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(So Lindsay has died, Danny and her were together again but Lucy didn't exist)


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After cleaning out the rest of Lindsay's desk, he found something, something that wasn't supposed to be there, it was a DVD, he picked up it, taking a long hard look at it and then sighed.

She had left him a death video

How could she have known she was going to die,

He stood up and left his once shared office to gather the group,

Stella arrived first, she normally stood tall and glowed with power, now she just stood there limp, eyes red and puffy, she had been affected by this.

Mac arrived next, the Father figure who normally gave well suited advice, stood quite,

Don came next, Normally laughing/smirking at his own comments, stood alone with a blank expression covering his face.

Sid, normally showering people with his own wierd storys had nothing left to say, he just starred into space, hardly blinking.

Sheldon, always a happy soul, now stood without a smile on his face, stood without a smile, empty inside, not a sound left him.

Adam, He stood still not moving, hardly looking alive, face pale, and eyes red.

In the A/V room Danny pressed play on the DVD. Then Lindsay appeared, so full of life, so happy, not like the last time he'd seen her lying in a pool of her own blood.

"So, if you're watching this then.. well I guess the worst has happened" Lindsay said with a small sigh

" I want you to know, whatever happened, it was not your fault, it was my choice so don't to all the, What if's, " She said trying not to cry

But so far she had already reduced Stella to tears and Danny was not far behind her.

" I know that it's hard at this moment, I know you're in alot of pain, and i'm sorry for that, but I guess it's just a little too late. I erm, I want you to remember my smile how ever goofy it may have been, or my laugh whatever I was laughing at" Lindsay said with a smile

"Soon enough, i'll be a memory, someone you once knew, and I hope all the pain would have gone, I just want each and everyone of you too know how much I loved you,

Mac, thankyou, thankyou, so much, you helped me live my dream, and I need you to no how much that means to me, because it means alot, and I don't think I can put it into words but i'm gonna' try. You were like a Father to me, loving, caring and always there for me, you were my boss, and once of my closest friends, so thankyou for everything"

Lindsay said smiling, but by now Macs eyes had filled with salty tears, he was just waiting for the barrier to break.

"Stella, my wonderful bestfriend, you are so brave, so talented and one of the best people I knew, i'm glad we got to know each other, I really couldn't image living without you, we've become so close and i'm glad we did, because i'm gonna' miss you "

Lindsay said allowing a tear to fall, as did Stella.

"Don, well i'm gonna' miss you and you're smart ass comments how ever unrelated they were, and i'm really supprised you didn't get me back for the doll incident, well me and you both know you would have failed, but i'm gonna' miss our talks, or well me talking and you making stupid jokes, that half the time i didn't even get, but I laughed anyway didn't want to bruise your ego and all" Lindsay said with a big grin, which Don returned trying to block the tears,

"Sheldon, well you really know how to brighten my day up, i'm gonna' miss you, you never failed to make me smile and i'm glad you could, but you don't understand how proud I am of you, you've made so much of yourself and you should be proud too " Lindsay said smiling, She was right though, he did discredit himself too much and he was proud of himself.

"Sid, well i'm gonna' miss you and your crazy stories, well maybe not all of them, but thankyou, you cared for me, you helped me through the tough days, and I never noticed how you became a big part of my life, I'm just sad that I didn't hear the end of the story, but I guess I knew the ending really"

Lindsay said again not wanting to cry, Sid kept his head down amazed at how powerful her words were.

"Adam, you gave everything 110%, and thats all you needed, i'm so glad that we met, you just need to stop beating yourself up, your such a great person, you need to come out of your shell, because underneath it all is a great guy, but if I were you I wouldn't want to miss out"

She said with a wink, Adam could feel the lump rising in his throat, she was right but he wished she would have told him in person.

"Danny, I love you, and i'm sorry i'm not there, i'm sorry " She said her voice breaking,

"It's not fair, but I don't want you to be sad, I don't want you to drown your sorrows, I want you to love someone again, be happy, get married have children, because you deserve to be adored, and I wish it could have been me, but it's not and I guess i'm ok with that, Hell no it's not ok, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, laugh at you and maybe sometimes with you, but however hard it may be, don't forget you've got Don and really you've got everyone, but i'm gonna' miss you the most because I loved you, I never hated you for one second, well maybe when we first met but it was your fault " She said trying to laugh

"But I could never stay mad at you, the Famous Messer grin worked, I love you" She said taking a deep breath.

Danny bowed his head and silently cried, he felt Don place a hand on his shoulder

"I guess this is goodbye, I wish it wasn't, but that's not the way life works, no one will ever replace me but they'll create there there own unique place like I did with Aiden, and Danny, Flack don't you dare be mean to the new person. Promise me.

Mac, well just tell Stella how you feel, she feels the same way about you, she doesn't have to tell me but she looks at you the same way I look at Danny, I'm telling you this because you need each other, you deserve one another,

and maybe because no one else had the guts to do it and well you can't yell at me because well i'm dead and all, wow seems wierd me being dead something i'm not gonna' get used to, well I will but ya' know, I just hope that I don't cause you too much pain.

So I leave each one of you with a memorry and my love,"

Lindsay said faking a smile that was trying to hide her tears. She pressed the stop button on the camera, the screen turned black and the room stayed silent.

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