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Freelance Police WHAM-KABOOM! (Wrestler Hall for All Mania Known Assemble Battle Overly Outbreaking Melee)

We see the outside of a friendly neighborhood, but then it gets destructive from explosions going off which covers our screen of view to show something else?

"Tonight…we present the MOST Gruesome Beatings!" A voice spoke out, as we see cops chasing criminals before jumping them and dealing beat downs with their fits! "The MOST Senseless Action…." Next scene shows mobsters shooting at cops while the officers of the law are shooting back without ducking much! "The MOST Mind Blowing Event That's Ever Been Allow to Be Seen On Television Today!" We seen imagines from Cops, to criminal, and back and forth again, as the introduction is coming close, as words appear on the screen! "It's the…Freelance Police WHAM-KABOOM!" The bolded out Letters appeared, "FREELANCE POLICE WHAM-KABOOM!" as we see a wrestling ring and cheering fans screaming out in joy!

"WAaahhhhhhh!" The fans get relentless at the excitement, it's pack with many folks from different places, some not even humans, but many are families that came to join in watching this show! Now we see some interesting stuff, as two creatures are seen on the box office platform just above the ring itself! On the far left side of the viewing of our sitting spot, was a brown fur dog wearing grey detective like cloths, his name was Sam, of the Freelance Police! Next to him on the right side of our sitting view, was a short white fur rabbit, he practically had no cloths on, but that didn't matter, his name was Max, another member of the Freelance Police and Sam's little buddy! There names showed underneath their box office seats saying "Sam" for Sam, and "Max" for Max, as logo's vanish, the two decided to speak to you people!

"Greetings all you Adventurers, Action Seeking, Thriller Takers! To another of our very fine Wrestling show here tonight!" Sam replied out his usual greetings towards the viewing audience watching this on their screens.

"Where once again, we are still fighting to to GIVE YOU, a fight off!" Max declared out that the Freelance duo are again in their business of running this wrestling match show, as usual.

"That's very sincere of you, Max?" Sam replied to seeing his partner was being very thoughtful for something, but...

"Yeah, I just love fights?" Max exclaimed off with a smile that it was for his own selfish needs, namely, to watch folks beat up each other.

"I meant how you were being supportive of the audience's needs, chum-head?" Sam grimly stated with a stern face on the dense headed Max for being kind-hearted, not the other way around.

"Oh-Right, that too, of course?" Max yelped up a tiny bit before pointing a 'gotcha' indues finger point in getting what Sam was saying now.

"In any awaiting and meaningless chatter, have we got another fight challenge to bring in the ring?" Sam turned his attention towards the crowd within the audience on the screen with some news.

"That's right, for it's the most un-expected thing to air?" Max was exclaiming to state how they got something so different, they haven't aired it…yet?

"The horror!" Sam spoke with wiggling his fingers in mid-air motion.

"The fright!" Max exclaimed with his hands held flat down like a dead mummy.

"The chills!" Sam stated with a wrap up motion of getting a bit cold in the room.

"The thrills!" Max yelled off with a cheery shout out excitement.

"The screams!" Sam gasped off to hold his cheeks, like someone's screams just spook the K-9 out.

"The pleads!" Max held one hand up to dryly point out another thing to be added.

"And lots more!" Sam finally spoke a bit more normal on the subject with a smile.

"Plus extras!" Max also spoke a bit more normal while still being as excited as Sam was on this next event of fights.

"We've had from strange fighters, to alien beings, to giant robot battles?" Sam was quoting on some of the earlier fights they've had since the start.

"If we keep this up, we'll run out of ideas so fast, we might be on hiatus?" Max was adding off to say that if they use up anymore fighting ideas, they may be on a long vacation run where their status will be unknown?

"Don't try and jinx us, BUCKET for BRAINS!" Sam snapped out loudly to his partner for trying to say something that may have an effect on them.

"Oops, sorry?" Max covered his mouth to sheepishly apologize for what he just gone and did now.

"But now we got a fight to be sure to be something you don't expect until the Halloween season!" Sam was mentioning off that they got something so much close to a natural holiday spot.

"That's right, it's a terror that flaps in the Night!" Max was advising while waving his left arm in front of his mouth to be all mysterious? "And no, I'm not trying to steal Darkwing Duck's Cool Lines, it was a metaphor way of speaking the truth!" The hyper-active rabbit was declaring out in stating what had to be said. "We're bringing you….MONSTERS to battle it off!" Max excitedly shouted off the next best event to take the fights to a different level, a Monster battle of freaks of the night, freaky!


The scene changes to where the entire scene changes to an unknown area that's dark, creepy, lit-torches, and howling wolf noises with the light of the Full Moon out tonight. This was non other then Germany, just outside a spooky castle in Stuttgart? And just down within the ring center of it all, was non other then Bosco, Sam and Max's storekeeper and paranormal pal being once more, the judging referee!

"Hey guys, why we doing this fight in such a place?" Bosco was shouting off from the ring area to the box office where the Freelance Police were with a complaint. "You know I'm paranoid, right?" The purple man exclaimed that he does not do well with these situations as they are with deep, dark, creepy, and un-expecting creatures to attack any living being?

Above the entire battle wrestle ring set was a specially made box office, with the Freelance Police obverting this action from above.

"Cause this is where the most creepy, scary, and most feared monsters Sam and me faced in our Season Two, Episode Three game, Duuagh!" Max was remarkably stating the obvious answer to such a question with his sly tone in hiding this enjoying moment.

"Not to mention, it was also the first beginning where we learnt of your disappearance and went to search for you that begun our journey in Episode Four!" Sam also added to mention how this place helped them start their search for the purple man when he vanished off the face of the Earth, long story short, it happened right after this old adventure was settled.

"Ugh, fine, let's get this over with already?" Bosco signs in defeat, as he waved off in letting the Freelance Police tell him what for, as he decided to bring his mike out to start things off. "In the right corner, he's been made by a vampire, and was given Jesus James Hand and Abe Lincoln's' Brain with a Heart of Gold!" Bosco was putting off all the stuff this other contestant was gifted with before finishing up. "Give it up for…Jurgen's Monster!" Bosco pointed for the bright light to shine on the spot he pointed towards.

We see a Frankenstein setup workmen's shop of a lying chair, attached to a generator with machine equipment to give this being life? It was a mix of body parts, a little greeny on the skin, a flat head top, crocked teeth pattern, a platform door to the heart camber, and he had the hand of Jesus James on the right spot. He was non other then Jurgen's Monster, an artificial life form created an old foe of the Freelance Police: Sam and Max's enemy; Jurgen.

"BRzizizizvhmm….." Some electric volts were charging the being on the table rake, which was making him move? "WURRRArghh!" Jurgen's Monster was making a loud groaning sound, as he was slowly rising up.

"ARrugh?" The crowds scratch in fright in seeing what was a monster coming up to terrify them?

"WAaururhgooOOoh boy, what a nice nap that was?" But instead, Jurgen's Monster just screeched his arms while speaking easy going, like he just was waking up from a nice nap?

"Yeesh, talk about no sense of playing the horror of a monster, Sam?" Max remarked off from seeing this action take place, where's the scary action they were seeking?

"Well he was a lost soul looking for something in life, little partner?" Sam was telling his partner of something that this monster pal of their's was not much of a scary, but a loner looking for someone in life to make him complete, sorta?

"And in this Corner to my left!" Bosco waved mention for the audience crowd to follow where he'll be introducing the next competitor that will fight this monster. "He's ALSO been made by a vampire, and was given a replicate of Jesus James Hand, plus the Brain of a Fanmake Danny Phantom from JusSonic with a Heart of Gold!" Bosco was putting off all the stuff this other contestant was gifted with before finishing up. "Give it up for…Eduardo!" Bosco pointed for the bright light to shine on the spot he pointed towards.

We see a Frankenstein setup workmen's shop of a lying chair, attached to a generator with machine equipment to give this being life? It was a mix of body parts, was a muscular male purple-furred male Minotaur wearing a pair of gray pants, gray boots, and a black belt with a white skull belt buckle. The platform door to the heart camber, and he had the hand of Jesus James on the right spot. He was non other then Eduardo, an artificial life form, plus an imaginary friend created an old foe of the Freelance Police: Hoagie and Stitch's enemy; Rayian Fox.

