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The Sandame Hokage was at a loss. Sitting at his desk he puffed on his pipe, distracted by something on his mind.

How could this have happened?

He was distracted by his thoughts when his secretary knocked on the door, before entering and bowing to the Hokage, "Hokage-sama, Hyuuga Hiashi is here at your request. May I show him in?"

Nodding the Sandame ran over the plan he had formulated in his head once more, he hoped this would work…

Putting on a semi-cheerful face the Hokage greeted the Hyuuga clan head as the stoic-looking man entered the room. "Lord Hokage." The man bowed stiffly to the village leader.

"Ah, yes, greetings Hyuuga-san. How is the clan doing?" He began with some small talk. As expected, the man frowned before tersely replying, "Fine. Why have I been summoned?"

Straight to the point as always, the old man sighed as his face became gravely serious, "Hyuuga-san, there has been a … bizarre incident… Will you walk with me?"

The aged leader stood from his chair and made his way over to the Hyuuga. Opening the heavy door with age and arthritis riddled fingers; he motioned the dark-haired man to follow him.

After leaving a note with his secretary that he would be out, the two began to climb down the many stairs. Taking his pipe from his mouth, the old man turned to his silent companion, "Tell me Hyuuga-san, do you remember the strange incident that occurred years ago? The one that involved a peculiar young woman?"

Hiashi nodded, yes he remembered…About 10 years ago, a strange young woman appeared out of nowhere, confused and scared. She claimed that she had never heard of shinobi. His brother, Hyuuga Hizashi, had been assigned as one of the guards to observe the strange young woman incase she was an enemy spy.

Seeing that the man remembered the Hokage continued, "Yes, the strange girl who claimed to have no knowledge of anything in the shinobi world or even how she had come to be here. She had said that she had been cleaning out a storage shed for her father and the next thing she knew, she was in a forest. Did you know that when we examined her, we found that she possessed a strange power herself? Unlike anything I had ever seen before. We have still not seen anything like it since…" he muttered the last tidbit mostly to himself.

Hiashi's eyes narrowed, he could not see where this was going… Looking at his surroundings, he noticed that they were currently heading towards the Hospital. Frowning he wondered why they were headed there. " Excuse me Lord Hokage, but what does the strange woman have to do with the important matter you wish to speak to me about? Has the woman returned?"

Smiling slightly the old leader told the impatient man mysteriously, "No, not exactly. But she is very important in the volatile subject that I will soon reveal to you…"

The two men entered the busy hospital; an Anbu appeared before the Hokage, " This way, Hokage-sama." The man lead the two down a rather deserted corridor, only a few nurses and doctors flittered about the corridor.

Following the Anbu the Sandame began to reveal why he had called upon Hiashi, " There has been an incident… Last night a patrol team came across the most peculiar thing. A little girl was found in the bottom of an abandoned well at the edge of the village… They brought her here. When they preformed a DNA test, they found something. Hyuuga-san, please realize that this information will be rather upsetting, to you and your clan…"

Hiashi was not a nervous man by nature, but what the Hokage was implying was making the skilled leader rather anxious.

The Anbu stopped before a door, opening it for the men. The Hokage nodded, dismissing the man. "When I was alerted, I came as quickly as I could. As soon as I confirmed my suspicion, I had the girl moved to a higher security room."

The Hokage lead Hiashi into a room, they could see a girl with black hair lying on a bed behind a glass wall, "This is a one-way mirror room, I thought it would be best that I show you, before we decide the best course of action. I ordered a nurse to come in to ask her questions."

As the Hokage had announced it, a kindly looking nurse walked into the room, moving over to the little girl's bedside. The nurse spoke to the apparently asleep child, "Hey there sweetie, would you mind waking up? I have a few more questions to ask you."

The little girl groaned softly as she rubbed her eyes, annoyed that she had been woken up, again. She had already told these Doctors and nurses over and over as much as she could remember! She wanted to go back to sleep!

