The thing about being an Oracle is you see clearly. Not just the future, not just monsters, mortal things too, family things.

I see that my problems with my father are not all his fault. That it's not that he's trying to make me into the daughter he wants to have – well it is, but that's not all it is. From his point of view he's trying to give me things, wonderful things, he's worked hard to get – and I go and act like they're nothing at all.

I've hurt him terribly. We're so alike, both so intent on our side that we can't see the other. Both stubborn, willful…we've locked ourselves into a power struggle neither can win.

And Mom…poor Mom caught in the middle, not wanting to take sides, miserable because the two people she loves seem to hate each other, not wanting to be hurt too… So she hides behind her brochures and catalogs, and buys herself things to help her forget she can't have what she really wants; a happy home.

What am I going to do? I won't – I can't – live the life Dad dreams of giving me. I'm not going to be a business woman, or a politician or even a socialite. The Oracle of Delphi, what kind of career is that?

How am I going to tell him?

I'm not. Not yet. I'm still a kid there's lots of time to put things right between us, to learn to understand him and teach him how to understand me, to make Mom happy again. Going to Clarion like he wants is a good start. I've got to give a little, meet him halfway. And I've got to stop attacking his work. He thinks building shopping centers and housing developments is a good thing – and I guess it is, sort of.

I mean didn't we all just risk our lives to save Western Civilization? And homes and businesses are part of that. What we need is a balance between the needs of Civilization and the needs of the Wild. I bet I can get Dad to understand that if I go about it right, if I stop making him feel angry and defensive…. Gods I've been so dumb!

Well no more. Rachel's going to be smart now. I see what I have to do and I can do it. By the time I graduate from Clarion things will be entirely different between me and Dad and us and Mom. By then they'll be able to understand and accept my destiny – though they're not going to like it. That I can't do. I'm the Oracle of Delphi, I do prophecies not miracles!