"BRzizizizvhmm….." Some electric volts were charging the being on the table rake, which was making him move? "BRUAARrrughhh!" Eduardo was making a loud groaning sound, as he was slowly rising up.

"ARrugh?" The crowds scratch in fright in seeing this new minotaur monster rise up sound even more scary, but….?

"URRaugh, oh? Hello! Anyone have some potatoes?" But instead of that, Eduardo just screeched his arms while asking a question of wanting a vegetable?

"Yeesh Sam, and I thought the first Frankenstein guy was a hard act to follow?" Max remarked off from seeing this action take place again, they aren't getting the chills, frights, etc. off of these competitors?

"Well little buddy, this member was from a series of Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, and made a Frankenstein role by the Author: JusSonic. He had to find someone to play the same role like Jurgen's Monster.?" Sam was explaining o Max that this minotaur monster was from another series before used by an author which, had to be fitting for the role of the Frankenstein monster, but with a gentle side to it.

Soon, both former villain monsters were up in the ring, with Bosco looking over them each before explaining the rules, if these competitors understand how to fight, that is?

"Alright, you both know the deal, right?" Bosco spoke to the two fighters in getting them to know the deal of this situation.

"Pardon me, good sir?" Jurgen's monster spoke with something he wanted to ask. "But must we truly fight among ourselves?" The strange patched monster asked a puzzled question that was surprising?

"Si, me not wanna hurt someone that's like me?" Eduardo nodded while also speaking in agreement on that very subject.

"Oh for crying out loud! DO I LOOK LIKE A JUDGE AROUND HERE?" Bosco roared out in annoyance that these fighters as really asking to NOT fight, then why are they even here? "Look, it's simple? Just try to beat the other in this challenge, and you win the game?" The referee man stated out the plain and simple truth, fight, win, beat the game, simple enough?

"Ohhh, it's really a game?" Eduardo yelped with clapping joy in liking to hear it was something of a game?

"I say, I do so love a good game?" Jurgen's Monster waved off his left arm in agreeing to that subject very much.

"Yeah, sure, whatever floats both your boats?" Bosco remarkably said in finally getting these two to agree while ending the case with him involved in it? "Now let's get this fight ON!" Bosco announced off before he waved his right hand down which when the bell sound was heard, he left.

Jurgen's Monster VS. Eduardo

"Are you ready for this, Mr…." Jurgen's Monster spoke in preparing himself, but yelped in asking for Eduardo's name again?

"Eduardo, si! I think so, I am?" Eduardo nodded while giving an odd-ball answer of his response to the question?

"Then what would be first, the taunting, the teasing, or fist-de-cups?" Jurgen's Monster asked off a series of questions on which they have to do when in a match fight?

"Me not sure, I'm mostly too afraid to get into fight?" Eduardo shrug off his shoulders to reply while admitting he doesn't like to be in fights.

"But weren't you in scenes where you fought on anger or protecting your friends?" Jurgen's Monster puzzledly asked off in recalling what he's heard of this imaginary creature's known fact?

"Si, I don't see anyone in danger, but me not feel angry at you?" Eduardo nods in stating no one's in trouble, plus he's not really upset with his opponent?

"How very thoughtful, I don't feel the same either?" Jurgen's Monster replied in a friendly manner while both fighters stood up, feeling rather…cheerful then wanting to go at each other's throats?

"Booo..boooohhh!" The crowds however, were not liking this scene, as they wanted a fight, not a get-along gathering!

"Aw For Crying Out Loud, this Fight's stinking like Months old cheese and milk?" Max grabbed to pull his ears to be complaining that this fight's going nowhere fast, and is pretty much stinking up the fun!

"Yet despite such events that had happen to us, you still ate such things, Max?" Sam reminded off that his partner had once eaten such old product items, and it's amazing he didn't choke?

"Yeah, but these fighters seem to gullible to throw a punch?" Max remarked off before exclaiming how the fight going on now was too dull for even one person to throw the first move? "Someone give them guns and let the Jesus James Hands do the work!" Max shouted down below the ring to have someone, anybody, give the monsters gun fire to at least shot the other?

"Thruohpm../cliphmm…." Then by surprise, both Jurgen's Monster and Eduardo caught was was tossed guns into their hands.

"Oh my, looks like we're causing up quite a ruckus?" Jurgen's Monster exclaimed off from noticing what is happening with the audience having a little 'fuss' at the moment?

"What do they want us to do, senor monster?" Eduardo asked his competition in not understanding what the fuss was over about?

"I do believe they want us to fight so much, they are resorting to giving us guns to fire on ourselves?" Jurgen's Monster explained out while showing his gun in his Jesus James hand in what to do.

"But guns are too scary to be used in a crowd like this?" Eduardo yelped out in fright that what everyone is asking is too scary to even do!

"By George! You're right, that's indeed no way to act in front of our citizens of America!" Jurgen's Monster had a shock face (surprisingly) in knowing that answer to before agreeing to the term.

"Sir, the good old U.S., of A.!" Eduardo nods with a smile in knowing they cannot use guns with this many people inside.

"BOOOOOoowwvhhmmm…." The crowds were really getting on antsy with this act, they came to see fights, not chatters?

"Uaagh, Sam, if there was ever a moment I KILL to see a fight, this could be one?" Max groans while he urges for something to happen before this ends up killing him from inside.

"Last time you said you 'kill' for something, you ended up going hunting for ducks?" Sam remarkably reminded his partner that when he used such a phrase, he did something of the opposite of it.

"At least that made me feel more assured?" Max shrug off his shoulders while feeling that such a thing helped ease the pain.

"Right now, if this fight doesn't kick up soon, we might just lose the audience's favor?" Sam stated off the problem, that a possible riot might be caused from the audiences lack of some violent actions.

Bosco was starting to get annoyed by how many 'boo's' he's hearing and how the fighters aren't fighting? "Man, why is it I have to do everything?" The purple man exclaimed, as he held up a device remote from his pocket, aimed at the two fighters before pressing it and then….

"BRzizizivhmm…..?" An electric jolt was coursing through Jurgen's Monster and Eduardo, as they were getting a strange 'tingle' feeling?

"Behold, the Bosco Tech newly made wireless-cable hookup, once I program the violent part in their body, the 'Hands' will make them act violet for sure!" Bosco declared out before aiming his new remote control (which was really a TV remote, but 'twinkled a bit' differently) at the fighters in programming the commands.

"Well this should be an interesting development?" Sam replied off from noticing they might just get something out of all of this?

"I'll say, one of Bosco's inventions work really well instead of blowing up in the face may earn him new stripes?" Max was adding off both a compliment and an insult to the boot there.

"Brziziizvhmm….." Another jolt of electricity was coursing through before it stopped, as both Jurgen's Monster and Eduardo had…red eyes glowing with…angry frowns?

"RARrughhh!" Eduardo roars out with fury, as he takes up his gun to aim.

"MURRagh!" Jurgen's Monster also roars with rage, and held his gun up to take aim too.

"Bang-Bang-Bang!" Then both fighters were shooting with their Jesus James Hands….but in the wrong directions and almost into the audience crowd?

"YES! They're fighting!" Max cheered off from smiling at the fighting had finally started at last, but...

"PRuvhmm…." One shot almost gave Max a buzz cut if he didn't yelp down in time?

"And with bad aim, too?" Sam quoted out to mention that perhaps they should have helped given these monster Frankenstein-like creatures have practice?

"WAAAuughhh…WAAAugh, GAAAuugghhh?" The crowds screamed over the loud gun fire while some were trying to flea from getting shot at?

"Rurughh!" Eduardo roared from still shooting his gun, but was clearly not aiming at his foe before him?

"GRAarugh!" Jurgen's Monster was also firing senselessly without getting much from the scaring crowds to not hitting the minotaur being?

"I'm guessing that the violent made the hands take control, now their firing at everything?" Bosco "Briivhmm…." "WAAauugh!" "Including me?"