Whining a bit she sat up, knowing that the lady wouldn't leave her alone until she answered the questions.

"Aright are you ready, honey?" The nurse asked.

The little girl nodded after giving a yawn.

"Ok, can you tell me your name?" The nurse asked as she prepared to write down the girl's answers down on a clipboard.

"My name is Higurashi, Kagome." The little girl mumbled as she twiddled the hem of her blanket. It was really thin and didn't keep her very warm. It was very cold in the hospital.

" Mm-hmm. And how old are you, Kagome?" The nurse asked as she jotted the answer down.

"I'm 10." Kagome replied. She hoped her mom would come get her soon…

"Where do you live, Kagome?" The nurse asked with a friendly smile.

Returning the smile slightly she told the lady, "I live in Tokyo, at my Grampa's shrine. It's called the Higurashi Shrine."

"That's nice dear. Can you tell me your parent's names?" The woman said, although she had never heard of this 'Tokyo' before.

"My Mama's name is Kun Loon Higurashi. I don't know my dad's real name; I've never met him. But my step-dad, my little brother's dad's name is Shota Takura (completely made-up by the way…), but he died last year from stomach cancer."

"Really, that's nice, honey. Now just a few more questions, alright." The nurse said absentmindedly as she smiled before jumping right back into he questions.

"So how did you get into that old well, Kagome?"

"I don't really remember. I was chasing my really fat cat, Buyo, " Kagome said as she held out her arms, and puffed her cheeks to exaggerate just how fat her cat was, "I chased him into this shed on the shrine grounds and that's all I remember."

The nurse giggled a bit at the girl's antics, she seemed like such a sweet child… The nurse didn't think the little girl could really be a spy or something…

"Well, we did find that bump on your head. The doctor thinks that you might have a concussion… Well, that's all of my questions sweetie, do you have any for me?"

Kagome nodded, finally someone who wanted to know if she had something to ask! All of the other doctors just asked their questions and left or just ignored her questions.

"Uh-huh. Umm, where am I? Have you guys called my Mama yet, is she on her way to get me?"

Smiling the nurse answered, " You are in Konoha Hospital. And I'm sorry dear, but we can't contact your mother, but she could be on her way here for all I know. Anything else?"

Kagome mulled over the answers, well she had never heard of Konoha Hospital before, she wondered if it was new or something. And maybe her Mama was at a neighbor's house with Sota right now. Her Grampa often didn't hear the phone ringing so he probably wouldn't pick it up…

"Umm…. Yeah, why do some of you people have glowing lights? My mom has them sometimes, but you guys are like Christmas tree lights!"

The nurse looked at Kagome, confused, "I'm not sure what you are talking about Kagome. Do you feel alright?"

Unknown to Kagome, her question had bothered one of the two men observing her from behind the one-way mirror.

The Hokage gave the Hyuuga leader a knowing glance, that this was the reason he had brought him here.

Hiashi had recognized the girl's mother's name. Kun Loon had been the mysterious woman that had appeared 10 years ago. He wasn't sure what all of the woman's powers were, as he had never really bothered to meet her. The strange thing was just as mysteriously as she had appeared; she had disappeared one day.

He hated to admit it, but from what the child had said it sounded like she could see chakra.

Scrutinizing the girl under his Byakugan gaze, Hiashi could see that the girl's chakra was completely abnormal. She had far more than normal tenketsu spots than a normal person as well as a thick pink chakra.

He was slightly startled when the little girl turned her head to look him right in the eyes. That should not have been possible, the girl should only see a wall, but yet she was staring straight into his eyes.

Deactivating his Byakugan, Hiashi snapped his head towards the Hokage, " The DNA test, what did it show?" he demanded. He was not a very religious man in the least, but he was currently praying to every deity he could think of, hoping that his suspicion wasn't true.

"I think you already know, Hiashi-san." The Hokage replied as he watched the little girl as she traced the tape around the IV needle they had put into her arm in a rather bored manner.

