Here it is the next story in the Broken series The Reason based off the song by the Hoobastank and the recently done cover by Westlife check it out. Ths is all abot Jeff and Phil with other pairings different in and out of the story. Also TNA will be appearing later on in this. I own nothing enjoy =] xXx

Jeff Hardy the extreme enigma the rainbow haired warrior. Call him whatever you like. He was a druggie enough said. A alcoholic, smoking druggie who wasn't worth my time of day. I watched him over with his brother acting like a wreck as usual. I sighed shaking my head "Phil what's got you down?" Kofi asked and I looked at him.
"I don't understand what's the big deal about Hardy? I mean he smokes, does drugs and drink heavily. Not exactly a good example to set for kids is it?" I questioned and Kofi shrugged.
"His life man. Let him ruin it if he wants to."

That was the thing...I didn't want him to. Jeff was apparently a great guy he was decent, but the thought of the drugs and everything clouded my other thoughts of him. Everyone has their flaws sure, Hardy's more noticeable than others to me, saying that his brother wasn't much better when it came to his drinking, but you know one out of three wasn't bad.

"I swear if Brooks looks my way one more time. I am going to fucking deck him." I growled forcing my brother to break the kiss with his girlfriend.
"Jeff, don't get so wound up."
"Just because he is straight-edge thinks he is so fucking better it's pathetic." My green eyes looked at the rosy pink eyes of my brothers girl who raised an eyebrow at me, and I sighed "Sorry, Faith."
"It's ok Jeff. Have you never thought that maybe Phil acts the way he does because he is worried for you? That what you are doing is killing you slowly, but surly?" she voiced and me and Matt looked at each other and burst into laughter. "Straight-edge's have no life, they are sad and pathetic all they do is go on at people for their drinking, smoking and drugs." Matt laughed and I watched as Faith hit him across the back of the head and stood up. "Is that what you think of me? Well Matthew? You think I have no life? I'm sad and pathetic?" She questioned and I turned my attention back to my coffee. "You are such a jerk Matt!" She slapped him hard and walked off.
"Well...that relationship lasted long." I remarked.
"Shawn and Hunter are gonna kill me ya know." Matt growled before noticing she was talking to CM Punk and Kofi Kingston. I watched Matt's dominance kick in as he stood up.
"Let her go off and be lovely dovey with the straight edge prick if she wants shows she's not worth it." I voiced and Matt unwillingly sat down.

"Kinda pathetic on Hardy's part." I voiced drinking a bit of tea. "He shouldn't treat you like that."
"He insulted you too." Faith pointed out and I brushed the remark away with a wave of my hand
"Sweetheart the Hardy's have always had a problem with me."
"It doesn't make it right." She spoke before sighing. "Matt told me...he accepted what I am, but he lied through his teeth..." Kofi held her close.
"He isn't worth it if he treats you like that." Kofi voiced
"Then again..." I set my tea down "relationships are full of ups and downs that's just life in itself. If Hardy makes you happy don't just walk away try and compromise. Cherish what you two have some people would give anything for what you two have." I watched her smile before she hugged me tightly. "Thank you, thank you so much." Her voice suddenly turned into that of a whisper. "I can read you like a book. When you say people you mean you and when you say mean you and Jeff." I kept a calm and cool face and just hugged her back watching the dark glares from both the Hardy boys.