"Beeeeeeee…" Suddenly, the entire screen changes color to that of a cable freeze frame for stalling out the pictures during a problem on the set? "BRrziziivhmm…." Then the screen changed back to it's normal standards, showing the results of what had happened?

"I say, I don't recall a thing, do you?" Jurgen's Monster rubbed the back of his head puzzled, his eyes color were not red and he didn't know what had transparent?

"No, but I think we're still in a fight?" Eduardo replied with his eyes not red anymore, as he rubbed the back of his left shoulder in looking around to notice their was no winner yet?

"UAAaagh, could you do something, after that fiasco, what else can you do to at least give us something?" Bosco groans from underneath of the ring, whining about these fighters to at least 'TRY' something after that setback?

"Well, I happen to have this bag of potatoes?" Eduardo spoke off sheepishly while bringing out…a sack filled with potatoes in them?

"Fascinating, when did you bring that in?" Jurgen's Monster replied with his hand holding his chin, as he asked where his challenger got those or how he brought them in?

"Just now, so….I should use them?" Eduardo shrug off to say before asking if he should use them, though with this fight's progress, a change in paste might help?

"Go ahead, try to knock me down?" Jurgen's Monster shrug off and cross his arms to await his foe to knock him down.

"Okay!" Eduardo shrug off in understanding that message, as he reached in to grab a potato from his sack. "Have a potato!" The minotaur creature replied, as he throws the first potato and grabbed another. "Have a potato! Have a potato! Have a potato!" Eduardo ended up repeating that same sentence a few extra times for whenever he thrown one potato, he reached for another with the same progress.

"Uagh…Ooough? Aaaugh, the pain?" Jurgen's Monster yelped yelped from the spits that splat against his body, as he was taking some impact of that attack, though it was pretty weak?

"One potato! Two Potato! Three Potato! Four…." Eduardo was now counting the potatoes he was grabbing, almost like a rhyming game?

"Ugh, if this doesn't end the fight soon, I may have to 'fix' this myself?" Max groans off to remark that if no winner is made soon, he'll have to step in to fix the problem.

"Wait little buddy, look again!" Sam stopped his partner from doing such act because something was seen that may change the outcome, at long last?

"Boink!" Just then, one potato was too close to Jurgen's Monsters' forehead which caused some un-expected reaction? "Auugh?" He yelped from such a thing, as he was losing balance when unknown to him, his forehead's lock was opened? "Cluussvhmm…." Soon Jurgen's Monster smacked on the floor which really let his top forehead part open for an un-expected surprise. "Duuuaaaagh?" Apparently, the brain he was using was out, so his mind power to think was….out of action?

"Ih caramba! I am SO sorry?" Eduardo yelped out before trying to make an apology to what he's just done?

"Well now this ends, the winner, and about time fighter is…." Bosco spoke out from coming into the ring, approached Eduardo and raised his left hand in declaring the winner. "Eduardo!"

"Of, heheh, thank you, I couldn't have done it with my potatoes?" Eduardo sheepishly replied in almost feeling like blushing, even showed his bag of potatoes to prove he had some extra help.

Soon after the stage crew went down to carrying Jurgen's Monster out, which was a heavy job while Eduardo carried the monster's brain out for him all happy like.

"Well Sam, I've learnt a lesson?" Max was reporting out with a serious face from seeing that action roll out.

"That it's important to not change someone into something they're not and be thankful for who they are?" Sam was quoting on the important facts of this lesson his partner might have noticed, but then again….

"No!" Max rejected out to say that wasn't the point before exclaiming his own reasoning. "Don't ever let Jesus James Hands run the show with bodies that have no marksmanship of any kind in the ring!" The hyper-active maniac rabbit held his left index finger in stating that such great marksmanship should never be wasted on the less skilled.

"Should have seen that coming?" Sam remotely exclaimed with a shake movement of his head of his partner's ridiculous reason. "But speaking of which, it may change on our next act?" The K-9 reported out that perhaps things will shift different ly in the next fight to come.

"From the Creations, to the Mad Scientist Masters themselves! In the next Round!" Max was proclaiming with a sly smile in knowing that if the Frankenstein Monsters were something, then the Frankenstein scientist will be a whole new type of battle.


We enter another room area that looked to be the locker room, and there were a few people in there? It was Sybil Pandemik, the Wrestling reporter with her camera crew being Jimmy-Two-Teeth and Harry the Mole Man.

"Hi, Sybil Pandemik here!" Sybil waved out to the audience members at home watching this live broadcast from the room. "Here to bring exclusive interviews with two of Stuttgart, Germany's known famous vampires?" The woman reported out that they will be interviewing some 'Vampires' here. "Here's…." She waved her hand to the left in preparing to introduce someone now.

"PRruusvvhfmm…." Then a purple mist of smoke filled in a certain spot of the room, and there was a shadowy figure coming out of it? He was grey skin, dressed in black pants, boots, black spike gaunlets, a red belt with a demon symbol buckle, and a black neck band around the neck part. With his red hair, yellow eyes with red pupils, spike ears, it was clear he was into goth garb.

"Jurgen?" Sybil introduced the known vampire foe that Sam and Max have faced before in their case mission to this place.

"Ya, I'm hip with the now, cow?" Jurgen replied out in making some groovy lingual sentences from his speech to say he is 'hip' with the times.

"And he's challenger…." Sybil spoke of in facing the opposite direction in going to introduce the next contestant to face this vampire.

"Prrususvhhmm…." Then a purple mist of smoke filled another certain spot of the room, and there was another shadowy figure coming out of it? It was a vampire fox with a bit of gothic taste to his looks, somewhat in similar appearance to Jurgen, but only a few certain features were the same while others, a tad bit different.

"Rayian Fox?" Sybil introduced the next vampire contestant to the interview, as the fox vampire made a few bows to the unseen audience.

"I'm also ready to bring this show to new heights!" Rayain Fox proclaimed off with a little twinkling his left fingers in checking out the manicure.

"Oh brother, how we ever get stuck filming such wusses?" Harry the Mole Man groans off from seeing they are stuck shooting footage of such awkward characters, they both are Goth/Emo Culture!

"Just shut it and keep filming, we get paired by the hour?" Jimmy-Two-Teeth remarked to the mole with an annoyed face in not bothering such details, as long as they are being paired, it won't matter.

"No we don't, at least, I don't think so?" Harry exclaim doff the idea, but ceased to asked puzzled if they really do get paired or not?

"Just quit yapper and keep trackin' here!" Jimmy-Two-Teeth snapped at the mole again to have them return to filming this shot some more.

"These two are vampires that one of each Freelance Police team have face, and they are?" Sybil was reporting out to the audience on who the fighters have in common, and held her mike to each with a response.

"My was of the original; Sam & Max, ya?" Jurgen remarked off with a little low care attitude being shown.

"Ugh, am mine's was Hoagie & Stitch!" Rayian Fox exclaimed to place his left hand on his chest when he stated who his foes were.

"Tell us gentlemen, how does it feel to be here?" Sybil then went ahead to ask how either vampire feels about being here today?

"Like I need to respond to such a request, urgh-am the most popular prince of darkness around, ya?" Jurgen was brushing off the very thought since he's here cause he's the best with a very boastful tone.

"Nihn! Uak is me who is such a title and rank!" Rayian Fox waved off with a little annoyed face in stating the subject was untrue.

"Please, I was the first one to face the Freelance Police, the Originals, dough?" Jurgen was shoving out like the very subject even matter, cause he had fought the originals, end of discussion.

"But I've been faced against My Author; JusSonic's version!" Rayian Fox proclaimed out in protest that his author in his story version had him face such foes. "Ough in me recalling what their ancestors did to me by appearance?" The fox vampire crossed his arms in boasting the fact that he mentioned how he recalled facing the great-grandfathers of the Freelance Police in the century's past time?

"Please, I know that you'res was simply added, but where the true tellings?" Jurgen waved off with an unimpressed manner of speaking, not caring much about some proof being sued against him. "True, in Season Two, I did not act such a way in meeting da Sam n Max, but that was cleared in Season Three!" The vampire dude exclaimed off that he did make sure his background story was filled in with no problems.

