Tron: Adagio

By: Shadow Chaser


Taken from the old system and put into a new one created by Kevin Flynn, Tron had to go through some adjustments. With new friends he sets out to create the life he had in the old system. But with the arrival of Clu and the Isos, Tron realizes that not all change and adjustments are good. The story of his cycles in the Grid and his ever increasingly difficult job of keeping the citizens safe under Clu's widespread influence.

Author's Notes:

This story covers the entire comic, Tron: Betrayal, and flashbacks from Tron: Legacy itself. The scenarios of the game Evolution are not mentioned in here as I did not play the game. All characters are not mine, they belong to Disney.



The Grid. A place of number, lines, codes, all of it programmed to do something, to create something. At least, that is what I was told by Flynn himself.

Flynn called The Grid a digital frontier. I called it a digital paradise.

The Grid was created in infancy, built from the ground up, a place where Flynn could test and build things that no one else had ever seen before, not even the programs themselves. I was brought in rather early, tasked by Flynn, the Creator himself, to protect and ensure the safety of the programs that were to reside there. He had told me that I was the best for the job, having defeated Sark and the MCP with the help of my own User Alan-One's data.

I was flattered when he had told me all of these things before inviting me to join him in The Grid. He had invited Yori too, to join me in this new beginning, but she had declined. I remembered asking her why and she cited that she was linked to the old system, too entrenched in its operations that she knew she would not be happy in this new and wonderful opportunity.

I had tried to reason with her, but in the end, she had bid me farewell, and told me that I should take the opportunity presented to me. I did not know what she had done, but the contact of our lips in the brief moment of our goodbye left me reeling and Flynn with an unusual smile on his face.

It took roughly twenty cycles when I entered a nether world of whiteness to where I emerged onto the dark hues of The Grid in its infancy. Flynn materialized soon after, about twelve cycles after I had arrived and guided me around, giving me an upgrade that Alan-One had built for me. I learned to memorize areas where trouble usually started, the places where new programs Flynn imported into The Grid went through orientation, even the places of entertainment and of commerce. The Guards were one of the introductory programs that Flynn had built to help me enforce the safety of the programs within and I was happy to work with them. The addition of new programs, new wonders had made The Grid grow exponentially, a limitless potential I had heard Flynn call it once.

But to me, the Grid was something else, a new beginning. A place of wonderment, of shared resources, a place of peace.

In the end, it failed.

Author's Notes:

Geek points for anyone who can guess where I paraphrased the last bits of this chapter from – hint, it's a show Bruce Boxleitner did in the 1990s…and my all time favorite sci-fi TV show ever.