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It's Not Really a Fetish
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance/Humour
Rating: R
Pairings: Masaomi x Mikado
Story Type: One-shot
Summary: He's not sure when he's developed a glasses fetish—if he can call it that at all.

Disclaimer: Durarara! is the intellectual property of Narita Ryougo.

Spoilers/Warnings: None. Vague sex is vague.

Notes: Written for the Durarara! kink meme, the prompt being "Mikado, due to excessive computer screen staring, now needs to wear glasses. Kida is extremely turned on by this, and goes somewhere private with Mikado's stolen glasses to masturbate, and only returns the glasses after school, claiming he 'found' it."

Whoever you are, OP!anon, I love you eternally for requesting megane!Mikado, because he is so much love. /blush


Kida tries to stifle his voice as much as possible even if the stall he's in is one of the more isolated ones from the rest of the school. He can't risk anyone, especially you-know-who, walking in on him doing this. It'll totally tarnish his reputation.

He's not sure when he's developed a glasses fetish. Sure, he's always known he prefers his ideal partner to be of the cute type, with a nice figure, a wonderful personality, and in general just someone he can be comfortable with. No doubt a lot of people qualify his simple requirements, but now it seems like he won't be interested unless they wear glasses. He blames Mikado for this turn of events, because it significantly narrows down the number of chicks he can pick up. Contact lenses, unfortunately, are more common these days, and everyone goes for aesthetics.

Not Mikado though; he goes for the more economically conventional route.

Kida likes that. It's convenient too.

His best friend isn't aware of how pretty he is, and he finds it a shame, because that pair of glasses Mikado recently purchased is a most delicious addition. Mikado suddenly looks older and more sophisticated compared to his gracile features without the black rectangular frames, and Masaomi would be lying if he says he's not turned on by that.

Which is precisely why he's in this predicament now, huddled in a cramped school washroom stall, trying to get rid of his hard-on within the few minutes left of his break. In his left hand is the culprit, and Kida can't believe it when he first borrows it (not stolen, only borrowed when Mikado isn't looking) that the glasses carry a hint of Mikado's faint cologne.

That's enough to send him over the edge already.

In an ideal world that exists in his mind only (so far), this is when Mikado gives up his dignity and cries, squeezing him down there with just the right amount of pressure. Mikado would loop his arms around his neck, fumbling with kisses because he's too distracted by the dual pleasure, and Kida's face would knock against glasses that he insists Mikado should wear even during sex.

But as it's still very much the real world, Masaomi can only tighten his fist to imitate his fantasy and for the next few minutes after his orgasm, he leans against the stall wall, regaining his breath. The glasses clatter to the floor beside him.

The bell rings and he scrambles to his feet even if he's still a little wobbly, quickly wiping off any evidence that will give him away. All that's left is to return the glasses to their rightful owner as if nothing happened, and he's a master of doing so. It's a good thing they don't share any classes, because he gets to keep them close for a while longer.

After school, he creeps up on Mikado on tiptoes. "Mi~ka~do! Guess what I found!"

"Gah! Masaomi, don't do that!" Relief floods the brunet's face after he calms down and retrieves his glasses from Kida. "Masaomi, what is this weird white—"

He does a little flail to sidetrack his best friend. "Mikado, help me with History, I have a test in two days~"


"I'll treat you to ice-cream!"

"You mean you're going to pick up girls."

"No way, Mikado~ You know I don't do it that often anymore, not after you—" He catches himself in time. "—what happened last time! I've learned my lesson, so help me this time~"

Mikado gives him an appraising look, as if surveying the sincerity of his words. "All right, Masaomi, no funny business though."

Later, when they do go get ice-cream, and they do bump into pretty people wearing glasses, Masaomi doesn't pay any attention, because he's distracted by the way Mikado is licking his vanilla cone. It's right to blame his newfound fetish on Mikado—although, he doesn't think he can call it as a fetish anymore, not when he's only fixated on his best friend.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: Oh Masaomi, you have it bad. I wish I can give you a happy ending sometimes. :/