"Well, you both certainly have your own works cut out for you?" Sybil exclaimed in trying to be nice to the two opponents apparently going at the other's throat?

"Yeah right, they both got beat by their own Freelance Police and are serving Satan now?" Jimmy-Two-Teeth dryly remarked off to insult how these guys lost and are serving bosses from hell in their own worlds.

"I'm still confused about the original where Sam & Max meet Satan first hand, but JusSonic had it made that they meant the guy earlier?" Harry the Mole Man rubbed the back of his head while holding the camera up, unsure about how one side meant the other under different circumstances then the other one did?

"Don't insult my Author, mole and rodent! He's the genius, I work to make myself look good." Rayian Fox exclaimed in a fancy remark in making a point clear, his author made his own version of Satan appear to bring out more interesting events for the fans.

"As do I, but I myself do things differently?" Jurgen raved the back of his floppy hair in making his popular gothic look be stunning that he himself must look his best.

"How did you get time off from an eternity of your secretary jobs to fight?" Sybil asked both fighters in realign how 'each' vampire was put on an eternal secretary duty job for residence of Hell where their bosses live and operate?

"Our bosses got the days off to join in a friendly golf game?" Jurgen shrug off his shoulders to exclaim that it was a day off to play golf with their bosses.

"Yah, gughm and it's simply they play a Satan VS. Satan round, where no matter what, Satan wins, go figure?" Rayian Fox shrug off his own shoulders in stating no matter what, their will also be a winner, by the name 'Satan' itself, pretty dull yeah, but it works somewhat?

"So which of you think will win this?" Sybil questioned the two fighters if they knew who would win?

"That would be me, of course?" Jurgen boasted off the answer very easily on who the winner would be.

"No fair, you can't decide that on your own?" Rayian Fox remarked off to complain that this other vampire decided that decision too soon.

"I can, cause unlike 'you', I faced only Sam n Max, both body and da spirit, while their spirit took over my monster." Jurgen snapped to make a protesting argument on what he did while this other cast member of his own role did something different?

"So did Hoagie n Stitch, with my Eduardo creation?" Rayian Fox snapped to complain that he also faced the same situation, what's even the difference?

"But your author added the Pumpkin King, Jack Skeleton off and amount other extras to battle, showing you were struggling against such opponents." Jurgen remarked with a smudgy expression like he was sticking it to this vampire wannabe member that unlike the original like himself, he never had such trouble with who Rayian Fox encountered.

"Ohhh, you did not just insult me!" Rayian Fox snapped off in feeling insulted just now, and his anger was boiling.

"I did, ugh and do it again?" Jurgen remarked off to state he gladly do this teasing some more.

"Ohhhhh, that is it, we settle this now!" Rayian Fox quelled up in feeling outraged by these insults, that was the last of it!

"FRaaussvhm!" They each showed their fangs, almost ready to attack the other if….

"Guys!…Guys!…GUYS!" Sybil cut between the two goth/emo vampires from about to go neck and neck, (funny how that would work with the undead?) at each others' throats? "If you wanna fight, do it in the ring, got it? We just had this room swept clean the other day?" The woman exclaimed that this wasn't the time or place to settle this despite, but to do it in the ring.

"Fine? Ugh-kay" Jurgen remorsefully exclaimed in getting that answer with a boring remark expression and attitude face.

"Da, what he said?" Rayian Fox replied in the same manner, but different, sorta, but both fighters agreed non the less.

"Oh boy, won't this turn out weird?" Harry the Mole Man groans with his hand over his forehead in just knowing this could turn out more ugly then expected?

"Tell me about it, undead fighters against the other is weird enough in how long they can stand?" Jimmy-Two-Teeth remarked off to state that with two fighters that are not-living could fight for hours long until one of them got bored and gave in, which with their pride, it's gonna be a long debate situation?

Jurgen VS. Rayian Fox

We return to the main fight scene in the center ring where the crowds were getting antsy again. They wanted a fight this time since the last one was…a bust? "Prrufruuvhhmm…." Soon two smoke mist of purple colors each came into the ring on opposite sides while Bosco was in the center. Jurgen and Rayian Fox had showed up in time to decide 'who' was the best, and their pride was on the line here? The Freelance Police watched this action from their box office, seeing the evil glare that each fighter gave to the opponent.

"We have a fight to the Death here, cause these fighters are already dead!" Bosco announced to the entire crowd on who they got here are a couple of dead guys. "You know them all for their Gothic/Emo Culture whatever junk, and trying to get fame? Here we have…" Then he issued over to Jurgen, who was making a few hello waves to the crowd. "Jurgen!" Bosco aoounced off before he turn over to introduced the next contestant. "And Rayian Fox!" The referee man pointed to the fox vampire who made some kiss faces to the crowd, don't ask?

"HRuuzzaahhh/WRAaauugh?" The only cheering for these dead vampires were some zombies from the audience that was cheering for them?

"Alright, you both know what to do?" Bosco looked to both fighters who were in the center of the ring with him, talking about the rules now.

"To beat this vampire to dust?" Jurgen exclaimed off in acting sluggishly about knowing the answer to the question.

"Oh, an make him surrender." Rayian Fox remarked off with a twinkle of his fingers in not being bothered to much on the thought.

"Yeah, let's go with that?" Bosco dryly remarked off on both fighters showing more ego then they should, oh well. "Now lets get it ON!" Bosco raised his right fist to pump it off in declaring the match to start before he was leaving the scene.

"Diignhhmm…." The sound of the ring's bell was heard which meant, the fight was to start.

"Vrusphvm/Vrusphvm/Vruspvhm/Vruspvhm….." Then without warning, both Jurgen and Rayian Fox vanished from site by mist, and appeared all over the ring arena? Each one appeared with a fist, kick, grip lock before disappearing in a mist again, almost makes it hard to see the fight even going on here?

"HEY! What's going on? I Wanted to see who could get knocked off first?" Max shouted to snap in demand, this isn't fighting, it's vanishing with no one getting hit hard enough?

"You have to remember Max, the last time we faced Jurgen, he had us beat?" Sam stated to his box office buddy in recalling an event when the duo fought Jurgen once before. "And yet it was never explained how that feat was managed?" The K-9 shrug off his shoulders in knowing they never understood how the vampire really fought.

"Probably cause it was during the whole, reliving our memories situation?" Max marked off to state that when that case happened, they were reliving the beginning to the point of their near end.

"Yeah, and then when we tried to face Jurgen a second time…" Sam nodded off before he was going to state the next part that happened, but was cut off by what Max had to say about it.

"WE WERE FLESH-EATING, BRAIN-DEVOURING ZOMBIES!" Max yelled out loud for just about everyone in the entire country of Germany to hear that shout out.

"Well, it was mostly the being the zombie part?" Sam shrug off in feeling that Max starched the details a bit on that noted fact of what happened. "But other then that, it's clear the vampires are using their warping through mist trick to attack by stealth?" The K-9 pointed out below at seeing a lot of times, the fighters are appearing and disappearing by mist tricks?

"So what, they attack while it looks like the other is winning, but it maybe reversed?" Max shrug off in a non caring manner, as he was seeing this as no signs of a win-win at all.

"Something like that, considering we are having them fight for being the unstoppable dead?" Sam replied off in feeling that's correct while it seems like a fight that may never end.

"Ugh, how did we stop these guys again, Sam?" Max groans in getting tired of this no-sign of win and defeat while asking for a way to end this already?

"Well we tried the wooden-steak idea, but Jurgen kept vanishing, especially when I was in your body?" Sam rubbed his noggin in recalling how the deed was done, and that was when the Freelance Police had their bodies switched?

"If this is cause I'm short, save it!" Max snapped off to say if there was an insult about his height, it was best left unspoken.

"No genius, we couldn't touch him cause of our dis-handling the other one's body?" Sam snapped at Max for the interruption while stating when they had the other one's body, they couldn't handle;e it's used since it was never theirs? "So we used that Soul-Extracting machine to let our souls go and possessed Jurgen's Monster." The dog stated off that when everything else failed, they had to take their souls out to put them in Jurgen's Monster.

