Pinned to a passing speedboat, dragged through the coastal shallows, and blown away when the speedboat crashed into a patrol boat, the driver having parachuted away seconds before.

It was the third time today and, frankly, Tzu was getting pretty sick of it.

The staggering pain was not his main concern – while he sometimes had to replace the occasional spine, "Baby" Panay's recent "peace initiative" had left him with an exceptionally high pain tolerance – but he had a wife to support, and the whole exploding thing was getting in the way of his fishing.

After a quick glance around, Tzu picked up his rod and wound the line. He attached a hook, once the top of a coat hanger, and wondered briefly if he should move to one of the nicer villages down the road.

A small tank broke his reverie by unceremoniously falling from the sky and landing on his shack. Tzu heard a familiar scream and suddenly cared very little for his fishing. As tears welled up in his eyes, he was torn between immense sorrow at the loss of his wife, and wondering how on Earth a military vehicle had appeared 500 feet above his home. This question was promptly answered by a helicopter plummeting into the village water tower and a familiar parachute vanishing into the canopy, at which point Tzu simply started sobbing.