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Blaine crouched behind the retaining wall. He could see the very top of Piper Banks's head below him, and if he timed it right and lunged forward at just the right angle, he could totally shine his flashlight in her face and kill two birds with stone: tag her, and scare the living daylights out of her.

A hand closed over his shoulder and yanked him backwards. Blaine let out a very undapper howl and tumbled back; the noise startled the hiding Lark and she fled across the dark lawn before he could pick up his flashlight.

"David!" he wheezed. "What was that for? I almost had her!"

"I got a text from Lucy," David said, holding out his phone.

Blaine squinted at the backlit screen. "Com 2 fountain bring blaine," he read. "She never texts in chatspeak."

"That's why I think she's in trouble," David said, sliding his phone back in his pocket. "C'mon, let's go."

"Why does she need me?" Blaine asked, following him across the dark grounds.

"I don't know, but she's never done this to me before," David worried. "Do you think she's hurt?"

"I'm sure she's fine," Blaine consoled him. "We'll just check on her and get back to the game before Wes finds out and tries to kill us."

Despite the reassurance offered David, Blaine couldn't help but feel a little anxious as they approached the fountain. Maybe Lucy really was hurt.

Or maybe it was a ploy to help the Larks win again this year. Jo probably put her up to it. He wouldn't put it past her.

He could hear voices and faint splashing the closer they got. "Okay, you cannot sit here all night," he heard Lucy say.

"Can't move. I'm drowning."

"Kurt! Get up! You are in ten inches of water!"

David broke into a run, Blaine close behind him with his flashlight up. Lucy looked up at them from her vantage point in the fountain and scowled. "Well, it certainly took you long enough," she said.

"Oh my god, Lu, are you okay, baby?" David asked, cupping her cheeks in his hands.

"I was fine until Kurt decided to drag me into the fountain with him," Lucy sighed. "And now he has me pinned and I can't get out."

Blaine peered into the fountain. Lucy sat on the shallow water with Kurt's head resting on her knees. Kurt raised a hand. "Rose is going to let me drown, you have to save me," he said.

"But her name's Lucy," David objected.

"Yes, well, he thinks he's Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic," Lucy said. "Blaine, can you get him out of here before my legs fall completely asleep and we both die of pneumonia?"

"Uh, sure," Blaine stammered. He leaned over the edge of the fountain and held out his hands. "Kurt, can you get up?

Kurt made a face. "Are you going to take my door and let me drown?" he asked.

"I won't, I promise," he said. "Take my hands, okay?"

Kurt closed his wet gloved hands over Blaine's and started to stagger to his feet. Blaine braced himself. "Careful, careful," he warned. "Go slow."

Kurt wobbled precariously; Blaine tucked his hands under his arms. "Okay, you're almost there," he said. "Put one leg over at a time, slow and careful."

"I'm gonna fall," Kurt warned.

"No, no, you won't, I've got you," Blaine soothed. Kurt swung one leg clumsily over the fountain wall, then the other. He sat down hard and laughed.

"What's wrong with him?" David asked as he helped Lucy up.

Blaine ran his hand over the back of Kurt's head, pushing his wet hair out of the way. "He must've hit his head pretty hard," he said. "He probably has a concussion and he's delusional."

"Oh, he's delusional all right," Lucy said as David hoisted her out of the fountain. "But he was like that before he fell in."

"What makes you say that?" David asked, rubbing her arms.

"He smells like alcohol," Lucy said.

"What? No," David said. "Kurt's a good kid. He knows better than to drink, much less on school grounds."

Blaine crouched down in front of Kurt and pushed his wet hair away from his forehead. "Kurt, what have you had to drink lately?" he asked.

"Strawberries and cream," Kurt said dreamily. "You want some?" He wavered to his feet and grabbed Blaine by the hand. "It's in the choir room and it is sooo good, c'mon, let's go-"

"Hey, there, don't go running off," Blaine said, catching Kurt around his waist before he could topple over.

Lucy's eyes widened. "Someone must have spiked the punch," she said. "Did you have any?"

"I had a few sips," David said. "But everyone knows to not drink the punch, otherwise you have to pee really bad during German spotlight, and warriors don't take potty breaks."

Kurt let out a loud sneeze and wiped his nose on his sleeve. "Let's get you two inside, before either of you freeze to death," Blaine said.

"Where are we going to?" David asked.

Blaine kept his arms around Kurt's waist. "Let's take him to my room," he said. "My roommate already left for break, since he's exempt from his last exams. Plus, it'll be easier to hide Kurt."

David held tightly to Lucy's hand as they walked back towards the school. Blaine turned his attention to Kurt. "Can you walk?" he asked.

Kurt wrinkled his nose. "Maybe," he said. He placed one foot tentatively in front of the other and giggled. "Yes! Success!"

Blaine sighed. Judging by the way Kurt was lurching, he wasn't going to make it very far before tumbling into a drunken heap, and who knows how long it would take to get him up from that. He let go of Kurt's waist and shifted to stand in front of him. "Kurt, can you put your arms around my neck?" he asked.

Kurt flung his arms over Blaine's shoulders. "Like this?" he said.

Blaine moved Kurt's hands around his collarbone. "Perfect," he said. He crouched a little bit and put his hands on the backs of Kurt's thighs, trying not think too hard that this was the closest he had been to him so far. "Now, can you jump?"

Kurt could, apparently. He jumped so enthusiastically that it nearly knocked Blaine over, but he managed to keep himself upright and hoist the younger boy onto his back.

"Now don't let go," Blaine warned.

Kurt snuggled his cold, damp cheek against Blaine's warm neck. "I'll never let go, Jack," he sighed. Blaine resisted the urge to laugh, readjusted Kurt on his back, and walked carefully through the snow to the school building.

Carrying Kurt piggyback was…interesting. Being under the influence, so to speak, made him into rather unwieldy dead weight. He was also very wet, and the cold water was beginning to seep through Blaine's jacket. But Kurt kept his arms clasped tight around his neck, and it was sort of sweet to hear him humming under his breath. Blaine was pretty sure it was the melody to "My Heart Will Go On."

Blaine lugged Kurt up the stairs to the senior dorms and nudged his bedroom door open with his knee. David was sitting on his roommate's bed, and Lucy was trying to peel off her wet coat. "There you are," she said. "I was beginning to wonder if he fell in again."

Blaine carefully set Kurt down on his desk chair and disentangled his arms from around his neck. "No, I just didn't trust him to walk," he said, attempting to pry Kurt's soaked gloves off his hands.

"I can walk," Kurt said, his head tilting towards his shoulder.

Lucy sat down at his roommate's desk and pried off her shoes. "David, can you get my bag from the choir room?" she asked. "I really want to change."

"Sure," David said. He dropped a kiss on Lucy's forehead. "I'll be back soon."

Blaine pulled on the hem of Kurt's sweater. "Kurt, you need to get out of your wet things," he said. "We don't want you to get sick." Kurt smiled dreamily and raised his arms like a child. Blaine yanked on it, hopelessly stretching the wet wool, and managed to pull it over Kurt's head.

Lucy kicked her shoes aside. She was soaked up to her waist, but her upper body was still dry. "Is he okay?" she asked.

Blaine tugged on Kurt's boots. "It's like trying to wrangle a toddler," he huffed.

Kurt shivered. "I'm cold," he complained. "I wanna sleep."

He leaned forward like he was trying to get up, but Blaine put his hand on his stomach and gently pushed him back down. "You can sleep when you're dried off," he said.

Lucy tucked her hair behind her ears. "We need to get him warmed up," she said.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Blaine asked.

"Get him in a hot shower," Lucy suggested.

Blaine's mouth dropped open. "How am I supposed to do that?" he asked.

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Get his clothes off, turn on the water, put him in the shower, leave him there until he warms up," she said. "Rather simple."

"Lu, I can't do that," he stammered. "I can't just…just…you do it!"

"Me? I'm a girl, and I've only known him for a few hours!" she protested.

"But I can't, I've…" Blaine's voice trailed off.

Lucy raised a knowing eyebrow. "Mm-hm," she said. "I know how this goes." She crossed her arms. "Look, just put him in the shower with his boxers on and have him hand them to you once he's behind the curtain. Simple."

"Believe me, nothing is simple with this kid," Blaine said.

They both turned to look at Kurt, who was sleepily plucking at the buttons on his shirt. Blaine knelt down, gently moved his hands away, and unbuttoned his shirt. "You smell nice," Kurt said.

"And you smell like chlorinated water and booze," Blaine said. He pulled Kurt's wet shirt off and dropped it on the floor with the sweater and boots. "You're going to take a shower, okay?"