"Yeesh, sharing the same body with you Sam was crowding my personal space?" Max exclaimed off in just recalling such an event was invasion of his own space.

"Save it Max, it was only through that monster's tricky fingers we beat Jurgen and then used his own machine to extract his own soul." Sam remarked off to Max in reminding him that they used the monsters movements, stabbed their vampire foe, and used that soul-extraction device against Jurgen back then.

"Well if that's all it's a going to take, I have a surprise for those vampires!" Max replied off with a sly hidden smile across his face, like he has a little tricky plot to unveil soon?

Below, the vanishing vampire fighters still were at each others throats with no winner declared yet?

"You've think you's better?" Jurgen taunted his opponent while he had him in a neck hold move.

"Daugh! Who would you say was better?" Rayian Fox exclaimed off when he escaped his capture to bind his opponents arms up.

"Then you should prepare yourself…." Jurgen exclaimed off, as he slipped out of his challenger's grip to have a face off.

"Yes, for you will be…." Rayian Fox replied off with the same face with a sly wicked face like his opponent.

"Obliterated" Both vampires said at once of their threading manner of what they'll do to the other.

"Huuuagh?" The audience replied in not following since that last part was too tongue twisted that he couldn't understand it.

"Obliterated; you know, cut off your heads, set them on fire, salt the earth." Rayian dryly explained to the dense folks watching this of what the vampires meant.

"Yeah, it's hard believing that nobody ever gets that these days?" Jurgen shrug off with a blank face on how people just don't follow this stuff. "But back to the subject uh hand, yeah?" The vampire goth stated to his challenger in wanting to return to their fight.

"Yeah, starting with your face!" Rayian Fox exclaimed off with a remark, as he brought a pose of his battle stance to be ready.

"Prrusvhm-Prusvhm-Prusvhm-Prusvhm…." Then the vampires were once more, vanishing into their misty smoke and then reappearing out of thin air? Still trying to outdo the other or gain supreme authority on who's better? And let's just say that it went from a simple fight to just plain silly of messing up with the other?

"AUuahahah! Not the eyes?" Rayian Fox yelped from feeling his eye lashes were getting pulled out.

"Wauaaugh! Noy mine hair?" Jurgen yelped from feeling his hair was getting tugged out that would ruin it's style.

"Raauaugh! By nosy?" Rayian Fox cried off from feeling his nose was hurt from being pulled or punched?

"Gauahahah! My ears?" Jurgen cried off from something that went to pull his pointy ears by his earrings.

"QEEeiiih! Mine Tail?" Rayian Fox squealed off from feeling something pull his fox-like tail from behind.

"EiiiEEeh! My nails?" Jurgen squealed off with fear from noticing his manicure nails were ruined from the brutal assaults.

"Hey wimps! I got some news for yeah!" Max shouted off that got both vampires attention to look at the rabbit. "If you don't speed this up and end this fight soon, you'll be served with steaks!" The hyper-active rabbit exclaimed off on what he'll do if these guys don't end this now, HE WILL!

"Oh really, you're going to give us food?" Jurgen remarked off frilly while he was asking in thinking Max was somewhat referring to a steak food product?

"Please, we're trying to watch our diets, yeah?" Rayian Fox also dryly exclaimed off in not wanting some in order to keep a good figure appearance.

"Unfortunately, Max meant the other steaks?" Sam spoke off from trying to fix this confusion that seem to have gotten a mix up.

"Wooden is more like it!" Max added off to say that the steaks he was referring to wasn't food products but….WOODEN steaks, which are used to kill, VAMPIRES!

"WAAAugh?" Both vampires screeched out in horror, as they know that's their weakness, a wooden steak through their hearts!

"You've can't do this?" Jurgen complained off to snap at such a ridiculous outrage on his behalf.

"Yeah, uagh-we suppose to end the fight?" Rayian Fox remarked off with a frown that the two fighters haven't settled on a winner yet.

"Keep yapping, cause in 15 seconds, you'll be meeting a steak right through your corpse body again." Max pointed to his indivisible watch while pointing just above the Freelance Police was….a ceiling spike of wooden steaks just waiting to be dropped on someone, namely the vampires.

The vampires yelped, as they have to finish this fight now before they get served…with wooden steaks!

"Okay, take the fall and that should please them?" Jurgen tried to reason with his foe in letting him win the fight if his opponent throws in the towel.

"Nugh-uh, why don't you forfeit!" Rayian Fox shook his head off 'no' in not going to give in like that while asking why his foe can't do that.

"Because I'm naturally talented." Jurgen pointed off his own boastful reason why he can't do that.

"So am I!" Rayian Fox went off to snap at his challenger that he has as much right to be talented as the next guy.

"5….4….3….2…." Max was counting down the last remaining seconds with anticipation.

"And here it comes?" Sam shrug off his shoulders in getting himself prepared for what Max was about to do next.

"TIMES UP! WELL THEM'S THE BREAKS!" Max exclaimed out loud in seeing that the time for debating is over and now's the time for action. "Cruucruvhmm…." The rabbit pulled a lever that was beside him to activate his 'little' work of ending this vampire fight.

"Frususvhhmmm…." Soon from above, the boarded ceiling with steaks was dropping at a rapid rate right for….the vampire fighters who saw this!

"BLAauughhh….?/WAaururghh….?" Both Jurgen and Rayian Fox screamed out in terror, as they could not dodge that thing falling to them at a fast paste…. "STABbppvhhmm….." Then without a second to go, the entire steak board ceiling impacted the two vampires as it continues to decease. "Clruspvhhmm….." The wooden steak ceiling bashed into the ground with Jurgen and Rayian Fox showing they are in an unmoving state from having their hearts pierced…by wooden steaks!

Bosco came up to give a judgement on the outcome of this match, even if it did end weirdly?

"No Winner, both are Out of It!" Bosco waved out to signal with his hands that the match is over, and there was no winner. "If it's anyone's lost, it's the fighters while the one who won was them Freelance Police in the box office?" The purple man in the referee outfit pointed on who's lost was this while who's game this ended up being won in that person's hands.

"Life's good when you got it all made?" Max put his hands behind his head to relax a bit in seeing all was well and easy for him.

"Especially when it comes to crushing other folks dreams." Sam quoted out on the thing Max loves to do, especially when he did it just a moment ago.

"And their boredom for that matter!" Max pointed out another thing to recall if this fight was boring, they just terminate it. "So Sam, what's the next fight we got coming up?" The rabbit asked his box office buddy on who else gets to go next?

"We'll discuss it, after the mess down there is cleaned up?" Sam remarked off to point of the 'little' mess Max has made that was now ceasing any matches from going on?

"HEY! COULD SOMEONE HELP GIVE ME A HAND MOVING THIS!" Bosco yelled out for anyone, namely the wrestle company's security to aid him in getting this large steak crusher off the ground before they can move on with the next fight.

"Ooooh, my kidneys?" Jurgen yelped out to complain in feeling his poor kidneys have gotten crushed by another wooden steak?

"Ogh, my spline?" Rayian Fox yelped out to moan on his back on feeling his spine was hurt by a wooden steak too.


Soon the scene shows from an open blue/white clear sky-theme area, all was peaceful? Then out walked in a chicken with white feathers, a red beard and hair piece with yellow talons and a beak while he worn on glasses. He also worn on a purple shirt and pants to cover himself. This was Philp Pennyworth, but he's also known as Mr. Featherly by many fans and even the Freelance Police?

"Greetings, have you ever wanted to be like Mr. Featherly from MidTown Cowboys?" An announcer voice spoke to the audience if they wanted to be this chicken?

"Barcaawk! Oh for Heavens Sake, man?" Mr. Featherly jumped a bit by that surprise announcement before snapping up in the air in not knowing where the voice spoke from.

"You can, now with the Chicken Corn-Feed by WHAZUP!" The announcer voice offered out an aid deal while popping before Mr. Featherly was….a can of some chicken feed which was poured out for him?

"Ohhh, my delicious treat?" Mr. Featherly spoke in finding this a delicious treat all set for him. "Peak-peak-peak!" He was starting to peak it's contains to enjoy the tasty little meal.

"By eating this, you can help yourself change your voice like an actor can?" The announcer voice stated off the miracle of this very product that's being shown.