Hiashi felt like he had been hit in the gut, "My… brother? Hizashi?"

The Hokage merely nodded, not facing him.

"But… how? And why now?" his voice held an icy glance to it.

"Your brother lost his wife, giving birth to his son, correct? People become lonely, even shinobi with the most emotional control in the world are prone to it. As for why now, I do not know. I suspect that the girl's mother sent her here or the child was kidnapped by shinobi." The Sandame explained.

"Perhaps Kun Loon noticed Kagome inheriting her father's powers and thought it best to send the girl here to learn to control it. Or perhaps an enemy shinobi found out about the girl and was planning on using Kagome as a way to acquire the Byakugan. Either way, the girl is now here. What will you do?" The Hokage sighed warily.

Clenching his jaw, he disliked it but it was true; if the girl did have Hyuuga blood, then there was no way they could simply ignore the girl's existence. Glancing at the child who he supposed was his niece; he could see that she would have virtually no worth. The girl's eyes were blue and had black irises instead of the normal pale color that was common in Hyuugas. It would be best to simply dispose of the child.

"I'm afraid that as the Hokage, I must tell you that you cannot simply kill the girl. Koharu and Homura stand firm with me on this decision. Since the girl is not a native to Konoha, and we know very little of her mother's country it is best the girl be kept alive, lest we cause a political incident. It is also the fear of an international political incident that we ask that you do not place the caged bird seal on the girl's body." The Hokage warned the Hyuuga head, as though sensing the man's dark thoughts.

"But all is not lost, Hyuuga-san. Considering her mother's mysterious powers, we think that it is possible that with shinobi blood running in her veins, it may be easier for the girl to control and use these powers." The old man told the now seething man.

"I will tell you a piece of highly classified information about the girl's mother. It was reported by your brother that Kun Loon once unintentionally restored a soldier's amputated leg with her powers. Now, it doesn't take much imagination to realize just what this girl may become capable of if she were properly trained…" trailed the Hokage, sure that this piece of information would seal this little girl's future.

Knowing that he had been beaten, Hiashi nodded fiercely, "Very well. The girl will be taken into the Hyuuga clan's Branch house. When shall she be collected?"

Smiling slightly at his cleverness, the Hokage looked as though he were thinking hard, muttering "Hmm… Well I suppose you could take her home with you now, if you wish to, Hyuuga-san… Yes, that would be a splendid idea…"

Turning the old man opened the door for Hiashi, before stepping into the hallway himself.

Strolling towards Kagome's room the Sandame opened the door.

Kagome glanced up from where she had been scratching at her arm; the tape over the IV was very itchy. She saw an old man wearing a white and red dress-like robe and a funny hat that had the symbol for fire on it, entered her room. Noticing her stare the man gave her a kind smile, which she returned slightly. Kagome watched as another man entered after the old man, this man had a fierce frown that looked permanently etched onto his face. It was the blind man she had seen through the wall!

She stayed quiet as the old man came to sit down in the chair besides her bed.

"Hello Kagome, I'm the Sandame Hokage of Konoha."

"Oh, you were here earlier, right?" Kagome said as she slightly recognized the old man, as he nodded.

"Kagome, there is someone I would like you to meet. This is your uncle, Hyuuga, Hiashi. He's here to take you home with him." Sarutobi explained slowly as the little girl stared at Hiashi.

"I'm sorry, there must be some mistake. I don't have an Uncle Hyuuga! Where is my Mama? Why isn't she here to take me home?" Kagome asked as she began to feel scared. She didn't want to go with this mean-looking man!

Holding up a hand the Hokage told the girl, "We believe your mother brought you here to be trained, Kagome."

'Trained, for what?' Kagome wondered, before shaking her head 'No, Mama wouldn't leave me in a place like this, … would she?'

Hiashi could see the girl's hesitation so he reluctantly spoke, "You will be trained to become a capable Hyuuga clan member as well as an efficient kunoichi."

"But how are you my uncle, sir?" Kagome asked timidly, unused to being so harshly spoken to.