"Mmkay," Kurt said. "Are you gonna come with me?"

Lucy stifled a snicker. Blaine refused to look at her. "No, I think you can take a shower by yourself," he said.

"Mmkay," Kurt said. He stretched his legs out and wiggled his toes. "See? I wore black socks. That way nobody could see me."

"Yes, you're very smart," Blaine said. "Can you take them off?"

Kurt leaned over, nearly bonking heads with Blaine, and tugged his socks off. "Uh-huh," he said. He laughed. "Whoa, 'm dizzy."

"Careful," Blaine said. "Let's get you to the bathroom, okay?"

Kurt looked up and frowned. "Why?" he asked.

"You're going to take a shower so you can get warm," Blaine explained patiently. He draped one of Kurt's arms over his shoulders and helped him to his feet. "C'mon."

Lucy sat down, running her fingers through the damp ends of her hair. "Good luck," she said. "Call me if you need me."

"I will," Blaine said. He led Kurt to the bathroom, mentally praising whichever Dalton headmaster decided to give the senior dormrooms individual bathrooms, and shut the door.

Kurt's skin looked perilously pale in the warm overhead light of the bathroom. "I am so cold," he said solemnly.

"I know," Blaine said. "Raise your arms."

Kurt obeyed, and Blaine pulled his soaked black undershirt over his head. He had never expected that his first time seeing Kurt shirtless would be under these sorts of circumstances, and he tried not to stare. Kurt was a lot more built than he thought- not hugely muscular, but sculpted. Really, really nicely sculpted.

Blaine cleared his throat. "Can you take your pants off by yourself?" he asked.

Kurt tugged helplessly at the button. "Nope," he said cheerfully. He paused and leaned forward, his eyes widening. "Will I have to wear them forever?"

"No," Blaine said. He gently unfastened the button and zipper, trying not to get handsy. "See?"

"Oh, good," Kurt sighed. "Because these pants…they, like…totally don't go with a lot of my other stuff."

Blaine laughed. "You can wear all your favorite pants," he reassured him. He tugged the soaking wet black jeans down Kurt's legs. "Can you take them off?"

Kurt braced one hand on Blaine's shoulder and wiggled out of the jeans. "Uh-huh," he said proudly, kicking them aside.

"Good job," Blaine said. He straightened. "Okay, now, can you get in the shower and take off your boxers?" Kurt immediately stuck his thumbs in the waistband of his silky dark blue boxer briefs. "No! No, no, no. No, not yet. I mean…get into the shower."

Kurt obeyed and Blaine pulled the navy and red curtain closed. "Okay. Now, take your boxers off and hand them to me," he said.

The boxers flew over the curtain rod and smacked Blaine in the face. He pulled them aside quickly and dropped them on the counter. "Uh, good," Blaine said. "Now, do you want me to turn the water on for you, or can you do it?"

"I can do it," Kurt singsonged. The handle squeaked and water pelted the shower curtain and the floor.

And Kurt, he tried not to think.

Blaine flipped down the toilet lid and sat down. "My shampoo and my body wash are on the top shelf of the rack," he said. "I know it's not your usual stuff, but it'll still work."

"Mm, thanks," Kurt said.

Blaine drummed his fingers on his knee. This was turning out to be even more awkward than he thought it was going to be.

He heard the pop of the shampoo cap flipping open. "Oh my god!" Kurt squealed.

Blaine sat up. "What? What's wrong?" he asked.

Kurt poked his head out around the shower curtain, revealing his bare arm and half of his naked torso. "Your shampoo is for curly hair!" he said. "You have curly hair?"

Blaine grinned. "Yeah, Kurt," he said. "It's really curly."

Kurt shook the shampoo bottle. "That is awesome," he said.

"Get back in the shower, Kurt," Blaine said gently.

Kurt disappeared behind the curtain, and soon the bathroom filled with the scent of shampoo. Blaine smiled as he heard Kurt singing softly. He sat there for a while, just waiting and listening patiently.

"Are you warming up?" Blaine asked.

"Uh-huh, I'm a lot warmer," Kurt said.

"Well, go ahead and rinse off," Blaine said. "I'll get you something of mine to wear. There's a towel on the rack, and your boxers are by the sink." He paused. "Please, remember to put on the boxers."

"Mmkay," Kurt said. Blaine shook his head and left the bathroom as Kurt turned off the water, shutting the door behind him.

