Certain situations have a tendency to spiral out of control. Leman Russ had no idea to what his bragging that he can drink more than any of his brothers will lead to. That Angron leapt at the bet was to expected, as was the Lion's sarcastic claim Russ was all talk. He was surprised though when Magnus rose to the challenge.

Then each and every of his brothers started claiming they could keep up with him, even Roboute and Dorn, despite being the most uptight of the lot. Thora gave him a look, but he didn't think he was exactly to blame. He hadn't expected all of them to want to be a part of the bet.

By now, Fulgrim and Curze were both passed out, leaning against each other. Ferrus Manus was declaring brotherly love to Perturabo, who was doing the same. It was actually rather creepy. Sanguinius and Angron were singing. Apparently, large quantities of alcohol improved Angron's singing voice and removed whatever grudge against singing Sanguinius had.

Corax was almost dozing off, while Jagathai Khan was trying to unsuccessfully start a fight with Roboute Guilliman. Guilliman, on his part, was in the middle of a convoluted and slurred anecdote. Rogal Dorn and Vulkan were telling each other very stupid jokes, most of them unfinished, because they were both laughing like idiots.

Magnus was glaring at Russ, who appeared smug. He rose wobbly to his feet and announced, "You all loosh."

"I thought the winner was the one who stayed sober longest?" a quiet voice queried. A quiet, certain voice. Russ glared in its direction, noting it came from Mortarion. In front of him, there was a row of empty tankards as long as Russ' own.

"Wha?" he slurred trying to comprehend what he was seeing.

"I'm not drunk," Mortarion replied sounding somewhat puzzled. "I didn't think you all would have such weak heads."

Leman Russ slumped in his chair and started sobbing into his hands. This was the worst feast of his life.