"Gurgh-hump-Gruhpm?" Then the white chicken was clearing his throat, as if getting himself ready before… "Bwark-BwarkBWAAArkh!" Mr. Featherly was making his voice sound excellently very good, and it changed to fit his character from MidTown Cowboys!

"Just call 555-223-WHAZUP-CLUCK to get your's now?" The announcer voice stated out with a surprise phone line aid that appeared on the screen for customers to make their calls now.

"It's only for a limited time only, gents and ladies?" Mr. Featherly spoke with his normal voice in how long this product's deal is. "It's only 19.99 in American Dollars! So call now before this product becomes illegal in our country?" The chicken was stating that people should hurry and get this item cause if they don't, too bad for them!

Then a slashing red word sentence of a long warning label popped out with a fast running message. "Warning: Using this product may cause server head injury, memory-term lost, a swallow voice, weird-mood-swings, heart-cavities, brain disorder, and other sickens we're not 100 percent sure on for customers health records?" Once that message was stopped, it then reveal a logo of the Freelance Police on the wrestle station. "This Message was brought to you by the Freelance Police WHAM-KA-BOOM Wrestle Show!"


Now we return to the wrestle arena, where the mess of Jurgen and Rayian Fox's defeat was cleaned up and it looked like the scenery has changed a bit to add in moai heads, don't ask?

"Greetings you folks spending time in front of your screen to watch us, and we're back!" Max was addressing the audience in welcoming them back to their TV show again.

"After the introduction of our first commercial break, no less?" Sam stated off that the folks watching have had a good time from watching their first commercial on this program.

"Which I have to ask Sam, why did we bother with a commercial?" Max turned to his partner and asked a puzzled question he just couldn't figure?

"Cause we're starting to run short of ideas for fights, but it was for profit needs on paying the bills?" Sam shrug off his shoulders to briefly explain the reason, namely they are short on cash, again!

"I can understand that, but why we star Mr. Feathery?" Max nodded in getting this idea, but wanted to know why they used that actor they know?

"People have a gift of showing respect for mildly actors Max, and he's a big hit from Midtown Cowboys series." Sam stated off to explain to his partner that they needed Mr. Featherly to do the job right that would be a sale out.

"Right, plus it's his first time trying to sale cheap chicken feed to folks at home?" Max nodded off while making a cruel remark about the product being nothing but cheap chicken food.

"IT'S A HIGH QUALITY FOOD-PRODUCT, NOT CHEAP CHICKEN FEED, YOU MILE-SPOKESMAN!" The voice of Mr. Featherly snapped out from nowhere which got the Freelance duo looking all around confused?

"Hugh, guess he's somewhere in the audience?" Sam spoke in being puzzled to not knowing where that voice came from?

"Might not be hard looking for a chicken with glasses?" Max shrug off in saying it can't be that hard to find someone short, feathery, and has a deep voice.

"I'M RIGHT UNDER YOU DULTS!" From below the box office, the Freelance Police saw…Mr. Featherly there, and actually sailing his product from a set-up stand where some of the audience were crowding to buy his sales.

"In any case, we have a new battle coming up?" Sam looked up to face the crowds still awaiting the box office duo on the next fight to be prepared.

"Tell us Sam, what freak of nature do we got?" Max turned to his partner with a tight grip fist in just wondering who will be coming to join in the next fight?

"Sorry to say this, but we don't got no more, Max?" Sam shrug off in an apology that much to Max's shock, they have no more monsters to help out? "So we've tried a different breed to do battle?" The K-9 explained off that instead, they got a different group to do the battle for them and the crowds to see.

"And they are?" Max slowly asked off in not sure who it was they got, but wanted to still know?

"Hush-hush-hush, hush…." Sam was whispering this to Max's ear which when he heard the answer to his question, his eyes were wider and spell-shock to believe it!

"Wooh! Now that is a scary kind of battle to just imagine?" Max replied off in thinking if nothing else, that's a fight to put scary in a whole new meaning?

"Then let's hear it, for the spookiest fighters to step into the ring…." Sam spoke in preparing to introduce the next group of fighters to step in! "Non other then….Mariachi!" The K-9 waved his one right paw out in declaring who shall be coming, and what a surprise it is to hear!


Bosco was down on the ring floor, but as he was looking around, he was confused about something?

"Hey guys, who were the fighters you said was gonna be here?" Bosco shouted up above from where he is at the copper duo, asking where the last fighters are suppose to be?

"Ugh….well?" Sam was a bit hesitated to say, on an account that the last fighters are….not what Bosco or anyone else was expecting?

"Let's just say, some are old buddies we meant while some are somewhat relative to another author universe?" Max quoted out without hesitation in explaining a strange riddle on the new fighters?

"Well, who or WHAT are they?" Bosco snapped off to ask in getting a bit annoyed that the Freelance Police are not just spilling all the beans, they are hiding something?

"Vrrusuvhhmm….BOOmgruvhhmmm…" Then without warning, from the skies were rocketing jets which soon landed on the gerund behind Bosco. The referee man slowly turn around, only to see…GIANT ROBOTS, more then that, they had weird Mexican hats on them while the bodies were almost structured like a cactus, what was this? And even the hats on the bodies looked like the main control room center for piloting these structures?

"ARRrruughhhh…GIANT ROBOTS!" Bosco yelped out in fear from seeing there are giant robots invading the wrestlers ring. "I thought we did that already?" The purple man looked up at the Freelance Police in sternly reminding the two of an already pass event from the last time they used a giant robot battle, etc.

"We did, but they apparently wanted to fight with machinery?" Sam spoke off in stating that the fighters they got wanted it to be more robotic then flesh?

"That there is fighting words, and they said it was the only way to allow them to come?" Max was quoting off that those that wish to fight by another means are welcome in their state of challenge.

"AAAAAauaaah!" Bosco screamed off his panic worry cause that one word Max said spooked him. "I told you guys, never, EVER, say that word!" Bosco was snapping at the Freelance Police to never mention that one word.

"What, them?" Sam shrug off in question before he let that one slip?

"AAAAaauuugh?" Bosco screamed again from the mention of 'them' that got him scared.

"But Bosco, that's who we got?" Max tried to explain that the people they got to fight, are those type of people they know.

"Got who?" Bosco asked from being mostly annoyed by the whole 'them' stuff to not pay much attention.

"Them!" Sam and Max both said in union which made another scene.

"AUUuurrrgh!" Bosco screamed once more from hearing that word again. "For the last time, just…." Bosco was about to snap in wanting that to be the last time, but….

"Ala! Can we begin soon?" A Mexicain voice spoke from the first Mexician like robot on the left?

"Si, we have birthdays to prepare for?" Another voice that was Mexician came from the other Mexician robot that sounded different?

"HUuuagh!" Bosco gasped to turn around and, looking at the ones he thought he never see again? It was old Pedro and his time-traveling selves from middle to young, but what's worse, was they were in one robot to the left? On the other robot, was an Adult Abis Mal, with his Teenage and Child self's in the other that were opponents Hoagie and Stitch faced! "Its…Its…T.H.E.M….TIMES TWOSOME, with the other a parallel universe!" Bosco screeched out in terror in knowing it's a worst nightmare come true! "You guys brought them into this match?" Bosco turned around to ask in disbelief in what the copper duo has gone and done now! "AAAAAAugh! I scared myself!" Bosco screamed out from knowing he said the 'them' word too!

T.H.E.M. VS. T.H.E.M.

Yeap, down in the fighting ring, it was something nobody was expecting on many levels? One: It was a monster night, but creepy ands scary can count? Two: It's not for giant robots, but hey, these guys are known for their music, so they like to battle under 'certain' terms of agreement to this. Third: The Freelance Police ended up thinking this could be fun, and boy do they have a weird idea of that while Bosco looked terribly of what's happening of THEM times Twosome are near and in front of him!

"Um, okay, it's a match were it's a giant Mexican bot against the other!" Bosco was slowly and cautiously speaking from introducing one fighter before the other. "No more comment, so get it On, and LEAVE ME THE HECK OUT F THIS!" Bosco finished up his speech a little too fast, as he sacredly ran off from beginning the fight to find a good place to hid?

"Grusuvhhmmm…." Both fighters' robots reeled their fist back before delivering them for a punching sequence. "Powwvhm/Powvhm/Powvhmm/Powvhmm…" They made sparks fly off which each hit made one lose balance while the other gain the upper hand, as it sorta went like that back and forth?

"Oh, it's a robot classic brawling scene!" Max replied off with a cheery face in seeing the good stuff taking action now.

"And it looks like they brought out their own weapons? My guess….Mexican Guitars?" Sam was quoting out that the fighters are bringing out weapons, which were actually instruments, it figures with Mariachis?

"BRsuvhmm/Brusvhhmm/Brusvhm/Brusvhhmmm…." The two fighters were now bashing the other with metal Mexican guitars that was really smacking the other one silly each time one of them threw it.

"Crsuvhhmm…." Of course, both fighters failed to watch their stepping, as they crushed their fetes outside the ring and almost got Bosco that tried to hid from them?

"AAAaaugh!" Bosco yelped from almost getting squashed there by the very people that have paranoid him!

"And people say I have two left feet?" Max replied off from noticing how back the fighters' footwork is not so well balanced off.

"I'm just thankful you don't have three, Max?" Sam remarked off in imaging how terrible Max would be if he was more then two left feet when he walks, scary to picture really.

"Now we finish this round!" Young Petro proclaimed off that now is the time to end this match's fight.

"Yes, let's finish this!" The Child Abis Mal exclaimed that they finish off there rival opponents once and for all.

"No. That is not our way." Adult Abis Mal stops the Child self in stating that's not how the Abis Mals do things, apparently.

"I agree, so…are you thinking…." Old Petro man was speaking in agreement, as he was asking something before….

"What I'm thinking, yes!" Adult Abis Mal finished that sentence for the person while stating with a smile, that it is.

"Then we agree, let us begin then!" The Middle-age Petro man replied when both sides nodded in agreement on what they can do?

"Cough...Couuagh…Coouaghmm…COOUghmm!" Then the Adult Abis Mal and Old Mariachi clears their throat, just as the lights turn off.

"Alright, why did the lights go off just now all of a sudden?" Max asked out annoyed that with this effect making it harder to watch anything?

"Something tells me we're about to relive a deja vu moment, Max?" Sam dryly remarked to his partner in figuring this is something they've experienced first-hand.

Soon without warning, the gang watches as the Abis Mal trio & Mariachi trio begins to explain themselves...with an open stage light appearing on the Adult & Old Mariachi man while the two do a duet song!

"Yo Soy El Mariachi Solitario," Old Abis Mal sang out within the spot light in a Mexican vocal.

"The last in a once-noble line." Old Petro looks down in sadness for some reason.

While Sam & Max plus their audience watches this confused & puzzled while Bosco pick out from behind the copper duo in still being afraid while the singing Mariachis' sing on from the two older guys to both their two other time different self or selves. "My people care only for robots and Martian invaders." Suddenly, we see both Adult Abis Mal & Old Petro man with a violin, and behind them, the others have their own instruments, a trumpet and a guitar while they sing in a group. "But for birthdays, they say, 'Maybe later, we don't have the time."

Then before anybody can guess what happens next, the lights come back on, the Abis Mal trio and Mariachi man trio plays their instruments in a Mexican Mariachi Band play theme all happy like, with the old ones playing the violin in the middle, the middle-age ones on the right side playing the guitar, and the youngest ones on the left side playing the trumpet.

"MARIACHI; Aye...Aye-Aye-Aye," The Abis Mal trio & Mariachi man band looks to the audience and sang while repeating the words 'Aye' in their song.

While Sam and Max watched, they yelped along with a scared Bosco from the Adult Abis Mal/Old Petro with Teenager Abis Mal/Middle-age Petro self standing on their other's head and then the Child Abis Mal/Young Petro onto the middle one's respective, as they play in front of the surprise gang!

"EEEK!" Bosco screamed from this and ran while the two respective trio still sang and the Freelance Police calms down from their surprise of these guys.

"I come back from the future and pick up young versions of me." Adult Abis Mal and Old Petro pops in while their Teenager/Middle-age and Child/Youngest selves play their instruments on a large Mexican rug as the plan of the trio is explained through song.

"In our spaceship;. Aye...Aye-Aye-Aye," The Abis Mal and Mariachi trios sings and dances while in front of the backing away Bosco who's still terrified of them! "We set course through the time stream and fill gringo's birthdays with glee!" The dancing singing men explained what they have done all this time.

Bosco is kneeing low on the ground frightened in front of some audience's chairs. "NOOO!" Suddenly, Bosco cries out yelping from the Child Abis Mal/Youngest Petro coming from behind him, the Adult/Old on his right, and the Teenager/Middle-age on the left just as the scared purple man flee the scene.

"Por favor don't freak out if you see mariachis extranos." Suddenly, Adult Abis Mal/Old Petro pops in front of Sam who yelps a bit while listening to their singing. "It's just me y mis vatos who wish you 'feliz cumpleanos.'" The Adult/Old duos turn to say, as the two other Abis Mals/Maraichi men, Teenager/Middle-age man on the left and Child/Youngest on the right sang this out to the group.

"AHHHHH!" Bosco yelps in fright from his spot, when the Teenager Abis Mal and Middle-age Petro man pops up suddenly.

"But spaceships like this are expensive." The two different trio sang out to explain what their space ship's cost while the enter wrestle arena is decorated in a Mexican theme. Even the Adult Abis Mal/Old Petro one sits on the Piñata, Teenager/Middle-age Petro stands on a pipe and the Child/Youngest pops in to play his trumpet.

"Even more if they travel through time," Each member: Child Abis Mal & Youngest Petro works the controls in their ships, but sadly waves their head 'no', from the expense of this ship, even from traveling through time.

"And singing for birthdays on spec makes us poco dinero." The Freelance Police looks up from the ground, as the guys sing and explain more while dancing on the pipes.

"So we took on a contract and asked our new boss to cosign." We zoom on the Adult Abis Mal/Old Petro, as the Teenager/Middle-aged man (left) and Child/Youngest man (right) appear behind the eldest when they stated on something they did.

"MARIACHIS; Aye...Aye-Aye-Aye," The two trio bands sang and dance from the floor in front of the ring. Suddenly, when they passed by, the audience were shocked to see something there which were Moai heads that the copper duo knowns: Storm, Wind, and Earth in triangle form where a red shaped Bermuda Triangle appear above…a dead soul. "We take souls of the damned and we send them to places unknown." The two trio appeared around the soul figure (Adult/Old Petro left, Teenager/Middle-age man left, Child/Youngest in front) to explain what they'll do to the soul there.

"I don't want to go!" The passed away soul whined out that he didn't want to go, but...

"Through that portal; Aye...Aye-Aye-Aye," The two trios sang to explain with Adult/Old Petro on the triangle, Teenager/Middle-age man on Wind Moai Head and Child/Youngest on Earth Moai Head. "Although first we must crush them with gigantic heads made of stone."

"Our lives suck." Earth Moai Head replied when Teenager Abis Mal and Youngest Petro jump off his head towards the soul person.

"Where they go, we don't know." Child Abis Mal/Youngest Petro appears behind the sudden controls appearance to explain, just before his Adult/Old Petro each pops in front of the controls. "But it's HOT - maybe it's Ensenada!" Then the Child/Youngest Mariachi man one smack the red button saying 'SUCK' on it.

"NOOOOO!" The unknown soul figure cries out before his soul turns to a cloud and floats up and into the triangle portal to be taken, just as the two different trios appears on three sides (Adult/Old & Teenager/Middle-age man bottom and Child/Youngest on top).

"And as long as we still get to SING (SING) (SING), no importa nada," The two trios sang on the piñata donkey (Teenager/Middle-age & Child/Youngest) before the Adult/Old Petro one popped in after.

"When we say adios, you'll be sad but please, try not to cry." The two trios sang above the device for the moment.

Bosco is backing away from these guys, until they surround him and sing. "We were there for your birthday, we'll see you again when you die." The two trios circle around the scared man, while the Freelance Police ended up clapping for the great show.