Lucy still sat on his roommate's bed, braiding her damp hair. "How's he doing?" she asked.

"Fine, he's fine," Blaine said.

Lucy smirked. "Really? He's fine?" she said. "As in…very good looking?" Blaine rolled his eyes and sat down to pull off his shoes. Lucy flopped onto her stomach. "As in really, really, ridiculously good looking?"

"Oh, stop it, Lu," Blaine sighed, but he glanced up at her and grinned. "Yes, I think he's cute."

She beamed. "I know," she said. She rolled onto her back. "Wes told Jo that he's you all talk about."

"I talk about other things," Blaine protested.

"Only on occasion, according to David," she said. "So do you like him?"

Thankfully, David walked in before he could answer, carrying a light blue duffel bag and flanked by Jo, who carried a cup in her hands. "Here, babe," David said, handing Lucy the bag.

"Ooh, thanks," Lucy said, scrambling off the bed. She unzipped the bag and shook out her party dress.

"So Kurt's drunk?" Jo asked flatly.

"He's drunk," Blaine confirmed. "I made him take a shower so he could get warm, and hopefully sober up."

"Did it work?" David asked.

"Yes, he's warm, oh no, he's not sober," Blaine said. "What on earth did they put in the punch?"

Jo held out the cup. "No idea, but I took a sip, and I'm pretty sure it's mostly alcohol," she said.

Lucy tugged her dress over her head and readjusted it on her shoulders. "Let me," she said. Jo held out the cup and she took a tentative sip. "Mm. Vanilla vodka. Probably 75% vodka, I'd say. Whew, that's strong."

Blaine quirked an eyebrow. "And you know that how?" he asked skeptically.

"You learn things when your parents own a restaurant," Lucy said. She swished the pink contents of the clear cup. "He'd had to have had a lot of punch, and be a total lightweight, to get this drunk. He probably spent the whole party standing at the snack table."

"I didn't even see him get up from the couch," David said.

"He left at some point," Jo shrugged. "I didn't notice."

Blaine stared at the cup as Jo set it down on his desk. "I didn't either," he said.

David checked his watch. "We'd better get back before Wes realizes all of us are gone," he said. "Lucy, you should stay here with Blaine and Kurt. I don't want you to get sick out there in the cold." Lucy tilted her chin towards him and he kissed her.

"I'll scope out the Larks, see if one of them knows anything about the vodka," Jo said. She scowled. "If one of my girls did it, they won't be a Lark for long."

"Ooh, aren't you scary," Blaine grinned.

Jo gave him a playful nudge. "Good luck with Kurt," she said. "He's probably due to start his epic hangover soon."

"Yeah, we should go," David said, propelling Jo out the door. It shut tight behind them.

Lucy pulled her long red hair into a loose bun as Blaine rummaged through his drawers in search of something for Kurt to wear. The water had turned off a while earlier, and he would probably come out soon.

Sure enough, the bathroom door creaked open. "Blaine?" Kurt whined.

"Lucy, is it safe to turn around?" Blaine asked.

"He's got the boxers on and they're not backwards or inside out," Lucy reported. "Go ahead."

Blaine turned around, and while it was technically safe, he still wasn't entirely prepared. Kurt leaned against the doorway dressed only in his boxer briefs with a towel in his hand. His wet hair was plastered down to his forehead, and his cheeks were flushed from the warmth of the water. "Hey," Blaine stammered. "I, uh, got some clothes for you."

"Mmkay," Kurt said, dropping the wet towel on the floor.

Lucy laughed. "I got it," she said, sliding off the bed. "You just get him to wear some pants."

Blaine held out the tee shirt and pajama pants. "Can you put these on yourself, or do you need help?" he asked.

Kurt took the tee shirt and thrust one arm through the neck hole. He giggled. "Whoa, this shirt is for people with fat arms!" he said.

Blaine took the shirt and guided the center hole over Kurt's head. "That's for your head," he said. "Now put your arms through the sleeves."

Lucy draped Kurt's towel on the rack. "At least he's a cute drunk, instead of a belligerent one," she commented.

Blaine handed him the pants. "Here, put these on," he said.

Kurt thrust one leg through. "Where'd these come from?" he asked.

"They're mine," Blaine said as Kurt tugged the pants up.

