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Chapter 1: Human Invasion

The pilot swore as she checked her maps. She was so far off course that she had vanished from the galactic radar database. Getting back to Earth wouldn't be hard, the ship had an autopilot for that, but having gone so far, she was beyond knowing where she was.

"Great, Bulma." She muttered. "This is what I get for being a good Samaritan."

She was a space explorer, on her way to a newly discovered distant planet. It was a great honor to be selected for the mission. It should have been an easy assignment. All she had to do was touch down on the new planet and take a few samples, then head back home.

But things hadn't gone as planned. A week before her four-month trip to the new planet would have ended, her ship's communicator had picked up a distress signal from another ship. It was labeled as unidentified, and all information was completely foreign.

But an S.O.S. could not be ignored. It was part of the job. The ship had locked onto the distress signal and changed course. Bulma, still in hyper-sleep, was completely unaware of the situation. That is, until the ship had gone beyond all known territory. After that, the pilot was needed, and she had been woken up from her deep sleep.

"Whoever is calling for help had better be grateful." She complained. "Not only am I beyond known territory, but now I may have to abort the mission."

That was unlikely though. Because of the change in course, she was only a few weeks behind schedule. Everyone back on Earth would have already been alerted by the computer of the change in plans and wouldn't fault her for it, probably, and it wouldn't be hard to get back to known territory, but it would be time consuming, and that was what had her in such a foul mood.

Bulma wondered if whoever sent out the distress signal was even still alive. The signal had been picked up three weeks ago, and who knew how long it had been sending out that message before she picked it up. For all she knew, she could be going through all this trouble for someone who was already dead.

"That would be such a drag." She grumbled. "I don't even know what I can do. I'm not a doctor."

But then she thought of her supply of Senzu beans. These beans were special. They came from Earth, and not only did a single bean heal any and all bodily injuries, but it kept whoever ate it full for ten days. An ideal food for a space traveler.

"But it won't do them any good if they're sick." She realized. "Maybe I should just turn back." She sighed. "No, I can't do that. I'll get fired. Stupid contract. 'Must respond to all distress signals'. Who thought of that anyway?"

But even as she considered turning back, the ship's computer picked up an incoming planet. And according to the code coming from the ship sending out the distress signal, it was this planet that it was heading for.


She checked the planetary database. She wasn't surprised to find that it was an unidentified planet. She was far beyond all known territory. At least all known territory to those from Earth.

"I'm gonna get to meet aliens." She realized. The idea excited here. "Maybe this was a blessing in disguise. It certainly beats harvesting space rocks from an uninhabited planet."

Strapping herself in as the ship entered the atmosphere, she prepared for landing on this unknown planet.

To those that did know of it, it was known as planet Vegeta.


The small round ship tore through the sky, heading for the ground at great speed. Within sight was a large facility of some kind. The ship was heading right for it. With a mighty crash, it slammed into a strange giant cushion in front of the facility, preventing a devastating collision. Once it 'landed', the ship began to power down.

From out of the facility, two men dressed in strange warrior-like clothes emerged. Upon first glance, one would think they were merely human, but if one looked closer, they would have realized that these men had monkey-like tails wrapped around their waists.

"Well, look whose back." Said one of the men. "That took even longer than expected."

"Not right now." Said the other one. "A distress signal was being transmitted. We have to see to his wounds."

The small spaceship opened to reveal another man inside. He was badly wounded, oozing blood all over the place. A breathing mask covered his mouth, feeding him oxygen and keeping him in a hibernative state.

"Wow, he really got beaten up." Said the first man.

The second one nodded. "The Dark Star, Ankoku, is an incredibly hostile planet, but if he came back alive, then it means that he was victorious."

"King Vegeta will be pleased. We should inform him immediately."

"First we must get this one to a healing chamber before he dies. He's right on the brink of death as it is." A grin crept up his face. "I wonder how strong he will become once he recovers."


In the royal chamber, a large well toned man sat on his throne. He had long spiky brown hair and a beard. He too wore the same type of clothes as the other men, including a cape and a pendant around his neck. Upon hearing the news of their latest victory, he grinned proudly.

"Excellent. Lord Frieza will be pleased. That planet was wasted on those dumb beasts. Have they all been wiped out?"

The messenger bowed to him. "At the moment, it can only be assumed so, sire. The planets inhabitants were indeed powerful, but no match for a saiyan."

The king grinned. "Yes, we saiyans are the strongest race in the universe. And one day we will prove it, once we rid ourselves of that tyrant."

"Of course, King Vegeta. The prince is determined to overthrow him. He trains so very hard. It's only a matter of time."

King Vegeta nodded. He had no doubt that one day his son, Vegeta the second, would be able to defeat their nemesis. They just had to be patient. It was only a matter of time. Already the prince had surpassed the king in strength. Soon the galactic overlord himself would bow down to the prince of saiyans.

As these thoughts went through the king's head, another saiyan entered the room. The messenger went to meet him, nodding at what he was told before going back to the king.

"My lord, it appears we have an invader."

King Vegeta glanced at the messenger. "An invader? Who would dare to invade us? Is it Lord Frieza?"

The messenger shook his head. "No, sire, it's an unknown ship."

