"Hey little kid," a voice said, looking up, he saw a tall pale man with red eyes and silver hair staring down at him, "who are you?" the man said,

"I'm Harry," Harry said, "Who are you?"

"I'm the awesome kingdom of Prussia" the man said,

"Oh, so you're a nation?" Harry tucked his chin to his knees,

"Ja" Prussia said,

"I'm not sure why I'm here" Harry said,

"Well, come with me and we'll find out" Prussia got to his feet and held out a hand to the raven haired boy, he placed his own pale hand in it and they began to walk to the meeting room. Prussia noticed that the boy's skin was paler than his own, but his eyes were a vivid emerald green, brighter than England's, they had pale lavender shadows around them and he could just make out a pale spattering of freckles across his nose and cheekbones.

When the ex-nation and the boy entered the room, the meeting was in full swing, or in other words, total chaos. England was trying to kill France again, Russia was leering at Latvia and Spain was flirting with Romano.

"Is it always like this?" Harry asked, Prussia nodded, just then, France ran past, almost trampling Harry in the process, Prussia pulled the small boy up into his arms out of harm's way,

"Hey Francis, watch it, you almost crushed the kid" he said, the other nations looked at him,

"Aww, he's adorable" Ukraine said, she bounced over, the other girls followed,

"Try not to suffocate the kid Ukraine" Prussia said,

"Suffocate me?" Harry said,

"Look at her kid" Prussia said,

"Oh, you mean because she's got huge tracts of land?" Harry smiled the other nations laughed

"Nice one kid" America said

"what's your name honey?" Hungary said

"I'm Harry" he replied the girls went into transports of delight at the little boy, he had an infectious smile and the cutest accent going, a strange mix of English, American, Italian, Greek, Russian, Irish and Romanian. Yet his language was definitely English and he had an adorable little quirk where he would tilt his head to one side and close his eyes at the end of each sentence. At that moment Germany entered the room,

"Everyone settle down please, Ireland's replacement is arriving today so I want everyone on their best behaviour," he said, "and who is that kid" he added spotting Harry.

"I'm sorry for the deception everyone, I wanted to make a few observations as an outsider" Harry said, hopping down from Prussia's arms, he sounded more mature now,

"Ireland?" Arthur said, stunned

"Didn't recognise me huh England?" Harry raised his eyebrows, he opened the backpack he carried and took out a black shirt, jacket and trousers, shoes, socks and military hat, "is there somewhere I can get changed Germany sir" he added saluting Germany

"Ja, bathrooms are down the hall" he said looking stunned at the small boy's maturity

"Dankeschön Herr Deutschland" (Translation; thank you mister Germany) Harry said, evidently he spoke fluent German.

"Wow" Ukraine said

"We need to watch this kid, he's tricky" Turkey said, Egypt nodded in agreement.