The man glared slightly at her, causing her to scramble back further into the hospital bed, "That will be explained to you once you are taken to the Hyuuga compound, later. Someone will be sent to collect you later today, understood?"

Hiashi turned his attention to the Hokage as he bowed to the elderly man, "My apologies, Hokage-sama. I must inform the Hyuuga elders of today's unexpected happenings. Someone from the Branch House will be sent to collect the girl later."

The Hyuuga head quickly made his way out of the room, leaving a startled Kagome and sighing Hokage behind.

And here he thought he had cornered the Hyuuga… He hated having to lie to one of the largest and most powerful clans in Konohagakure, but as he glanced over at Kagome who had gone back to sleep, he felt that he had made the right decision. Hopefully by the time the truth was revealed, Kagome would have already made herself an indispensable member of the Hyuuga family.


A young woman rushed along the busy streets of Konohagakure, heading towards the hospital, panting slightly. She was unused to traveling outside of the Hyuuga district compound and had already gotten lost twice… But she had to find her way soon, lest the Main Branch family members be displeased with her.

Hiashi-sama had given her the important task of picking up her new charge, Hyuuga, Kagome. The young woman's name was Hyuuga, Mimi; she was a distant cousin to Hiashi-sama and was also the caretaker of Hyuuga, Neji. Due to the fact that she was barren, she was not permitted to marry and was instead given the task of caring for Branch Family children who were orphaned. Thankfully she only had Neji to care for, and now this new girl Kagome.

She smiled as she saw the hospital in the distance ahead of her; it was exactly where the old woman she had asked directions from said it would be! Thank goodness!

She held a small bag in her left hand; it contained the clothes the girl was to be wearing when she was presented to the Hyuuga Elders. Mimi could still not get over the shock that there was a little girl that was apparently Hyuuga, Hizashi's daughter! Sure she had heard the rumors when the girl's mother had been in Konoha, but still to think that Hizashi-san would…

Blushing a bit, Mimi focused on getting the girl; 'I still need to have dinner ready by the time Neji comes home from the academy.' Sighing a bit as she thought about Neji, she dearly hoped that this girl would be more open to affection than her brother; she wanted to feel as though she had her own children…

Striding into the hospital, Mimi was quickly approached by an Anbu operative in a bird mask.

"Are you here to pick up the Hyuuga child?" A woman's voice asked from behind a mask.

Mimi nodded before following the Anbu to a room on a secluded hall. She wondered why there were no people here.

The ANBU opened a door, allowing Mimi to enter.

Gulping slightly, Mimi stepped into the room, anxious to see her new charge. At first all she could see was the bleak whiteness of the hospital walls and equipment. Looking towards the bed Mimi spotted a girl sitting on the edge of the hospital bed wearing nothing more than one of those horrid hospital gowns. She lightly gasped when the child turned to look her in the eye. Kagome's eyes were blue! They did not resemble a Hyuuga's eyes at all!

Quickly recomposing herself Mimi made her way over to the girl. Smiling kindly she introduced herself, "Hello, Kagome-chan. My name is Hyuuga, Mimi. Hiashi-sama has charged me to be your caretaker from now on. Do you understand what that means?"

Kagome nodded before informing her, "But the Hokage said that I would be living with my uncle."

"Well Kagome-chan, the Hyuuga clan is very large, and you were not born into the Main House branch… Here these are for you. Do you need help changing?" Mimi told the girl as she handed the girl a plain tan yukatta with a dark grey obi.

The girl shook her head as she hopped off the bed and walked over to the bathroom to change.

A few moments later, Kagome poked her head out of the door before asking embarrassedly, "Umm, can you help me tie the obi? I'm not very good at it…"

Mimi could hardly hide her delight, finally a child that allowed her to help them! "Of course, Kagome-chan."