Kurt halted. "That's really funny!" he laughed. "I'm getting in your pants, Blaine! I'm getting in your pants!"

Lucy let out a very unladylike snort. "Yes, it's very funny," Blaine sighed. "Put your pants on, Kurt."

Kurt obeyed. The red tee shirt was a little baggy around his ribcage, and the waistband sagged down to his hips, exposing a line of pale skin. He smiled dreamily at Blaine, but then he caught a glimpse of the punch cup on the desk. "Ooh! Punch!"

"Oh, no," Blaine said. "No more for you. Lu, can you dump it out?"

"I'm on it," she said, grabbing the cup before Kurt could stagger towards it. She slapped Kurt's hand playfully away. "No, no! Naughty. No more booze for you."

Kurt wrinkled his nose. "Booze? I didn't have booze," he said scornfully.

"Have you ever had alcohol before, Kurt?" Blaine asked.

Kurt held up a finger. "Jus' once," he said. "It was chablis. It was awesome and it made me delicious." He paused. "No, wait, it was delicious and it made me awesome, damn!"

"All right, it's official, cutest drunk ever," Lucy said. Kurt wavered a little on his feet. "Ooh, I think he might reaching hangover time. And that is definitely not going to be cute."

Blaine slipped his arm around Kurt's waist. "Do you want to lie down?" he asked.

"Yeah," he said. "I'm all…dizzy and stuff…but um…" He placed his hand over his mouth.

"Kurt, are you going to throw up?" Blaine asked warily.

Kurt nodded. Blaine blanched. He wasn't quite prepared for this part.

"Blaine? Want me to take over?" Lucy said. "I babysit. I'm not fazed by barf."

"Yes, please," Blaine said gratefully. He handed Kurt over to Lucy.

The petite girl put her arms around Kurt's waist and guided him back to the bathroom. "Come on, honey, it's okay," she said.

"I'm gonna throw up," Kurt said, his voice muffled behind his hand.

"I know. Just don't do it yet."

Lucy coaxed Kurt into the bathroom and closed the door. Blaine quickly busied himself with changing out of his German spotlight getup, trying to avoid the sound of Kurt retching. He had never done well with vomit. Personally, he tried to avoid it. Wes and David claimed it was because "a dapper gentleman doth not hurl," but he usually just chucked his pocket watch at their heads and pretended not to listen.

By the time Kurt and Lucy emerged from the bathroom, Blaine had changed out of his black clothes, into his pajamas, brushed some of the gel out of his hair, and had already memorized the first four lines of the monologue he was supposed to deliver for his theatre final. He turned around at his desk as the bathroom door opened.

"Well, I think he's good for a while," Lucy said cheerfully.

Kurt sagged against Lucy's side. "I feel so gross," he mumbled.

Blaine got up and took Kurt by the hands. "You want to lie down now?" he asked gently. Kurt nodded, then winced. "Is the room spinning?"

"Mm-hm, like a lot," Kurt slurred.

Blaine led him over to the bed and pulled the comforter and sheets back. "You know how I said I was used to barf because I babysit?" Lucy said as she helped Kurt sit down. "Yeah, he threw up way more than your typical toddler."

Kurt leaned back against the pillows as Blaine propped him up. He smiled sleepily, one corner of his mouth turning up more than another. "Hey, hey Blaine," he said. "First…I was in your pants. Now…I'm in your pants…and your bed."

"Not really how you expected your first time to be, eh, Blaine?" Lucy quipped as she tucked the blankets around Kurt.

"You hush," Blaine said. He sat down beside him. "Okay, Kurt. Do you need anything?"

Kurt smiled up at him, his blue eyes shining. "I dunno," he said sweetly.

"He's going to need to drink a lot of water," Lucy interrupted. "And he'll need something for that killer headache of his."

"I've got some water bottles in my mini fridge, and there's some Tylenol in the medicine cabinet," Blaine said.

Lucy made a face. "I thought you could get it, but fine," she said.

Blaine put his hand over Kurt's. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"Sleepy…headachey…" Kurt murmured.

"What about the bump on your head? Does it hurt?" Blaine asked.

Kurt frowned. "I don't know," he said.

Lucy handed Blaine the water bottle; he uncapped it and placed it cautiously in Kurt's hands. "Don't spill it," he cautioned. "Lucy, do you think he has a concussion?"

"I don't know, do I look like a medical professional?" she said. "Check to see if his eyes are dilated, I think that's usually a sign."

