers twined together comfortably.

I look over at her as we walk and I completely loose my breath. The lights ahead are setting her aglow, the warm light dancing across her skin. The faint yellow glistens off her hair, making it shine in the night.

She looks up at me and her eyes catch mine.

"What?" she asks, a light blush spreading across her cheeks. I can feel my face turn red from being caught.

"Nothing," I say, focusing my eyes straight ahead. I hear her stop and she tugs gently on my hand.

"What is it?" she asks. I can tell she's nervous again, like she's thinking she did something wrong. I turn to face her and my other hand comes up to cup her cheek, tilting her head so that she's looking at me.

"Callie, you look beautiful tonight," I tell her and am rewarded with her smile. My breath hitches in my throat as she steps closer to me, her body lightly pressing against mine. Her lips brush mine lightly before she speaks.

"You look beautiful, too."