The two were currently on their way back to the Hyuuga district as Mimi quickly advised Kagome on how to behave when she was introduced to the Elders. "And remember if they glare at you, look down. Do not speak until you are permitted to. Do not fidget- they really dislike that. Do as they tell you to do. If they ask you what you aspire to become, tell them that you wish to prove your fidelity to both the clan and the village by becoming a respectable kunoichi, understand?"

Kagome was honestly quite confused by now, but she didn't want to offend her new caretaker. "Mimi? What is a Kunoichi?"

The woman stopped a moment as if checking to see if she were joking, "Oh, dear. You really don't know do you?"

Kagome shook her head. "Well, a kunoichi is a female ninja." Mimi explained.

Kagome widened her eyes, a ninja? Was Mimi crazy? "But I can't be a ninja, Mimi. Ninjas are just made-up! They only existed in history hundreds of years ago."

Mimi frowned a bit, "Well, perhaps that's true where you came from, Kagome. But here ninja are very real. In fact the only reason Hiashi-sama is allowing you to live here is because he expects you to become a great one, especially with your mother's powers."

"My Mother's powers?" Kagome asked.

"Well I do not know much about your mother besides she was something of a legend- Oh! We're here! Remember what I told you Kagome, now follow me." Mimi whispered as she entered the Hyuuga compound, with Kagome intently following her.

She followed Mimi into a fancy-looking traditional house. They navigated swiftly through a maze of hallways before coming to a large set of sliding wooden doors. A man stood besides the closed doors and moved to announce her as Mimi nodded to him.

Kagome wanted to squirm she was feeling really nervous! The way Mimi had described these people made it seem like if they found anything wrong with her they would punish her! "I-I don't want to do this Mimi!"

Mimi merely pushed her into the room from behind as the doors opened. She nearly tripped, but was able to regain her balance at the last minute. Kagome kept her eyes locked on the tatami mat floor as she made her way to the center of the room where Mimi had advised her to go. Seeing a small dark cushion on the floor, she quickly got on her knees and bowed. She wanted to look up when she heard a few murmurs, had she done something wrong?

Kagome nearly looked up when she heard the man that the old man from the hospital had told her was her uncle. Was he there to help her?

"Hyuuga Elders, I present to you Hyuuga, Kagome; daughter of Hyuuga, Hizashi and Higurashi, Kun Loon." The man's cold voice cut through the slight clamor.

Kagome nearly started shaking when she felt these people's weird eyes on her. She was secretly creeped out by their pale eyes.

Biting her lip slightly she scolded herself, Mimi had told her not to show these people any weakness!

"Stand up, girl" a gravely old woman's voice croaked out.

Standing Kagome kept her head down as she obeyed.

She nearly flinched when an old gnarled hand grabbed her chin lifting it at different angles; it was the old woman who had spoken.

She looked at the old woman as she scrutinized her under those fierce eyes. She wanted to gag at the protruding eye veins on the old woman's face.

"Hmm, yes. There is no doubt. The child caries her mother's strange powers as well as the woman's inner fire…She holds her fathers' quiet dignity about her too…" The woman announced as she twisted Kagome's face this and that direction, looking for flaws.

The woman released her hold on Kagome and hobbled back over to the other Elders.

A man spoke out to Kagome, "Girl, what do you aspire to become, should you be allowed to live here?"

Kagome nearly said that she didn't want to live here, that she only wanted to go home. But Mimi's advice rang in her ears.

Taking a breath she told them firmly, hoping they would buy it, because she sure didn't…"I wish very much to prove my fidelity to the clan as well as the village, by becoming a strong and efficient kunoichi, sir. As well as to better understand the gifts I have inherited from my parents."

She wasn't really sure why she had added that last tidbit, but she hoped it would help them come to whatever conclusion that would be favorable to her.

She guessed she had said the right thing, because a pleased murmur broke out once again.

Kagome looked down at her bare feet, very tempted to wiggle her toes as the elders talked amongst themselves.

Soon silence fell upon the room.

The old woman spoke out, "Hyuuga, Kagome. Your fate has been decided. You will be trained to become a kunoichi. You will be extensively trained to master your mother's power as it will be of great benefit to the clan."

