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Yuugi smiled, his eyes half lidded. Everything seemed so perfect right now, all down to the last puffy cloud overhead.

Sun drenched threads of overgrown grass swayed, the occasional tiny white flower catching his lazy gaze as the soft, warm wind blew.

It didn't matter that he and Yami had gone into the large open field by the park, abandoning their friends for a stolen moment.

He just felt so happy.

The summer's sun warmed him through his shorts and t-shirt, the gentle breeze rocking him into further relaxation. Yami was snuggled up to his right, he too, content beyond words.

Their joined hands rested against Yuugi's stomach, the weight a comforting one. His head was nestled between Yami's shoulder and neck as they lay there comfortably in the silky, tall grass.

Lovely sunshine bathed them both with late afternoon light. Both teens rejoiced in their shared silence, their moment of heavenly peace.

Without a word, Yami turned, positioning himself over his lover. That open and caring smile that always melted Yuugi's heart curved his lips, those beautiful eyes drinking in an even more gorgeous sight.

Humming with pleasure, Yuugi let the other softly kiss him, enjoying the gentle contact of supple lips upon his own.

Drawing in a breath of natural air around them through his nose, Yuugi let his eyes slip completely close as he reached up with one hand to caress Yami's face.

Oh how he loved moments like these. They were always the most perfect. Yuugi could feel his heart swelling with enticing desire as Yami let him guide him even closer, without making their contact deeper.

After another moment, Yami pulled away, but not before leaving a lingering kiss just under his jaw, making Yuugi shiver with sweet delight.

Pulling back just a little bit, Yami took in his lover's flushed features. A delicate blush spread across his cheeks, and his lowered eyelids made him appear sleepy. But Yami knew better.

Laying flush against Yuugi and then shifting over a little, Yami wrapped his arms around the teen, holding him close, feeling both of their bodies relax together. Yuugi let out a blissful sigh and Yami smiled, hugging him that much tighter.

The blue, blue sky contrasted beautifully with the swaying, sun-kissed grass. Yami let the lax breeze take over for a while, watching as a few more white puffy clouds floated by.

"Aishiteru, Yami," Yuugi whispered, not wanting to ever let go of this moment in time.

Letting his eyes close as he nuzzled his head against his lover's shoulder, Yami replied just as quietly, "Aishiteru, Yuugi."

A/N: Just a little drabble in which I, ironically, wrote in the spur of the moment when I was angry/irritated. It's wondrous, haha. I like this, though; I've wanted to write something like this for some time now. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment!