My heart pounded in my chest. Today was the day. I was so excited! I was getting married to the love of my life! He hadn't been around the flat yet, only sending a message that said he'd see me when I walked up the steps to the altar. I had hailed a carriage to the bed and breakfast down the street and was greeted by my brothers. I tackled them in a group hug.

"Oh, I can't believe you're getting married." Connor told me. Tears choked his voice. I smiled and pulled back from my brothers.

"I'm so excited! Today is the day! I become a wife of a wonderful man today! Oh, come on! Let's get you all ready. I'm going to be getting ready in the Prima Donna suite in about an hour and a half." I told them. Connor smiled.

"Well there is one thing that isn't at the Opera House that you need to wear, Constance." He told me, taking my hand and bringing me inside. He pulled me up the stairs to his room and went in his suitcase.

"Mother gave this to me a few days before she died. She told me to give it to you when you got married. To wear at your wedding." Connor told me, turning. He had Mother's best piece of jewelry in his hands. Her diamond necklace. I covered my mouth with my hands.

"I thought it got lost!" I told him. Connor shook his head.

"I wanted to surprise you when this day came and told you that. You knew you were going to get this necklace because you're the only girl. I know you like pleasant surprises." He told me, walking behind me and putting her necklace around my neck and fastening it.

"God, I wish she was here. I don't care if she's watching from Heaven; I want her to be here!" I said. Connor laughed sadly.

"We all do, Constance." He said quietly, turning me to the mirror.

"You looked like Grandmother as a child; but you look like a mirror image of Mother now." He told me; showing me a picture of Mother. It was like looking at a picture of me. I hugged my oldest brother tightly. He hugged me back.

"Now, let's cheer up." He told me. "Today is a grand occasion! You're getting married!" He told me pulling back, but holding my hands. I laughed at the thought. I was getting married! I could still hardly believe it!

"Alright, can you help Claire get into her dress?" Connor asked. I nodded.

"Of course; I'm used to helping pregnant women. My previous land lady had two children while I was living with her and I helped in both of them. So I'm rather prepared." I told him. Connor nodded and we left his room. I returned with Claire though and we started to get her ready.

"What are you wearing?" I asked her. She went to her own suit case and pulled out a light blue dress. I smiled.

"It will look ravishing on you. Do you think you need help or should I just stay in here and make Connor think I'm helping you?" I asked, knowing how protective my oldest brother can be.

I went in through the kitchens, Erik had told me I didn't have to but I wanted it to be a surprise. I walked to the Prima Donna suite and entered. I saw Christine and Meg practically drooling over my dress. It was rather stunning. The long white train nearly touched the ground with the dress stretched out across the divan. The veil was on the vanity.

"Who designed the dress, was it Erik? I remember the first night he took me to his home he showed me the most fantastic dress. I automatically knew he had done it. It's so beautiful Constance!" Christine told me. I smiled.

"Yes he designed it." I told her with a smile on my face. Christine pulled me further into the room and shoved me behind the changing screen.

"Erik did promise not to sneak a glance before the ceremony right?" I asked.

"Oh dear no! Meg quick cover my mirror! Its bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she gets to the altar!" Christine called.

"Thank goodness you remembered that, Constance!" She continued. I smiled as I started to undo the buttons of my usual white button up shirt. Christine came around the side of the changing screen. She had my dress.

"You change rather slowly don't you?" Christine asked I gave her a curious look.

"I'm a ballerina I have to change quickly it's no problem; just get into the dress and Meg and I will do your hair." Christine told me with a charming sparkle in her eyes. I took the dress and hung it up on the screen and finished undressing. I slid the dress on and did the necessary tying (Erik put it in the front) and stepped out. Christine and Meg nearly squealed.

"Oh my... Constance... You look so wonderful." Christine told me. I blushed, smoothing the fabric of my dress.

"Come look in the mirror on the vanity." Meg told me, taking my arm and pulling me to the mirror. My jaw dropped I hardly recognized myself. I could have gone without getting my hair done. Erik paid wonderful attention to detail; the white fabric made my skin glow and the dress caressed my curves. Tears came to my eyes and my heart started to pound again.

"Only he could make me feel like this." I said my voice breaking. Christine and Meg looked like they were about to cry as well.

"Let's get your hair done. Erik had something made for you." Christine told me. I looked at her with a curious look.

"What else could that wonderfully amazing man have done?" I asked. Christine smiled.

"You'll find out when we get your hair done." She told me. I rolled my eyes.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Don't know you'll be able to find out after we get done." Meg told me with an innocent type of sarcasm in her voice. It caused me to smile. The two ballerinas went to work with my insane curls with a brush and an arsenal of hair pins.

Christine was applying my lip stick after about thirty minutes of the girls fighting my hair and then she stepped away. My jaw dropped again. I didn't recognize myself. The pale freckles that were splashed across my face had been hidden by foundation that smoothed out my skin yet looked completely natural and my eyes were subtly outlined with eyeliner, bringing out the green of my eyes. Christine smiled at our reflection.

"You are beautiful without it, but when someone who knows what they're doing fine tunes your looks you are stunning. Erik won't know what to do with you." She told me. I blushed; it was still visible through the light layer of foundation.

"Okay, now. Your brother had shown Erik this necklace before he gave it to you. Erik had a hair piece made to go with it. Here it is." Meg told me as she draped a net of diamonds over my hair. I had to blink several times. The candlelight played off the diamonds and glittered in my dark red hair like stars in the night sky.

"Oh my… He outdid himself!" I whispered in near shock. Meg and Christine smiled as Meg fastened the net of diamonds at the base of the back of my head.

"Now the veil will go behind the hair piece, but when he lifts the veil he's going to be blown away by how fantastic you look. My heart pounded a little harder, when he lifts the veil. I sucked in a breath, trying to control my breathing.

"Are you okay Constance?" Christine asked.

"I'm just excited." I told her with a smile on my face. Christine looked in the drawer to my right and pulled out a pocket watch that I recognized as Erik's.

"Oh dear, it's five-twenty five, come on, let's go!" Christine said, setting a pair of shoes down, I stepped into them quickly and I speed walked out of the dressing room as fast as I could.

"Wait, Constance, the veil!" I heard Meg, she pranced over to me on her fleet ballerina feet and I had to bend over a little to let her place the veil on it's right place. I stood up and flipped the veil over and went on to the grand foyer. I stopped as I got to the side entrance to the grand foyer.

Caroline and Connor were waiting for me with my bouquet. It was full of red roses with a single white one. So that was what Erik had planted the red rose bush for. The sly devil had ordered a special white rose bush and planted it. He wouldn't tell me what it was for no matter how much I bugged him. I smiled and grabbed the flowers and hugged her, she went out as the music started. Oh dear God. My heart started to pound even harder. My cue came out and I was hardly able to start walking. I was able to though with the help of my oldest brother. I walked out and there he stood. In his finest dress at the highest point of the Grand Staircase those bright eyes watching me with the most love and pride that I had ever seen.

I walked to the sound of the music the best I could, everyone here knew I was never one to move with music no matter.

"I never knew you could look so lady like Constance." He told me, I smiled and laughed a little bit.

"Neither can I, Connor." I told him. He laughed. Before I knew it we were at the base of the stairs. I took in a deep breath and handed Caroline my bouquet and gathered my skirts and walked up the stairs. As soon as I was in reach, Erik held out his hand to me, one of the first times he had appeared in public without gloved hands. I smiled and took it. He assisted me up the remaining stairs and I stood beside him in front of a priest.

Being beside him as the priest went through the small speech made my head swim. I tuned in the best I could as my vows came about. I looked up as the question came.

"Do you take this man to be your husband, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?" The priest asked. I nodded.

"Yes, I do." My voice stronger than I thought it would be. He nodded.

"The rings?" He asked. Erik pulled my wedding ring from his coat pocket. He had no one to hold his ring. I turned to Christophe, he was my ring bearer. I turned to Erik and gave him my brightest smile. His face was soft and extremely pleasant with a cool smile on his face. I took his ring hand and slid the ring on his ring finger. He took my hand gently in his own and put the simple silver band on.

"You may kiss the bride."

I looked up to Erik as he lifted away my veil. My smile broadened as he full out smiled. He leaned in but stopped.

"You look even better than I had imagined." He told me and kissed me, his arms went around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck loosely and kissed back. The kiss that bound us as husband and wife was one of the best (if not the best) feelings of my life.

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