Blaine tilted Kurt's chin so he could check his pupils. "They look all right," he reported.

"What about the color of his eyes?" Lucy said.

"They're sort of variegated, between blue and green and gray, but right now they look more blue," Blaine said. "Why? Is that important?"

"Not where the concussion is concerned," Lucy grinned. "Good to know you've got his eye color down so well."

"Stop teasing me," Blaine sighed as Lucy placed two little red pills in Kurt's hand. "No, Kurt, don't chew those. Put them in your mouth and drink some water."

Kurt drank obediently, gulping the pills down. "I don't feel good," he said.

"Drink the rest of your water," Blaine said gently.

"Maybe Blaine can rub your back when you're done," Lucy suggested. "That would probably make you feel better."

Blaine whipped his head around to glare at Lucy. Kurt smiled angelically at him over the top of his water bottle. "That would be nice," he said drowsily.

"I blame you for this," Blaine sighed.

"What did I do?" Lucy asked innocently. "Wes and David tell Jo and I all the time about how you've got the total hots for Kurt, but you won't do anything about it."

"I don't think they know the whole story," Blaine said. "What do you know about him?"

"Besides the boyfriends repeating your glowing praises of Kurt's good looks, wit, and charm?" Lucy said. "Very little."

Kurt tried to hand the empty water bottle back to Blaine and it nearly slipped through his fingers. "I'm done," he said. "Can you rub my back now? Please? It sounds so nice…"

"Fine," Blaine said. "Lie down on your stomach." Kurt obeyed, sliding down and flipping over. Blaine pulled the comforters back and rubbed his thumbs against his shoulders. "So what's wrong?" Lucy whispered.

"He was getting bullied so badly at his old school that he was forced to transfer, midsemester," Blaine said. "The bullying got…really personal, and really dangerous."

Lucy frowned. "What do you mean by that?" she asked. She moved to sit on the edge of Kurt's bed, next to Blaine.

Blaine moved his hands down to Kurt's shoulderblades, massaging his slender back gently. Kurt sighed and rested his cheek on his crossed forearms, already half asleep. "Too personal," he said. "There were some…situations that he was forced into that really shook him. And he's never been in a relationship before, or even been kissed. The last thing I want to do is try to get him into a relationship with me, just because I like him. It wouldn't be fair."

"Fair to him, you mean," Lucy said. "Not quite so fair for you. You deserve to finally be in a happy relationship with someone."

Blaine rubbed small circles into Kurt's back. "I have time," he said. "Right now, he just needs someone to be there for him. If he's interested in me, then I'll just wait for him to make some kind of move."

"You might not have to wait very long for that," Lucy said.

Blaine frowned. "What do you mean by that?" he asked.

She reached over and tentatively smoothed Kurt's damp, disheveled hair. "He told me he likes you," she said.

Blaine sat up, startled. "What?" he said. "Why do you…how did…"

"Granted, he was inebriated and in a fountain at the time, but he definitely said 'I like Blaine, I don't like alcohol' when I asked him if he was drunk," Lucy said.

"But that could mean anything!" Blaine said. "He might mean that he like likes me, or he just likes me as a friend, or as a classmate, or…"

Lucy laughed and squeezed his upper arm. "Don't worry about it so much," she said. "I saw how he was looking at you during the concert. He definitely like likes you."

Blaine looked down at Kurt. He looked mostly asleep at this point, his hair damp and his eyelashes brushing against his rosy cheeks and a soft smile playing on his lips. "Really?" he said.

"Really," Lucy said. She scooted closer to Blaine and put her arm around his shoulders. "And Jo's right. You really do like him."

"Yeah…" he admitted. He ran his hand through his dark hair. "I'm so glad he's asleep right now. I don't think I could-"

Suddenly a pair of arms draped around his neck. "Whatcha talking about?" Kurt asked.

Blaine straightened. "Nothing," he said.

Kurt smiled dreamily and leaned over Blaine's shoulder, sliding between Blaine and Lucy. "I wanna talk too," he said. "I like talking. Nobody would talk to me earlier."

Blaine looked at Lucy over Kurt's head. Lucy shrugged. "What do you mean, Kurt?" he asked.

"Nobody talked to me at the party, so I jus' drank a lot of punch," Kurt said lazily. He smiled. "I want some punch. I'm gonna get some more…"

He leaned forward and rolled over Lucy's lap. She grabbed him before he tumble to the floor. "Oh my god!" she said. "Kurt, stop being dumb!"

Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt and picked him up. "At least the dumb will go away when he's not drunk anymore," he said. He dragged Kurt back to the pillows and made him lie down again. "Kurt, what do you mean by 'no one would talk to you'?"

Kurt leaned forward, tapping his forehead against Blaine's. He could still smell the hint of strawberries, vanilla, and booze on Kurt's breath. "You don't need me," he whispered. "You've got other friends, and nobody needs me."

Blaine scooted forward and put his hands on Kurt's shoulders. "Yes, I do," he reassured him. "Did you really feel like I was leaving you out?"

Kurt nodded. His eyes were soft and still very, very blue. "Don't you like me?" he said in a small voice.

Blaine looked helplessly at Lucy. "Well?" she said. "Quick, truth or lie? And remember, he probably won't remember in the morning."

"What if he does?" Blaine hissed.

"Then maybe this will move you along a little," Lucy shrugged.

Blaine rolled his eyes and looked back at Kurt, whose blue eyes had begun to water. "Yes, of course, I like you," he said helplessly.

Kurt rubbed his damp eyes. "Mmkay," he said, and he flopped backwards onto the bed. "I'm tired."

Blaine facepalmed. Lucy laughed. "This is going well," she said. "Ooh, I can't wait to tell the boys and Jo about this."

"Oh, please don't," Blaine said. "They'll never let me live it down."

"Live what down?" Jo asked as she walked into Blaine's dorm room, flanked by Wes and David.

"Nothing," Lucy said.

Blaine cleared his throat. "Game's over?" he said. "Who won?"

"Us!" Wes said gleefully. "Which is as it should be."

"Yeah, yeah, just wait till next year," Jo said, elbowing her boyfriend playfully in the ribs.

"So how's our little drunkard?" David asked.

Kurt frowned. "Not drunk," he said. His eyes started to fill with tears again. "I'm not drunk!"

"I think he's going from cute drunk to crying drunk," Lucy said.

"He's not going to throw up on us, is he?" Wes asked warily.

"No, no, I think he got most of that out of his system earlier," Blaine said.

Kurt's chin trembled. "I don't feel good," he mumbled. He wrapped his arms around his stomach. "My stomach hurts, and my head hurts, and…I want my mom."

Lucy's eyes softened. "Blaine, do you think maybe you call his mom for him?" she said. "Maybe that could help him feel a little better."

"I thought his mom was dead," Wes said.

Kurt burst into tears. "Just like Bambi!" he sobbed.

"What?" Jo said.

Lucy's jaw dropped. "His mother's dead?" she said. She scooted closer to Kurt and put her arms around him as he buried his face in his hands and bawled. "Oh, poor baby."

"Great, now you've done it," David sighed.

"Done what?" Wes said.

"You can't just tell Lucy that something cute needs a mother," David said, exasperated. He gestured towards his girlfriend, who was petting Kurt's hair and shushing him gently. "This is why she has a puppy, three kittens, two rabbits, and a very grumpy canary."

"And the ferret," Lucy said as Kurt snuggled against her shoulder, hiccuping.

"I hate that ferret," David grumbled. "See, now we're doomed. She's going to adopt Kurt. And I'm not prepared to be a father."

Jo rolled her eyes. "Well, in any case, I found out who spiked the punch," she said. "One of my Larks. Tillie Holden. She had an aura of boozy vanilla about her, so I checked her duffel. She had an empty and a half of vanilla Smirnoff. Needless to say, she's no longer a Lark."

Wes shook his head. "I was so sure Blaine had told him not to drink the punch before the game," he said.

"I forgot," Blaine protested.

"You're just lucky that us Warblers could carry the game, even with both of you missing," Wes said. He stuck his hands in the back pockets of his black cargo pants. "At least we won. If we lost to the Larks again, I don't know what I would have done."

"Cried like a little girl?" Jo said sweetly.

Wes glared. "Joanna Neely, if you couldn't sing like an angel and kiss like whoa, I would totally be mad at you right now," he said.

"Okay, TMI," Blaine said, raising his hands.

"You girls had probably get going," David said reluctantly. "It's late, and now that the game's over, your bus will be heading out soon."

Jo checked her watch. "Holy crap, it's late," she said. "Come on, Lu, we'd better go."

