Two's Company
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance(?)
Rating: R
Pairings: Masaomi x Mikado x Masaomi
Story Type: One-shot
Summary: One's lonely, two's company, three's a crowd.

Disclaimer: Durarara! is the intellectual property of Narita Ryougo.

Spoilers: None, of course. 8D

Notes: Written for the Durarara! kink meme, the prompt being "Mikado, due to excessive computer screen staring, now needs to wear glasses. Kida is extremely turned on by this, and goes somewhere private with Mikado's stolen glasses to masturbate, and only returns the glasses after school, claiming he 'found' it." This is also written in response to two responses by different anons to Focal Length, one of the previous fills for the same prompt.

May I introduce boss!megane!Mikado?

"Sonohara-san, have you seen Masaomi?"

Anri looks up from her lunch, debating whether or not to end this silly cat-and-mouse game between her friends. Ryuugamine-kun once again has bloodshot eyes, and she can sympathize with the terrible itchiness he must be experiencing with his contact lenses. Ah, why not.

"I think Kida-kun went upstairs when break started," she says quietly, hoping that Ryuugamine-kun catches on to the subtle meaning behind her words. And apparently he does, because she sees a little dash of darker pink across his cheeks. He thanks her and leaves promptly, a bit of stomping in his gait.

After a thoughtful moment, she packs up her lunch and heads back inside. It's lonesome sitting by herself on the rooftop, and she has a feeling Ryuugamine-kun won't come back any time soon. And that suits her just fine.

With each step he takes, Mikado grows more irritated (and curious, if he's being entirely honest to himself). What can Masaomi possibly be doing up if he doesn't know how much I hate putting in contacts in this condition!

He has an inkling of a feeling, but he can't be sure of anything until he sees it with his own two eyes (four, if one counts his contact lenses).

The fourth floor of Raira Academy is one of those places where classes are seldom held. While it's not off-limits and teachers don't purposely restrict student access, most people ignore its presence in favour of coagulating with their friends in their own classrooms. He can understand though – the desks and chairs on the fourth floor have definitely seen better days, and most rooms are like outdated libraries.

You just wait until I find you, Masaomi...

He doesn't need to look far. A loud thump just two doors down the hall on his left is probably the only indication he'll need to tell that someone's there, and that someone's most likely that elusive blond friend of his.

Not for the first time, Masaomi thanks the school administration for keeping the washroom clean and replenished and toilets functional on the practically-unused fourth floor. Today's a particular difficult day for him so far – he wakes up in the morning to find damp boxers no thanks to his wet dream that involves a certain someone, which makes him late for school, so lunch is exactly the break he needs to make the rest of his afternoon pass better.

He's a bit careless today, whatnot with the noises he's making, but he figures he's safe since no one comes up anyway...

...Until he hears soft footsteps in between his own gasps.

Masaomi stops in the middle of what he's doing, his fist enclosing tightly around his arousal and Mikado's pair of glasses that he hasn't bothered to return yet (his erection aches like hell, and he half wants to continue to move, there's a thrill in voyeurism if he's being honest). He wills the person to leave, repeating a mantra in his head.

"Masaomi, are you in there?"



I'd recognize this voice anywhere.

His eyes widen and glances anxiously down at the floor, seeing Mikado's shadow move tentatively further into the washroom. The shock doesn't make his erection go away; if anything, it only intensifies and all Masaomi wants to do is to finish jerking himself off.

"Masaomi, I know you're in here, come on out."

Like hell I will when I'm like this!

Struggling, his left hand pulls out his cell phone, fumbling with the numberpad until he's done typing up a text message and sent to Mikado. He hears the ringtone go off.

"You're a bad liar, Masaomi," Mikado laughs, stopping in front of the first stall and prodding at its door. On to the second, third, and oh god the next one will be me—Mikado encounters a locked door and he smiles. "Masaomi, open the door."

He remains stubbornly silent, not about to give himself away after all the things he's done to try covering himself up.

"Oh Masaomi," Mikado breathes, laughter in his voice, and the blond can only imagine how bright those blue eyes are from twinkling in mirth right now. "Are you sure you don't want the real thing?"

At that, he loses control. "Mi-Mikado—" The glasses fall to the ground with a clatter and his own orgasm peaks, splattering the wall with his semen. Masaomi hears his best friend laugh some more, and then sees his shadow move into a squat.

"Are those my glasses?" There's a trace of surprise in his voice. His hand reaches under the door for them, and Masaomi panics.

"No, Mikado! They're dirty—"

"...Masaomi, open the door."

The blond has no choice but to obey now that he's been found out for sure. It's difficult to tuck himself back into his pants, but he manages; he hopes Mikado will focus on his face rather than the pretty obvious bulge. He bends down to retrieve the glasses, and takes a deep breath to prepare himself for some scolding.

What he isn't prepared for is Mikado himself.

Mikado's smiling, yes—but it comes off as a cold, malicious leer. His eyes are eerily dark and clear, almost cobalt-blue. His gaze is hard to hold.

"Masaomi." His voice, unexpectedly, sounds gentler than his expression. Kida is unbalanced for a moment. "How are you going to help me with this?"


Kida yelps as his hand is guided to Mikado's groin, his face immediately flushing when the evident arousal pulses in his hand. He averts his eyes to a safer place.

Oh, this.

Using his free hand, Mikado pulls on Masaomi's hair and jerks his head upwards so they're staring at each other. "What are you going to do, Masaomi? I'm sure this will beat you masturbating with your fist any day...don't you want to show me what you've just done?"

The blond isn't stupid enough to reject such a blatant invitation, not when he's unsure if there will ever be a second chance. Who cares if they're only caught up in the moment? He certainly doesn't. "How long do we have?"

"As long as you need, Masaomi," Mikado purrs.

It feels better than anything he's ever imagined – and that says something, because he's been perfecting his fantasies for a while now. Masaomi flushes again as he remembers Mikado's face above his, teeth biting his lower lip to hold back pain and moans, eyes shut to suppress tears and the sheer enjoyment, body trembling and convulsing because he made it so. The acoustics in that washroom just keeps getting better and better...


Never in his imagination would he peg Mikado as a sex demon, but today proves him wrong. After the first round, Mikado doesn't move other than breathe heavily against his neck. His backside is probably sore, but he stays, occasionally clamping down on Masaomi. And the blond moans, wishing his best friend is less enticing.


Mikado had taken out his contacts in the same position, muttering about how itchy his eyes are. Masaomi wastes no time in taking the glasses out of Mikado's breastpocket and puts them on him. The other is surprised, but it doesn't stop him from kissing Masaomi.


Ah, that's a delicious tightness to remember. He wouldn't mind going again. If only Mikado hadn't regained his academic conscience in the middle of their third time and insisted they should at least attend the last period...


The blond blinks, real world finally invading his haze. "Oh, it's you, Anri-chan~ Have you finally decided to become my girlfriend?"

She gives him a disapproving look. "I came over to ask that you take care of Ryuugamine-kun—"

"Is he hurt?"

"You should know that better than anyone else. Why don't you go see?"

Anri watches him run down the hall until he disappears around a corner. Inside, she's smiling so broadly that she feels something might break, but she's simply so happy for them. When Ryuugamine-kun showed up in sixth period with a moderately composed face but wrinkled clothes, the first thing she notices is the black frames, and she thinks she just might know what happened for the past two hours.

Looks like I'll need to find new lunchmates starting tomorrow.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: You can't hide anything from Anri, and I'm sorry this is still very vague in terms of the sex department.