As I said in my last update for this story, I wasn't really satisfied with how I had it written. I took the Lynda Carter version of Wonder Woman and tried to maker her into the comic book version, and it seemed kind of pointless and dumb to me. Especially since I have another Harry Potter crossover with the Lynda Carter version that works pretty well, in my opinion. So I am in the process of rewriting what I've got of it so far. Some things are still similar to how they were in the original version, but other things I'm changing a lot more than I planned. I hope those who subscribe to this story still find it enjoyable though.

Chapter 1: Meeting the Princess, Part 1

Boston, Massachusetts, 1988

"Look, there's a museum up ahead, Vernon. Let's go there next," said Petunia Dursley to her husband as they walked through Copley Square.

"I don't want to visit a museum!" complained their son, Dudley, trying to pull his mother away by the hand.

"Come on, Duddy, it'll be educational," cooed Petunia. Dudley grumbled his discontent, but followed his mother anyway.

Vernon silently agreed with his son. He didn't give a damn about some museum. Then again, he didn't care to be here in the first place. He wasn't the kind that liked to travel. For starters, the flight to get here took six hours. Six hours cooped up in coach with a bunch of foreigners and germs that they picked up from God knows where. Now he was here in this noisy, crowded city full of Yankees. He could at least hope, however, that they didn't run into any of those freaky so-called 'superheroes', like that flying woman that had been in the news recently.

He would have refused the whole trip, but his supervisor was paying for it. His supervisor' son for some reason decided on attending Harvard instead of Oxford, and he and his family was here to visit the campus. He offered Vernon and his family to come along to spend his vacation time. Of course it would have seemed ungrateful to refuse.

Of course this whole trip wouldn't seem so bad if he'd have been able to find a way to leave the boy back in Britain.

"Keep up, Boy!" he yelled at his nephew, Harry. Little runt is always walking too slowly. Bad enough we have to be seen with him. People are looking at him and that hideous scar.

Harry was excited to be going to the museum. He never got to go anywhere except for school. Once or twice Aunt Petunia took him to the doctor, if only for form's sake. He also occasionally accompanied her to the grocery store when she couldn't find someone to keep him. Now, though, he would be visiting a real museum all the way across the ocean. He hid his enjoyment very well though, because the Dursleys could very well make this trip highly unenjoyable.

The museum contained many fascinating pieces and exhibits. There were paintings dating back to America's earlier periods, but others that dated much farther back. They came upon a section of the museum that was dedicated to Ancient Egypt. These particular exhibits fascinated Harry. He walked through here slowly to take in the centuries old treasures and jewelry and sculptures. He was wondering whether or not the sarcophagi had mummies in them when he looked around to see that his relatives were not there.

Maybe he should have realized sooner as he hadn't heard his uncle's snide comments in quite some time. He immediately began to panic. The room almost seemed to spin slightly as he began to frantically search for some sign of his aunt or uncle or even Dudley. He searched the entire museum, earning curious glances from the other museum patrons. He finally decided that they must have left without him. So he left the museum and began searching outside. He was really scared now. The Dursleys never cared enough to tell him what to do in the event that he got lost. Maybe they were hoping he'd get lost one day and stay there.

At one point in his search he came up to a cross walk and pressed the button with a shaking finger. When the image of the green man walking came up on the screen, he began walking across the street. As soon as he stepped, though, he heard the awful sound of screeching tires. He looked up to see a large vehicle skidding toward him. Fear froze him in place, and all he could do was close his eyes and wait for the impact.

It never came. He opened his eyes to find that he was high above the street. He was moving up away from the ground. I never even felt anything; he thought to himself, I must be on my way to Heaven now. That thought was brushed aside when he stopped rising and began sinking back toward the ground. It was about this time that he noticed there were arms around him, holding him secure.

"It's alright, I've got you," he heard the person holding him say. It was a woman, and she spoke with an unusual accent.

She landed gracefully on the steps of a church a good ways away from the road. It all happened so fast that the people in the surrounding area didn't even know what happened beyond a truck screeching to a halt. Harry turned to look at his rescuer and was momentarily speechless. She was a very pretty woman. She had copious ebony curls that fell gracefully over her shoulders and far down her back. She had olive skin and ocean blue eyes, and she was wearing a red and blue outfit with stars and a gold belt.

"Are you injured?" she asked, kneeling in front of him to get a good assessment of his condition.

Harry was still shocked by how close he was to getting hit, and began to tremble.

When the woman noticed this she said in a soothing tone, "It's alright. There's no need to be frightened," she put on what she hoped would be a reassuring smile; "My name is Diana. What is yours?"

Harry didn't say anything. He was too busy trying not to cry. As miserable as he was at his aunt and uncle's house, they were still his family. Uncle Vernon was already going to be furious with him for wondering off, he was lost in a strange city with nowhere to go and to top it off he almost got run over.

When she didn't get a reply, she asked him another question, "Are your parents around here somewhere?" Harry shook his head, "Who are you here with?"

He wanted to say something to the nice lady, so he managed to stutter out, "M-my aunt and uncle. But I- I don't know where they are!"

That finally did it; Harry began sobbing uncontrollably. He covered his face with his hands as he dropped down on one of the steps. Diana sat down next to him and pulled him into a comforting hug.

"Shh, shh, it's alright," she said in a soft, gentle voice, "We'll find them; please don't cry."

"They're gonna- be- mad at me!" he managed to say before he began sobbing even harder, and his breaths came in short gasps.

Diana began rubbing his back to try to calm him, "Calm down; breath deep, long, slow breaths. That's it," she soothed as he began to calm a bit, "I'm sure they'll be relieved more than anything when they find you. Don't worry,"

After a few minutes his breathing was almost back to normal, and only a few tears were flowing from his eyes. When he finally stopped crying, he turned, red-faced and puffy-eyed, to look up at Diana. She smiled warmly at him.

"There now, that's better," she said, straightening his glasses for him, as they had become crooked during his crying, "Now can you tell me your name?"

Harry took another deep breath, "It's H-Harry," he said; his voice was slightly hoarse from crying.

"Well Harry, I've got a friend who is a detective. If you like I can take you to the police department to see him. He can help you find your family," he nodded slightly as he wiped his eyes underneath his glasses, "I can fly you there if you want," his face immediately lit up and he nodded enthusiastically at that.

"Let's get going then," she said as she stood up and helped him to his feet. She then picked him up, "Now wrap your arms around my neck and hold on tight. I won't let you fall," he did as he was told and she lifted off into the air.