"Okay," Lucy said. "Kurt, you have to let go of me, okay?"

"No, you can stay, I'm comfy," he mumbled.

Lucy patted his back. David stepped over and pried Kurt's arms away from Lucy's neck. "She has to go, Kurt," he said gently.

"No," Kurt drawled, still holding onto Lucy's skirt.

"Blaine, a little help here?" David asked.

Blaine sat down on the bed and wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, effectively pinning him down. "Geez, he's like an octopus," Wes said. "Never thought he'd be so clingy. I shudder to think what it'll be like when you two actually start dating."

"Wesley, really, can you give me a break?" Blaine sighed.

"Fine," Wes said. "Kill my fun, why don't you."

Jo checked her watch. "Seriously, we'd better go before the bus leaves without us," she said. She walked over to the bed and hugged Blaine. "Good luck with the drunkie, sweetheart."

"Thanks, Jo," he said.

Lucy hugged Blaine, then kissed Kurt on the cheek. "Feel better," she said.

"Mm-hm," Kurt murmured. "Bye."

"We'll hang out over break, okay?" Jo said as Wesley laced his fingers through hers and led her into the hall.

"Sure, just give me a call," Blaine said. He waved a final goodbye as they left and closed the door, then turned his attention to Kurt, who had somehow scooted onto his lap and was nestling his cheek against his chest. "Hey, you. Ready for bed?"

"I'm so sleepy," Kurt yawned.

"Yeah, I know," Blaine said. "Can you lie down?"

"Uh-huh," Kurt said. He plopped down on the bed. "Tuck me in?"

Blaine paused, unable to think of a response that would be mentor-appropriate, failed, and sighed. "Sure," he said. He pulled the sheets and blankets up to Kurt's shoulders and smoothed them out. "Like that?"

"Mm-hm, thanks," Kurt said.

"How's your head feeling?" Blaine asked.

"I don't know," he said, blinking sleepily.

Blaine smiled. "How about you close your eyes and try to get some sleep," he suggested.

"Mmkay," Kurt said. "Can you kiss me goodnight?"

Later, when he thought about it, Blaine was pretty sure he didn't breathe for at least a minute and a half. Especially when Kurt closed his eyes and pouted his rosy lips, apparently waiting for his kiss.

Blaine finally closed his dropped jaw and took a long, deep breath. "No, Kurt," he said quietly. "No goodnight kiss."

He was afraid that Kurt would get upset, and who knew how long his resolve would last at the sight of Kurt in tears, but thankfully Kurt just smiled dreamily and cuddled into the pillows. "Goodnight," he said.

Blaine switched off the overhead light, leaving just the bedside lamp. He rummaged in his small closet and pulled out an extra blanket. His roommate had stripped his bed before leaving for Christmas break, leaving behind just the pillow and comforter on the bare mattress. Blaine spread the blanket over the bed, fluffed the pillow, and unfolded the comforter.

He glanced over at Kurt. Kurt had flipped over onto his stomach, one knee pulled up and his arms curled against his chest. He was fast asleep, his mouth slightly parted and his soft brown hair ruffled over his forehead, the ends curling a little.

Blaine bent over Kurt and smoothed his hair. After a moment, he touched his lips to Kurt's temple. "Goodnight, Kurt," he whispered, and he turned off the lights.

Author's Notes:

Bahahaha, this story is so rambly and weird.

Originally, this was going to be just be chapters in "Someday You Will Be Loved," but this story turned out to be such a ginormous tangent. Besides, I wanted to write the second half of this in Blaine's POV, and I want to keep SYWBL in Kurt's POV. Also, this is EXTREMELY OC-heavy, so I felt like this would be better off as a separate story, rather than forcing people to read heavy doses of Jo and Lucy in SWYBL.

I hope you enjoyed this. Aside from the long, plodding concert sequence in the first chapter, this was fun to write. I totally love writing drunk!Kurt. One of the first Glee fics I ever wrote was called "Awesome and Delicious," and it's a rewrite of the scene in "The Rhodes Not Taken" when April gives Kurt chablis and he throws up all over Emma's shoes. It's an early attempt, so it's not all that fantastic, but Kat and I make a lot of jokes now about things being awesome and delicious.

I hope Lucy and Jo are okay. They're pretty fun to write, all things considered, but I hope I'm not drowning you in OCs.

But in any case, this was fun.