"Wuugh...urragh," But suddenly, as the trio finished, Bosco held his heart, made a cry, and falls to the ground.

"BRzizizivhhmm….." Suddenly there was a sharp buzzer of electricity that was shocking the purple man on the floor.

"WAAruruWAARRRugh?" Bosco screamed out to yelp from getting a shocking experience.

"Well that was mostly entertaining for us and our viewers?" Sam quoted off in seeing that from such an action, everyone seem to enjoy it.

"Boy howdy it was, and looks like Bosco kept something handy in his pockets?" Max replied out in agreement while stating something Bosco kept under his shirt that was somewhat 'tazzing' him?

"Must be a Mariachis alert jazzer to keep him from dying again and losing his soul?" Sam noted the fact that Bosco may have invented something like that to keep himself from dying like before with these guys?

"After dying by Mariachis a first time, that could be new?" Max shrug off in thinking the paranoid man doesn't wanna repeat of that event, he made sure he shock his body to keep from dying by any Mariachi bands.

"Time we ram them where it will hurt most!" Teenage Abis Mal spoke in planning to control the robot his band is using, as he gets into a striking position.

"Right in the gut part!" Middle-age Petro also spoke in getting his team's fighter bot ready to deliver the final blow to end the match.

"Frsusuvhhmm…" Soon both fighters robots held their metal guitars at battering position before taking a swing. "BReakisshvhmm…." Each side broke their guitars, rendering them useless, however, both bots made a quick move with the remaining parts of their instrument weapon. "PRrisvhhmm….." And with that, both fighter's robots jabbed their edge part guitar weapons in the other one's core center. "Brzizivhhmm…." Which made both spark funny, and not in a humor kind, but more like…there's going to be trouble kind?

"Ohhhh, that attack hit both power cores, which means?" Old Petro spoke with concern and worry in seeing what they and their opponents have done now?

"Uh-oh, we maybe too late?" Adult Abis Mal signed out in a slow paste, in knowing the Mariachis are too late, and it has already…begun.

"Beeppph," Suddenly, an alarm goes off before both robot A.I. systems stated a warning system response? "Power Core Breach. Self-destruct sequence engaged." This surprised everyone, apparently, if something were to break either side's robot's core units, the system was program to self-destruct.

"Madre de dios; Let's get out of here!" Child Abis Mal yelps from seeing that the ship is going to blow if the Mariachis don't vacate themselves outta the place.

"I'm for that!" Young Petro exclaimed in agreement with what the opponent's team member suggested.

"We could cover some more birthdays!" Teenager Abis Mal stated out to his age different persons' about covering up for more birthdays while the alarm still went off.

"I second that one entirely!" The Middle-age Petroreplied with a smile in finding that idea possibly good.

"Okay. The younger versions, you take the cockroach & symbiotic in the diner on Tuesday, Middle-age versions, you take the stone & dog-loving lady on Hawaii." Adult Abis Mal order out his two other selves along with the Oldest Petro persons group on where to go for some birthday events that will happen.

"While me and the Adult Abis Mal take the two monsters." Oldest Petro stated out that he and Adult Abis Mal will cover for the Eduardo and Jurgen's Monster on their birthday celebration, all while the alarms still went off before the both leaders' turns to the Freelance Police one last time!

"Oh yeah, good luck Max Y Sam!" As both the Adult Abis Mal and Oldest Petro replied his goodbye, their groups escaped into their own Time Shuttles. Which each sides closed its doors, and then phased through an energy circle mark with an 'X' before it vanished.

Meanwhile, back at the ring of the wrestling show, only Sam and Max along with their staff crew were standing in their usual spots while in the center were the abodon robot fighters. "Total destruction imminent. Please evacuate immediately." Both A.I. system voices repeated a warning message to the group, if they don't leave soon, the heroes will go out…WITH A BANG!

"So, Sam, is now a good time to start pulling my hair out and wetting myself in panic?" Max asked his pal if now is the time to start panicking and losing oneself to lose all fate and go ballistic.

"Knock yourself out, pal. Better hurry, though." Sam shrugged off to reply, as he sees no harm, as long as Max hurries it up.

"WAAauguhhh..." Harry the Mole went off screaming with his arms waved out in panic for the end coming out the door!

"Run for your lives!" Jimmy-Two-Teeth was seen running afterwards out the door, not sticking for the finale!

"What happened to Women and Children first?" Sybil came rushing after her two camera crew members in escaping the impending explosion about to happen.

"WArrughh-AAaahahhhhh!" The crowds were next fleeing the scene like any sensible coward would, leaving only the Freelance Police with two ticking time bombs?

"Hey Bosco, how do you judge this?" Max ended up shouting below the floor where Bosco was hiding behind some empty seats, looking for something?

"Oh you want me to judge, okay, here's my judgement?" Bosco stood up in acting all plain and fine one minute…before lashing out a loud yell on what the copper duo are even asking for! "THAT PILE IS GONNA EXPLODE AND I DECLARE THIS MATCH OVER AND TO BE DONE FOR!" Bosco shouted off in declaring this match of the Mariachis over and finished, and then started to pull a secret lever that opened a Secret Tunnel? "GAAAUUAAAaaaaghhhh!" Boscoi then jumped down to flea in his secret tunnel while now Sam and Max had to decide on something.

"Whelp, guess that answers our question on the match, plus what Bosco was searching for; a secret tunnel?" Sam shrug off his shoulders in seeing they manage to see the end of this fight, oddly done?

"I'm gonna say it, we should probably split too?" Max suggested out to his partner on what they should be doing about now here?

"Can't think of any reason 'NOT' too?" Sam replied off in agreeing to what Max suggested, as they best leave while the gettin's good.

With that, the Freelance Police ran as fast as they can to leave the scene. "Beep-beep-beep, beepbeepbeep…." The sounds from the Mariachis robots were making weirder nosies over the alarms, as they were glowing red before….

"BOOOMGRruvuhhmmm….." Suddenly, a grand explosion happened that covered all of Stuttgart and it's landmass along with the castle were totaled! Nothing remained but the explosive force that was showing a giant size crater in the ground? Pretty much, the crew for the wrestle program were outside, many were catching their breath while others signed in relief? But like always, the Freelance Police seem perfectly fine even after such a close experience.

"Well isn't that a sight for soar eyes?" Sam quoted off in seeing the chaotic mayhem that has desperate of where they had the wrestle matches?

"Boy I'll say, that was almost even closer then last time?" Max exclaimed off from knowing they were almost caught in that explosion, like so many other times.

"I'll say, the only difference was we had another way out then from taking a portal to an unknown location?" Sam nodded to his partner while bringing up a subject on how they last escape an explosion by the Mariachis.

"And the explosion was a close second, it only totaled out….oh…all of Stuttgart, Germeny while destroying the zombie factory?" Max was exclaiming out to point the only draw back was the entire area where they had their zombie case adventure in was nothing but smoking rubble.

Sam couldn't help, but shake his head left and right while making this reply to his partner's little statement. "As usual Max, you crack me up!" He looks to you viewers, as a planning to sign off. "Till next time, sports fans…Good fights!"

"And a very good night indeed and unpleasant dreams!" Max added off the final finishing touch in how to sign off.

"Actually Max, I think that last line is used already?" Sam pointed out to tell his partner that the line he used was already spoken for.

"Drats!" Max cursed himself on being told something, much to his enjoyment being cut short.

With that, a lot of fire trucks, helicopters, VIP Vans, and just random folks were driving up to see the crater sight? The Freelance Police are gonna have their hands full again, to try and fix this mess while trying to get more money for another show? Eduardo and Jurgen's Monster were eating crumpets and drank tea, Jurgen and Rayian Fox were wailing in pain from getting their wooden steaks out, and for the Abis Mal and Pedro's Mariachis band, they are nowhere in sight? Harry the Mole Man aches his back while ?Jimmy-Two-Teeth rubs the dirt off his fur, even Sybil tried to fix her glasses blaance. If the group are lucky, Sam and Max may fix this, but then again, nobody knows what the Freelance Police will do to get this show up and running again