The king crossed his arms. "Is that a fact? Perhaps they don't know just whose planet they've trespassed on. Send some men out there to see who it is. If they prove to be a problem, kill them."


After having landed on the planet, Bulma did a quick scan of the planet's atmosphere. She was glad to discover that the air was breathable, and she would not need a spacesuit.

"That's good. I was afraid the air would be made of rat poison, or something."

Of course, that didn't mean the planet was safe. This was an unknown world with unknown inhabitants. They might not be friendly to outsiders. The thought of being at some freaky alien monster's mercy scared her.

"I'm going to be really bummed if I die trying to help someone I don't even know." She mumbled as she grabbed her gun.

Truthfully, she didn't even know how she was going to find them. The distress signal had vanished shortly after the ship had landed. Had whoever been in distress gotten help? She hoped so, but she was still obligated to check it out.

Upon inspecting the planet, she discovered that the gravity was ten times greater than that of Earth. Bulma only weighed 130 the last time she weighed herself. That meant that once she turned off the artificial gravity simulator that she would weigh 1300 pounds.

"I'll be crushed." She realized. "Yamcha might be able to handle that, but not me."

Thinking about her fiancé brought on a feeling of loneliness. She missed her delinquent boyfriend. True, the three months and something weeks before she had last seen him had gone by fast for her since she had been in hyper-sleep, but she still missed him.

Putting thoughts of her love life aside, she gave herself an injection that would allow her body to adapt to the planet's gravity. After that, she took a deep breath and opened the door.

Upon exiting the ship, she looked around. She was on a primitive world. In the distance, she saw some form of civilization and technology, but not at the level Earth was at. Still, the place didn't have a friendly feel to it.

Bulma gulped, wishing she wasn't alone. The original mission was simple enough to require only a single person, but this little detour felt like it should be undergone by a team rather than a single space explorer.

"What have I gotten myself into?" she wondered out loud.

The sound of a bush rustling nearly made her jump out of her skin. Whirling around, she pointed the gun at the bush, trying to stop shaking to hold it steady.

"W-Who's there? I-I w-warn you. I'm armed."

Whether responding to her call, or simple acting out on its own, Bulma didn't know, but something suddenly came bursting out of the bush. Bulma screamed as she stood face to face with a large alien lizard of some sort. It was blue in color and resembled an iguana, only much scarier. And based upon the way it was looking at her, and its mouthful of sharp teeth, she had a feeling that it was a carnivore with her in mind as its next meal.

So terrified that she was blue in the face, Bulma pointed the gun at the creature. "S-Stay back. I d-d-don't w-want to h-hurt you."

A long tongue suddenly shot out of its mouth and wrapped around the gun in her hand. Bulma screamed as the weapon was pulled out of her hands and swallowed whole by the creature. The alien licked its lips and returned its hungry gaze to Bulma.

"OH MY GOSH!" she screamed. "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!"

She turned tail and ran back to her ship. The alien gave chase, moving a lot faster than she was. For a moment, Bulma thought she would make it inside in time, but suddenly she tripped, falling flat on her face.

A shadow fell over her and she covered her head, waiting for the inevitable. But a blasting sound and a splatter came instead. After a couple seconds, when Bulma realized that she was still alive, she cracked open her eyes. Looking over her shoulder, she cried out as she saw the dead body of the lizard, looking like it had been caught in an explosion.

Dumbfounded, Bulma started at the lizard, wondering what had happened. Did it step on a landmine or something? No, from the way it's body was splattered, the blast seemed to have come from up above.

Looking up, Bulma received a shock as she saw two men floating in the air. They were dressed strangely and had weird devices on their faces, covering their left eye. She also noticed that they each wore a furry belt, which didn't seem to go with their unusual outfits.

"Well, well, well," said the short bald one with two scars across his face, "look at what we have here, Brock. A little girl is lost and alone."

The other man, Brock, chuckled. "Guess it wasn't an invasion after all. She doesn't look that strong. What's her power level?"

The scar-faced man pressed a button on the device on his head. It made a beeping sound and he laughed. "According to the scouter, she's only a level four."

"Four?" Brock replied. "That's ridiculous. She's not even worth our time. Come on, Onion, lets just kill her."

Bulma felt the ground drop from beneath her at those words, but she immediately relaxed when she heard what the man known as Onion said. "We have our orders, and they did not include killing her unless she was trouble."

Bulma felt like she needed to take charge of the situation. Using movies concerning alien invasions as an example, she addressed the two men. "Greetings, my name is Bulma Brief. I am the ambassador of planet Earth. I come in peace." She hoped she wouldn't regret these next words. "Take me to your leader."

The two men stared at her for a moment before sharing a look and then burst out laughing.

"Did you hear her?" Onion asked. "'Take me to your leader'. That's a good one."

Brock nodded. "Yeah, especially since we intended to anyway." He grinned wickedly. "But she has no idea what she's getting herself into.

(A/N: Yes, Bulma really has no idea what she's getting into. Though I'm sure you can guess what's going to happen. By the way, Brock and Onion were the two saiyans Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu fought in the Time Room at Kami's Lookout while preparing for the coming of Vegeta and Nappa, and the Dark Star, Ankoku, was the home world of Yakon. With that said, let me know what you think of the first chapter.)