It…It was all a lie.

What have we been fighting for?

We…we fought to protect Inaba, to protect its people and our friends from being destroyed by their Shadows, and to keep the darkness out of Inaba. To save people. It…Izanami said that Inaba doesn't even exist. Fake. A dream. An illusion.

For nothing. We get nothing.

But I lose everything.

How is it that when we've won…we've lost?

I can still hardly believe it. It said that by sunset tonight, Inaba will be…gone. What is gone? Where is gone? I don't want this to be gone.

This is my only home, the place I've come to love most with the people I love most.

None of it's real?

No Nanako, Uncle, Kou, Daisuke, Yukiko…


My literal dream girl. Imagine that.

But right now…she isn't a dream. She's real. No matter what Izanami says, Chie is real. I can feel how warm she is as I hug her, her heart beating frantically, and her sobs are clear.

We're both crying, have been for a long while, repetitive pleads for us to not separate, that we won't leave each other, never. Holding her tightly, I wish that if I held her close enough that she'd become a part of me, so she'd never vanish. I tell her so.

Eyes still red and pouring out tears she releases me, grabbing my right arm and is holding it in front of me. She pulls down the sleeve, and shows me the wristband. The one she gave to me.

She tells me that as long as I wear it she'll be here with me, wherever I go. She'll always be watching over me. I promise to be with her again, in the next life. I'll be with her forever too.

Tears break anew and we cling to each other again, not wanting to waste a single moment of our time together.

Love has never felt so real to me.

Love for my literal dream girl.

My Chie.