She nearly smiled even though she didn't really want to become a killer or whatever it was that ninja's did…

"However, should you not be caught up with your peers your age by the beginning of the academy's first semester in a year's time from now, you will become a servant. You will be stripped of all freedom and will bring shame to your parents. Do you understand your fate child?" The old woman croaked with finality.

Kagome quickly bowed before announcing, "Hai! I shall not fail."

Her determination seemed to please the council before Hiashi addressed her, "Kagome, leave now."

Kagome nearly ran out of the room, but decided to play it safe for now- so she merely walked quickly out of the room. Once she exited the door she dropped her shoulders, letting out a deep sigh. Looking up Kagome glanced around 'Um… where am I supposed to go? I'll probably get in trouble if I just wander around- those old people looked really serious about turning me into a servant….'

Kagome hopped lightly on her feet, unsure of what to do.

"Ah, Kagome-chan!" a voice softly called out. Kagome looked to her left and saw Mimi crouching timidly around the bend. Smiling she scurried over to the only familiar person she knew. Wanting to share her good news with the kind woman she began, "Mimi, I did what you told me to do and-"

She was cut off by the older woman putting a finger to her lips. "Not right now, Kagome-chan. Wait until we get home."

Frowning a bit, Kagome realized something she hadn't before: everyone here was so quiet! Taking Mimi's offered hand, she allowed the pale woman to lead her out of the house. Mimi led them down a few streets in the Hyuuga district, before coming to a small traditional style house.

Opening the front door Mimi told the little girl, "This is where you'll be living from now on Kagome-chan! Here let me show you to your room- I got it ready while you were talking to the council."

The dark haired woman had a slight spring to her step as she led the girl to her new room. It was rather sparse, containing only a futon, a light, and a small bookshelf. She would get the child some more stuff eventually.

Kagome looked around the room; she decided it was rather… boring. Maybe she would be allowed to furnish it with some color, and maybe a few stuffed animals…

Mimi was distracted from her 'Kagome watching' (come on people, the poor woman wants children of her own and Neji isn't much of a child…So everything Kagome does is fascinating to her.) by a light knock on the door. Who could it be? She was certain that it wasn't Neji because he wouldn't knock before entering his own home…

Opening the front door she was slightly surprised to see several Branch family members gathered at her doorstep.

"May I help you?"

A middle-aged man spoke first, "Mimi-san, is it true? That Hizashi-sama has a daughter?"

Another woman spoke before Mimi could answer, "I heard that her eyes are different."

Soon Mimi found herself swamped with questions.

What was that racket? Kagome navigated her way back to the front door. She watched as her new guardian waved her arms around in a flustered manner, trying to answer the questions.

Kagome walked besides Mimi before asking the woman, "Mimi? What's going on?"

The poor woman was startled by the child's voice, jumping a bit. Kagome suddenly felt the crowd's attention shift to her. She felt her cheeks burn red in embarrassment as the people began to whisper to each other.

Mimi had a hand on her heart; Kagome had startled her quite badly. She was really a very timid person, startled by even a toaster popping up…

She felt Kagome grab onto her kimono in a shy manner as the Hyuugas ogled at the poor girl. Feeling her latent maternal instincts rise, the timid woman spoke up, "I'm sorry, but I must ask that you leave now. Kagome-chan is still very new to the Hyuuga lifestyle, so I must show her how things are done here."

With that said she closed her front door.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm her racing heart, Mimi opened her pale eyes to look at her new charge.

The little girl was nervously digging one of her big toes into the tatami mat.

Tapping the child lightly on the shoulder, she gave a small grin as she motioned for the child to follow her into the kitchen.

As she prepared dinner for her now slightly larger family, Mimi explained the rules of the Hyuuga Household to Kagome.

Kagome only frowned slightly at the stupid amount of rules that she would be expected to comply to from now on as she helped the woman prepare dinner.